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Image and name of Cerdic, from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Source: Paul Harper

King Cerdic of Wessex’s Burial Site Claimed to be Found!

More than a millennium after its mention in an ancient royal charter, the possible final resting place of Wessex founder Cerdic has come to light. An enigmatic figure from the same era as the...
Cynegils of Wessex by John Speed (1611) (Public Domain)

The Shadowy Kingdom Of Gewissae, Britain’s First Kings

Gewissae was an Anglo-Saxon kingdom that ruled much of southern Britain from the fifth to the seventh centuries as the island began forging a new identity in the aftermath of Roman occupation...
A statue of Alfred the Great in Winchester. Descended from a long line of kings of the Kingdom of Wessex, Alfred the Great was the son of King Aethelwulf of Wessex. Source: Tony Baggett / Adobe Stock

The Kingdom of Wessex and the Birth of England

The early history of England was characterized by instability, disorder and uncertainty. The Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Wessex was the first formation of the modern idea of England, and in its early...