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Futurists excited over these world-changing innovations

Are you a futurist? Do you consider great innovations to be gateways through which our lives can be made better? Here's a future prediction of innovations that can alter the globe, courtesy of The Futurist magazine. While none of this should be set in stone, the potential to save money, time and ultimately life makes them something to be valued. Article source: Why not even implement your hair a love as well as have a look into on

Reading your brain

When we are about to do a simple act, such as reach for the TV remote or get a cup, blood is sent to certain parts of the brain. With this in mind, experts at the University of Western Ontario in Canada think that there could be devices with the ability to read intentions before we act. This could occur easily with intelligent prostheses and other technology.

Cars used to energy stuff

Parked electric cars could use their fuel cells to create energy to be used from the automobile. This would be something owners would be compensated for if they allow their car to be used in the program. According to the Technology University of Delft in the Netherlands, this could be an excellent way to get some more clean energy.

Food to get recycled

You may be able to make your kitchen leftovers stretch, but what about the food waste you don't eat? Rather than sending it straight to the landfill, ecological engineers at SUNY in New York suggest an aquaponic recycling method where food waste is converted into ready fish food for your aquarium. But here's the kicker - afterward, the fish waste is also reused and used for growing vegetables. That's a circle of life.

Higher needs for society

There are some jobs that will never return, which means workers need to figure out what jobs will be needed in the future and figure out the best way to get the skill to do them. The idea is to predict the future employment that will happen and allow people to develop skills to focus on those things. It will help with schools and job counseling as well. This is more of a mindset than an actual invention.

Fly into room on a commercial craft

This is something that Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Allen and Sir Richard Branson have been working on already. There will be more of a need to get into space on consumer room flight as technology grows.

Resource with intelligent cloud

You've heard of cloud data storage by now. Experts think that cloud intelligence will become “an active resource in our daily lives,” notes the World Future Society. This cloud will reportedly analyze data and provide contextual advice. This means that the intelligent cloud can scan documents you have filed, like family menus, workout goals and more - and provide custom programs and suggestions that suit your needs and lifestyle.

The ratings with quick access

You've heard of Yelp and other popular web sites where customers rate retailers. Well, management consultant Robert Moran sees a new layer of transparency that will come with the proliferation of augmented reality technology. A “Rateocracy” can be produced where consumers can have instant access to all sorts of ratings information before their eyes, via automatic instant augmented reality overlay. Before you go into that hole in the wall restaurant, your augmented reality-enabled machine can flash the right health department warning, if it exists.

Caregivers automated

To be able to get rid of human caregivers and take care of frail patients, the RIBA II has been used by Japanese experts. It is a robot that can watch vital signs and look after patients.

Another invention to convert sound

There are many ways to convert noise into energy. It might seem extremely hard, but experts are already doing it. Buffalo physicist Surajit Sen said that he is looking into ways to turn vibrations from the road and the airport into power. George Tech University researchers are already converting ambient Sonics and microwave energy in DC power. The energy can then be used on small devices for energy.

Identify infections

Handheld breathalyzer style devices can be used to detect microbial infections and chemical attacks, according to researchers at Stony Brook University in New York. The Single Breath Disease Diagnostics Breathalyzer uses nanowire sensors to identify chemical compounds that can indicate disease or tampering. Doctors believe such devices will ultimately be able to identify anthrax and even lung cancer at an early stage.


i think some of the ideas are

i think some of the ideas are great and some are a bit creepy!...but i also feel like we're getting closer to all of them.

love, light and blessings


If we could capitalize on

If we could capitalize on energy from parked electric vehicles when they start becoming more popular it would be great. Along with siphining the processing of cellphones and computers that are charging or in sleep mode we could probably achieve a huge stride for mankind.

Trying to Understand

Yeah, I am really trying to understand this one. I understatnd that it will be useful as compensation to the owner and I understand that it MAY allow someone to use a "cleaner" engergy source in lieu of one they may have used otherwise. However, don't the devices one obtatins power from first have to be "charged"? Typically from electrcity. At least in the US, that usually means a coal fired power plant or at best a natrual gas one. Which is why I have always been curious about the electric cars. Aren't they really coal powered albeit indirectly?

Not meant to be a snarky comment but one of curious confusion. Someone please enlighten me.

Robot Nurses

The automated caregiver potentially an awfully unsettling notion. The care and dignity of the incapacited and elderly is becoming an ever increasing concern and the idea of replacing the invaluable resource that is human to human contact with something like you can see on that ship in WallE... Shudder! However, if it was used to augment care and free up the people for more of that contact, with all the psychological and emotional benefits... Wow. 

Wall-E was like the most

Wall-E was like the most truthful kids movie I've ever seen!

love, light and blessings