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What happened to the Roanoke Island colonists?

The English settlers of Roanoke Island in the New World established homes and lives alongside indigenous populations, but then they vanished completely, only leaving behind a coded message for other colonists. If there were survivors of the mysterious events of their disappearance, where did they go? What was the fate of the vanished Roanoke Island colony?

What Happened to the Roanoke?

Hi All,

Probably one of those mysteries that may never be solved but, has anyone thought to ask The Indigenous Tribes in North Carolina what could have happened to the English Settlers?

I haven't heard in all the mystery surrounding these Roanoke Settlers that the Indigenous Tribe's disappeared too.

I did consider the possibility of a Sink Hole phenomena that's only because in Florida Sink Holes routinely pop out without warning and that happens in Florida why not North Carolina?

That's the basis of what I think on the Mystery behind the Roanoke Colonies disappearance; oh wait, I just remembered there could of been an Bermuda like Triangle phenomena.

I only heard of the Bermuda Triangle surrounding the Carribbean Island's, then on Discovery Channel, an The Learning Channel, Scientist's talked about a Bermuda Triangle that was somewhere over in Alaska.

Suppose there are point Zones like an Bermuda Triangle in other places in the World an one where The Roanoke Colony was settled.

In all honestly, until, Human Remains are found in that area we may never know what happened too The Roanoke Settlers in North Carolina.

Now I'll take my leave until next time Everyone, Goodbye!

The Fate of the Settlers

According to the Indigenous Peoples, the Roanoke people didn't "disappear" at all. They were absorbed into the tribe. Because another tribe was planning to attack them. So the friendly tribe had taken them as members of their tribe. For years there were reports of "white indians" or "Indians with grey blue eyes" who had been seen by other Settlers. As a matter of fact I researched this well and made a blog post on it. You can read more including the legends about White Doe (Virginia Dare) here :

Adventures of a Mage in Miami

Alicia McDermott - Roanoke Island NC

I don't post on forums that much so I'm not sure if I'm replying to the original topic and post Roanoke Island NC from Alicia, or to someone's comment about Alicia's topic and post. Anyhow here is my comment after I saw that Alicia's name is McDermott. Then I have another comment specifically about Roanoke Island NC except I was wondering how to email the person Alicia that originally posted the topic because my comment is LENGTHY and probably too lengthy for here. Shouldn't there be a Contact option that links to a hidden email address?

Hi Alicia, I just saw your full name Alicia McDermott which is my family name McDermott. Before I post any information about my ideas and information about Roanoke Island North Carolina 1585 - 1590 I wanted to ask you if there is any possibility that you're one of the McDermotts who is actually a Marlowe? Christopher Marlowe faked his death during the 1500s after being accused of counterfeiting and then Marlowe assumed the name McDermott - and Marlowe was believed to be William Shakespeare. This information can be verified with the August 04, 1966 death notice in the paper The Boston Globe for Alphonsus F McDermott d.o.d. August 02, 1966 of West Roxbury Boston MA USA where Alphonsus's name is reported as both McDermott and Marlowe. Alphonsus was the father of USAF Brig Gen Robert F McDermott of Boston MA and Austin TX. For various reason(s) shadowy groups are gang stalking the descendants of Christopher Marlowe. I've discovered that my parents former residence from 1970 - 1999 where I was raised for the majority of my early years and the phone number there were unbeknownst to us cryptic symbolism for Christopher Marlowe. 78 St Gregory St Dorchester, MA and 617-298-2664 - 78 is the reverse of a gematria number 87 for Marlowe and 2664 is Christopher Marlowe's 1564 d.o.b. 2/6/64 and date of baptism 2/26/64. This 1500s time period is the same time period as Roanoke Island North Carolina.

Jean McDermott
Dorchester, MA USA

Jean McDermott


Roanoke of the Virginias.  With other comments related to Greater Vinlandia of the Northern Norse, sailings to the Americas have happened from the times of 500s-600s and later, all before Columbus sailed in 1492.  And of those many Norse, Welsh, and Scottish sailings and colonizations, they KNEW of land to the West (that wasn’t China … and a lot of historical BS … America was named after Amerigo Vespucci – another BS, ...).  Historical maps seen from the 1500s show that Venetians, Genoese, Italians, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Dutch, Germans, and Scandinavians all had crude maps of the area, because they were also quickly into that area … and some were there long before those times.  Just like the multi-national Knights Templars, and their contacts with all these other crusader nation warriors, and their own sailings to the Americas.

Someone needs to explain how the native Americans knew European speech, like Powhattan, Pocahontas, and John Smith.  Or the native adolescent who taught the Pilgrims and Puritans how to farm using fish fertilizer – who was previously captured, sent back to Europe, learned the language, and eventually gained advantage in getting back to the Americas?  Did he speak Latin, Portuguese, or Spanish of the first “discoverers’ of the Americas, … or were their earlier Scottish, Welsh, English, (Irish) Norse, or Knights Templar languages spoken ?  No – he spoke either Latin or Norman Olde Englishe to these American colonists.

Anybody of Roanoke, with miserable farming results, would have left the colony, go to the interior, and merge and intermarry with the CROATS of whom they were associated.  The missing colony of Roanoke is a misnomer – as they weren’t missing as they said “(We left to go to the) Croats.”  They just migrated elsewhere, quickly became assimilated, and their genetics disappeared from the strong DNA of the native population of black hair, brown eyes, and dark skin within 2-3 generations. 

TV series Conspiracies Decoded S01E08 has the Roanoke story, with Bristol University (UK) archaeologist Prof Mark Horton, and his university archaeologist crew of 10+ years digging on Croatoan Island, finding English Elizabethan period pottery amongst a refuse pile, proving they moved down the islands, (and not making the Site X fortress westward of the Roanoke site), and they eventually assimilated into the native peoples, as the pottery ware and the native refuse are intermixed. 

Roanoke Tribes & European Settlers

The only plausible explanation for the disappearence for the relatively small population of Roanoke tribes & European settlers is that of disease. Smallpox wiped out millions of indeginous tribes across Central, North and South America. Even the common cold, measles, mumps, or some form of the influenza virus could kill thousands if not millions of native tribes because their immune systems were compromised by the diseased Europeans. Put aside fanciful theories of sink holes, mysterious magnetic triangles or ET aliens for the History Channel crowd. Use reason and common sense for the most logical explanations. Disease, starvation, war, or simply moving away from a once settled area. 

Doug Ross

Wang-Ross Communications


That would be a likely explanation.  But if the Roanoke settlers had perished from smallpox, wouldn’t Governor White have found skeletal remains, settlement ruins, and possessions when he returned three years later in 1590?

John Eidsmoe


Hi John. belongings traces. The discribtion on the tree CRO made Indians to say: it is OUR TERYTORY ( better stay away ).

Also possible that could be ritual killing, but I don't know their traditions. In Africa even today is stil...canibalism in some Tribes. Albinos ...even bones they eating.

What is for sure is that: English did not come as a visitors with...cake and sweets for them. They come as invaders, intruders.
Keep well
Aryan. ( English is not my home language - sorry if gramma is not correct)

Roanoke Colonist

Not enough evidence and info. But on 70,% Indians killed English colony.

1 / Indians were scared of not friendly English as they did not come to Indians to...give them sweets. In 90 % was not a friendly relation.

2 / Indians will take over all belongings: weapons, tools etc. and will have no problem any more with intruders.

3 / English did not have experience to survive as Indians to find food. They been weak, maybe sick and easy target to be killed.

All English invasions was never friendly to the Tribes. In South Africa Zulu Land - same problem. Belgium - Congo the same purpose...kill the Tribes.

It could even be this: English been weak, sick, not welcome and on top of that could have deadly cold weather (every ~ 730 years climate patern are chenging). In 1580 was horribly cold. The whole Baltic sea was frozen. From Poland to Sweden was acy road on the...sea. Restaurants on the sea was even build. So...they did not have much chance to find food - not even grass.
Weather extremely cold ( 99,5 % ).

Gretings to All

Roanoke Colony

Hi, all!

The only knowledge I have of Roanoke is that it was an English colony that disappeared. That is all I was taught in American history. So.....I have no preconceived notions of what happened; I'm here to learn.

The most likely scenarios would seem to be: starvation, disease, massacre, and assimilation. Or any combination thereof. It might have even happened in sequence. 16th century English farming techniques wouldn't have translated well in the North Carolinian woods; this would've led to starvation. Starvation lowers disease resistance, making the colonists weak. Weakness would've make them easy targets for internal and external threats. The survivors were probably assimilated into the indigenous population.

Just a theory, but then, theories are all we have.

Color me......just very happy to be here.


roanoke colony

I read that some Indians were cannibals. Could the Indians have eaten the colonists? Or, historically Indians took slaves of white people sometimes. If the colonists weren’t in good shape, maybe the Indians captured them and carried them to the mainland to be slaves. And taken their possessions to use them.

Roanoke Island

Recently, there has been some evidence of English settlers from that time period settling on the Cape Hatteras Islands as well as archeological evidence of English trade, at the least, with natives on the interior, not far from Roanoke Island. Capt. John Smith, of Jamestown, also searched for the settlers from the Lost Colony, and was told by the natives that some had been killed and some had been assimilated into local native tribes. There are clues, from historical documents, a John White map of the area, and archeological  investigations which support that theory. Does anyone have an opinion about the Virginia Dare stones? The first one, which was never proven to be a fake? I’m just wondering what other people think about that. I have no opinion as of yet.

Dr Mike

Solved last year

There were several news articles last year about this.
In Feb. 2020, carried a story about a dig in Roanoke:
"Two independent teams found archaeological remains suggesting that at least some of the Roanoke colonists might have survived and split into two groups, each of which assimilated itself into a different Native American community. One team is excavating a site near Cape Creek on Hatteras Island, around 50 miles (80 kilometers) southeast of the Roanoke Island settlement, while the other is based on the mainland about 50 miles to the northwest of the Roanoke site."

I'm having a hard time finding a followup story about this dig, but maybe someone else has better luck.

Laura S
Visit for news and shared hobbies

Finalising Roanoke

Hi. Dear All

Of course some of English could get " absorb" to Indians. Normal way...may be sex or wish to survive too.

I pointed out my opinion what could be the 1 st reason that "they disapear".

To speculate and to go "drilling" more next reason could be:

1/. All those English has bee lefted in that island in purpose to BLEND IN to american Indians ( secret plan that they been not aware.

2/ All those English had been exposed to The Experiment ( sort of sacrifice )

3/ Our coversation that we are talking about that...can also be an "experiment on us" how we will figure out this "Roanoke story".

All depend how you see the live:
a. Real how physically it is.
b. Virtual to speculate how it could be.

From the point ( a) you can build something, anything or to make future plan. It is a base - you can relay on.

From the point ( b ) you can speculate, have entertaiment, may be excitement but mostly it will not be real.

Taking decision on "Spiritual Level" is similar to play in Cassino. You can vin or you can be a big looser.

As Humans we have in our DNA " writen principies" which THEY should not be changed or to play with.

...choice bellong to you.

Aryan Blue.

Ps sorry for possibly English error

Roanoke "gone with wind"

Hi Laura

Yes. Highly posible...they been left in truble...they split. As in the war rules : you killed, you surender, you agree to be absorb. All to try survive.

They been left in big truble. Other English expediton was also same...not prepared for everything. It is almost impossible to predict everything but expeditions, descoveries are the motor and engine for progress and development to build up our Civilasation.

Lost Colony

There was an agreement between Governor White and the Colonists that if they were to leave the area they would leave a message as to where they were going.  When White returned in 1590 he found a sign “Croatoan” the name of a friendly tribe to the south of Roanoke, around Cape Hatteras/Ocrakoke Island. White did not chect it out at that time.That is likely where they went.  No european visited the area until aat least the mod 1600’s.  See The Secret Token by Andrew Lawler for further information.

Joel Meese


They did not left masage. CRO is not even one words. Masage is at least 3 words...they could write
the masage as " Gone to Croatoan" and that will be a different story. Captain will for sure take decision to find them. Bat as we know HE DID NOT. Why he did not wanted to check to find them, to help them or to rescue them ?.
It must been the reason. How is possible that that " They ware not able to write masage". They could be
illiteratee. In normal way: thy will leave masage and then in new place they will build home with the view on ocean to see possible if the ship is coming. Then when they will see the ship - they will make fire to be seen. To say " friendly Croaton" sounds naive and not realistic. Today friendly and tomorrow not. Woman got " blended " well...but English man probably was killed. Very fishy...English had in the past very dirty sicret plans for their " Empire " in any part of Earth. Also in the past and even now...they trying to change the history which is not comfortable for them. They also are trying to fake that history by creating a NEW ONE. My words are not empty...I can prove it by bringing up many examples.

Roanoke disappearance

I am new to this forum. I have read most of the posts. I am also of Native American descent. My ancestors were from that part of the United States. My grandfather told us a number of stories the Western perspectives do not acknowledge. Most comments seem to approach the problem from a Western perspective and not a Native American perspective. The comments and the idea the settlers migrated and were adopted into other tribes is a very real possibility and not unrealistic as Aryan believes. His belief about the attitude of Native Americans appears to be, “we are all alike.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Our cultures, traditions and languages are as different as the countries throughout the European Continent. Tribes also warred against each other. It is highly probable the men, women and children were adopted. That was our way in the past. Friendly tribes were very accepting of others. My grandfather spoke of how they would serve dog meat in honor of their foreign brothers. Dogs were very precious to them. Instead, the English were insulted, not understanding the sacrifice the Indians had just made to feed them. Only because of Western intervention, adoption is no longer accepted among most tribes or they would lose their federal recognition. Forced compliance, sort of speak. English speaking presence had been around for centuries before the 1500’s. The Vikings traded with Native Americans and intermarried centuries prior, around 1100’s. Western presence was not new or foreign. If the tribes in the area were warring at the time, then adopting men into their tribe would have given them an advantage. It is unlikely they killed them. My grandfather stated each member of the tribe knew about 7 different languages by the time they were 12. They could have easily communicated. 


Perspective and context

Hello Tipper, of all the responses I have read in this section your has the most appeal and is more likely to be true.  It is often said that history is written by the victors, but in this case the context has been overtaken by later events.  My sense is that the Indian tribes were no different to the many different societies at the time, protective of their territory and welcoming to those whoapproached them in peace.  My main interest is in the aboriginal tribes in Australia and Asia.  I was adopted by one of their chiefs and inducted into their culture.  What amazed me was the chief saying that words were not enough to undertsand meaning, you needed to know how they lived to appreciate the true meaning of their communications.  This subject raised all sorts of questions for me ever since as I travel the world.  Best wishes.



Thank you! This has nothing to do with Roanoke, but I thought I would share with you my experience when in Australia. While visiting Uluru, I attended a theater production put on by the local mob. They called themselves Anagu, pronounced A’ni yu. Now it gets intriguing. The word is not from the Cherokee. The Cherokee called themselves, A ni yu wi ya. It means “The Principle People.” So take the first word, A ni yu. Pronounced A ni yu’. Since you are interested, the Aborgines have been eating sweet potatoes and using sassafras for thousands of years. Archeologists claim the sweet pototoe origininated in tropical South America over 800,000 years ago. The English claim they introduced the sweet potatoe about 200 years ago. The Daintree Rainforest grows sassafras and has been used for over 65,000 years. The leaves create soap when crushed up with water. Archeologists claim sassafras originated in North America. The Eastern Sassafras is claimed to be extinct. It would be really interesting to determine if the sassafras in the Daintree Forest and the Eastern Sassafras, now claimed to be extinct, are really one in the same. Not sure how to connect. But your study fascinates me. Wado!




Hello Tipper, Good to read your comment about your visit to Australia. My sense is that there is far more to your appreciation than is immediately realised, and this resonates with my experieces.  I will try to open another theme to explore this because it occurs to me that much of what we ‘know’ is false and that the ancient tribes and people understood reality in a way that we have forgotten.  There is a book being published on 29 April about the life and insights of Joseh Chilton Pearce.  If you go to the innertraditions website and look under their books you will find it and I would encourage you to read all they show on their browse inside option.  This is the area I am most interested in, understanding the nature of reality.  Stay with your beliefs and passions, they serve us more than the scientific model ever will.



Thank you so much! You are correct. I would appreciate the opportunity to explore more about our connections around the world and in other dimensions. Let me know if you are able to create a new theme.