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As a christian believer, i believe we are now living through the period covered by the Book Of Revelations.I witnessed a UFO myself hovering over a chemical plant in 1999 and believed aliens were probably visiting us although science suggested it would be to far for them to travel in time.Then i came across the Bayside shrine website where Jesus & Mary appeared to Veronica between 1970-94.There were many miracles performed there & other signs of the Divine presence at the time.They said that Satan & his cohorts were using UFO’s to fool mankind into believing we were being visited by other alien races that don’t exist.When the christian church is Raptured news media will report to those left behind that a mass alien abduction has occurred in order to mask the Divine event.For more on this please visit the shrine website & look for the subject under Directives.Also see my other posting on the Religeon forum.    

The modern UFO phenomenon is

The modern UFO phenomenon is definitly a manifistation of demonic activity in order to decieve mankind away from a belief in GOD. Satan’s plan is 3 fold…

  1. Belief in Evolution
  2. Heliocentric Solar System
  3. Belief in life on other planets. UFO’s              

Think about it, Lucifer is know as the Father of all Lies, and the Great Deciever, with just this simple three fold plan he could easily trick mankind into turning his back on GOD. But why these three beliefs? Easy because if we dont live in a Geocentric Model of the universe that proves Earth does not occupy a special place in the universe, therefore, our planet is not special. Belief in evolution and extraterrestial life go hand in hand. If GOD did not create us and we evolved from lesser species, and life exists elsewhere, then we are not special and made in GOD’S image.  

Robert J. Gibson

Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung

Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung in his One Modern Myth: The Things Observed in the Sky (1958) considered the UFO to be the sole result of the activity of the human psyche and the manifestation of archetypes. In my opinion, the UFO phenomenon arose under the influence of the scientific and technological revolution and the exploration of space when people began to look for brothers in their minds in other galaxies, and pop culture began to blow this phenomenon through films such as Star Trek or Star Wars. In my opinion, there are more important mysteries of mankind than UFOs. We still do not know who we are, where we came from, where we are going. Regarding religion, as a Christian, I also admit that this phenomenon is related to the wicked. It is best for the Lord to understand the nature of the higher world than to study some flying saucers. Additionally, the Vatican has long been interested in UFOs


Just an update on my previous

Just an update on my previous post. When the UFO & Consciousness show came to Manchester in 2017 it took place across from where i had witnessed the hovering UFO in 1999, given my own faith life i don’t think this was a coincidence. I had a letter published in the secular press on the subject on the feast of the Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary.

Johnathan Cahn shows us (Harbinger 2) how the past is linked to the future. Hudson founded Manhattan on 9/11/1609, they started building the Pentagon on 9/11/1941 and Americas enemies brought the twin towers down on 9/11/2001. Three thousand years earlier the chosen Jews had their Fortress destroyed by their enemies and on its re-building used the same words from Isiah as were used at ground zero. Nineteen years after the destruction they suffered a plague as a shaking, likewise Covid19 has arrived in similar fashion.

Pastor Dana Coverstone had a prophetic dream last December whereby he saw inside a chinese lab, then he saw hospitals and people wearing masks, then he saw rioting with a picture of George Floyd. This came true. In June he had another dream where a figure pointed to September on the calendar, then a fist hit November where he saw worse rioting than before with gunfire and many people sick with Covid. Here in the UK there has been a sharp upturn in infections sine early September, i believe this is the start of a second wave.   

JOHN60 - 9/28/20

You mention that you saw a UFO in 1999. Was it on October 31, 1999?

Grant Steffy Sr.


No, can’t remember the actual date but it was about 5.50am on a clear July morning, as i cycled up the road on an industrial estate i became aware of a hooter sounding, when i looked over there was a craft hovering over the chemical plant, the only sound was the plants emergency hooter sounding, i was only about 200 yards from it.   

Interesting. I’ve seen my

Interesting. I’ve seen my share of UFOs here in the U.S., both real and in my dreams eversince I was knee high to a grasshopper. The largest one that I ever saw took place back in the 1990s on the day when the largest cargo plane in the world, (a Soviet-era model), landed at Salt Lake International Airport. It was @5:00 AM. The Sun had yet to rise over the Unitas and I had just parked my truck in the University of Utah Medical Center Center parking terrace as I usually did before going to work. I had just poured myself a cup of coffee from my thermos and was looking out over the Salt Lake Valley when I noticed something very large slowly heading south at @2000 feet in altitude. It was rectangular in shape, and I was amazed that something so large could defy gravity, especially at such a slow speed. As I continued to watch it a passenger airliner, (L-1011), was making its approach to the airport when it passed by the UFO, allowing me to estimate that its size as being @4 L-1011s in height and @ 6 or 7 L-1011s in length. It verified to me that the ancient Hindus were telling the truth regarding virmanas.

Grant Steffy Sr.

Aliens as Demons

I beleive that the most all religious texts lacked the lexicon we have today and what they  described as demons and angels in the Old Testament were actually beings that they had no frame of reference to understand. i do not belive that if a UFO were to land, the devil’s minions would pour out the hatch chanting Hail Satan. I was a devout Catholic until I was old enough to question things that I found inconsistent. I actually envy people of faith becuase faith is a beautiful thing to observe and to experience. I consider myself pragmatic and open to many possibilities. I have bad news for the true beleivers. The story of Christ has been told over and over again in every religion since the Zorastrians. The Christ story is an allegorical tale of sun worship. What I have now come to elarn is that it doesn’t matter if the Christians, Jews, or Muslims are “right”. What matters is that we all understand that there is something bigger than us and we utilize whatever mechanism we need to as a means to understand the significance of this. God is not a bearded man surfing the clouds. God is something our minds are incapable of even imagining let alone understanding. God is perfection (all of the religions of the world teach this) and perfection is defined by balance. Have any of you wondered how the Old Testament God went from an angry, vengeful and jealous God to the fatherly, all loving New Testament God? They are 2 halves that comprise the whole and we use terms and concepts that we can understand to arrive at this. The truth is God is a force that is unique and everything that we see, touch, feel, smell, etc is out of God’s will. I suggest you read Baruch Spinoza at this point to understand the two halves of the same whole concept. 

To this point, if there are other lifeforms in the universe, we should not be so quick to think that they are demonic. If these lifeforms are visiting us and have been for thousands of years, then they are far older and wiser than we. We need to remain open to the idea that we do not possess all the knowledge in the universe on these topics. Interstellarly speaking, we are still in kindergarten. 

Without understanding our origins, we have no chance at a future. Question everything.