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can someone educate me here?

Okay so I'm a big fan of the show Ancient Aliens. On the show I've heard them talk about the Mahabarata...India's Epic poem. Can this work be found in a book I could get online or at like a used book store? Would it be called the Mahabarata or is that part of a larger work under a different title?


The thing I fear the most about posting on forums and making comments on articles is that I am going to seem stupid. I know I'm not stupid; but some people on here seem to be highly I'm asking for help.

angieblackmon you can find

angieblackmon you can find the complete manuscript online at the following:

It is not stupid to ask questions or ask for help.  Real stupidity is NOT asking.




Angleback, you are not stupid, neither am I, or the many others that have interests in research.  I too, have had the usual Trolls, comment on one of my posts, in a negative, and less than intelligent way. I choose to ignore those kinds of comments. Why give them any consideration, when they do not deserve a reply.

As for "highly educated", I am glad you mentioned that. I started researching history over 40 years ago, when I realized that a lot of recorded, and accepted history is just false. History has been recorded as it fits conveniently into accepted timelines, as dictated by the "academics". I kept questioning the accepted version, and offered texts, scripts, archeology, and artifacts, as evidence of an alternative, and probably more accurate history, At best I have been ignored, and at worst, insulted in various ways.

So, who is highly educated?  Is it a person who has a lot of university credentials, who accepts the way it is, and does not have a clue about true history? Or is it people like us, who spend years doing independent research, and evaluating ALL the evidence, and then questioning why that evidence has not been considered, evaluated, and taken into account, when writing a narrative of events.

Generally, I have a lot more respect for people like yourself, who ask sensible questions, than the "experts", who jump on anyone who dares question the accepted version.

I totally agree with William.

I totally agree with William. Don't worry about any trolls Angie. They will always be present in any kind of conversation. Just ignore the rubbish and focus on the gold!

I will suggest to Ancient Origins to create a special discussion group that only a few will be able to participate so that serious discussions and research can take place.

Special Discussion Group

I support your suggestion. Hope more members join the request. 

ancient alien visitation

I also agree with william-i'm new to site and was unsure if i should put my interest in extra-terrestrial ancient visitations on any posts. There certainly does seem to be a connection with this theme and all major religions and beliefs. It would seem more stupid to ignore and ridicule it than do real scientific investigation!

educate me.

Angie, There is no such thing as a stupid question. Questions are avenues to knowleadge. Trying to learn is not stupid. Please don't let anyone convince you other-wise...D

This is exactly what I tell

This is exactly what I tell to my students at the University... You will never learn and no major discoveries would have ever been made if people didn't ask questions, especially out of the box questions.

Thanks for all the support. I

Thanks for all the support. I was taught to always ask, but I still feel that tinge of embarssament sometimes. My dad is a teacher so the 'there's no stupid questions' was big at our house, but that's not always the case outside in the world! :)

love, light and blessings


Book in PDF File

Available books for free download and in print are in Sanskrit language. I managed to found one in English in notepad format, downloaded it and converted in PDF format. The site is, registration and monthly or yearly subscription required. I am willing to attach the file in email sent to you.

my email:

[email protected]


Thanks for this thread, I

Thanks for this thread, I always worry that my questions will sound like uneducated drivel too. Mostly I just have years of reading wherever my curiosity led me and sometimes I feel like I find connections but have no way of knowing if they are logical. I love the study of ancient peoples and very much appreciate an open minded group of fellow seekers. 

The Knowing Everything Person..

....must have a boring life, indeed, Without curiosity there is no need for discovery and no conclusion to brighten the journey.

Adventure is the gift for the curious, 

Ancient manuscripts translation

A while ago I watched on TV documentary about papyrus texts from Egypt. There are thousends of papyrus texts discovered in ancient Egyptian rubbish dumps, and they mentioned on TV that there is a website with scans of most of those documents, and ancient languages software for translation, so anybody could access it and take part in deciphering those ancient text. but I wasn't able to find the website.

If anybody know anything about it, could I get a link please??

Can't think of any better way of spending time off than helping to translate those scrypts :)

I'm not sure about those

I'm not sure about those particular scripts, but there are links here on the forums to links to several different ancient texts. 

love, light and blessings