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Representation of the modes of locomotion practiced by Sahelanthropus in Chad, Africa 7 million years ago, which is one million years earlier than current biped origins. (Sabine Riffaut, Guillaume Daver, Franck Guy / PALEVOPRIM / CNRS – University of Poitiers)

Human Ancestors Were Already Bipeds 7-Million Years Ago

It took millions of years for modern humans to evolve from apelike creatures to today’s Homo sapiens, ie. you and me. At various points along this long and arduous journey certain important...
Reconstruction of Batrachopus trackmaker from the Lower Cretaceous Jinju Formation of South Korea, a bipedal ancient crocodile. Source: Anthony Romilio, The University of Queensland / Nature

Ancient Crocodiles Walked On Two Legs Like Dinosaurs

The discovery of large, well-preserved footprints belonging to an ancestor of modern-day crocodiles from the Lower Cretaceous Jinju Formation of South Korea is reported this week in Scientific...
Bones from the hand of a male human ancestor Danuvius guggenmosi.	Source: Christoph Jäckle / Nature

Evidence Suggests Human Ancestor Walked Upright In Trees

Scientists have described an 11.62 million-year-old ape that moved like no other creature on Earth using its human legs and orangutan arms. A team of scientists from Eberhard Karls University of...