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battle axe

A samurai warrior with sword. Source: ImagineDesign / Adobe Stock.

Deadly Weapons of the Ancients: Unleashing History's Fury (Video)

Across the sands of time, the echoes of ancient warfare resound, revealing a captivating glimpse into the evolution of human conflict. In the realm of battle, the ingenuity of our ancestors gave...
Battle axes from the Battle of Grunwald have been discovered during a sweep by volunteer metal detectorists in Poland. Source: Zwiadowca Historii

Perfect Battle Axes From Battle of Grunwald Found in Poland

A group of Polish detectorists have uncovered an exciting collection of artifacts on the historic site of the Battle of Grunwald which took place in 1410. It includes two perfectly preserved battle...
The Langeid Viking Battle Axe: The original and the copy.

The Langeid Viking Battle Axe and a Warrior Who Singlehandedly Held Off the Entire English Army

BY THORNEWS Contrary to what many believe, battle axes from the last part of the Viking age, i.e. the 11th century, had evolved to become light, streamlined, and well-balanced. At the same time, they...