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Frankincense resin and oil of the Boswellia tree.	 Source: Madeleine Steinbach/Adobe Stock

Ancient Remedy of the Boswellia Tree - Still Great for Joint Health!

The Boswellia tree has long been used in traditional Indian, Chinese, Arab and African rituals and medicines. This gum resin from several species of Boswellia is also known as frankincense, which has...
Using Ayurvedic Medicine to Fight the Common Cold and Flu

Using Ayurvedic Medicine to Fight the Common Cold and Flu

Since ancient times people have had to deal with runny and stuffy noses, coughs, body aches, chills, and all the other unpleasantness that accompanies being bitten by a winter bug. While there is no...
Ayurvedic text and coronavirus. Source: inkoly / Fæ.

Did 5,000 Year-Old Ayurvedic Text Predict Coronavirus?

An Indian doctor claims an ancient Indian Ayurvedic text describes a virus similar to the current coronavirus, but are the newly presented correlations just headline grabbing? Smita Naram is an...
Beautiful woman with fashion make-up and hairstyle like Egyptian queen Cleopatra (EmotionPhoto / Adobe Stock)

8 Ancient Beauty Secrets We Can Still Use Today

Beautification and cosmetology have been important to humans for many thousands of years. Obsessing over our appearance is something that seems to go back to the very roots of modern human behavior,...
‘Ayurvedic Medicine. Man of the Medical caste, masseuse.’

Ayurvedic Medicine: A Traditional Knowledge of Life from India that Has Endured the Passage of Time

Ayurveda, known also as Ayurvedic medicine, is an ancient medical system that has its roots in India, and has been considered by many as one of the oldest healthcare systems in the world. In today’s...