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Dinner Invitations for Famous People from the Past

If you could have dinner with four famous people from the past, who would they be? What would you like to talk about with them?

Dinner invitation for Famous People

Hi All,

The second Woman Prophetess made known in the Bible Deborah, Queen Candace in Ethiopia, Harriet Tubman, Ellen G. White.

With Deborah my dinner conversation would be am I keeping my Covenant with God or have I displeased the Lord someway?

The dinner conversation involving Queen Candace I would ask the question what does it mean to you to be Queen? How does it feel to Rule a Nation?

In the case of Harriet Tubman she was known to be a very Spiritual Person when maintaining her personal relationship with God.

I would ask of Tubman how afraid was she when she ran from slavery herself or did she trust that God was protecting her from harm the whole time.

I would ask what it felt like when she emerged from her Deep Sleep after being hit in the head by a weight that an overseer through at another Slave but, Harriet stepped into the path taking the blow meant for the man in question.

In the days of Harriet Tubman The African Slaves were very vocal regarding their faith in God and keeping a strong connection with The Savior that is no joke so that's what the dinner conversation would be like with me and Harriet Tubman. I would as well ask Tubman of social justices that needed improving in our current world what would she suggest to try an make better.

Ellen G. White how hard was it too share God's message to the people, how did it feel to be spiritually burden with the tasks God requested of her I mean each time I read the good book I read accounts of messengers and prophets ran from the job asked of them from God.

This is me this is my special 4 person dinner and these are people who mean something to me as a whole. Maybe Harriet Tubman isn't far enough in the distant past. I came to learn about Harriet Tubman roughly the same time I learn all about Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr now listed as an Apostle of Non-violence.

Harriet Tubman is apart of my history as an African American Woman therefore I am apart if her whereas Ellen G. White is apart of my church families history as one of the Founder's.

Queen Candace I was a little taken a back in school when learning that she lived in Africa in Ethiopia it was an mixture of fascination and surprise.

The only Queens in School I studied were all in Europe. It just seem like Africa didn't have any King's or Queen's quite disconcerting only to learn that there were King's an Queen's of Africa.

Deborah I was fascinated by her name I read that name in the good book and it just jumped at Me I detected real strength behind that name an even better she was a Prophetess for God. Deborah went too War (the only Way recorded in The Bible and victory was given to a Woman), against King Jabin he was a cruel King, his Canaanite General Sisera head of the Army. Was feared as an excellent soldier.

The victory song of praise by Deborah is very moving in Judges chapter 5.

That's all I have for my 4 person dinner shared with...
Deborah the Prophetess
Queen Candace of Ethiopia
Harriet Tubman Conductor on the Underground Railroad (She never lost a single passenger while guiding 300 others to Freedom from Slavery),
Ellen G. White who stated The Bible is first and foremost the Authority of God.

I'll see Everyone around Goodbye hope to hear from people real soon.

Great choices!  I always

Great choices!  I always enjoy your well thought out comments!

4 Persons

Alfred the Great, Chaucer, Shakespeare, John of Trevisa

Dinner Invitation

Cleopatra, Ben Franklin, Marin Luther King, Heinrich Himmler.

Marin Luther is my choice as well...

See Below….

Dinnertime (Topics of Conversation in Parentheses)

Niccolo Machiavelli (political philosophy), Julius Caesar (military exploits), Hermann Hesse (the individual’s search for authenticity), and J.R.R. Tolkien (approaches to plot and character developments).

Dinner invitations.

1. Richard 111 - lets get to the bottom of the Princes thing

2. Lucrezia Borgia- lets talk life and poison

3. Vlad the Impaler- obvious

4. Lady Margret Beaufort - parenting discussion

Dinner invitations.

The Fuhrer, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbles, William Luther Pierce, Marcus Aurelius, Napoleon Hill, Steel Magnate Charles Schwab, W. Clement Stone, Thomas Jefferson and Henry Ford 

4 invitees to dinner

The four people I’d love to have dinner with are Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, Ludwig van Beethoven, and William Shakespeare. Twains was wise and funny. Beethoven was a titanic talent combined with an impetuous personality. Shakespeare could sweeten all with poetry.


Dinner Invitations.

Aristotle, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan and Tutankhamen. I could add an easy 50 more people to this list.

Steven Hargrave

Dinner Invitations

Malcolm X, Friedrich Nietzsche
Philosopher, Zera Yacob
Ethiopian philosopher, and John Rawls

Dinner Invitations

I would invite Mark Twain, Joseph Campbell, Neil de Grasse Tyson (pardon the spelling Neil), and Caitlin Matthews (she’s famous to me) to dinner.  Just looking at this guest list, it would be obvious that the first order of business would be mythology. The comedy would follow on its own.

Shari Tarbet

Dinner Invitations

Pharaoh Khufu. Mainly to get his comment to my version of events; Late afternoon of the third day of Akhet 2566 B.C., I was sitting in the garden with my wife Henutsen, who also happened to be my half-sister.   The stars were beginning to twinkle in the sky, and a warm wind was coming in from the desert. A beautiful evening, we enjoyed the silence. The servants came up constantly with delicious food and wine.

A foreign emissary had brought a gift just a couple of days ago, a pipe! I was intrigued. I had never seen anything like it before. The emissary from India told me it was a hookah, a water pipe with a long flexible tube by which the smoke is drawn through a jar of water. The popular nickname was a hubble-bubble from the sound it made when you were smoking the pipe.  He had also brought some plant to smoke which, according to him, “would make the gods visible”. I was in a good mood, so I decided now was the time to try the hubble- bubble.  I told one of the servants to bring it out, and prepare it.

Ahhh, after just a couple of puffs on the pipe my energy was flowing freely.  I felt much lighter, almost had to hang on to the table so as not to take off. I offered the pipe to Henutsen to try it. Soon we were both, it seemed, flying across my kingdom.  The river Nile never looked better, the food and wine never tasted better and then, suddenly out of the desert,  without warning  there appeared a mighty heavenly boat sailing through the sky, and what seemed like hundreds of stars were shining from it. It came to a stop above our compound, and four pillars of light came out from the ship touching the ground, and it slowly began its descent, landing within a short distance from where we were sitting.

“This is truly a miracle,” I said, looking in wonder at the pipe. “The foreigner said it would make the gods visible and here they are, just in front of us, I must get more of this hemp.”

“It’s not imagination,. said my wife, “This is for real/”  She pointed at the boat where a door had opened. A figure was seen against the bright background. It was coming towards us.

I recalled an ancient Egyptian legend tell of  “Tep Zepi,” or the “first time. This is described as an age when “sky gods” came down to Earth.

They flew through the air in flying “boats” and brought laws, and wisdom to man through a royal line of Pharaohs. And here it was again, in my own time, and surely to confer even more wisdom and riches on myself.

It was unlike any boats I had ever seen in Egypt. It must have been at least “five rods of cord   (approx. 300 meters long), and half as much in height, and had no sails, I was dumbfounded, how could it move through the sky so quietly and no slaves at the oars?

“It must be Ra himself,“ I said to myself. “He has come down to help me with my task of building the biggest pyramide. 


Harald “Hardråda” Sigurdsson. Before he became King of Norway he went to Kievan Rus where he served under Yaroslav the Wise, whose daughter Elizabeth he later married. He spent about 15 years in exile as a military commander in Kievan Rus and  of the Varangian Guard in the Byzantine Empire.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. We need to have a good talk to see if there was anything I could have done to help survive into old age, and provide us with more delightful music.

Michail Osorgin. One of my favourite authors. He could take me from the Universe down to Earth in a few sentences like;  In a small part of the infinite Universe , somewhere within our Solar System, here on Earth, in Russia, in Moscow, in a house on the small street Sivtsev Vrazhek, sat the learned ornithologist Ivan Alexandrovich in an armchair…   Just imagine what I could learn from him.



I would love to have dinner with with the historian Josephus, and be able to ask him numerous questions about the truth of what he saw.

Paul Dillingham

who's coming to dinner

well, call me anything except ‘late for dinner’...but really is that all there is to talk about on ancient origins forums? please do not invite too many dead people as it lends to a little ‘stiff’ dinner conversation.  other than that invite the first hungry person you see!

Dinner invitation

The first would be King Henry the 1st of the platagenets, I'm related to his Aunt gruenhilda and I would ask him about her.
The 2nd, Joan Dingley, rumored to be the mistress of King Henry VIII and also my relative. I would ask her what he was like.
3rd would be Abraham Lincoln, I would like to ask him why he wanted to be president.
4th would be Amelia Earhart? I would tell her that they finally found her body and ask her how she ended up there.

Dinner with Four Famous People of the Past

Alicia: That’s a difficult question, considering there are so many fascinating individuals to choose from! Where I’m from in Kentucky, within the American South, many Southernors revere their ancestors as the ‘most famous persons’ to them, who’d we like to meet and get to know, because of their the sacrifices, such as settling the Frontier as pioneers, or serving within the military back in history. However, I understand what you mean.

I would personally enjoy having a conversation with Hermann or Arminius, the German leader of the revolt against Rome in September of AD 9, after the ‘Battle of Teutoberger Wald,’ in order to exactly learn how he conceived & carried out the rebellion or ‘Varusschlact’ (which has continued to alter the face of Western & Northern Europe to this day), especially since he was a trusted equestrian officer, serving under the Governor of Germania, Publius Quinctilius Varus.

It would be interesting also to speak with as well, the brave Norwegian Viking, who stood on ‘Stamford Bridge’ in northern England in AD 1066, and dispatched some 20 of his foemen with an axe, which a number of Medieval Chroniclers mention, but no one ever identifies by him by name. We know of the event & his inglorious demise, but who was he in reality? 
I would like to meet the elderly Chieftain 'Kunmo’ (married to a young Chinese princess) of the tribe described in early Chinese sources, as red-haired with green-eyes, who were living in the Far East, known as the ‘Wu-Sun’ (who also fought the famed ‘Xiong-nu’), Caucasians which revered the ‘wolf & the raven,’ as did their Western Germanic counterparts, as the ‘Beasts of Battle,’ found within Anglo-Saxon, Nordic & Celtic literature. Who were they? Where did they come from? How had they arrivef in the Far East? Their myths, legends, tribal history would be fascinating to discover!

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to learn what happened to the purportedly “sacred book” of the indigenous natives of Japan or the ‘Ainu’ (supposedly always illiterate), which was ‘stolen’ by the Japanese hero Yoshitsune, from an enamored daughter of an Ainu chieftain of Hokkaido (the northern island of the Japanese archipelago). Did the book actually exist? If so, is it hidden in some Shinto or Buddhist temple or shrine, waiting to be discovered somewhere on Honshu or Ryuku? The mysterious origins of the Ainu are still hotly debated.

Daniel N. Rolph, Phd


Dinner with Four Famous People of the Past

1] William Thompson, the captain of the ship, Mary Dear, was entrusted with 113 gold religious statues, 200 chest of jewels and 1,000 diamonds. However, he turned into a pirate and buried it all at Cocos island in 1820 – to find out where he buried it.

2] Edward Leedskalnin was a Russian Empire emigrant to the United States and self-taught engineer who single-handedly built the Coral Castle in Florida – to find out how he did it.

3] The Prophet Ezekiel to see if my model matches his for the Millenial Temple among other things.

4] Cheops to find out how he built the pyramid and how long it actually took to build it.


Dinner with Four Famous People of the Past



My list is going to seem quite simple and obvious, and I considered other obvious choices like Plato or someone from Sumeria or Babylon. I've only recently started paying attention to history again and my interests include so many different areas that it's kind of overwhelming. I want to know everything about different eras, from how the lower class was treated, toreligions, to the science and technology of the time, and more. So I probably would change the list several times as I learn more and more. Right now I really want to know about the creation of the United States, science and technology of the move from medieval to Renaissance times, how to convince my family that I'm not some kind of freak for paying attention to something other than Christianity, to how the human race started on this planet and how we developed language, multiple cultures, etc. So here goes:

1. Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin would be fascinating to talk to on any subject because he was clearly an intelligent, wise, and all-seeing type of person. I would like to ask him to compare what he and the other founders of the United States intended it to become versus what it has become, adjusted for slavery. I would like to know why, oh why, they created the Electoral College! I would like to know about the feud between Jefferson and Adams during the time they ran for president against each other; and I'd like to hear about any other gossip of the time. Because he was so well-traveled, I would like to ask the difference in lifestyles among England, France, and the American colonies/early United States. I would like to see a copy of the Poor Man's Almanac and ask how he obtained and analyzed his data.


2. Leonardo da Vinci

Wouldn't anyone love to speak to him? Of course I would ask about the inspiration for his amazing inventions and genius creations. I would like to know how being a bastard and not fully accepted made him feel. After that, I would just want to hear him speak and I would be totally mute.


3. Apostle Peter

If I could get his identity authenticated, I would get a recording and a signed affidavit telling his view on of how different the Catholic Church and all Christianity is from what was intended and from the teachings of Jesus Christ (assuming our understanding of Jesus is true). Personally, I am an agnostic and have little interest; but I would love to get his views for the extremists who control others and are guilty of hate-filled actions based on something that is quite the opposite now from what I believe it was meant to be; I would like to see if Peter supports that it is as off-base as I believe. Of course, I would want to know if Jesus and Mary Magdalene were a couple and had child!



4. Abraham

I would want to know as much as possible about the origin of human life on Earth. So many questions exist:  What is the truth about the earlier gods and the choice to worship Yahweh.? Describe the Anunnaki? What really happened with the Tower of Babel? Were there really Giants? Why were chariots and horses used to describe what I'm guessing was actually spaceships? And on and on and on... And I would like to know how he feels about how so much of the world's population is divided into two constantly warring factions - Islam and Judaism/Christianity - simply based on his offspring. 

SD Black

Dinner invitations for Famous People

Hi Sherry,

Your Dinner invitation to the four people Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo Da Vinchi, Apostle Peter and Abraham that would definitely be an incredible Dinner to host.

I was wondering though and even I forgot to mention these important items for the Dinner Invitation with my four guest; Do you know what type of menu, you would offer or select for the Dinner Party?

I would invite Attilla the

I would invite Attilla the Hun, Captian Cook, Marilyn Monroe and Albert Eienstien.

Dinner Guests


My choices would be:  David Attenbourough to speak with of the wisdom he has aquired of the interconnectivity of life on earth.  John Muir to speak with of the wisdom he has aquired from the time spent in relative solitude.  Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) to speak with of his observations of humans and humanity.  Neil DeGrasse Tyson to speak with about the future.

I have trouble with the limit of just four.  My expanded list would include Empress Theodorea, Sun Tzu, Michael Pollan, a European farmer of cir. 1100 CE, an American cir. 1000 CE, an African cir. 8000 BCE.

Flying Boar

Dinner Invitations for Famous People from the Past

Henry VIII but as a man not a women...

The first would be King Henry

The first would be King Henry the 1st of the platagenets, I'm related to his Aunt gruenhilda and I would ask him about her.