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Ancient Indian Flying Machines –Truth in the Legends?

Flying vimanas, ancient mythological flying palaces or chariots, are described in Hindu and Jain texts and Sanskrit epics, of which the Pushpaka vimana of King Ravana is the most quoted example. The stories of these flying machines are abundant, fascinating, and controversial. But are they purely myth?

In 2015, a paper was presented at the 102nd Indian Science Congress in Mumbai, claiming human aviation and advanced space flight was achieved and mastered by the ancient Indians thousands of years ago, but was forgotten. Others say that the stories of flying vimana are evidence for extraterrestrial encounters. Or the stories could all just be myth.

What do you make of these perspectives and the stories of flying vimanas ?

Ancient Indian Flying Machine's

Hi All,

There is much discussion in The Ancient World of Flying Machine's usually Chariots of Fire driven by gods or demi-gods too perform an specific task that the being is obligated to perform for example, Apollo & Helios.

Then there's of course The Bible involving The Prophet's & Prophetess of Old such as Elijah the Tishbite from Gilead instead of tasting Death Elisha his Student & Apprentice witness The Chariots of The God of Israel take Elijah Away to Heaven.

Then there's the Prophet Ezekiel who watches the Seraphims go before The Throne of God who sat in it these Seraphims were faster than Lightening in the Blink of The Eye they could be seen in one place and another an so Ezekiel speaks of the strange Wheel like objects that flew before God The Creator while He sat on his Throne.

However I do have a Black Biblical Heritage Bible Book that makes mention of some object that sound closely like that of an Airplane being found in either King Ramesis or maybe King Tuts Tomb.

I've been a long time Fan of The History Channel and Nat/Geo or National Geographic Channel, History Channel.

Nat/Geo has done abundance of Egyptian History and though I remember not the name of an specific Egyptian genre I do recall seeing on the Hieroglyphics Light Bulbs, and Ancient Batteries.

In fact one Egyptologist charged an Ancient Battery right before The Camera that was incredible to see for myself, my point is seeing the evidence of Light bulbs within Egypt's Hieroglyphic's and those batteries who are we to say India or anywhere for that matter did not have Airplanes?

Although, admittedly I don't believe India were the only ones too fly in Airplanes I think all of the Ancient World had Airplanes.

Ancient Indian Flying Machine's Yes there were Indian Flying Machine's, that's all I have to share on this Unique Topic, so until next time, Everyone, Goodbye!

I firmly  believe that the

I firmly  believe that the various references to flying machines in ancient Sanskrit literature  are NOT myth.  The most ancient of this literature  are the Vedas, then the Puranas and then the Itihasas. The last category includes the Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Apart  from the above there is a store of Sanskrit writings  on many topics  including the sciences,  These sources  span  a very long  time period covering many millennia. Many of these also contain historical information such as genealogies of royal dynasties of the times. Datings are often facilitated by the fact that there has been a practice of fixing the time of important events by identifying the position of various stars/ constellations in the sky at the time of the event.

Many of these writings  have references to flying machines,

Talking about  the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata they  are definitely believed to be historical events and not stories..  Indian scholars  date the  events of Ramayana to around 5000 BC and that of  Mahabharata to around 3200 BC.

I believe that advanced civilizations flourished in the Indian subcontinent in ancient times. At least in some  periods the civilizations  were quite advanced both in science as well as spirituality. I would guess that disastrous natural calamities could have wiped out such societies and caused complete loss of  the existing knowledge base .This in turn caused major discontinuities in our histories.

I will briefly narrate an interesting series of  events, intimately connected to our topic of discussion.

Literature  has references to  an ancient  text  titled  “ Yantra Sarvaswa” ( roughly translated as ‘All about machines’.) The authorship is attributed to Maharishi Bharadwaja. The title Maharishi indicates a person of high spiritual capabilities. One of the forty topics  covered is said to be “Vymanika Shastra”  [translated as ‘the science of Aeronautics’]  The original text is not been found in full.
In the first decade of 20th century ( around 1910 or so) a Sanskrit scholar (Pandit Subbaraya Sastry) had revelations  in a meditative state on this subject. Sanskrit transcripts of the revelations  were recorded in hand written form.
Manuscript copies of this were sent to two Oriental Institutes in India. Derived from this ,a number publications came out over a period of time in English, Hindi etc.
An official project study of the subject matter contained was undertaken by a committee of scientists associated with the Aeronautical Research  and Development Board of the Govt. of India in 2001
Their report  clearly  brings out the depth of knowledge available in the text on a variety of scientific topics  closely associated with Aeronautics. For example, some of the topics covered are metals and heat-absorbing materials,, Aerial routes, Machinery, varieties of vimanas, Pilot, his clothing, food, Melting etc etc.
Also  a  list 32 special features are mentioned  and are said to be based on principle-specific texts available separately.

So we can definitely conclude that much scientific knowledge relating to aeronautics existed. Much more research on the available Sanskrit texts is called for .


Flying machines and science

I quite agree with you Chandra, that these old texts, deserve further studies.  The problem we have with all old texts, is that people at the time either didn’t have the words to describe what they saw, so they used similies e.g. talking about flying turtles, serpents, dragons or even thunderbirds, or they had words for it, but the meaning has since been lost, as the knowledge got lost.

What people seem to overlook, is also the description of the ‘deities’ in India and Egypt. Osiris was ‘green’, Akenaten had an elongated head, Krshna was blue, and Ganesh has the head of an Elephant, yet I saw a documentary once, where the oldest depiction of Ganesh was more human like but with the trunk of an elephant, which would indicate a human being with an oxygen mask or rebreather, because they were from another world, and used the mask/rebreather to filter out foreign microbes which they were susceptable to.

The children of Woolpit in England, who seem to have appeared out of nowhere, speaking a language unknown to anyone, wearing ‘strange’ clothing and refusing to eat the food they were offered (possibly due to them not being familiar with it).  The boy died very soon, but his sister ‘adapted’ got a natural skin colour and married (she never gave up any geneaology).

Going back to the gods (beings celebrated as gods owing to their great knowledge) with animal features, if we study them, we can see that certain ‘truths’ have been preserved elsewhere, e.g. with the DOGONs, who have information about our solar system (e.g. the green planet with rings (Uranus), and the blue planet also with rings (Neptune) related to them from these beings, long before their discovery; and also that these beings came from the SIRIUS star system, and that their world (Sirius B) was dying (this planet was discovered many years later). They also told them about Sirius C (yet to be discovered).

What I find interesting, is the ‘dances’ and ‘ceremonies’ where the Dogon’s don costumes with these headdresses like animals e.g. dog/Anubis. – This is NOT strange, since I feel it depicts the dog star Sirius, and I think it is possibly lost to antiquity or the Dogon’s won’t reveal all, that this is a method of ‘storytelling’ akin to the ‘storytelling of dreamtime’ of the aborigines in Australia.  Think about it.  The dressed figures represent the planets and the journey from their world to ours, and the demise of their own.  SIRIUS depicted by Anubis.  Sirius is a hot sun, killing life on Sirius B.  Anubis is the god of the underworld albeit realm of the dead (many of the people on Sirius B had already died or were dying), and these beings were celebrated as gods, but these beings were more interested in having their story told, so that they would be remembered, and people knew that there was life out there.

OSIRIS (green) came from ORION, but ISIS (fair skinned) from SIRIUS.  Our planet is also destined to die the same way as Sirius, when our sun will expand and become a red giant and fry the oceans and all life on the planet.  Will we venture to the stars and leave our legacy.  We have already sent ‘a message in a bottle’ in the form of the Voyager probes with their golden records, the plate showing our DNA and giving our position by depicting the rate of near by pulsars as well as artifacts left on the moon.

I think we need to be more open minded, about these ‘rituals’ and ‘symbolism’ surrounding these deities, and how this may have been corrupted by the rich and learned to exploit those who couldn’t read, just like the Catholic Church (Universal Church) did, as not all spoke Latin or could read for that matter.  Ask a Catholic, and they can quote what is quoted to them, and very few know that ‘Catholic’ means ‘Universal’.

My late brother and I, studied many denominations, and discovered how many of them have misunderstood the scriptures, and as I said, echo what is quoted to them, but do not read or think for themselves.  If I quoted to them e.g. 1 Chor. 15:29 and spoke of baptism for the dead.  They would ask me if that is something new.  Then I mention to them where it is written, and they say they have never heard of it, and query as to what it entails, but it is not elaborated on any further, as it wasn’t necessary as everyone at the time, knew what they were on about.  Then when the Temple of Solomon, Herodotus and Zerubabel were destroyed, they could no longer perform the ritual, and the knowledge was lost for a season.

Yes Chandra, these old texts need to be examined more closely.  If memory serves me, other places in the world, I think perhaps Angor Watt, have ‘deities’ churning the river of milk (milky way) to create life.  The Australian Aborigines talk about the milky way.  Tribes in America, had a story about the Fox’s Tail touching the river and the ground, but then due to precession, it ceased to be possible, and the story was preserved but not the ritual.  Then an astronomer from BYU looked at the story from an astronomical point of view, and discovered its meaning, and it was at this point, i.e. when the tail touched the river and ground, that the ‘veil’ was the thinnest, and they were able to ‘commune’ with their ancestors, just like other American Indian tribes did in the SUN LODGE at the Summer Solstice or was it Spring Equinox, when the veil was the thinnest, and these ‘medicine wheels’ were chosen and placed at places where the ‘veil was the thinnest’. – Did these ‘ley lines’ create a ‘portal’ to traverse dimension or time and space?  Akin to the Norse gods, who would meet at ‘certain times’ at IÐAVELLIR (The moving or vibrating fields/vibrational fields), they could also travel via BIFRÖST (incorrectly pronounced as BI-FROST in the movie Thor, but should be pronounced BIF-RÖST, i.e. BIF meaning moving (from the word BIFA to move) and RÖST meaning wave.  Today in electronics, we talk about CARRIER WAVES, does anybody else see any similarities?

Ancient Flying Machine's India

Hi Helgi,

Just wanted too share I don't believe the Ancients didn't know or understand what animals they were looking at when they referenced Dragon's & Serpents although, The Flying Turtle is a New One.

India's next door neighbor sort to speak China The Lunar New Year is represented by a specific animal. All of the animals that live in China today are apart of the 11 animal's in the Chinese Zodiac, it makes no sense for China to place a mythical creature such as the Dragon on its Calendar if the animal never existed.

Reportedly that time Portuguese Explorer Marco Polo visited China he brought back reports of seeing Dragons in China he even described them by giving their various Heights that the Dragons reached adding to the information that the Tiger, Wolf and other predatory animals tended to remain hidden to avoid encounters with these Dragon's; Marco wrote more importantly that China had an effective way of killing These kinds of Dragons.

Admittedly most scholars when studying Marco believe the Dragon's were Crocodiles but, I've not yet heard of Crocodiles that walk upright on Hind legs; has their been a New species of Crocodile discovered?

I got upset when I learned in 1885, American Bible Society changed 35 translations in the Old Testament that referenced to Dragons and Water Dragon's in Isaiah God makes an distinction between Crocodiles an Water Dragon's.

I'm even more annoyed that Enoch the oldest Biblical Text apparently it has been established that Enoch is older than The Epic of Gilgamesh, in my case I've believe The Bible to be Word of God ( it's what we say in African American Churches), it's why when doing Bible Study people pray for the Holy Spirit to come and guide us in our understanding of the Scriptures so for me it's not people I've relied on but God to help me understand.

Believe me I've heard ministers denounce Enoch as Not Biblical Inspired Truth but, since God guided Me to this remarkable Biblical Text then Its through the Lord, that I know Enoch is sound Biblical Truth.

In order to understand our Ancient Ancestors stories of what Earth was like we need Enoch he's the road Map he can connect all the stories especially since on Enoch 2 The Book of the Secrets of Enoch He maintains he'd written over 366 Books altogether.

So it seems that we may be missing 363 Books written by Enoch or his Books are around us and we just don't know it I bet he even has writings on Flying Machine's in The Ancient World before India was known as India.

That's all I wanted to share with you Helgi I'll see you around.

Dragons and Enoch

I agree Zucchini, even old Norse lore, has the tale of Sigurður Fáfnisbani, in Danis Sigurd Drakedræber or Sigurd the Dragonslayer.  Iceland has FOUR ELEMENTALS guarding the Island, A giant to the south (JÖTUNN), a bull to the west, a dragon to the north and an eagle to the east.

I have also read The Book of Enoch, and I find it amazing, that he writes: “I do not write this book for my contemporaries, but for those in the future...” or words to that effect.  Is it not because that his contemporaries didn´t all have his EXPERIENCE even though they knew of what he was talking about, but his descriptions are also so detailed, that you cannot but SEE what he is talking about.

Even the Arabs attribute the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza to him, and there he call him Saurid, Thoth, Hermes Trismegistus etc. see

Look forward to learning more from you guys and gals.

Flying Machines

I do not doubt it that these refer to actual events, after all, the Indians call these records IDIHASA (History).  If we look at occidental history, and myths, we see, that stories like THE GOLDEN FLEECE and THE STORY OF TROY, have been proven to be correct.  The city of Troy has been found (or remnants thereof), and the golden fleece, was a sheepskin, used to “filter” or catch the gold in a sluice, rendering it golden, when panning for gold.

Take for example ODIN, the Norse god.  There is a story, of the Jews wandering Europe, and a story of King O´Dan. – The King of the tribe Dan.  Hence the name DANMARK (Denmark in English), and that translates from DANISH to THE PLAINS OF DAN.  When the stories of KING O´DAN travelled north ward,because of the pronounciation, the spelling of O’DAN changed (Think of the artist GOGIN (pronouned GO GAN), Hence, O´DAN became ODIN (eventhough in OLD ENGLISH, it was WODAN),,

When we examine this in context, it makes perfect sense.  LOKI LAUFEYJARSON, is known in Scotland as LEUGH (LEW), if you think about it, that these so called gods (probably originally celebrated as demigods owing to their bravery etc.) used to meet up at IÐAVELLIR (The moving fields or vibrational fields) isn´t that what we do, when we use Skype, Messenger, Teams and Facetime, meeting at the vibrational fields. – Think about it and give me a comment. – Alternatively it could mean travelling to another dimension or via a worm hole?


Gr8 post Helgi, one small

Gr8 post Helgi, one small correction the ancient Bharatian’s word was ITIHAS

An Itihasa is a record of something that happened, written by someone who was witness to the events.

Thank you

The term I quoted, was from a program, where a native Indian, said that the Indians referred to the works as IDIHASA, but it is nice to be corrected that the term is ITIHAS, as I hate getting names and linguistics wrong.  Thank you so much for the correction.


Carrier waves are another of those misnomers from the STD model.  There is the plasma (aether) and the pertrubations of the neutrons and protons sharing 1-2 electron bundles between themselves, switching their identiies back and forth between neutron-proton-neutron-proton etc … creates the 1-exchange of the electrostatic force (weak nuclear binding force) and the 2-exchange of the electromagnetic force (strong nuclear binding force).  It is the higher elements (that are in actuality only multiples of actual hydrogen (deuterium) that you have the higher manifestation of the electric and magnetic forces of electromagnetism.  The aspects of a carrier wave, … light is a wave (it is not) or a particle (it is not !) its a damned 3D spiral of photonic energy at the gamma ray or neutrino existence.  + and – gammas create composites (for 0 gammas – twinned) for + and – neutrinos (and 0 neutrino), that compose the very electrons that make up all of the higher column 1, 2, and 3 of the std model fermions and leptons.  There are no forces as bosons (and especially that D graviton !), as these are the very electrical charge (gamma and neutrinos) inside the (said) electron, with its exterior electrical field being these same composites being the observed electron force fields and charge.  Photons travel as a slinky in a spiral with ever smaller amplitude (wave aspect looking at it 2D flat oscilloscope !) and faster velocity the higher the frequency and energy is.  The entire Hertz frequencies literally show a decreasing amplitude and faster velocity (hz cycle) of the slowed-down embedded photons inside the electron.  And as physics says – all matter is in motion.  There is no absolute rest mass – even with a stable and fixed location object – it is still vibrating and spinning in that location.  The truth of the Meissner effect is a unipolarity of the object under superconductive conditions.  The Meissner effect (with 3 current – bogus – experiments with pressure, water, and freezing temperature) only occurs with a true ambient temperature and pressure of any medium.  Current superconductors at best are super – semi-conductors.  When you remove the external conditions – back to ambiency – the superconductive properties and Meissner effect disappears.  A true superconductor is a supercompacted atomic element (a doubled atomic element in the same space and visual appearance, but a true Cooper pairing and Bose-Einstein condensate.  That product, whether a supersolid, flow metal, or cold flow plasma displays these properties – and it directly self-recharges off the very aether that composes the entire cosmos.  Such carrier waves, are actually worm bubbles surrouinding the object (like Star Trek warp bubble).  A worm bubble in motion makes for a wormhole appearance.  Only a true interlocked stargate making the open portals and locked wormhole between them (still all related to superconductivity) allows movement within the plasma aether of humans or vessels.  It is the known electrostatic field of sufficient power to negate any contact of the greater electromagnetic force (and gravity) upon the vessel’s body – that true levitation or hovering is accomplished.  Like an air hockey puck, without any surrounding gravitational effects upon the object, it hovers, floats, and has all those abilities of supersessional flying (WITHOUT any G-forces and shear forces upon the vessel and the occupants !)  With no external EM and gravitations forces able to penetrate into the interior of the vessel, there is no gravity upon the vessel or the inside occupants.  This is how they are able to have supersessional flying, but you experience nothing of instant up, instant down, climb, dive, instant start, instant stop, instant left, instant right.  ..It truly is a fascinating topic.  And part of this ability is accomplished through a very special skin upon the vessel’s body, whether it is a rotating flying saucer ring, or a one-piece unibody UFO construction.  That skin accomplishes that “slipsteam”, much like the air slipstream of the sonic barrier, … or modern devices on ship’s spewing out bubbles along the ships watery contact with the ship, and there is no resistance or friction.  This is slipstreaming, and it is all part of the carrier mechanism of all these ancient UFOs, and all their variant shapes, sizes, usages (fighters, cargo ships, daughter, and mother ships etc). 


Thank you for that informative piece Prince.  It reminds me of what Viktor Schauberger said, to simplify things for those of a non-scientific mind, “The fish does not ‘swim’, but is ‘swum’, and the fird does not ‘fly’, but is ‘flown’, because the animals body is able to ‘manipulate’ its surroundings, for the want of a better way to put it.

I remember reading a book on ‘Schrödinger´s Cat’, where they showed with diagrams the various ways the ‘particles’ met/intertwined and how they could change from one particle to another (similar to us coming from spirit, into body, and going back to spirit, till we are finally resurrected in a perfected body), I guess the ancient’s simplified this, when they spoke of ‘The Cauldron of Rebirth’ as all matter is energy, and never lost, it is merely its ‘condition’ that changes.


As a leading researcher in superconductors, there are physicist elemental products known as supersolids, flow metals, and cold flow plasma.  A supersolid would be considered a brick-like dimension of a self-recharging material.  A flow metal is a mercury-like liquid – like metallic hydrogen found on Jupiter.  A cold flow plasma (of the halid or noble gasses) is the third format of an super-elemental product.  The mentions of the vimana having a mercury-like liquid as its energy source would speak to it being such flow metal of metallic hydrogen, oxygen, gaseous carbon, or nitrogen.  It is more likely that the vimana is powered by metallic hydrogen, metallic oxygen, … or metallic “water.”  As a superconductor is a supercompacted atomic element, it sits close to the very cosmic medium (aether) and thusly able to interact and recharge on the aether for all its energy needs, … and unlimited power supplies.

The question of whether the subject of Indian vimana shapes and capabilities ... that was said to be written down via some metaphysical contact with the akashic records, or a trance mediumship, is valid or not remains unanswered.  But, the subject of the energy source appears entirely valid.

Vimanas and flow metal.

I find Prince’s comments exceedingly interesting, as Hans Kammler was in charge of research, using red mercury and spinning it rapidly to either create an anti-gravity effect, and possibly even a way to time travel, maybe by creating a Kasimir effect thus creating a point to which on could traverse time AND space, using the device called DIE GLOCKE (THE BELL).  When he had the facility sealed off, he may have traversed time and space and appeared in Kecksburg, where an acorn or bell shaped object made a controlled crash landing by circling first and then making a controlled crash landing (which a meteor wouldn’t do). – The military arrived on the scene and confiscated all cameras and people were sworn to secrecy.  The US government then claimed “nothing happened”, irrespective of a flatbed being brought on sight and an acorn or bell shaped object was removed on the flatbed covered by a tarpaulin. - Years later an object matching the bell’s shape and dimensions was sighted elsewhere in the US.  Did Hans Kamler escape to the future to the US, after all, he was never found to be tried at the Nüremberg trials.

Flying Machines

Why not? Our history is far older and likely far more fantastic than it is given credit for. I belive that many of humanitys ancient myths are no less that our collective and long lost history. Personally, I belive that we have reached similar levels of technology and so called sivilisation, in the past as we enjoy today, in fact our legends support such a view; consider for a moment the legends of Atlantis or Viracocha. It seems that every culture has stories of a time when there was an advanced sivilisation that was destroyed by war, or some cataclismic natural event that forced the few survivors to begin anew. Imagine what it would be like if something like that were to happen today, to us, what would remain of our technology, history, learning, buildings? After a time all that would be left would be so called myths and legends. So, Vimanas, advanced craft and other technology, whether our own or posibly also off world / interdimencional? Yes, why ever not. 

Roberta vc


Why not indeed Roberta?  After all, there are hieroglyphs, that talk about people coming from the sea, because the land they inhabited was put under water (by a cataclysm).

Puma Punku is said to have had everything thrown about due to a Tsunami/Tidal Wave, as have other places.  Even our scriptures, speak of a time, when there will be earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in diverse places, floods and the world shall roll around like a drunken man, and the continents shall float and drift around, and valleys shall be where mountains were and vice versa, in addition to which land shall rise out of the oceans and other lands disappear.

Ancient DWARKA was considered to be a myth, yet in the 1980´s research was done around the coast, only to discover the missing city off the coast of present day DWARKA.

The fact, that Wooley Mammouths have been found in Siberia, quick frozen with food in their mouths, tells us, that a polar reversal where the world has gone onto its side or upside down, would mean the lands themselves went from a warm climate and/or summer to a colder climate even winter, causing the Wooley Mammouth to be quick frozen; after all Siberia can get colder than the south pole.

The scriptures tell us, that this will repeat itself, and it has been described that the sky will be rolled back like a scroll; This is a perfect description of so called ROLL CLOUDS, which would appear, if the world would topple over or gyrate like a spinning top when it loses its momentum.


It could only be found out from the Akashic Records.

Ancient Indian Flying Machines

I researched this topic for the history chapter in my book “Man and the Stars”  (Souvenir Press, 1974).   Going back to the original sources, what struck me was that there were only five names attached to flying beings or machines  (Garuda, Aruna, Hanuman, Indra’s Chariot and Pushpaka), and otherwise the mentions were very general  (all the gods attended in all their flying chariots).   The descriptions overlapped so that only three vehicles might actually be involved.   Writing in 1973, it seemed to me that the accounts sounded mostly like visions of the Space Shuttle, as the two-stage, fully reusable vehicle it was then planned to be;  and the way events turned out later, the fragments of description are even more like descriptions of the Space Shuttle as it might have been, not the way it actually turned out.   If they were accurate visions of what was to come, it would be worrying that we also find descriptions of what appears to be use of nuclear weapons against ground troops;  but if they are only glimpses of what were then possible futures, maybe that too will not come to pass as described.

Duncan Lunan

Ancient Indian Flying Machines

Yes Duncan, those magnificent men in their flying machines are indeed interesting.
Like you say, the question is, are those visions of a possible future or things that were.  The Mahabarata talks of a war in the sky using dreadful weapons, but UFO´s battled over Nüremberg in 1561  and also over Basel, Switzerland for a few hours in 1566  If it could happen then, and was documented and wood cuttings made, why could it not have happened earlier.  After all it did happen later over Los Angeles USA on Feb. 25th 1942  –  It is healthy to not take everything at face value, but it is also ignorant to exclude everything just because we haven´t seen it.  After all, many believe in God yet haven´t seen him, and some think COVID-19 is a myth (perhaps because they haven´t and cannot see the virus), yet the scriptures tell us, blessed are they who believed yet did not see.

In the Book of Daniel, he describes many things that are to come, including an Ephod with two people inside it.  An Ephod is a bucket wide at the bottom and narrows towards the top, there are hats for the High Priest which are narrow around the forehead and widen upward.  These are reminiscent of a space capsule or nose cone, like the one used for the GEMINI project, an Ephod with two people on board.

Also in the Book of Daniel, he describes a BIRD flying high above the earth and gives its dimensions.  The dimensions fit the first telecommunications satellite known as TELSTAR, and with its solar panels, would best be described as a BIRD FLYING HIGH ABOVE THE EARTH, especially when you consider it having been written nearly 3000 BC.  They didn´t have the vocabulary we do.  Oddly enough, the space shuttle´s cargo bay, was double the length of Telstar, as it was designed to be able to bring two of them down together.

In the Icelandic VÖLUSPÁ (literally Pebble Prophecy as it was written based on casting Rune Stones, but has been called The Seeress prophecies) says: “There shall again in the grass be found, golden tablets, which the Gods had before time immortal”.  I have read at least three English translations of this verse, and none are correct, but the above is.  What I find fascinating is, that I read a book called THE BOOK OF MORMON, which propecied about it coming forth in the latter days, having been buried, but its sealed portion, would come forth at a later time.  What is interesting is, that the term “latter days” in Hebrew can also be translated as a year, and the translation of the unsealed portion was completed in 1830.  The Bible talks of the Jews being gathered together in “the last days” which in Hebrew matches the year ISRAEL became a state.  “The End of Days” translates in Hebrew to 2019/2020 and this is when things start to happen, i.e. the great call to repentance before the great tribulation.  What else do you call COVID-19  and the earthquakes and possible volcanic eruptions in Iceland now  Think about it.


One should be wary of currently taking anything coming out of India at face value. The ruling political party is attempting to prove that every scientific discovery stems from Hinduism.  This is an integral part of their nationalist/racist agenda. i wouldn’t be so arrogant as to say that what they claim is impossible, but I’d be reluctant to give credence to accounts that are legendary and/or mythical, and may be metaphorical, and never intended to be taken as absolute truth. Just provide physical evidence. “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” (Carl Sagan).



Dear Trevor, please read my response to Duncan Lunan’s comments, to which I’d like to add another item from the Book of Daniel, where he describes a chariot of fire rising with flames and the thunder of a 10 000 horses, causing the ‘trees’ to fall down as it rose.

In Russia, the gantry for the VOSTOK rocket was green, like the leaves of trees, and instead of moving to the side, with the hoses disconnecting at launch, there were numerous gantries surrounding the rocket, which fell away like trees upon lift off.

Seems to me, the description is quite apt.  We must remember, that these people, didn’t have the vocabulary we do, nor the technical understanding.  If they saw anything, be it in person or via a vision, they would have to describe it based on their experience.

Take for example THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS  in The New Testament, written down by John the Revelator; In it, he says that “in the end of days” (which numerical value equates to 2019/2020 in Hebrew) the sins of the world will be shouted from the rooftops. – In our cities we have many skyscrapers with mobile phone masts on top, and some have radio and television relay stations and antennae, through which news about the sins of the world are transmitted, as well as pornographic material and even snuff video clips, and also sex chat channels.  What is BROADCASTING other than SHOUTING THE SINS OF THE WORLD FROM THE ROOFTOPS, albeit electronically. IMHO John got itt right.  Even Carl Sagan would have to agree, that this is indeed extraordinary evidence for those extraordinary claims.


All of planetary myth-history has examples of UFOs or ET vehicles.  Elijah and chariot.  Hebrew metaphorical language of “clouds” and UFOs, angels and ETs, … Egyptian sun gods and (golden) sun boats, moon gods and (silver) moon boats in the sky.  Ancient Mayan and Incan stories of flying vehicles, even King-Emperor Solomon (1000 BC) and having angels/demons build the temple, while he (and Aladdin) have their flying carpets (hovercrafts ?).  There are new interpretations of the gods with wings (those who are space residents in space stations), gods with fish symbolism (those who live on/under the sea in such USOs, and all of the many other theranthropes (centaurs, minotaurs, etc) as god-leaders from regions where such animals existed (crocodile-sekmet, hippo, lion, monkey-hanuman, deer/elk/moose-ceraunnos, owl-Thoth, falcon-Horus, ….

All these ancient have their flying vehicles, and their locations of residence.  They destroyed themselves (and the human race) with their endless conflicts and wars of the gods – over the same human condition of scarce natural resources – and energy.

Vimana and flying carpets

Dear Prince, when I was a kid, I got into a discussion with my brother, who was 8 yrs older than I.  I believed the description of ‘flying carpets’ to be true, and he said they weren’t aerodynamically sound.  I drew a picture for him of ‘my interpretation’ and showed him a little platform with a bar and handles.  He said there was no mention of any handles.  I said that there were no details given about items in the news either when they said there was a plane crash, car crash or a motorcycle accident either, because WE know what they look like.  If someone read the same article after 3 000 or even 12 000 years, with know other information, they would not be sure what they looked like.

Years later, I came across an article about Viktor Grebennikov’s Cavity Structural-Effect and Anti-Gravity Platform, which looks like what I had envisaged a flying carpet to look like, i.e. with ‘controls’.  Here is a link to an article on the subject along with photographs:

I find it very interesting.  Perhaps people should not be so eager to dismiss everything.  After all, especially since how words are used today, and how they USED to be used, differ.  Take for example the idiom RUMOURS OF WAR, used in The Book of Revelations in The Bible.  People reading it today, would most likely tell you “Yeah, rumours, heresay, it’s heresay about war, speculations and suppositions...”  They couldn’t be more wrong.  The idiom RUMOURS OF WAR refers to the clangs or sounds of war.  During WWII, the people in DOVER in England, could hear the cannons across the English Channel.  They heard the RUMOURS OF WAR, i.e. the fighting and contention through the clangs or sounds of war.  –  Regretably, this idiom is marked OBSOLETE, and because of this marking, has been omitted from many modern dictionaries, but can be found in the better versions of THE WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY.  Check it out before buying a dictionary, to see if it is worth buying.


I have been saying for 40 years, “OUR FUTURE is our past.  OUR PAST is our future.”  The only reason why we have had many disasters and catastrophes (other than cosmic and solar CME plasma tsunami waves scorching the planet (that will happen again !) or earth polar alignment that will flip the poles (not the planet) and lose the gauss and the Van Allen belts until re-energized, … the only other destructions was from the Star People and all their infighting, wars of the gods, UFO wars, … and bringing the humans into the conflict to fight other humans and other gods.  In the end, the total events destroyed both Star People, their UFO fleets, and most especially the humans and their lesser civililzations and grid infrastructures…..

This time, we humans need to have controls to make superconductors and such surveillance that there is no world war – and that the leaders are people-servants, not all the GD POS leaders and (unemployed lawyer) politicos who become power-mad and financially independent – and destroy others with a flip of their legislative pens.  Only then will we have true and open liberty of the peoples – no communism, no socialism, – but true economic and capitalistic growth were all fluorish and are so GD busy with working, making money hand over fist, that they won’t be into competitive fights amongst peoples and nations, … and we can finally get to Star Trek, space shuttles, cargo ships, daughter, and mother ships … and get on with “getting on” with going to the planets (terraforming) and to the stars.


I’m getting Elon Musk vibes from you.


Elon Musk

Wouldn’t it be nice to have his money though. I guess I cannot complain, since I have sufficient for my needs.

Flying Cars

Modern humans have been talking about flying cars for decades.  Seems to be a common theme...

From stardust I was born, to stardust I shall return

Food and Drink of the Gods

These superconductive (supercompacted) materials are the legendary consumptives of the Food and Drink of the Gods.  The nano-particles of the supersolid sea salts are the “manna” or other words of soma, etc.  The flow metals are those safe and stable blood red color (like red mercury), thickness, of the ouinos (wee-nos, wine).  One can readily understand that this is the products of the Lord’s Supper.  With the body having 80% liquids, and 20% bones/muscles, the 80% of the “blood” of the Christ, and the 20% of the “body” of the Christ, makes the human body and super-consciousness connect with the plasma aether – and total energies of the body and sentience.  With this, all the higher chakras and nadis open up, all the higher spiritual powers and functions are the Lesser Mysteries of attaining immortality of the (outer) physical body.  The Greater Mysteries attain eternal life when the spiritual light body attains such higher energies that the physical body is dematerialized and the eternal existence (ascendancy) is achieved.  All of this interacts with such supersolid vehicle materials, and that of the flow metal liquid energy.  One literally connects the human body and sentience with that of the vehicle body and energies, connected via the plasma aether.  Comments that there are unibody vehicles (Bob Lazar) that one sits within, with no apparent control panels etc.  only the higher sentience and energies does not unite the bodies and the sentience/consciousness, and triple energies of the body, soul, and spirit.  As such advanced peoples have these higher sentience and spiritual powers, the advanced supersessional abilities of such flying saucers, in space, in air, under water, and creating such slipstream flying, instant start and stop, instant ascend and descend, instant left and right, one is able to hover like an air hockey puck with no resistance of movement.  All of this is directly related to the superconductive material, and displaying an electrostatic (not electromagnetic) slipstream around the vehicle.  Higher aspects of the vessel with worm bubbles, worm holes, stargates, warp speed, instant (appearance of) dematerialization into the aether (worm bubble slipstream), and instant appearance of materialization (coming out of a worm bubble slipstream).  The same manifestation/demanifestation is the same as the higher powers of dematerializing and materializing of the advanced human body and sentience.  All is connected.  As above, so below.  As below, so above.

Ancient Flying Machine's India

Hi Prince,

I'll share this and then move on to something else. Enoch 2 The Book of the Secrets of Enoch The Ancient Scribe & Prophet sat before The Creator while I AM shared with Enoch The Creation of Adam which in Hebrew means People.

Apparently God's original plan when Creation was complete that People were to be like Second Angel's of This World meaning Earth.

Since, Finding Ancient Origins and reading so many different yet incredible article's they pretty much match up with Enoch.

In Enoch 2 Enoch introduces us to Astronomy and the presence of other Universes accept He identifies them as Heaven's and accordingly they're numbered; we've yet to bestow New Name's towards these other incredible Universes & Heaven's.

In me mentioning Ancient Origins articles I read one about the existence of 12,000 Hells in Egyptian Underworld Stories in Enoch 2 There's Heaven 2 no easy way to say this but, that would be Hell 1, 5th Heaven is Hell 2, in Enoch 1 The Book of The Watchers Tartarus is located somewhere near God's Country.

In church many believers are taught that Hell is here on Earth; Enoch teaches that can't be further from the Truth, little wonder no why the Early Faiths cast Enoch out from the Word of God. A phrase used in African American Churches.

An in Enoch 2 that would be 10th Heaven so what; I've learned from the article, pertaining too Egypt's 12,000 Hells located in The Underworld is that they're located in the many Heaven's and Universe's somewhere 12,000 Hells & 10,000 Heaven's is present in the vastness of Space.

An In case you're wondering our Universe is First Heaven.

I guess what I'm saying is if I hadn't not only discovered Enoch but, read it then I wouldn't have agreed with your Elements regarding the Body of Christ; it's amazing too me, not long ago I did read about the Element's God utilized to Create Adam.

I like what you wrote, so next time, Prince Goodbye!

Heavens and Hells

I always find your writings interesting Prince.  12 000 Hells, are reminiscent of the Chinese 12 Earthly Pillars (like the 12 tribes), and the 10 000 Heavens are reminiscent of their 10 Heavenly stems (like the commandments which are divided into 5 spiritual and 5 temporal (Yang and Yin or Dualism)).  –  It is amazing, that before Icelanders adopted European phrases, such as “GO TO H***”, they used to say may it go NORTH(WARD) AND DOWN(WARD), thinking about the theories or stories of openings into the inner earth, this would indicate that there might be a portal in the north leading to the underworld.  They also used the phrase which was commonly used simmultaneously and added to the previous sentence, i.e. “AND OUT (meaning abroad) AND SOUTH(WARD) – There is apparently a hole in the Antarctican Polar Icecap which has various magnetic anomalies.  Perhaps they knew more than they let on.  After all, they used loadstones which they obtained from Norway, and sunstones (both IOLITE AND ICELAND SPAR) – Iolite will help you find the direction of the sun on a cloudy day, but using TWO ICELAND SPARs above each other, will allow you to SEE stars and the sun, below the horizon, thus enabling you to navigate longer. – What is exceedingly interesting, is that both Chinese and Hebrews had compasses that pointed SOUTH, and NOT NORTH.  Was this due to the fact that the compasses were designed BEFORE the MAJOR POLAR REVERSAL of THE GREAT FLOOD around 12 500 years ago, or did it point to Antarctica which some people speculate could be Atlantis; Considering one of Enoch’s names links him with Atlantis, makes it food for thought.  Enoch also mentions that the Nephelim and Rephaim were banished to a place and describes it, and it fits the description of Antarctica as depicted on maps, showing it as it was without ice, as found on the PIRI REIS map and others, see: After all, since Enoch was taken aboard a craft and saw the earth from above, why shouldn’t he be able to make a map of Antarctica without Ice, and others then copy it at a later date, since his writings were banned to keep the rest of the world ignorant and in the dark.  Stay safe Prince.


The one reason I have concerns about the topic is that the 1850s (typo?) document by a person who is the one doing all the detailing of the various vimana, power sources, etc.  It waas said to be of a trance or mediumship event.  One could say much of the same of the THeosophical Society (Blavatsky etc).  Other than all the other true and ancient documents, and the properly read Hebrew Bible (Old AND New Testament) about Elohim, Eloah, giants, fallen angels, Jacob/Israel wrestling with an angel, Star People, … UFO sites (Manahaim), Star People disasters Sodom and Gomorrah (Star People attack on the humans there with advanced technology weapons … “clouds” in Hebrew are the UFOs, YHWH and his mother ship hovering over the exodus Israelites (1207/1206 BC).  Properly read and understood ancient history proves that ETs, and some of our own ancestral bloodlines were Star People descent.  There is so much coverup and lies across modern government and academics (including the current Einsteinian physics and Standard Model of elementary atomic particles composition.

Looking at the many YT Brien Foerster vids of ancient high technology and megalithics (a good friend of mine), we have found valid dates of ancient age that modern Egyptology (and other world locations) have distorted (either too short a timeline – or too long a timeline) and planetary population movements that demand higher technology people movement or transoceanic sailings in the 1000 BC (Solomonic Empire) and back to 1207/1206 BC, back to the mis-displayed Dendara temple carvings of advanced vehicle transportation, and amulets of flying vehicles (looking like a space shuttle), there are 2 histories of this planet, that modern socialism refuses to answer – because the truth pushes back hunanity as Homo Sapiens Sapiens back further than the Ice Age as clean shaven, proper haircuts – not monkey looking, raggedly homeless, stinky fur clothed Neanderthals etc.  They were all from various human castes of elites (survivors) and downward levels of previous disaster survivors and victims.  Then you have the super-elite Star People with their own levels of survivors and disaster victims.  We didnt crawl up from Lucy, and we aren’t apes.  Screw you Darwin (earn your own Darwin Award) !  We are descendants of far earlier lineages back into the 5.000s BC.  Even Gaius Julius Caesar (of Roman paternal and Greek maternal ancestry) was named after the female Grecian goddess Gaia blood descent line, and the Roman god Julius/Julian bloodline.  They knew their ancestry, and that of the ancient histories and interactions of the Star People with the humans (Star People descendants).  It is noted with delight in finding out that the biblical residents of Petra (Pen Dragon) were the Seir-ites (descendants of Osiris/Serapis/Osir the Apis, Osir the Bull, Sirius. Sirion … while the Hor-ites were descendants of Horus/Hor/Orion – all Star People bloodlines.

These Star People did have, … and DO HAVE … these ancient technologies, and were the ones creating all these ancient megalithic constructions – not knuckle-dragging ape humans.

The more one re-opens ancient history, one truly starts to understand history, technology, engineering, and an ancient common and higher spirituality faith.


I agree with you Prince, there is a lot of cover-up, and many documentaries DO LIE, Ancient Aliens for one, frequently gets things wrong, e.g. I had been looking at the story of Joseph Smith, and they reported the Angel (i.e. Messenger) who gave him a message 3 times in a row, had come from the Pleiades star system.  This is something that neither JS nor Moroni the messenger said.  Then they said he had found the tablets in a cave, when it was hole in the ground, with slabs underneat and on the sides to avoid it caving in, plus two stone beams laid cross ways (corner to corner) to avoid the plates and other artefacts to get wet if water got into the cavity.  This was then covered with a big stone.  A far cry from a cave.

As far as clouds go, many sightings are misidentified ‘lenticular clouds’, but there are instances when these sightings are genuine, as military records confirm from an incident that occured from 25 April 1915 and 9 January 1916.  See

Stay safe,



Get a concordance and go through all mentions of clouds in the Old and New Testament.  They are not atmospheric clouds, but UFOs.  Almost every instance of mention is related to UFOs and Star People … Elijah praying (with a Star Trek communicator – praying to the West) for reception and getting a UFO to come and hover over the Baal temple site – and burn up the watered down altar wood.  Finally a shuttle, or Elijah’s chariot comes and performs the deed.

It is interesting that this has Elijah challenging these Baal priests with words that their gods appear to be human-like (eat, tired, sleeping) … when in reality THEY ARE.  All interpretations make the OT gods as supernatural ethereal divine beings – when in reality they are flesh and blood (conehead?) Star People flying around and fighting each other with UFOs.  Entire Exodus account does not truly detail how YHWH and his fleet from Petra attack and take down the 10 regiments of Egyptian god UFOs, totally destroying any military Star People and their vehicles … and the human episode where the exodus Israelites and Moses cross over the Red Sea, while (now proven) Pharoah of the Nile Delta (this is not the Lower Nile precinct upland from this area) Horemheb “A” (grandson of Ramesses II) chased after them with his human military.  It is written in Ramesses II’s tomb a genealogical chart of all his children and wives who died before him, and only grandsons Horemheb, husband of Ay’s daughter, who took over the rulership of the Nile Delta (Ay being murdered?), and Merenptah, his brother, who ruled the united Lower and Upper Nile.  Pharaoh Horemheb “A” has noted son Hor(emheb) “B” (who is the Exodus first and only born son and chlld of Hor “A” who dies at Exodus time).  Egyptologists have the whole 17th and 18th dynasty all mucked up as they were COLLATERAL, no linear.  It is Hor “A” who abdicates in old age and gives the Nile delta to great grandson of brother Merenptah Ramesses IV in 1186 BC.  This is NOT Hor “A” giving the Nile Delta to Ramesses I – far earlier !   Many of the deaths of these two collateral branches of a single family that pushed out the Hyksos down into the Nile Delta, and took back Egypt since 1620s BC (explosion of Santorini and Mediterranean tsunami devastating entire continent) down to 1295, 1292 BC.  This refutes an older “dynastic” age of Egypt, and also refutes that Seti I (father of) and Ramesses II were great construction builders (putting their name onto many buildings) – when in reality they were conservators of ancient temple and building sites – and placed their name on the restorations and upkept heritage sites.  Most Egyptology is BS.  One ~could~ even say some of the same for India and many other Fertile Crescent locations.  Civilization is far older than what we are told – and not the ancient storyline of the damned ape-monkey evolution.  “Out ! Out ! Damned Spot !!”  We truly need to get back to valid archaeological and historical knowledge – not interpretations and bogus 1600s-1900s archaeological shenanigans.  Khufu and Djoser pyramid etc.  If anything, those pyramids are pre-Ice Age 12,000s/10,000s BC (even Brien and Robert Schoch say this), and a solar CME plasmatic tsunami raced across the equatorial planet scorching the land all around from Egypt to Peru, and such desert lands we have now were once veritable fertile areas (Sahara, Mideast, Mongolia, SW North American desert lands of CA, AZ, NM, NV, UT, WY, TX, etc).  That plasmatic tsuanmi scorched the land, but also burned (vitrified, glassed) the statues and buildings seen today across these regions in Egypt and Peru.  This event caused the end of the Ice Age, and the creation of the biblical upper heavens waters in the stratosphere-troposphere boundary.  It was the capture of the moon ~1987 BC (biblical dating) that this all came down again.  This was the time of the Mexico City area of Atlantis with a mother ship (and other space armada) alongside Noah that ascended above all this planetary destruction, waited out the end and drying out of the land (as elites) and then send back down TWO DRONES (black crow and white dove) finally landing again in the Mexico City area swampland.  It was hereafter that the Noahics of the Americas were scattered by the Star People to become the pantheon god-leaders of all these Fertile Crescent destroyed populations.  It was the Peleg-ites who were taken into the Old World of Europe, Africa/Egypt, and Mideast, while the Joktan-ites remained in the Americas of North, Central, and South America (hence the names of Joktan coming down to current days as Yucatan !!!).

And as much as modern archaeologists and historians have conquested and destroyed valid truths, the catholic church has been a real bastard religion (as well as islam and its insidious stance of the ancient past) in destroying ancint truths, buildings, knowledge, technology, artifacts, and memories of the Star People.  No wonder the Star People have retreated from these catholic and islamic regions (and the catholic daughters as the protestants) – where they remain underground bases (Andes, Hindu Kush, etc), under the sea (USOs), under glaciers (Antarctica), and up there and out there (dark side of the moon etc.).

There is so much more real truths out there – that are refused by (satanic) governments and religion – that it is no wonder that people have been dumbed down, made stoopid (!), and being held under social puppet masters, social academics, religion, and agendas.  The truth will set you free – and then we will have true liberation and freedom from these puppet masters – and achieve greater Star Trek and advanced technologies that were our past heritage – if these people don’t destroy us – over and over again.

UFOs, USOs, and all other Star People topics are real, and advanced technologies and sightings are real.

Ancient Flying Machine's India

Hi Prince,
Hi Everybody,

With this Pandemic I couldn't go to God's House to worship and attend Bible Study Meetings so I to compensate I went to ytube and search for Bible Study Meetings on ytube; I mean I searched for everything Mysteries of The Bible a series done on A&E on 1995-1998 great series honestly it's better than Bible Secrets.

A Variety of Pastor's covering intriguing Subject's and Topics straight from The Good Book.

Then I found this one Video Bible Meeting The Return of The Nephilim and The Days of Noah as hard as it is to believe the Video Bible Meeting was conducted for 3 hour's on this Specific Topic I have to admit the Bible Study was great.

If anyone is curious The name of The Bible Study is In the Days of Noah: The Return of The Nephilim again it is 3 hour's but, the Pastor in question leading the Bible Study does touch on UFO and Encounters with Aliens in fact I'd encourage everybody to check it out.

That is all I wish to share other than I totally disagree with The Pastor's sentiment about Enoch an if anyone chooses too watch it you'll all know Why I said that!

Until next time, Prince and Everyone, listen I've got too take a mini nap so forgive me if I don't get back right away too all of you, Goodbye!


That reality of meeting the Elohim (Star People) is exactly what the Book of Revelation is talking about.  For “whatever reasons” the Great Tribulation starts with cosmic, solar, planetary, and human warfare actions, it is the appearance like a flash (of a Star Armada popping out of warp space (like appearing Star Trek) and the whole failed human condition here is put down, all the perps are destroyed, and the Star People bring back down advanced technology and agriculture (and the Food and Drink of the Gods – Lord’s Supper manna and ouinos [wine] sperconductive elements that are fed to the people and spread across the planet, restoring an Edenic heavenly paradise here.  A Millennium starts without any puppet masters and socilaized satanic agendas of destroying the planet and population.  Disease is conquered and longevity is increased to 1000 years.  Plants and agriculture have their own 12 seasonal-months of bloom and production.  So when you see a warp flash across the entirety of space (and Yahshua returns with the Space Armada) then you know that the “clouds” have returned, … and changes back to a “new normal” that is the “ancient normal” will commence.

flying sheet and body

I have with my own eyes seen a flying sheet and human corpse being lifted right  up in the air with the help of a human  hand above. This was in Agra, India, and in front of the Red fort. There were three people, one playing the flute, another onw laying on the ground with a sheet spread out over him and a third holding his hand over the guy on the grind and moving upward. The whole thing moved up, the man and the sheet and the man who lifted with the hand poked under the sheet to show nothing there. This was called a market joke and apparently quite ordinary in India. Being a westerner I did not get ovr this for a couple of years and together with one of the comments above regarding ether and supraconductors one can start to understand how a flying mat could work.



flying sheet

This must’ve been spectacular to watch.  People would’ve either called this a trick, and others MAGIC, and many people I know, are so ignorant, that they call MAGIC a dirty word and work of the devil.  I point out to them, that the word MAGIC, is derived from the word MAGI, and the MAGI were WISE MEN, and that MAGIC, is simply the IMPLIMENTATION OF WISDOM or GREAT KNOWLEDGE.  Scientists (the modern day MAGI) IMPLEMENT THEIR WISDOM or GREAT KNOWLEDGE which we call today SCIENCE which is the MODERN day MAGIC.

flying sheet and body

Helgi, yes it certainly was. I was alone european among all Indian people so the actors pointed at me asking to do it again. And I was so perplex that I said no thanks and walked on. I did notice that all three of them looked completely exhausted so there must ahv been some psychic component. When after some years I got around to ask Indian people about this, they told me it was a common market trick, very often performed. Amazing how this can have evaded the western scientists, closed walls between east and west.

Like somebody above explained the essence of superconductor driven on ether one gets to figure how possibly something like a flying mat or little sleigh for two could lift by electromagnetism and then by help of ether and leylines get on and on. I have been thinking about how the said persons in the bible could fly, oer extraterrestrials for t hat matter and reading about the flying mat when I suddenly realized what I had actually seen. Strange thing but not impossible to understand taking in account of that description of superconductors!

Interesting your discussion of magic, I have also seen magick as a correct spelling?


You should have complied … and been the person they were levitating on the mat.  There was an old Boy Scout trick.  There is a beam, and 6 Scouts (3 each side).  You get onto the beam, and blindfolded.  You (think you feel) the raising up of the beam and you elevating, when in reality, they lift the beam for 1-2 feet, then they start hunkering down, all the while you believe you are going to hit your head on the ceiling.  Eventually, they rock the beam, and you expect to fall down 6-8 feet, when in reality it is that 1-2 foot of original beam height ….  Make them do the exercise with you as the attendee.

There are also the other bugger people, who appear to be levitating, when in reality they are sitting on a metal beam seat, with a single vertical leg stand (that is craftily hidden) by the person’s skirt.  When you catch them, they really get mad, as you kick at the air under their seat, hitting the stand, and they fall off into the dirt.  No thanks for BS.

Reality of the past and a reclamation for the future is what changes the world – hopefully this time for the betterment of humanity – and not the powermad and evil fascist bastard and bitch politicos.


Yes, I too have seen these “Illusionists” in Market Street, and you know that it is a trick, just like the tricks done by magicians, illiusionists and various other names they prefer to use, eventhough you cannot always see how they do it, quite often due to misdirection.

Mentalists do the same, and many “fake” psychics are in fact mentalists, and I was not the flavour of the month, when I pointed it out to a friend of mine that two people, whom he felt were “good” were in fact only good mentalists.  The first one, would always arrive about 5 minutes before the “meeting” (more of a show really) was to commence.  He would then folow the protocols of a “medium”, and start by giving a description of the spirit coming through.  Then bring the message, and in the end, (wait for it) bring the proof (which magicians call “the reveal”) and people fell for the BIG REVEAL, and swallowed it hook line and sinker.  It was e.g. that they arrived in a red car, a Volkswagen, with a broken tail light, and then give the registration number. – I pointed out to my friend that these were the people who arrived just before he did (i.e. into the hall, as he would always go to the bathroom to “freshen up” so no one would notice he arrived at the same time as they did).  We went to another meeting, and waited to go in, until HE had gone in, and took note of registration numbers, and lo and behold, I proved my point.

There are however people, who do have the gift, and I do not wish to detract from them their true gift and abiity.

My friend then fell for a man who was introducing a spiritual collective called MICHAEL.  He had paid a pretty penny to take part in his workshops.  He was then granted a “private” audience, and was permitted to bring someone with him.  He chose me. I listened to everything the man had to say, and the man had a “message” for me too.  After we left, my friend asked me if I was now convinced.  –  I replied “Quite the contrary”.  He was floored, and asked me why?  I told him, that I had received training from MUFON how to investigate sightings, and had implemented that knowledge.  I then asked him if he had seen the books in his hotel room.  He said he hadn’t paid any attention to them.  I told him that the few books he had there, dealt with the same topic he spoke of, and the descriptions were a quotation out of one of them, namely 2010 by Arthur C. Clarke, which I had read.  I told my friend that I could either lend him the book, or I could look up the chapter the man had quoted.  He was very disheartened.

Just because there are many tricksters in this world (incl. sales men and women), does not mean that all things are lies.  We were given the freedom of choice in the Garden on Eden, and must excercise it wisely and must be mature enough to accept the responsibility that comes with it, i.e. be mature enough to accept the consequences of our choices.  We are told by God, to Read AND Study the scriptures, and ponder them in our hearts, and THEN take it to the LORD and ask if our understanding is right, if it is correct The Holy Spirit will make our hearts burn as confirmation, else we shall have a stupour of thought.  The more we study the writings with PURE INTENT, the more we will have The Holy Spirit to guide us, and as stated above, even the “hidden things” will be “revealed”.

The early Hebrews were very eager to have everything “revealed” to them during their Exodus, and the apocalypse (greek for revelation) arrived in the form of the Tabernacle and all the ordinances related to it; But because they didn’t make the effort, it didn’t benefit them.  The same is happening in this world today, people are being played.  I don’t mind the street artists, whom I look at as entertainers and the act as amusement, but I do mind politicians and the nouveu rich who blindsight people so they can stay rich and keep the poor, poor.

Please keep an open albeit critical mind, and don’t lose sight of the truth just because you’ve met nine liars, as the tenth person might just hold the key to your salvation.

Flying mats and magick

Yes, in OLD English, there are various spellings of different words, depending on where people lived and what influenced their adoption of the word, before spelling became ‘standardised’.  Many OLD English words, are similar to the OLD NORSE or even the SAME, e.g. in one of Shakespear’s plays (I cannot remember which) a lady says to her lover: “Will you become my ‘husbóndi’?” Which means “Will you become my husband?” – Not only is the word ‘husbóndi’, spelled the same as in Icelandic, but it is also pronounced the same.As you mentioned, there are so many ´simple´ solutions to these ´tricks´, but governments do not want people (i.e. the general public) to have access to it, as it means they lose their control and the rich lose their strangle hold off the general public.JP Morgan, who financed Nikolai Tesla´s work, went ballistic when Tesla wanted to GIVE AWAY electricity, and said: “I do not want to take part in a venture which I cannot profit from”.  –  Not much brotherly love coming from that quarter.I have also noticed, that when programs show a simple solution to what are considered BIG mysteries or problems, they are never aired again.  Here are a few examples:<ol type="a"><li>In Iceland, we had a program called “Nýjasta Tækni og Vísindi” (The latest in technical and science), which showed a family somewhere in Italy, that didn´t suffer from HIGH COLESTOROL, owing to a genetic condition.  This would´ve helped solve all the heart problems in the world.  –  It was kept quiet.</li><li>A program showed centuries old design for tents, that had “curved” truncated pyramids where the truncated portion was a square hole in the top of the tent, and there were many such “pyramids” next to each other.  –  This caused location under the tent to be ventilated that it was COOL under the tent during the day but WARM in the evening.</li><li>There was also a BBC program with GILLIAN ANDERSON from the X-Files, which covered many topics, one of which was suppose to cover “Teleportation”.  The introduction to that episode was that a man was experimenting with transformers and two plates, and suddenly transported a ball or some other object (possibly due to the Kasimir Effect).  THAT episode never got aired in Iceland for some reason, but all the other episodes did, but ONLY ONCE.  Getting a hold of this series is a nightmare.  Why?</li><li>I have seen a program, that covered doctors who were pioneers in Cancer operations, and had a higher success rate than other doctors, and didn´t use all this “chemotherapy” etc. – One doctor (a man in the USA) “scanned” his patients, and drew lines upon their bodies, BEFORE operating, as he said, that you CANNOT cut a cancer out with a straight line, as there is a higher risk of a relapse, hence he “traced” the tenticles (for the want of a better word) so he could cut along the dotted line and erradicate the cancer.  He was more successful than other doctors, and the program was never shown again.  Another doctor (a woman in New Zealand rather than Australia) in a remote area, FROZE the cancer before operating, to avoid it spreading during the operation.  She too was very successful, and more successful than her colleagues, but again the program was not shown again.  –  I guess the other doctors and pharmaceutical companies were scared of losing money by not being able to capitalize on peoples misfortunes.</li><li>The last item is a NON-MEDICINAL CLINIC in China, which prepares people with tumours BEFORE treatment, then when it is time for treatment, they take a scan and have it upon the screen and a LIVE scan on a monitor next to it so the patient can see the progress.  The healers, along with the patient, “visualize” the organ being whole and the patient well.  After an hour or however long the procedure takes, the tumour is gone.  –  Occidental scientists are stumped, and just said: “Hm Interesting.” – But they do not persue this method of healing?  Maybe because they cannot make a profit and cannot explain it. – I am a lay priest, and have witnessed similar things in the Church.  A member was diagnosed with a tumour, and we all fasted and prayed for him.  I told all the members not to pray that he would get better, as that was being negative, but to do as these doctors had done, “visualize” him being better.  The day after he went for his operation, and the doctors found nothing.  They were stumped.  Our brother in the Church knew why.  I did the same for a friend of mine, and nothing was found, it had disappeared, as he had the same faith as the centurion in the Bible.  My son had received a bump on the head, and asked me for a bessing.  I anointed him, and then sealed the anointing upon his head and gave him a blessing.  During the blessing, I had my hand over his “bump” and while I said the words that came through by the Holy Spirit, I could feel the bump recede.  After the blessing, the bump was gone.  I explained to my son, that it was due to OUR faith and fidelity to our covenants.</li></ol>There is an old Indian book which name I cannot recall, that is somewhere between 3 000 to 5 000 years old and has many medical procedures, which the Occident has since rediscovered.  If we would cease to be so prejudiced, and more open and put our petty differences aside, and stop trying to make a buck, but love our neighbour, we could be far more advanced. 

flying mats

Thank you for all that on visualizations. Well, in terms of western science Greg Braden is talking about mirror neurons, and new nuerons in the heart, that supposedly are what work in this field. I myself believe in all those brain/heart transporting energies, sometimes called telepathy, thus including animals.I  have great contact with a lynx family on my ground, birds who seem to understand everything. But I dont see how visualizing could make a mat fly, or? There certainly are many things to be learned from the ancients, that is also what we are doing right here...

Flying mats

I didn’t mean, that visualization can make a mat fly, but through it, you can connect with the almighty, and obtain wisdom of even that which is hidden (often in plain sight), through which you will gain a deeper understanding, thus enabling you to make such things, until such time as you yourself will be perfected to the point where you will be able to levitate, fly, or even exercise BILOCATION  (Remote Viewing).

Great Discussion!

Wow! I’m really enjoying this discussion! There’s so many fascinating ideas that are coming up to delve into deeper and a great range of perspectives – the nature of the machines, how they moved, magic, illusion, reality, finding truth hidden in ‘myth’...

I hope we can keep the discussion going further, but I also want to take a moment to mention here that you may be interested in attending the upcoming conference, Ancient Hi Tech Uncovered.

Dr. Benjamin B Olshin’s presentation in particular may be of interest to many of you since he’s going to talk about a variety of stories regarding flight and flying machines which appear in a wide range of ancient cultures. Seeing this topic sparked my interest and inspired me to post my original question. It would be cool to hear you share your ideas and engage with him and the other presenters too.

I love reading the comments here and watching the intertwining of different themes, seeing how many ideas and topics are interconnected – all generating a bigger picture.


flying objects

anita soderman
Sun 3/21/2021 9:55 AM
Thank you Chandra for your eyeopening insights in the Indian past, to which we seem needy to turn for real enlightment about our far past. - I could hardly believe my eyes when I read and reread your message....
But don´t we have a whole nation well advanced in Sanskrit for the translations you talk about. I mean the Israelians are well versed in that language and used to studies of esotherics? Could they not be enthused to help out with a little translations? May be I could be of help with connecting.
For me I would love to know more about that official study by a committee within the Aeronautical Research and
Development Board of India in 2001, as such covering metals, heat absorbing material, aerial routes , machinery, pilot , clothing and of course Melting as well as the list of 32 special features. Would there be copies of this or other information anywhere handy?

What is your opinion on the Viper vids on YT? For me they are sensational with the informative texts as well as beautiful imagery accompanying. Maybe the talk there is about the same Sastry that you mention, to apparently have found ways to shortcut eons of time into explainable volumes? Highly enjoyable and testing to the fact that India is now as ever where to turn for explanations in this field. A little note, actually I was most impressed from my Agra experience by the whole sheet going straight up in the air, and down again slowly, no gravitation there. East is east and west is west.. you know.
Best regards

Anita Söderman

Hello Anita,

Hello Anita,

On the subject of taking up more translation, interpretation work…  the problem is not the lack of adequate scholars in Sanskrit. Till recently the prevailing political philosophy  and the consequent cultural atmosphere  was not at all conducive to doing this kind of work of deciphering our ancient culture. Things have changed  in recent years and things are happening.
I would definitely like to know more about the kind of work being done in Israel  with respect to Sanskrit texts etc. May be you can give me some references to look up.
The full report of the official committee is available at the following site:


I am afraid I am not sure what you are referring to when you  talk about ‘Viper’. If you are referring to  the  ‘Viper videos’  on Youtube I must confess my ignorance. Will appreciate  clarification
Regarding your experience of watching a person being raised against gravity….I  cannot comment about that street-side show. But I  believe it is definitely doable and is explained on the basis of the understanding of the human body system in our culture. In this understanding the system consists of two distinct components—the physical body  and  a non-physical body (called sukshma-sarira in Sanskrit). The physical body is animated and energized  by five types of “Pranas” which are part of the sukshma sarira. Suitable manipulation of these pranas  can lead to the type of levitation you are talking about. Highly spiritually evolved persons  can achieve this.






Check out and make contact with Ken Wheeler YouTube Theoria Apophosis.

He has 40+ years in the original texts, and might be willing to do some “valid” translations.  His translations have mostly covered all the spiritual texts and related to ascendancy, but he would be the person who could truly break open (without prejudice) the real words and word definitions … and have a true rendition of the ancient texts.

flying machines

I was technically interrupted twice here under Comment so I will make it short. Thank you Chandra for the report, most interesting. Viper tv and Films is searchable on top of the start of youtube in an empty little space there and all their interesting videos on the Sumerians, Egyptologi, extraterrestials and what not with informed speaker and super immagery will come up for choosing. Please notice the advice from Prince regarding Ken Wheeler and translations of Indian texts from sanskrit. I will also undertake some searchings. Regards Anita

flying sheet and body

Hello and many thanks for the last,more technical picture of a vimana.I understand the picture is taken from an age-old book 2000 BC, and later by a certain Mr Davenport the vimana on the picture was refitted with modern interiors as shown in the photo sent me. Is that correct? Thanks also for the translation. I do speak Italian as it is.

The vimana on this picture has more or less a faint resemblance with a triangular shaped bottom form  of a UFO that was sitting above me all night in a Saharan desert in the mid nineties, also before that appearing crossing over southern France for quite a while according to shown videos and witnessing crowds. I certainly recognized it.

I understand you have also written articles in this field, among many various things in your life, and if possible I would very much like to study those as well? I do recommend the VIPER videos for instructive information on Yogas, attitude and science changes over time, functioning of pyramides, flights, technicalities, etc as well as beautiful photos of old temples and stone constructions. Please get back to me if there is any difficulty in finding those on the Youtube.

Best regards