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Rock mounds, carins or ?

On a hike recently, at a state park in southeast Michigan.

Prior to the hike, we decided to try out  gps waypoint markings of a high point hill peak. We found the hill peak with no problem near a hiking trail. The waypoint appeared to be 100 foot off the trail.


So, we decided to find the actual waypoint and bushwhacked it. Found a large pile of rocks in the middle of thick trees right off of the trail, thought must of been a landowner or the state clearing things out.

50 feet further, another set of stone structres. One was a ‘fence or wall’ structure. Had to been 3 foot high, 3 foot wide by at least 150 foot in length. The strange thing is, this on a steep hill! Someone put in a tremendous amount of work and effort on constructing this, had to been very important. Weird.

Appears had been there for a while, how trees and moss grew on the stones.

Made it down to the valley floor, noticed more rock mounds, plus what can only be describe as stone “platforms” on the hill side. Mound are both small and large.

Have to keep in mind we hiked during the winter where the vegetation is cleared. This is in some pretty thick stuff, no farmable land or water nearby. Odd place for a settlement?

In the small area we were, discovered at least 8 very unusual structures plus an additional wall.  So going back for a revisit soon.

Our guess is a Native American ground. Another plausible idea, 100+ years ago someone wanted to ranch the land when there were less trees and vegetation. Or, perhaps the area surveyed for mining or settlers marking land.

Anyway, the entire site is totally out of place and makes no logical sense.

Ideas of what this could be?

Rock mounds, cairns, or ?

They could simply be cairns but the rock wall and stone platforms are puzzling.  When you go back look to see if you find any inscriptions on the rocks or any artifiacts such as broken pottery, arrowheads, etc. Finding any of these would be helpful in identifying what the mounds are and who built them.  Also, keep in mind that places on the land that appear dry and worthless today may not have been that way in the past. In fact they may have once been lush with plenty of water.  I will be interested in what you find when you go back and hope you post your finds here.




Looking forward to hear about your next visit there.

Nisa Carroll Burkay

Thanks all. Planning a visit

Thanks all. Planning a visit soon before snow falls. Will post my findings here.

Right now the mounds are covered with leafs and stuff, going to clear off a few for a deeper look at the construction. If they are just a dumped pile of rock, or is there a deliberate logical design to it?

Will eye out for artifacts while at it.

Taking caution and not to dismalte or remove anything, just in case if they are indigenous. And honoring their respect.



Rock walls and mounds

Nice work. I cant wait for the update and a picture or two.. 

There are 1000's of places like that all over America to rediscover, and almost always they are found just off the path. 4 years ago I found a small rock walled one room shelter myself in a WA State Park way up on the side of a rock strewn hill, Invisible from the path below until you are above it.  

It would be fun to share pictures, but maybe not of the actual area markers around it to preserve the actual location. lets keep the trolls, thieves, anarchists, backwards local governments, over zeallous and all encompassing "everything old is Indian" - Indian agency clowns and other such looters far away from disturbing and ruining this stuff.

Have fun! : )

Have any pictures?

A bunch of us are mapping these structures in NY. Many of the cairn fields have celestial alignments and are accompanied by other strange structures with many similiar sites found. There are a couple of different types of platform type cairns in addition to the beehive type. Take a look at the photo albums in our facebook page and let me know if any of it is similar. Would be interested to know how far this culture we are investigating streached. Would be great if you had a hand held phone with gps and could map it out and share it. Best of luck to you!

From the FB page, a lot of

From the FB page, a lot of similarities.

And yes, we gps marked the objects, so on the revisit have a map right to it.

Did managed to get some photos, wasn’t too good. Too dark and only with the cell phone.

Next visit, most likely within a week. Going to bring a good camera, measuring tape, cleaning brush, etc.

But first before getting too amped up, need to find out if it's indigenous or Western man? One way to find out.

Mystery Solved

Made way for the revisit. Took my time examing the piles, looking for artifacts. Found barbed wire along the fence wall.

Suspect a racher or property boundry.

Found another wall, plus cut 90 degree angle stones.

Strange in the middle of really nowhere. Anyway, makes for a good find and hike.

Had to been there for a long time.

Anyone interested, can send you the location and see what you think of this. It's located in SE Michigan.



This is so awesome! It makes

This is so awesome! It makes me want to go on a hike. I was watching a documentary about Giants in American and turns out there's a cave about an hour from where I live that's thought to have been homes/graves for Giants. I'm hoping to take a trip out there in the Spring.

love, light and blessings