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The suit of armor found at Castillo de Matilla, Spain. Source: Municipality of Matilla de los Caños del Río.

Full Suit of Armor Discovered in Spanish Castle Excavation

Unfolding a piece of history straight out of the chivalric tales, a team of archaeologists hit the jackpot in the heart of Spain. They uncovered a complete 16th-century suit of armor , lost in the...
The armor of Henry II, King of France, ca. 1555 AD. This is one of the most elaborate and complete French parade armors. The surfaces are covered by dense foliate scrolls inhabited by human figures and a variety of creatures that derive from the Italian. Weight: 53 lb. 4 oz. (24.20 kg). Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Public Domain.

16 Insanely Cool Suits of Armor

We have likely all seen the stereotypical image of a knight in shining armor , but there is more to the world of armory than the steel plate armor we are often exposed to. Armor came in innumerable...
A magical sword, in a Fairy Tale fores

Espada de Anibal - The Mystery Behind Hannibal’s Magical Lost Sword

Ancient Origins’ readers were recently delighted with the news that Hannibal’s first battlefield, fought on the river Tagus in Spain in 220 BC has finally been found . But for historian Ricky D...
Ancient Hebrew Swords.

The Pros and Cons of the Armory of the Ancient Israelites

While the Israelites saw Yahweh in the spiritual sense as their divinely armed warrior leading the way, in the physical realm, they were anything but divinely armed. At Sinai, Moses instituted a...
A photo of Peleș Castle in autumn.

Modern Comfort and Traditional Opulence, The Perfect Combination in Peleș Castle

Peleș Castle is a castle located near the town of Sinaia, in the Prahova County of Romania. This castle was built during the 19th century, and was the beautiful summer residence of the royal family...