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Wood from an ancient bald cypress forest buried off the coast of Alabama was uncovered by storms. Newly exposed wood offers a unique habitat for marine organisms and creates a novel ecosystem in the Gulf of Mexico. Source: Francis Choi

60,000-Year-Old Underwater Forest May Hold Next Medical Breakthrough!

About 60,000 years ago, pre-historic humans began emerging out of Africa and shared hunting places and cave residences with Neanderthal populations in what is today Europe. Meanwhile, on the other...
The Peace Pipe by E. Irving Course, 1901.

Experts Discover Hard Evidence that Native Americans were Smoking Tobacco 3000 Years Ago

According to the Science Magazine, experts who have been examining an ancient Native American pipe for several years have made a remarkable discovery. New techniques have allowed them to detect with...
Chickasaw Migration Story

The Chickasaw Migration Story: Journey from the Place of the Setting Sun

From their prehistoric migration to present-day Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama and Tennessee, to the purchase of their new homeland in south-central Oklahoma in the mid 1800s, Chickasaw culture and...
Moundville Archaeological Site

The Rise and Fall of Moundville: Mississippian Culture in Ancient America

The Moundville archaeological site, occupied from around 1120 CE until 1650 CE, was a large Mississippian settlement on the Black Warrior River in central Alabama. Many archaeologists and scholars...