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Legendary heroes who have inspired us through the ages

Legendary heroes like King Arthur have motivated people and given them hope in difficult times. Who is the legendary figure who inspired you when you were younger (or still does)? How has their story given you hope or what has it taught you?

Alexander The Great

Alexander the Great has inspired me the most,his feats are awe inspiring motivation to acheive sucess no matter what the odds. A visionary who founded cities, unified and integrated various races and cultures. The positive attributes of the man is a model i use for my personal and successful business life. 



In general agreement

I was also inspired as a kid by Alexander and his ability to organize battle plans and to lead men into combat. The legend of Bucephalus and being taught by Aristotle, one of history’s greatest philosophers, all enhanced his image in my early view. However, the problems associated with conquest and ruling as a king or dictator over diverse populations changed my opinion of him as I grew older. Dead at 33 or 34, a short but certainly eventful life. Over time, I’ve come to value the contributions of intellectuals and philosophers more than the transitory shaping of geographical borders done by dictators and kings.    

hi buban, yes agreed a good

hi buban, yes agreed a good leader must  embrace and listen to his wise advisors, yet to have global vision of unity requires strength of leadership coupled with compasion. The ancient world though was a harsh reality that not many in the now soft western world could understand, endure or let alone survive. My forefathers came from the balkans hence the added connection, countless wars, conflict and suffering due to power trips, disunity, religious differences and greed. Bringing people together via peace not war would be a beautiful thing. Hope full we can all learn from ancient histories examples.




Ancient Egypt

I was in the 7th grade in a very small town in western Pa and could not read so my history teacher at the time Mr. Mish took  me aside one day and made me stay after school to help me learn to read. He brought out a history book on Ancient Egypt and it was like a duck took to water…….I became so interested in Ancient Egypt that it became a huge part of my life ever sine. Now I have over 100 books on the subject and all the ancient world sine the beginning of time, It is the most interesting subject I have ever found to study and learn about.  I am 76 right now and still buy history books and want to learn more each day.

Thor Heyerdahl

Thor Heyerdahl was a big inspiration for me as I grew up. His adventurous nature and inquiring mind that moved beyond the constraints that academia tried to put upon him. Academia at the time did not want to know about the sailing abilities if early man especially by the people of the America's despite Portuguese ships recording encounters with 60 foot ocean capable rafts trading goods between Peru and Mexico. Thor went on to make a raft and risk his life and reputation to prove that it was possible. His books Back to nature, Aku Aku, early man and the ocean and American Indians in the pacific were a breath of fresh air and an inspiration and as time moves on we are seeing many of his theories being proven correct post humously. He was a good man who had an eye for the truth. 

I read Kon Tiki when I was

I read Kon Tiki when I was about 10 years old ,since that was in 1955 it was still a pretty new thing .. It was quite an adventure and did prove that such a thing was possible .However ,more recent DNA studies of ancient South American remains connect them with Japan ,also evidence has been found that settlement of South America ,presumed to have come across the Bering Strait to North America and then slowly down to South America ,was far earlier,by thousands of years, than was previously thought . Maybe ancient peoples moved in both directions

Reply to Yeno Kontiki

Yes the dominant DNA in Polynesia definitely did come from East Asia – about 6,000 years ago – their DNA  – according to geneticists Mark Stoneking and Bing Su shows they lived in isolation, then a massive population decline with rapid population growth – once again in isolation 2,200 years ago. Once again according to their studies, they only started mixing with Melanesians ~1,000 years ago. This does not fit with an often touted theory that the Polynesians were once the Lapita people. According to many archeaeological digs by people such as Matthew Spriggs, the Lapita people cohabited with the Melanesians for over 1,000 years starting 3,500 – 3,900 years ago and ending 2,700 years ago. A timeline that does not fit at all with the story told by Polynesian DNA. Instead if we look at Hawai’ian oral history which says; Hawai’i Loa was a fisherman who had a ship full of officers and crew – a ship large enough to spend two years at sea on. They sailed Eastward from The Yellow Sea of their motherland and followed Matariki as a Zenith star, they came upon the Hawaiian Islands and after a little exploration, returned and then a few years later after some conflict on their motherland, they gathered up their families and  returned to Hawaii (now their new homeland), never to return to their motherland. The story says that the Hawaiian islands were different back then due to lower sealevels and volcanic eruptions. Hawai’i Loa’s children and grandchildren went on their own expeditions of exploration and discovered the islands to the south (Tahiti (the distant land), Marquesas, Raiatea, Huahine, Tongareva (south of the empty space), Samoa and Tonga). The grandson who went to Samoa found cannibals there and began to partake in the horrible practice. When Hawai’i Loa found out he forbade anyone to go to the region of Samoa, Tonga and Fiji – they called that area – The Forbidden South (Tongatapu) – a name still retained in Tonga – although they will tell you today it merely means ‘sacred south’. Scientists studying linguistics, kiore – the pacific rat and the central pacific basalt trade networks all confirm that East Polynesia had little if any contact with Samoa, Tonga or Fiji. There is one legend describing how pigs entered Polynesia – through trade with the Fijians. There is another legend – which is very telling – that says that when they first visited Tahiti, they found white people with golden hair and green eyes who had very impressive religious practices, but spoke a different language. The location for this coming together of the two cultures occured on Raiatea – the literal meaning is; The white people of Ra (sun). On Tahiti there was a stepped pyramid called Mahaiatea (Many white people) and when Captain Wallace arrived in the SS Dolphin, he found 10% of the population was white with golden hair. This is recorded in his journal. So where did these people come from? They found the redheads of Rapanui had Paleolithic European DNA - more pure than the Basques. It was also found the red haired green eyed Araucano of Chile also had this paleolithic European DNA. Also in New Zealand many Maori families often have a throwback child (1:9) with red hair. These families are usually the chiefly families who hold on to their ancient history very dearly – which says they came from South America. (Ngati Hotu, Waitaha etc). My guess is that they are a remnant population of the Solutreans who became known in archaeological circles as the Clovis. The Rongo Rongo tablets of Rapanui say they had a mixed history – including the ancient people of Tulan. My guess is that some were refugees from the Harappa civilization – according to the oral history of the Tuhoi in New Zealand. Tulan is the native American name for Atlantis – which fits with the idea of the Solutreans being part of a trans Atlantic trade network. The East Asian DNA of the Polynesians is dominant over the more ancient DNA of the redheads and so this American connection in the Pacific is not easy to find, but geneticist Eric Thorsby is finally finding that Polynesians do have some Native American DNA. So when Thor Heyerdahl guessed that the ancient long Ears of Rapanui were a relic population of Caananites – he wasnt that far from the truth. Also, the Tuhoi legend of them coming from Persia is also not far removed from the stories in the bible of the lost tribes of Israel. BTW the Bering Ice free corridor theory was blown out of the water a long time ago – the land bridge between Siberia and Alaska I am sure may have played a part in animal population movements in ancient times, but is not a significant pathway compared people sailing the Kuroshio current from East Asia and people sailing across the Atlantic with the SE and NE trade winds and the currents in their favour. The main movement of people between Siberia and Alaska has been the pan polar cultures (Inuit) who had adapted to living in icy conditions, making sleds out of frozen Salmon etc – but their movements around the Polar circle onlyt began about 5,000 years ago. Even the 300,000 year old Hueyatlaco site in Mexico – which shows people were drawing on bone and making tools almost identical with ones in Africa of the same time period, suggests people were sailing across the Atlantic a very long time ago. Oceans were highways not barriers.

Cheers, hope that helps.


And the hiatus seen in the Polynesian DNA 2,200 years ago is also explained by the oral history – they say that there was a Tsunami that swept away everyone on Hawai’i but some survived on a tree floating amongst the tsunami debris. They survived a harrowing passage all the way to Alaska. A small group returned to the Waipio valley about 80 generations ago (approx 2,200 years). This is the valley where all the chiefs of Hawaii are descended from. (Their family lineage is important to them). Geneticist Susan Serjeantson found that the Tlingit of Alaska have almost identical DNA to the Polynesians – confirming a connection to the Americas. (DNA shows Polynesians are decended from Tlingit – not the other way around).


My father, in WW2 noticed

My father, in WW2 noticed that the Maori soldiers learned Greek very easily because the sounds of the languages were so similar.

Close to Greece there is what was Phoenicia (meaning red).  They were known for grooved pottery.  We find grooved pottery and red hair in Scotland, along with spiral carvings.

In New Zealand the Moriori (now called ancient Maori for political reasons) commonly had red hair and blue eyes until their survivors interbred with the Maori conquerors.  (I understand the Chatham Islands have a fair amount of Moriori blood).

The spiral tattoos of the Maori do not appear to be polynesian, but are most similar to the spiral carvings of the Scots (and perhaps the tattoos of the Picts)

Thus we have red hair, blue eyes and spiral tattoos potentially connecting the Moriori to the Picts


Maori, Phoenicians & Picts

Has anyone done any DNA testing to link these 3 groups of people? The Ancient Maori, the Pictish Scots & any of the decendants of the ancient Phoenicians or Phoenician skeleton remains?

Legendary heroes

I should write Tolkien, but in my youth I was enraptured by Gandalf, specifically the Rankin-Bass animated movie versions of the Hobbit tales, his voice an ever-present calm of storm. Although he wasn't an actual historical figure ( or was he?) the archetype of the solitary sage has led me in my journey through life, and served me well. The lessons: Stand still and look until you truly see; Things aren't always what they appear; speak "friend" and enter.

Alfred the Great

Alfred the Great’s victory at Edington ( Ethandune) in May 878 preserves and established the English language and Culture that shaped the development of Law, Justice and Christian Society that proved to a major influence on the development of the Western World. Had he lost, theen Danish would have become the dominant Language and those Danes were Pagan and violently Anti Christian!

Alfred The Great

I got very interested in Alfred The Great all because of a series on Netflix, it is a book by Bernard Cornwall called The Last Kingdom.  Even though it is about Alfred and his wanting to make what is now known as England,it is still a TV series so I took it upon myself to research Alfred and learn about him. What an incrediable man he was, way ahead of his time and yet so sad to see him die at such a young age.  If you have any recommendations on books please let me know and it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Captain James Cook

The man who mapped and explored the world.

A man born to humble circumstance whos talent took him further than any other before him.

His attention to detail and skill as a map maker was unrivalled. As a navigator and ships captain he commanded the respect and loyalty of all who knew him.

Though much maligned and distorted by modern political agitators he also acted as first contact ambassador. Opening up opportunities for amicable and mutually benefical international trade and commerce between distant nations. 




The sevenstar - septentrion

As I came across the sevenstar we were searching for ley-lines and presumed in this village Sternenfels of South-West Germany some lines should be crossing. Because the coat of arms of this village is bearing a sevenstar standing on a three-stepped pyramid. This was the starting point of our search and in the end we found a megalithic cairn, the first in Germany. This was 1990 and since that year we found many more including passage graves and dolmens.  

K. Walter Haug
Cairn Research Society

Inspiration from Odin

When I first heard the name of the God Odin called upon by the volva woman in the film “The Vikings” my heart was stirred and I felt a deep sense of recognition. Since then I have learned about and connected with this Mentor. Odin’s name means “the fury (of Inspiration)”, like an artist painting furiously while feeling inspired, or a writer writing furiously while the inspiration lasts, a Muse on steroids! He literally gave his right eye for Knowledge and Wisdom, and is always seeking after new knowledge and wisdom. I relate to that, being an information addict myself. Odin is my Inspiration.


About 10 years ago I was in

About 10 years ago I was in Australia skyping with a friend in northern Scotland.  She was speaking to me while looking out on to the North Sea.  She did not mention it but I could feel through her that the sea was emotionally agitated.

So I mentioned that and immediately she had a voice in her head that said:  You think you can manage the planet without us!

This seemed to me to be one of the Norse gods and she thought it was more a group communication.  (The gods tend to stay out of sight since Earthlings gained useful firepower.)

So we sent some love to the Norse gods and immediately I could feel that the North Sea was more restful.  My friend who was physically looking at the sea felt the same.

I recall that the Sumerian god Enki had his palace deep in the ocean.  Perhaps he is still here.

The traditional British gods tend to be sea gods.   Britannia rules the waves!

Some years ago in Australia I had the meditation group up on a small hill overlooking the ocean.  The hill was the same shape as the hill for Glastonbury Tor.  We were standing on the flattish part, above where the temple should be, according to Lewis Spence.  I noticed that a local sea god had come in about a mile off shore to have a closer look at us.  I could locate him visually but not form an image of him.

So I pointed him out and one of the women burst into tears, saying “he is a cyclops”.  It seems she was very attached to cyclops.

So when I got home I went on Google and it seems that some of the British gods were indeed cyclops.




Inspirational person

For me, one inspirational person is Carl Sagen.  For some reason, his perspective on the Cosmos intriqued me and planted a seed about the possibility of other explanations ro our existance…….

Frenise Logan II

Vlad Tepes and Jacques Cousteau

It may seem to be an odd pairing to some, but both of these men taught me well.  Vlad Tepes taught me not to give up even when the situation appeared hopeless and to find creative solutions to prevail in those situations.  Jacques Cousteau ignited the explorer in my soul which still burns brightly, showed me the wonders and beauty of oceans which I may never see, started my Francophone journey, and showed me the delicate ecological balance that the earth has and the effects of polluting those oceans.  Both men still inspire me today, several decades later.


Military commander under Charlemagne killed in rear guard action in the battle at Roncevaux by Basques. He was the military governor of the Breton March the first recorded Frank presiding over the affairs of Brittany.

My fascination with Roland and soldiers and Knights like led me to pursue a career in US Special Forces. I can identify with Roland because he was in some kind special status like the stay behind units in modern warfare who protect the retreating forces and if surviving will use covert tactics to attack the enemy.  Roland died in the rear guard action at Roncevaux giving his life for his fellow Knights and soldiers which is very inspiring.

Kevin Tillman

Tie between Alexander the Great and Ghengis Khan

Among many historical figures I read about as a child, there was only two which captivated me. It was Alexander and Ghengis Khan, and believe it or not, it wasn’t to do with their military prowess, but in their philosophies and management. In their leadership skills, since both captured differing methods in running an empire. Both also carried moral lessons in how to organize and achieve goals. Alexander captured, at least in my mind, the mentality of individualism, identity, and achieving the impossible at all cost. However, with alexander, his dream was to spread greek ideals, and conquer the world. Though he got so far as India, due to his reluctance to plan, he left his empire in disarray after he died. Long story short Alexander embodied “live hard, die young, and leave a good looking body”. As for Ghengis Khan, his reputation was that of a savage, however his dream was about trade, commerce, and unifying a nomadic people under the golden horde. His drive for politics, how trade policy was to be, and expansion was revolutionary, since he did not care about your ethnicity, religion, or affiliation. he only asked two things: 1. do not hold a standing army. 2. maintain trade with the east and west. Though many will argue, his empire and legacy lasted three to five generations (depending how you want to look at it) and widened the silk road trade. Though he was brutal, his trade routs were the safest under his rule than any other time until the 20th the perspective of mongols ofcourse. therefore the lessons i learned was about how to maintain control and learn to work with people with differing opinions. so in between the two, i usually turn to either of them to understand how to approach a project, a job, or an endeavor. Thanks for listening

Alexander was , in my opinion

Alexander was , in my opinion,the greater general of the two ,but Genghis Khan was by far the greater administrator and empire builder . Possibly if he had lived longer ,Alexander would have improved in those areas ,but we will never know

Ghengis Khan

Thank you for the info on the book, I will check it out on myfavorite book site,  I have hundreds of books on ancient history as I believe we the world could learn from their mistakes if only the world leaders would read more.

Legendary Inspiration(s)

I’m afraid I don’t have a name for the person/persons who have inspired me, from legend; we call them here, in America, the Woodland Culture or the Hopewell Culture.  But, those peoples who lived here, before the arrival of the First Nations peoples, and who created a civilisation here, continue to inspire and fascinate me.
The beautiful effigy mounds they built, and of which many still remain, are enigmatic and compelling; whenever I am among them, I feel they are speaking, saying many things...and I cannot understand a word of it.  So many times, I have looked at them, looked at their layouts and orientations, and realised they meant...something...and still mean something...and we do not know what it is.

The Moundbuilders of America knew much, that we do not know, today.  They left their mark on this land, in a splendidly simple way, that perhaps only reminds us that we...were not here first.
But, from them, we may still learn.

Sanjay R Singhal, RA

Sanjay R Singhal, RA

I share your fascination with

I share your fascination with American Indians ,though like almost every term now ,it’s no longer politically correct to call them that .. My ancestors were among the earliest Europeans to settle in what became the original 13 American colonies. My grandfather 8 generations back married a Cherokee woman when he was among the first to settle in Kentucky

Yeno, the early history of

Yeno, the early history of the American colonies, especially in the Appalachians, is another great fascination for me; as a person of (very old) English descent on Mummie’s side, the culture and folklore of the Appalachian peoples are some of the only connections remaining to “Ye Merrie Olde” England.  I am particularly drawn to the folk music and dances of this region, as so much of it is astonishingly beautiful and which I find quite haunting (haunting in a nostalgic way).
Thank you for sharing with me; I so very much appreciate it.

Sanjay R Singhal, RA

Sanjay R Singhal, RA

Herakles and Philosophers

There are too many inspiring figures to go through, so I’ll just mention a few.

The first inspiring figure in my life (real or not) was Herakles, which I learned about from the Disney film Hercules. Learning about him probably spearheaded all of my subsequent interest in the ancient world. Nowadays, I find prolific or different thinkers in history to be really inspiring, especially if they practiced their beliefs despite being in a culture that thought differently. top of the list are Marcus Aurelius (the stoic) and Diogenes the Cynic.

Marcus Aurelius’ approach to life and treating other people is some a really solid way to interact with the world and Diogenes the Cynic is simply entertaining.

Daniel Boone

The American frontiersmen and explorers have always fascinated and inspired me . My grandfather 14 generations back was on the first shipload of Dutch settlers to land in Nieuw Amsterdam . My grandfather 11 generations back was among the first to settle in the wilds of New Jersey (lol). My grandfather 8 generations back crossed the Appalachians with Daniel Boone and settled in Kentucky . Successive generations of my family moved further and further west as America was settled ,all of the way to California . Imagine the courage and will it took to move into completely unknown places where the locals may or may not be friendly .

Legendary/Historical Heroes from my youth

Well, this is rather difficult for me as a child who grew up with watching too much TV & reading too many comic-books in the 1960’s.  So the heros tended to be very fictional. But through this popular media I grew-up with an admiration for Ulysses S. Grant. He was portrayed as grounded, steadfast & determined. I still relate & admire him.  

Sources to Find Out More?

Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts, it seems I have some new inspirational figures to check out! :-) Do you have any suggestions on great books or documentaries about the person you’ve written about?



The secret history of the Mongols: Origins of Ghengis Khan. If you are a fan of folklore and auto ethnographies, this book was translated from actual folktellings regarding Ghangis Khan. I found it an incredible read:

My Heroes

Hello Everyone,

I apologize I've been confusing everyone with greeting the writers for Ancient Origins so I'll just say hello all or hello everyone instead my mistake I'm A.D.D. so I tend to write the way I thinking trust me I've confused my teachers the same way.

First and foremost The nature of my Faith lies in fact that
The Holy Trinity are my Heroes.

My mom taught me a very important rule to live by; when I was little. Which is First Comes God in my life; then myself and according to how I ranked who was important to me in my life growing up, they came next. As a child mom came 3rd in my life, but, this same manner taught by my mother is is how I measure my Earthly Heroes too.

Here are two very important people in History to me their life's story is and inspiration in one's journey as a Christian Woman. Why they matter to me will become crystal clear.

The 1st person is name Ellen G. White. She was one of my Churches Founders in the History of my Church Home Seventh Day Adventist!

The 2nd person is Harriet Tubman I'm African American but, reasons for choosing her as an Earthly Heroine will be thoroughly explained.

Allow me to introduce you to Ellen G. White: She was a twin she and her sister were born in Maine in 1820, Ellen was Christened Ellen Gould Harmon, her Father was an Hat Maker.

It didn't escaped my notice this was the year that the Missouri Compromise was implemented in the United States. Maine comes in as a Free State Missouri as a Slave State.

Ellen's family were devout Methodist (interesting since John Wesley Founder of the Methodist Faith was an Abolitionist).

Ellen experienced a fairly normal childhood; until, 1829. The life of a Christian is marked with trial and triumph with God's Help he assists us with the Life lessons that we as Christian's we must learn in order to better serve Him.

Arguably it could have been seen as a fairly normal day but two little girls Ellen and her sister were running away from an older jealous girl from school Ellen and her Sister were taught by their parents to never fight but if there was ever trouble they were to run away from the problem; and that's exactly what the 9 year old sisters were doing.

Ellen in trying to gage where the girl was chasing them looked back and that's when she threw a Rock smashed into Ellen's nose Ellen then fell collapsing on the ground onlookers rushed to assist her helped get her to a train car to get home, Ellen was the one hurt and she felt guilty that she left the car of the train a bloody mess.

People still helped her an sister get home where she lapsed in to a semi-Coma for nearly 3 month's. People tried to get her Mother (for her father was away on a business trip when the unprovoked attack occurred), to press charges against the much older girl who attacked her so but, the Mother said No and forgave the Girl.

That girl couldn't say why she attacked Ellen so badly either now I can say why she was compelled to do her Harm but,, that's a conversation for another time.

Ellen woke up with her nose and face a little disfigured. The disfigurement would remain for the rest of her life.

She finally got back to school after months of absence but she had extreme difficulty with holding her pencils her hands shook a lot and then she had problems with remembering the lessons her teacher was teaching her.

While Ellen's mom forgave that older school girl who nearly killed her 9 year old daughter the teacher didn't, she made that girl assist Ellen with her lessons.

She had to write for Ellen because she had Dizzy spells after the attack in 1829, and so at the ripe age of nine years old, Ellen could not complete her schooling she had to quit and so died her dreams at that time of becoming a teacher when she grew up.

Fast forward ahead in Ellen's life God would grant that Dream of Becoming a Teacher for She would be his Teacher to the World and She still is when one reads her Five Part Series The Conflict of the Ages; The Controversy between God and Satan.

In Christian History an incredible yet bitter disappointment event takes place in America.

Few people are aware of the many church movements and revivals that took place for instance in 1830, same year that Ellen is 10 years old still suffering physical from that attack; Joseph Smith becomes Founder of The Mormon Faith, after, a Series of Heavenly Visions including an encounter with an Angel,apparently, Joseph had been that kind of sensitive since He was a small Child.

After, Joseph Smith came another man known as The American Reformer William Miller of The Millerite Movement.

William Miller after a serious Study of The Bible where He read The Book of Daniel chapter 8 about The Sanctuary Being Cleansed he believed from what He read that Jesus' Second Coming was due sometime in October 26, 1843 or October 29, 1844, and William Miller went forward and preached the message regarding The Second Coming of Jesus.

While Miller was busy preaching this message about Jesus soon return an seemingly unassuming Free Black Man of the name William Foye (my what is it with the William names?) living on Beacon Hill, Boston was busy Studying to become an Ordained Minister when everything changed for Foye in 1843.

Foye began receiving Visions from God these events usually occurred while Foye was in The House of God Studying or worshipping bystanders wrote accounts about this regarding William Foye.

One of the visions that impacted Foye was God's Country which he got to see for Himself; and a Vision of Judgement Day, The Lord showed Foye that it didn't matter what ethnicity you were, if you were A Woman or Man, if one was Rich are Poor if your name wasn't found in The Book of Life you were Judged Accordingly.

God pressed on William to preach the message of what he had seen to others and Foye did exactly what was asked of Him had the people heard William Fours message then what happened next with William Miller wouldn't have turned out the way that it did.

Hearing about William Foye I (I learned of Foye from the Adventist Church) was left with feeling of irony it was 1843, William Foye a Free Black Man during the Height of African Slavery in America.

White Society in the South were teaching that Black People didn't have Soul's and couldn't go to Heaven and here The One who Created the Heaven's and The Earth an All that Live's in it is sending visions to a Black Man in America.

The Revival of The American Reformation Movement by William Miller had forgotten one small detail that's in the Scriptures from Jesus' own lips No One knows the Hour; Not even The Angels in Heaven but, The Father when The Son of Man shall return.

It is during this joyous revival that Ellen and her Family get caught up in The Millerite Movement the consequence for their participation in the Movement excommunicated from The Methodist Church.

Neither Ellen or her Mother and Father backed down from their Convictions regarding The Second Coming of Christ; For that Great day predicted by Miller they were all to assemble at Ascension Rock for Christ Return.

So on October 29, 1844 people await for Christ Return many including William Miller met at Ascension Rock and as predicted Jesus didn't arrive.

Yes Daniel chapter 8 makes known about The Sanctuary Being Cleansed this didn't mean Jesus was coming back to Earth the event William Miller read was about what was taking place in Heaven.

Jesus had entered the Temple in Heaven and went in to the Holiest of Holy places within the Temple; which is in Heaven and Cleansed the Sanctuary in Heaven.

This Reformation Movement by William Miller is forever known as The Great Disappointment.

I stress the point if the people had listened to William Foye's message from God in 1843, The Great Disappoinment would not have occurred like it had.

Getting back to William Foye He never had anymore Visions from God after The Great Disappointment but, Foye would always have his memories of what He was shown from God; William Foye died in 1893.

Enter in to these Disappointing Times Ellen G. Harmon (She became White when she married James White), Ellen was 17 years old. Again her life once more changed but, this time for the better unlike that Older School girl who tried to kill Her.

It happened to Ellen in 1847, the first recorded vision from God to Us to comfort a disappointed People. Ellen at this time and year was still weak from that attack as a Child, added to the complication a she contracted the dreaded illness of its Day Consumption, the disease is better known as T.B.

Like Joseph Smith, William Foye, Ellen began receiving Visions from God the first Vision was of God's Country.

The 2nd Vision the future of the Church that was founded; The Adventist Church in Vision God showed Ellen the 4th Commandment Remember The Sabbath Day; to Keep it Holy in Heaven from this Ellen recognized the importance of Keeping the Sabbath Holy which is on Saturday.

That's when Ellen and a small band of Christians started The Seventh Day Adventist church where today we meet on Saturday to worship God.

Ellen would serve God tirelessly as his Special Teacher to the People of the Church and through Missionary Work in Australia establishing an Adventist Church their.

Till God called Her to Rest in 1915, in Anguine, California. Today Ellen's house is a regular spot for visitors to come see one doesn't have to be Adventist to visit the last House that she lived in now Her Great-grandchildren maintain The Family House.

This is why Ellen G. White is my Earthly Heroine.

Though plagued by a childhood injury and T.B. God picking Ellen for his Service on Earth it's incredible to me.

Ellen G. White did get cured of T.B. through vision God showed her that good nutrition and diet would clear up her physical Malays this is addressed in The Book of Leviticus which is why the 3rd Book of Moses is considered to The Book of Health.

Alright, Alicia it is on to my 2nd Heroine Harriet Tubman.

When I think of Tubman I remember a Poem I and my class had to memorize from start to finish:

"Harriet Tubman didn't take No Stuff; and wasn't scared of nothing neither didn't come into this World to be a Slave and wasn't going to stay one either. Farewell she said to her friends one night she was mighty sad to leave them; but she ran away that long dark night she ran looking for her Freedom.

Well she ran to the Woods and she ran through the woods with those slave catchers right behind her and she kept on going till she got to The North; where those mean men couldn't find Her.

Nineteen Times She went back South to save 300 others She ran for her Freedom 19 Time's to Save Black Sister's & Brother's."

I was in first grade when my whole class read this poem and we were given an test on the poem this is why I can still memorize it so much.

That poem pretty much sums up why Harriet is my 2nd Heroine

Unlike Ellen G. White Harriet Tubman was born a Slave to parents Old Ben and Old Rit (couldn't say Rita). Like Ellen Harriet was born in an State starting with "M", Maryland possibly 1820.

She was very Spiritual She was connected with God in away that Abraham was Connect to The Creator when committing to the Covenant God established with Him.

Like Ellen she was prone to receiving Visions from God as well.

Ellen was nearly killed by that older school girl when she was 9 years of age; Harriet Tubman defended an escaped Slave.

She stepped in the path of an overseer who picked up a Weight at the runaway and Tubman received the blow on her head and like Ellen She collapsed in to a Coma, unlike Ellen she was 14 years of age.

The man who owned Her tried selling her but it was no good she was to weak to buy and she defied an white man's command to help restrain an runaway Slave so he could flog Him.

Unlike Ellen who had a little schooling Harriet because she was a Slave couldn't go to school; it was forbidden to up an educate The African Slaves.

No barriers dreamed up by Man can keep God Out.

Tubman was taught first of God by her parent's, then her father was highly Educated in Forestry knowing the Woods how to survive in them and most importantly Astronomy God gave us Astronomy.

Tubman's mother old Rit was highly Educated in Botany and Herbiology she knew what plants could be used for medicinal purposes plants for Heart Problems was like finding gold but, Old Rit could do that and she taught this skill to her daughter Tubman.

Tubman used the Stars to guide her on her journey to and from The North and South the Star most of the Slaves looked too was in what they identified as The African Drinking Gourd.

Today it is the Big Dipper and inside of The Big Dipper is The North Star. Many of the Slaves could only Dream of Freedom through following The North Star; but, Tubman could follow the North Star when leading others to Freedom.

Tubman at a great risk to herself since as an Fugitive Slave if caught she was worth 45,000 Dollars; returned consecutively 19 Time's too lead 300 people to Freedom to the North.

That got harder to do when The Fugitive Slave Law in 1850, was introduced; so Runaways had to try an make it too Canada. Tubman just happened to be the one who could lead significant numbers in to Canada.

Upon the Civil War breaking out Tubman in turn volunteered her services to the Union as a Scout and Nurse as a Nurse though never receiving and Education from any Universities Tubman worked on an Cure for a severe outbreak of Dysentery.

The Union recognized Tubmans accomplishmment for her Scouting but, not working on Curing diseases during The War so these are the factors as to why I chose Ellen & Tubman as my Earthly Heroines.

Alicia because for some inexplicable reason God Chose the women to Serve Him in ways we could only Dream about.

Both women were nearly killed by head injuries that they received Tubman on her part had Sleep Spells for the rest of her life the price she paid for saving a Slaves life from a flogging or Castration sorry didn't I mention that one? Probably not.

Alright Alicia nice discussion in Heroes so until next time Goodbye!