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Wonderful site

I love this site. I come here often to check on the discoveries. I always find something interesting. Not everything, but sometimes, it is the lack of reporting from the ‘original’ article which leaves the reader with questions – not the AO article. It’s very nice to have a central point of convergence where discoveries from around the world can be gathered and examined.

I particularly like the recent side article about salt water erosion on the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. It spokes volumes as to when they were built – and it wasn’t 5000 years ago.

Keep up the good work AO. We’ll get to the bottom of all this eventually ;-)

The Bosnian Pyramid is certainly deserving of a little attention though. JMO

Primate soft tissue fossils discovered

If anyone is interested, these are just discovered giant primate fossils They are soft tissue and videos show CT scan and DNA results. 


Roger Spurr [email protected]

Primate soft tissue fossils discovered

If anyone is interested, these are just discovered giant primate fossils They are soft tissue and videos show CT scan and DNA results.


Roger Spurr [email protected]

New Member

Hi, I`m Reya Kaaz author of the new book The Origins-Myth Infused Realities from the series Looking In I Saw now on Love this site hope to learn lots and exchange views  

Raya Kaaz

The Origins

In my research for the series Looking In I Saw: I discovered that there is a difference in the meaning of the words People and Humans: Amazing. 

Raya Kaaz

Hi Folks. I’m a retired NYC

Hi Folks. I’m a retired NYC Heavy construction carpenter Local 1536, now living in Yaak Montana. I’m glad I found your website. Very cool, informative and interesting things here. I read it everyday.

Hey Friends! I’ve been really

Hey Friends! I’ve been really busy working these past few months, but my job is seasonal and winding down. I’m hoping to spend some more time here like I used too. I need to get caught up!


love, light and blessings


my name is Jonathon and my

my name is Jonathon and my interests in history transend all catergorization lol… i found this website a couple of days ago, went thru almost the entirety of the back articles, and starting yesterday registered to comment on some of the newer..
as i said in one of those comments its sad that AO is here in the spirit of pursuit of knowledge, and yet 95%(hyperbole..or not??) seem to be ad hominem attacks on other commenters for their opinions...which shows why sites like AO NEED to exist… to eliminate such blatant ignorance prevelant in humanity… Great work people

infinitesimal waveparticles comprise what we call home the earth
manipulatable by thought ability supressed in humans since birth

Hi, I’m Steve and I am

Hi, I’m Steve and I am interested in traditional Native American gardening crops and techniques and have in the past planted up various 3 sisters gardens.


Introduce yourself

Just dipping into forums, thought I’d say “hi” and make introduction. I’m enjoying Ancient Origins website immensely, full of fascinating articles and cutting edge discoveries and ideas. I write historical fiction focused on the ancient Mayas, and find new information in articles here. Good to be connected with this organization.


Leonide Martin


History/ancient history is my favorite subject and decided to spend some time searching for books on Ancient Astronauts. I found a scanned pdf document a few years ago...from 1975 which gave a list of must read books on the subject... the collector in me only seeks out first editions and printings of all these books that I've displayed online for while now.

Intelligent extraterrestrial beings have visited Earth and made contact with humans in antiquity and prehistory. Proponents suggest that this contact influenced the development of human cultures, technologies, and religions. A common claim is that deities from most, if not all, religions are actually extraterrestrial in nature, and that such visitors' advanced technologies were wrongly understood by primitive humans as evidence of divine status.

What clinched it for me was the discovery of the Sumerian cuneiform tablets. Z. Sitchin wrote about them in his various books but the more I dug, the more I found.

"Intelligent Life In The Universe" (1966) A collaboration between famous American Carl Sagan and world/famous Russian Astronomer, I.S. Shklovskii explaining the origins and life in the universe.

In it is this remarkably frank passage by Dr. Sagan, stating that he had come upon a legend that seemed to be a “genuine contact” with ETs. He adds, “It is of special interest because it relates to the origin of Sumerian civilization.” Carl Sagan gives a much more rational and believable answer when he goes on to say, “Sumer was an early – perhaps the first – civilization in the contemporary sense on the planet Earth. . . . Taken at face value the legend suggests that contact occurred between human beings and a non-human civilization of immense powers.”

What else can a nonhuman civilization mean than a non-earthly one that exists on another world in space? Dr. Sagan even goes on to give the Sumerian description of the ETs and the craft they came in, also the many “wonders” they possessed, then admits that this may not be myth but an actual historical event.

Sagan then cites one of those myths. “Sumerian civilization is depicted by the descendants of the Sumerians themselves to be of non-human origin. A succession of strange creatures appears. . . . Their only apparent purpose is to instruct mankind.”

Hello everyone!

I am currently studying Archeo-paleontology and the Stone Age. I am a Biblical History/Archeology scolar who's recently been bitten by the Super Henge bug. My favorite subjects are pre-historic stone monuments ( I used to write for StonePages),evoluntionary social development and Neanderthals ( I’m 4% Neanderthal!). Gobekli Tepe, Super Henge, Stone Henge and everything monolithic is my passion. Big fan of Mike Parker Pearson. I speak French and Italian and welcome any comments or study leads. Take care everyone!


Janeth Horwith


I happen upon this site thru the theosophical society site. I am interested in Archaeology to Ancient Egyptian to Native American history. Right now reading about the wisdom of ancient norse.

Hey Y'all

I'm a retired X-ray Technologist who was born and raised on Maryland's Eastern Shore, and currently live in East Prairie, MO.

I fell in love with Ancient Origins as a phone app, and decided it would be a lot easier to read the articles on my computer, so I finally registered on the site. Not only is it a lot easier to read the articles, there's a lot more to offer on this website, and I'm in Archaeological heaven! I vividly remember going with my parents on weekends, to the plowed fields and shorelines on Maryland's Eastern Shore, to look for arrowheads, shark's teeth, fossils, and anything else we could find of historical value. Needless to say, this fostered within me, a lifelong love of history and Archaeology.

Donna Argo

Hi Starla, thanks very much

Hi Starla, thanks very much for your feedback. Glad you are enjoying the site!


Good afternoon.  My name is Susan, I am a full time paralegal and office administrator at a small law firm, and this site quickly has become my favorite.  I am a student of all things Arthuriana; an amateur historian and antiquarian, and wanna-be archeologist.  Because history, for as much as we think we know, is something of a mystery, isn’t it?  Maybe its just me...I see it as ever changing with the more that IS uncovered, and as technology aids us in not only finding our lost history, but in its analyzation.  The past is prologue…     


Welsh - Celtic but also Gk Crete Sumer India ...

I am an old lady currently doing my PhD in medieval Welsh Mabinogi – the oldest prose stories of Britain. I live in Wales, originally a Londoner, married in with Welsh husband and son, seven cats.

I am strongly interested in Celtic matters across Britain and Europe, as a complex and very different civilisation.

Also goddess traditions of Sumer, Egypt, India; and also Buddhist, Tantric traditions. A fondness for Atlantis. Viking cats (Norwegian Forest, Maine Coone, Siberian, are all connected.) Sailing family so I like the understanding that the sea was the original blue motorway.


Shan Morgain

Merry Meet

I became interested in archeology when I was a child, my father worked for our State’s Geological Survey Department and I was always amazed at what they found on their trips. Learning about our distant past as a human race is never ending, I am always looking for more information.

The name is Charles. Very

The name is Charles. Very interesting website! Hope to post here in future! I am involved in looking into ancient mysteries, very much like everybody else here!



Charles Kos,

Author and Ancient Mysteries Aficionado!

Greetings from Vedic Russia!I

Greetings from Vedic Russia!
I am Yury Smirnov, the organizer, guide and translator at Vedic Russia Retreats. Leading spiritual groups to sacred places of Russia to facilitate evolutionary shifts.
Went through the thorns and moments of enlightenment and self-realisation. Survived immigration, managed to come back to my mother-land, have two grown up sons living in Australia.


Vedic Russia Retreat

Wonderful site


I am Egyptian and i find your site awsome...keep it up please

Introducing myself :)

Hello fellow readers and AO site writers & coders,
I *just* registered but have been enjoying the site almost since its beginning. I post at least one of your stories to my Facebook page nearly every day. I’ve always loved historical mysteries, especially having to do with Egypt. As I got older my interests have only broadened and deepened. I have a background in physics and math, but I am intensely interested in history, geography, geology, the universe, philosophy, psychology, spoken and written languages, linguistics itself, the origins of belief systems, art, and most other things actually. I read voraciously and journal, write poetry and prose, and love explaining things to people. I’ve got an open mind toward most all subjects, though not the proverbial mind that’s so open that my brain has fallen out. I am a fascinated skeptic...I’m not very keen on historical explanations involving extraterrestrials or other outlandish hypotheses, though I will entertain any idea and if sufficient evidence is produced, then I will accept the idea. As they say, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. I am currently reading Graham Hancock’s new book about Göbekli Tepe and his postulation that a comet wiped out an early, advanced civilization. I enjoy reading his books as well as those from Robert Bauval, John Anthony West, and the like, though again I’m often quite skeptical of their conclusions. Still, I find unorthodox explanations to be exciting and definitely worthy of investigation. Thanks for reading this (if anyone has)—I’m proud to say I’m now an officially REGISTERED user! Oh and I grabbed the free eBook, can’t wait to look at it. Thanks for all the hard work of putting together this amazing site and keeping it so interesting. I think it strikes a very nice balance between exploring alternative possibilities while still keeping its feet on the ground and not jumping to wild conclusions, and I appreciate that approach very much.

Hi Justin!  Great to have you

Hi Justin!  Great to have you on board as a registered user! :-)

Thanks for you feedback and introduction, it is nice to hear your story. 

We have another free ebook coming out in 2 weeks too. 

Hope you keep enjoying the site and content. 

All the best, 

April Holloway

Thank you April! Great news

Thank you April! Great news about another eBook on its way, can’t wait :-)

Introducing myself - Mike

I am a retired engineer living in the south east of England.  I have always been interested in ancient history but am particularly fascinated with the Egyptians.

Hey Friends!

it’s been a really long time since i’ve posted anything and i’m really sorry about that. I used to be on here all the time, reading and commenting and sharing with everyone, but between having a baby and a promotion at work, my time to do the things i enjoy doing really went by the wayside. I do try and stop in as often as possible to the site and poke around a little bit, but i’m lucky if i can read half an article. I know this busy-ness will pass eventually and i really do cherish the time with my little one. i just wanted you guys to know i’m still around and alive and still loving ancient-origins, just not able to show it the same way i used too! Welcome to all the new members and hello to all you old members. Keep reading and sharing! Much love.

love, light and blessings


We missed you!

We missed you! Congratulations for your baby.

Welcome back Angie :-)

New baby

Congratulations and welcome back.  All the best to you both.


Stumbled acros this site and have been hooked for a while now. Name is Neil, from Ireland.Folklore from western europe is my main interest and relating it to Irish folklore. But there is some fascinating reading here on this site.

Beware of the man whose God is in the skies !

Greetings and congratulations!

I'm new here. And I'm happy for you. I wish my boy was still little, those were great times!

The Hockeycowboy


I love this site, the articles are great. Our origions is what I like most but all history intrigues me. It is facinating.

God Bless, Kim


Greetings. I am from South Africa. I am in search for the GOD; pre-diluvial; pre-Nibiru; the frequency; the light . . . interesting journey thus far . . . now I find myself here amongst you awaken ones . . . love you all.

Born a truth-seeker.

Interesting site


Thank you for the opportunity to be here for the evening and the morning are the same days of our learning. That would include Genesis chapter one. And so then by chapter two he was rested from all of the work of which he had done.

Some might be looking for God their whole entire life and then one day they might realize he was there the whole time. He has always revealed himself by way of his very own religion. There is way more to know and hopefully that part will be fun.

Thank you.

The Akhenaten Revolution's very bad. Inside Bibles: Abydos is Seti's Temple so Abaddon; The Book of Revelation chapter nine.

The Great /\ of earth's foundation stones: the rising of the sun: Revelation 7 & 14. The wolf is a dog o' tribe of Benjamin.


My  name is Eric and I live in Saint Augustine Florida. The oldest city in North America. I’ve always enjoyed history but I have developed a passion of late for ancient history.I must admit I do watch Ancient Aliens. Yes it is very hokey but at the same time fascinating. It has led me to learn about several ancient sites and cultures. Places like Puma Punku fascinate me to no end. I know what these Ancient Astronaut Theorists think of it for example but I also want to know what the “official” theory of its origins and age etc. etc. I’m excited to have found these forums as I also want to discuss and hear other peoples thoughts and opinions.  I’m happy to be here and if it seems like I may be playing 20 questions at times, I apologize that is not the case. I just have major thirst for knowledge!

Uncanny Eric

You have mirrored my thoughts precisely – that’s uncanny Eric!

Hi Mike!

It’s nice to make your acquaitance. How does that saying go? “ Great minds think like Mike?” Ahaha

I have that too...

I have the Thirst for Ancient knowledge and just signed up myself. Eric, may I suggest taking another look at your statement about Saint Augustine Florida being the oldest City in North America? This is Ancient Origins right? Hopefully Pre-Columbian Cities count because there were many...

Hi J. R. Well Met!

I strongly believe there were Europeans in North America long before Columbus arrived.. I really think that guy gets to much credit. It’s not taught in schools but it seems prettty obvious that others have visited North America. That Oak Island place seemed like a pretty popular destination! However from what I understand from mainstream historians and the like is that St. Augustine was the 1st consistently inhabited settlement in the new world that could be considered a “city”.It actually excites me to think that might not be the case though. What city or cities do you consider to be established in North America before St. Augustine?

What is a City?

Is a large Cultural Community only considered a “City” After a Christian Spanish Mission has been built? Oh man...I hope not! You came to the right place for enlightenment! Ancient Origins has countless articles on Ancient “Cities” that were here before the Spanish!

bonding with others

I am 47 from Detroit michigan i am iterested in diffrent inputs an truths love reading comments would love to share ideas and theorys a process that can change the world

I dont know how much ‘world

I dont know how much ‘world chaning’ you are looking for. If anything, the more I read about the past the more apparent it becomes that the people of today are just like the people of yesterday. It seems that the world hasent ever really changed at all. 

--Still learning--

Shaytan Iblis of Jinn

I am Lucifer, the Dragon, that old Serpent,
the Devil, and Satan, the Son of perdition,

Shaytan Iblis of Jinn

Mishkan 1.2m below Heel Stone
@ Stonehenge, United Kingdom

Hello Shaytan Iblis of Jinn!

Hello Shaytan Iblis of Jinn!

--Still learning--

Are you 'They'? (profile)

Hello Alanna W.! Hello Alanna W.! 

Are you ‘They’? (profile)

Mishkan 1.2m below Heel Stone
@ Stonehenge, United Kingdom

No, I’m not ‘They’. I just

No, I’m not ‘They’. I just thought that your name was worthy of a greeting and stopped to say ‘hello’.  You seemed to have put some thought in calling yourself Allah and YAHWEH and various names for the Devil; yet no one else had greeted you yet.

--Still learning--

How nice!


Mishkan 1.2m below Heel Stone
@ Stonehenge, United Kingdom

new member

I greatly enjoy almost every article that I read on this sight. am looking forward to learning more and exploring this wonderful sight.


Thank you Troy and welcome!

Thank you Troy and welcome!

Greetings everyone

Hi folks!  I'm Jan, a disabled pensioner, and live on the Wirral peninsula in the UK.  I first became interested in many of the subjects discussed on this website long ago when I came across books written by Immanuel Velikovsky, Lobsang Rampa, Zecharia Sitchin, Elaine Morgan, and  Charles Berlitz, to name but a few.  After that, I began reading many other books on subjects such as mythology, ancient Egypt, archaeology, paleontology, mysteries in the Americas, the Freemasons and other secret societies.  The list is endless!  It was, therefore, such a great pleasure to come across Ancient Origins. Many thanks to the Team. 


greatly enjoy this site and am excited about being a new member. pretty much like almost every article that I have encountered and have shown many to my wife and kids! thanks!