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Never did introduce myself.Sorry April.

Here I am, posting dozens of comments  never  having introduced myself. I stay and contribute because I find there is a good number of competent souls here who are willing to endure the questionable thought processes of scientific ner-do-wells as myself in an attempt to foster more understanding. Thank you all for that.

   Long before the advent of conspiracy websites, or for that matter, even the web, there was a twenty something year old version of myself with more hair but less knowledge. I had a mistrust of the established version of human events and thought that both science and religion were not getting it right. I hoped a middle of the road approach would provide more insight. My first book on the subject I bought in the summer of 1980, titled; The World Atlas of Mysteries, by Francis Hitching. I still have it. Graham Hancock was years away still, but I bought Fingerprints of the Gods when it came out.

   The Great Migrations of Europe facinated me as did anything Indo-European. There was ample reading material availiable for both topics. I also studied the Indian Vedanta philosophy at some length. I found however that on the whole science lives on a diet of how and not why, and religion uses the wedge of faith whenever the table is rocking. Not having a vested intrest in any outcome, except for perhaps one pet topic, I look for the truth as its own reward and not its usefulness for any agenda. So, in other words, I want the truth, wether I like it or not.

 My pet subject? The Giants of old. Not the 20 foot cyclops characters of movies but the ones portrayed as the origins of the addmixture that make us who we are today. They were not only of formidable stature but also teachers of the civilized skills. I am not even concerned so much with the question of their origins in relation to us but just to prove them as empirical . Once that great step is taken, the rest will fall into place, I believe.

   Decades ago, I thought the given time markers for mans "Ages" were not set in stone but were changing variables in an ever evolving quest for details. Since then, the Bronze age has been pushed back as well as the timelines of ancient structures and the mobility of ancient man. There is more to come, and I think this website will be here to report.

As for me, Born in Texas, raised everywhere else and now divide my time between the East Texas PineyWoods and Northern California.

Hello East Texas Piney Woods

I was born there and now living in Turkey for a bit. Wonderful to hear from that part of the world.The Pney Woods is a special place. I believe as time goes on and if we can keep the information from getting squashed or hidden we will discover the "giants" had a much bigger role in history. Have you done any genetics research? I have come across several references to rh negative blood and the giants. Coming from a family where most are over 6 foot tall including my aunts and then an Uncle of 7 foot it interested me to find some information. We are of Irish and Native American descent with rh negative blood group. I am still researching.

Again, great to see your posts.


Nisa Carroll Burkay

Hello All

I love this site! My interest is in sound and vibration and how the ancients used it for healing.

“Everything in life is vibration” Albert Einstein.

Nisa Carroll Burkay

our origins

What a great way to start 2015-finding this site! As i have gotten older i've become more and more interested in the history of our planet and us as a species.  The internet age has made life much more interesting than when i was a child wondering about these things. We have access to places we can never travel to/info. we never would have found or seen. I think some truly wonderful and fantastic discoveries await all of us who wonder!

new discovery for you

These are ancient primates, quite large. DNA and CT scans just in. 


Roger Spurr [email protected]

stones and crystals

I was wondering if anyone could recommend some books or websites about the way the ancients used stones/crystals for healing,etc. I think there were real benefits/results obtained in the past by people who knew how to harness the energy in stones/crystals.

Stones and Crystals

I also have been very interested in how the ancients used stones and crystals for healing of all kinds, physical, emotional, and spiritual.  I have actually made a personal study of this for more than a few decades.  The absolute best information I have come across is found in a couple of out-of-print books that you can still buy online through used book sellers.  Try Amazon.  The titles are-- "Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing"  Vols I and II, by Gurudas.  

The name Gurudas is a actually a's channeled information, and in my opinion mind blowing.  Way, way ahead of its time.  In the material which is presented in question/answer format they even discuss how the Atlantean and Lemurian inhabitants used them.  

To me the information presented resonates as accurate as the Edgar Cayce readings which I believe are also highly accurate.  I fear though that this valuable information could be lost forever if it's not discussed and promoted in some way.  I suggest checking it out.  

crystals and vibrations

Thanks for your post I will check out that book too. Sounds like one I have not read.


Nisa Carroll Burkay

Hi. My name is Rico. Friends

Hi. My name is Rico. Friends call me Ricky. I can't remember too well how I found this site, but I'm glad I did. It is an amazing, educational and extremely informative website and I just wish I had more time to spend on it.

I have a very spiritual passion for history, especially when it comes to revealing the truth behind ancient myths. I have a good bit of Pueblo blood (possibly Hopi) therefore, I love to read and learn about anything in Native American history and mythology.  I thoroughly enjoy anything that sheds light on ancient historical cover ups. I am also fascinated with Ancient Egypt and anything else in between.

I highly suggest Avery Marrow's The Sacred Science to Ancient Japan to any and everyone who has not read it. It is an amazing book.


Peace and Love,


new here

Hi everybody, I found this site yesterday while researching the diet of stoneage people. What a fascinating site this is, I look forward to reading the opinion of others and offering up mine. I believe in the theories of evolution but I’m open to the possibility of an “interference” in Man’s evolution by some outside source.

Hi Everyone, Great to be here :-)

Greetings All,

This is a fantastic website and I have always found it a smorgas board of interesting ancient information.  I finally decided to take the plunge and sign up as a fully-fledged member :-)

I've always been intrigued and interested with the unexplained & unknown and our ancient origins was one of my many interests in this area.  I started a meetup group in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia called the "Adelaide Hills X-Group" ( ) which was designed to bring people together to talk about the strange, weird and wonderful with people who had similar interests.  The meetup group has been running successfully for over 7 years but as my personal interest was Ancient Origins I recently started another meetup group called "The Adelaide Hills Ancient Aliens and Human Origins Meetup & Discussion Group" ( ) this is a meetup group where we actually get together and "talk" about our interests and studies on these topics and it's indeed becoming quite a popular site.  So… If you live in the Adelaide district please feel free to join up and come to one of our humble gatherings for a chat at a meetup.  I can just about guarantee you’ll have a fun and interesting evening with people on the same page as you are :-)

My diving into the topics of Ancient Origins started with Zecharia Sitchin and Erich von Däniken’s works more than 20 years ago.  The flame of this interest has been recently rekindled partly due to programs like "Ancient Aliens" and Lloyd Pye's contributions.  Latest offerings by Michael Tellinger in the way of "Adam's Calendar" and LLoyd Pye's ebook "Intervention Theory Essentials" which really got me excited, so basically, here I am :-)  I also have a feeling that while much of our early origins originated up and around the Mediterranean, there's far more to Australia than just ancient Egyptians visiting our continent a couple of thousand years ago.  I have a feeling that before the flood more was going on down-under that has still to be discovered.  I'm also on a quest to discover this and intend doing some investigations where possible to uncover the ancient history of Australia's past (world grid point 44 is the first planned excursion) and I  look forward to sharing any findings with this site :-)


Steven Q7 at "The Adelaide Hills Ancient Aliens & Human Origins"
Meetup Group =

Hello Everyone!

I have always been very interested in acient history and our origins.  I look forward to participating in this site and to discover new ideas and information alongside you!


Newly Registered

My name is Michael Garrett and my interests are wide and varied which makes this site a regular on my daily surfing.

Michael Garrett

Welcome to everyone!!! We are

Welcome to everyone!!! We are so glad you found your way to this corner of the internet! It's a fun site with a great group of people sharing ideas! Enjoy and ask questions as they arise.

love, light and blessings


Not A Scholar


My name is Phil. I have no formal education in anything. However, I enjoy history to a great deal and study it more then anything else. I've been to ALL 7 continents and my travel always focus's on history. Europe is my favorite destination, again, due to its massive hisotry.

I'l be upfront and honest: I DO NOT believe in ghosts, ancient aliens, supernatural, or any other "fringe" style of thought. However, I do read and I do listen to FACTS. Not what someone, anyone says, without proof, et al.

I'll be the first one to admit when/if I am wrong. However, before I am "swayed" into believing, I need proof. Verifiable proof of things. Not someone's opinion and some writing from 2,000 years ago. Yes, I realize most of you will say I am closed minded, however, I am not. 

I am very open to discussion on any front. So long as its an open discussion. I've lurked on this site alot. And, like it or not, most of the people on here are on the "fringe" of being normal. Their ideas and thoughts are so far out, its very difficult to believe and/or take stock in what they have to say. Yes, this includes the creators of the site.

Having said that, I'll be open to any and/all criticism.






Who Dares Wins

Welcome Phil. A few personal

Welcome Phil. A few personal comments to your introduction. What today is considered ‘fringe’ is most of the times something that is yet to be explained. Personally, if you tell me that I am normal I will find it insulting. So I am glad that I am not . The most important characteristic of a human being is the ability to think and see out of the box. This type of human beings have advanced humanity and they have always been a minority.

Ancient Origins is about both the mainstream views but also out of the box views - but of course through a healthy perspective … We try to find out the gaps in mainstream theories (and believe me there are plenty) and go beyond them.

I am glad that you are open to criticism but the point here is not to criticize each other. It is more productive to exchange views and each one of us try to see things in a different way than usual. We don’t want to verify what we know, we want to explore and investigate and go one step further. Again welcome to AO!


Nisa, have you ever seen this

Nisa, have you ever seen this? It's amazing! I hope I can convince my 16 month old daughter to do this a science project when she gets into school.

love, light and blessings


People that think like me?

Hello. My name is Dave, and I design atom, no I meant space telescopes....well actually I design kitchens...kitchens!  Very expensive kitchens for very fussy clients who have no idea I'd rather be working on my time machine or flipping over rocks somewhere, anywhere. 

I would have been here a while ago but the captca puzzle held me up for a week....

I'm thinking I'm going to find a gang of real smart folks here, maybe some that thing the way I do. I am in a continuous state of shock and awe over many things, but human evolution and migration just stops me in my tracks. Particularly us heading straight north THROUGH Siberia INTO the gut of an ice age, and the wonder of the early Polynesian island adventurers. Makes my head explode.

What a great site

I'll be in the silver Delorean, so wave.

Wishing I knew a little more....

Flipping Rocks

Hey Dave,

You certainly sound like a kindred spirit to me. The main difference is I was able to merge my desire to flip rocks over, anywhere, with my day job. I do odd jobs using heavy machinery for people who own vast tracts of land in the boondocks, which means I get to do a lot of exploring and rock-flipping in very interesting, out-of-the-way places. Often the things I find out about the underlying geology of people's land while I'm building them a new road or water pond or whatever is so interesting that I start talking about it to the owners and they become just as fascinated as I am, and we end up going on long weekend-spanning rambling exploration expeditions, flipping rocks and finding fossils and artifacts and stuff. It's great fun.

So far, I have not had any success in merging my interest in time machines with my business, unfortunately. Probably because I haven't had any success in making a working model yet. And since I'm quite sure that if I did eventually figure it out and make a working time machine, I would come back to my previous self and explain it, it seems to me that I never do figure it out, otherwise I would have already had it explained to me by my future self. But hope springs eternal.

If you see a guy in a backhoe or a bobcat waving madly, please go show him the flux capacitor, because that's me.

dhatz, you just gave me a

dhatz, you just gave me a much needed "belly laugh." Thanks for that! :)

love, light and blessings


Real History

I enjoy reading material from this site daily. I've learned much in the concise articles on so many wonders the general public is now privy to receiving. It has expanded my outlook both mentally and spiritually. Thank you for the research and dedication to educating all who are interested in the history of earth's inhabitants and many of the discoveries that have proven that our ancestors were not the idiots we have been taught to believe they were. 



hey gang! i just stumbled across this site via a you tube vid! (emerald tablet/air shaft in pyramid)

glad i looked deeper into it! this site is great! almost everything i study is here.

i enjoy ancient history in all its forms,but mostly religion,architecture,writings & art. i'm big on ancient beliefs and magick as well.

i like to think i'm well read on a lot of these topics,but i'm addicted to learning and this site is a great tool!

big fan of micheal cremo!

anyway,look forward to more and more articles,and also to any replys i may get from what i post!

cheers,and thanx again


"what is whispered in dark places will be proclaimed from the roof tops"

New member

Hello my name is Jason. I am here  to learn more of our true origins as a species. I have a particular interests in topics such as: occultism, expo politics and shamanism. 

Some of the key authors/speakers I have interests in are Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, Michael Tellinger, Michael Cremo, Carlos Castenada, Lynn V Andrews, James Redfield, Don Miguel Ruiz.

I feel happy to be part of a website that brings such a rich amount of people together seeking answers to our ancient origins. 

I Look forward to the new journey ahead and sharing with you

Thanks x


3 thinker

where I am coming from

Hi, I am impressed by the range of topics and usually reasonable comments here. I researched many of these things years ago Inspired by Bernard Heuvelmann's "On the Track of Unknown Animals", and by the Von Daniken books. I love the idea of exploration and discovery, yet feel we lack any real history of our world that is reliable. So I check in to see if there is anything I should know in that way and in the hope of reading traveller's tales of the marvellous

Beautiful site, thank you

Hey AO editors and members,

I'm John from California. I have read articles from this site over the past couple of years, I've always enjoyed the style and tone here. Very nice work, lots of space and light for exchanging ideas in a healthy, respectful and open-minded way, looking forward to many more successful years

Greetings from Cuba

Hello community! I´m Ludvik, from Cuba. I study Preservation and Management of Historical Cultural heritage and one of my main interests are human origins, archeology, history, myths... This site is awesome, and since I discovered the huge amount of great articles here, i visi every time I can to feed my intellect.
Best regards!


Greetings, my name is Steve and I have been interested in Ancient Egypt for as long as I can remember. I collect most things Ancient Egyptian and my patron Goddess is Aset (Isis) and God is Anpu (Anubis). I also enjoy being a member of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) A worldwide society who relive the Medieval years. I live in country Western Australia.

Iwi em Hotep


Great site



I have discoverd this site while searched for some un-explain events. I like all articles in this site but prefer to focus on unexplained, artifacts, myths and human origins.

Some intro about myself

I'm not a master of ancient history. I'm just an explorer who like to read about our ancient times. I always seek for the answers of who we are, where we came from, why we are here and  what is our mission. Also, try to looking for what do our ancient ancestors want to message to us. Maybe, those message  will be the key to human future.

Welcome, welcome to all of

Welcome, welcome to all of our new members! Glad you found our corner of the internet!!!

love, light and blessings



Hi All,


I read the article about siddhar. it is amazing. i am always interested in these things. i also doing some self research on some topic. This is a very good website.

With Regards

Hello Friends

    Introducing Myself, I am Dysan..I am from Adoor, Kerala, India..I am an “Out of Box” Thinker..I am always fascinated by the mysteries of our planet as well as our ancient wisdom..there are so many things in our planet which mainstream scholars cannot explain..but they believe that they are superior to others & they are the only right ones..they think that we have all the!! When dealing with our ancient wisdom, mainstream people wants us to believe that we were foolish cavemen hunting animals for their daily lives..and they have only prehistoric stone age when we analyse ancient places,artifacts and civilizations,they seems to show evidence of technology which were clearly out of place & time.. its clear that something is wrong with our mainstream beliefs..and our ancient ancestors were not foolish nomads like what we think.. time to shift your beliefs..mainstream people..!!

    I love paranormal phenomena.. UFOs, Ghosts , Cryptozoology & Psychic Phenomenon..Majority of people think that these things are just figments of human imagination..those who have experienced these things in reality clearly know that they are real like what we see..This is not flat earth..anything is possible here.. :)

        I love “Ancient Origins” very much.. its one of my favourite websites.. authors of this website clearly know how to know things in mainstream aspect as well as in “out of box” thinking level..i love articles very very much..keep up fascinating work..all the best :)


This is an excellent site

This is an excellent site and all the articles are wonderful for a writer. So many ideas pop into the head when reading thorugh them. :D Love the site.

A M Dobritt

Hi,all,very glad to know you and the wonderful site,

I am a Chinese resaercher,focusing on the origin of Chinese civilization or the relation between that and Bible (Jews and Egyptian).I wrote several book about taht in Chinese,I tried to translate some of them into English. My basic idea is different from the mainstream. The first paragraph may tell my main meaning:”

The present paper is based on A Brief and New History of Civilization—East Asia Was Backward from the Start , one of my books published in Hong Kong in 2014. As far as I can remember, in the year of 2003 when I began to set down to the studies of the “Chinese civilization originated in the West” (rather than the authorized assumption of the “Chinese civilization of independent origin”), I was convinced that the rise of the “Three Dynasties”, namely, the dynasties of Xia, Shang and Zhou, had a close relatedness to the Jews. Over a decade has passed as of now, that belief of mine is all the more steadfast with the support of mounting proofs and evidences.


Keywords:Xia,Shang,Zhou,Israel,Turks,Indo-European,Egypt Empire,North China, the Old Testament, Tocharian,Guti,Hittite, Yan Emperor,Yellow Emperor




How did I know the site ?

Mr.Ralph Ellis gave me the net the day before yesterday. I haven not told him I regitered here. And I don’t know if he is here :)



Anyone who are interested in my reserach, please don’t hesitate to tell me when needed : [email protected]




hello everybody,I’m the shaggyman,you’ll get it if I post a photo.

I learned history at my grandfathers knee.He was a very interesting man.

Out of all his children & grandchildren,I was the only one that ever listened.

I was 6 when he died.He left me some pre Maori artifacts.left by the Moriori.

That was me gone.Hook,line & sinker.

As a small boy i preferred museums & art galleries,as well as football.

I’m just looking for the truth while realising i’ll probably never know.

I live in New Zealand & i’m only barely old enough to know that i’m not as smart as i think i am.



Human Origins

Hi, I have been following posts from this site on Facebook, but I finally decided to registrar so I could be a part of the forums. I am interested in the prehistory of man, especially the cultural aspects of hunter-gatherer (Paleo), herder (Meso) and agriculturalist (Neolithic) mankind. All of these various ways of life have had impact on present day populations genetically. At least, that’s what I am seeking to understand more about.

Anyway, I am from Australia. I am glad to join this forum and look forward to learning together with everybody.

Glad to find Ancient Origins


I started reading mythology in 5th grade when I was 10 years old and over time came to appriciate them not as just myths but as sacred stories that have as much to teach us as any other sacred literature (at least those that aren’t poluted in the translation by the translator’s religous views).

I specialize in folklore, mythology, and the metaphysical. I’m not a fan of the “ET’s did it all for us” school of thought, in that seems to me to patronizing and demeaning to human beings as a species to think that we are not capable of developing technologies and then after an event, say the equivenlent of the rise of the Christian Church or worse, loosing them, like we did with a good deal of the advances of the Roman era.

Now at 46 years old, I'm looking forward to the investment of time I anticipate spending exploreing and sharing my thoughts on !



If that which you seek you find not within yourself, you will never find it without.



Greetings, from Australia. I have a Bachelor degree specialising in palaeoanthropology and a graduate diploma in biological anthropology, so I’m no stranger to human evolutionary biology and the theories regarding our origins. My interests are many, but include modern human behavioural, as well as biological origins, Neandertals, and gender archaeology. I don’t currently work in the field, but I still keep up to date with the latest findings and have recently embarked on a project that I am hoping will form the basis of a PhD, which I plan to start in the next year or so once my daughter starts pre-school. Cheers.


S Egan

Hello from Quebec Canada

Hi all,

I`ve always been fascinated by ancient history, my first love being Egyptian history of course. There is so much we weren`t taught and so much that has been lost.  It`s always exciting to discover something new that helps explain how we got here.  

This is a fascinating site that I will visit often.  Thanks so much for all the information :)



Hi from Malta!

Hi there, I’m a writer and pagan from Malta. Always been an ancient history buff, especially when it comes to archeology and ancient civilizations and beliefs. I discovered this website recently and was immediately hooked! Wish there was also a related magazine one could subscribe to. Awesome articles and information. Thanks!


- Moonsong
A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world ~ Oscar Wilde

Hello everyone!

Intro eh? Okay, I’m a Metallurgist living in Scotland, grew up in the Rhodesian bush. Love Archaeology, paleontology, geogoraphy, geology, any history, sociology, philosophy, poetry.

Also reading, sailing, welding, plumbing, gardening, running, surfing, skateboarding and gaming… err theres more, but its not really important. I love anything to do with giants and other forbidden topics too. Yea pretty boring bloke.

But really glad to have found your site.



hello all :)

I am so glad i found this site, I love reading about differant cultures in history and devour all your articles. Thank you so much. 


Name is Perry.  Some six decades ago I started reading everything I could about mythology, human origens, anthropology, and such.  I even tried to sneak some books from the adult section of the library but the librarian made me stay with the children’s books—even after I read them all.

I remember one book that probably got it all started. “Jadoo”.  Exciting and interesting for an eight year old boy.

I should have been an “Indiana Jones”.

This web site is great.




Ancient Mystery Solved?

I was researching my genealogy when I came across the article at the link below. It's about how Mathew Fontaine Maury stole credit for discovering what came to be known as the Telegraph Plateau, an smooth top underwater mountain range crossing the Atlantic Ocean connecting Newfoundland with Ireland. This was significant because it could be used to string the first intercontinental telegraph line. 

The story alleges, which is backed up by impeccably credible sources, that Horatio Hubble first discovered the plateau by seeing changes in colors of ocean waters, light green over the plateau with the north and south sides being deeper darker green. He took string depth measurements to verify there was indeed a plateau there, also finding different plant and animal life in the deeper waters than the more shallow waters where the ridge is. When he sent a letter to congress notifying them of his discovery, it was forwarded to their Superintendent of the Naval Observatory, Mathew Fontaine Maury. Maury then sent sonar ships to the region to verify the discovery. 

After gathering the evidence and compiling a report for congress, Maury took sole credit for the discovery as if Hubble had nothing to do with it. The article is about a scandalous theft of intellectual property rights, which I believe masks something more significant, the fact that the plateau could be followed from Europe to the Americas by eyesight. And I have evidence that Mathew Fontaine Maury was well aware of this fact before Hubble contacted congress, an ancient secret handed down to him through his ancestors, his appointment as Superintendent of the Naval Observatory being covertly orchestrated so he could protect that secret.


Hi!  My name is Gib.  I’m a retired RN with an interest in ancient origins!


I Know That I Know Nothing!

I am so glad I came across this educational website. Wish that I find it sooner. But it's not late yet. I have read 6 full articles and it feels great to learn something new from it. Looking forward to reading more of these informative articles and Expand my knowledge. 

Thank you for sharing.  

Quest for knowledge of forever.

I became interested in topics of this site back in the late 60’s when I became a Rosicrusian. I was very young and just starting out and couldn’t afford to continue but I have been reading everything I could get my hands on on so many subjects that my mind is boggled. I am so glad I found your site because it seems to vary so much it can keep my imagination busy forever. I’m not some loony toon from out there, I have raised a child with a science background that has led her to a PhD in Physics working at the Gravity observatory in Louisiana. I’m quite proud of her. I’ll be here probably everyday or until I have read everything you’ve got. See you tomorrow.

Richard L Stuver

Hi everyone,

Hi, newbie here. I am a freelance writer currently living in Florida.  I am interested in science, especially astronomy and what is going on in the heavens. I write for three family/parenting websites and have a blog. I am looking forward to meeting you and reading some of your work and maybe contributing some myself.  

Newbie here

Hi, I just found this site. I am a freelance writer interested in science and especially astronomy and what is going on in the heavens.  I write for three parenting/family websites and have a blog. Hope to get to meet some of you, read your work and submit some of my own.

Hi there!

Great website! I am interested in transitional periods of history, particularly the Mesolithic period and the Bronze age. I also find other obscure periods (eg: the Dark ages) very inspirational, and enjoy speculating about mysteries that may never be solved. However, I do have a tendency to debunk religiosity and tinfoil-hattery, but I make an effort to do so without causing unwarranted offence. I’m looking forward to some interesting debates with other members. Love ya!

"Hurry else Death may spy us here, and quicken the pulse of dawn . . ."