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For Kids

What kinds of Myths and Legends do you share with your kids? Do you present them as "make believe" type stories or with the idea that these are things that happened? (Or even somewhere in between) My daughter is a little young to really understand (7 months now!) We do read to hear avidly...but just curious what other people do and how they approach these kinds of topics with younger children...?

Really interesting idea for a

Really interesting idea for a discussion!

Slightly different to myths and legends: I got really interested in 'Fairy Stories' and their origins some time ago, and was fascinated to learn (if I remember correctly!) that a lot of them were a lot more graphic, violent and what I as an adult saw as quite disturbing the closer they got to their original form. I think the idea was that they originated from 'magical stories' that would help children to integrate and develop their emotional selves, as well as connecting them with the wisdom of the tribe.

I also remember discussing more or less the same idea with a pyschologist who was telling me about how 'Tom & Jerry-type' cartoons help children to reconcile their emotions, which at an early age are far more 'primal' and raw than most adults experience.

As far as the myths and legends go, I would imagine that they also have many different 'layers' and 'levels' of meaning.

I also believe that childen are generally a lot 'wiser' than we give them credit for.

Interesting topic! I hope more people reply and start a discussion.

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Haha, well thank you! I'm

Haha, well thank you! I'm always nervous to start a chat. haha. I have an old book of Fairy Tales from when I was little, in Rapunzel the Prince/Hero guy is blinded by thorns he falls into...don't remember that part in the Disney verison!  We have several different collections of Fables, Fairy Tales and Myths....most of them we got at a local used book store. I just can't wait for my little one to get a tiny bit bigger so she can understand the stories instead of chewing on the pages!

love, light and blessings