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Clay facial reconstruction of the Kennewick Man was created based on the morphological features of his skull. Source: Brittney Tatchell / Smithsonian Institution

How DNA Analysis Ended Scientific Disputes in the Case of the Kennewick Man

Back in 1996, two young men stumbled across a human skull submerged in the Columbian River, situated in Kennewick, Washington. Now known as the Kennewick Man, this remarkable discovery swiftly...
Utagawa Hiroshige's Sailing Boats at Arai (Public Domain)

Did Ancient Japanese Fishermen Reach South America 5,000-Years-Ago?

The notion that pre-Columbian cultures from Europe, Africa, or Asia sailed across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to discover America, is a popular theory backed by numerous books and television...

Ainu And Hopi Take To The Sky

The ancient Chinese and South Asian cultures reflected an early interest in the idea that one could build a machine to take to the air, even if the technology to be able to do so was not yet...
Representation of ancient writing of one of the oldest languages in a book.    Source: Andrey Lavrishchev / Adobe stock

10 of the World’s Oldest Languages Still Used Today

Languages have always been the very fiber of humanity. The cornerstone of society, and the force that paved the way for civilization. Without it, societies could not have developed as they did - it...
Mammoth hunt, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Archaeology, Japan (CC BY-SA 2.5)

Did the Pre-Clovis Cultures in America Originate from Japan?

One of the most contentious issue in American, if not world archaeology is the validity of the ‘Clovis first’ theory, which is based on the argument that humans first came into America with the...
Kennewick Man

The Mysterious Kennewick Man still hangs in Limbo

Nearly two decades ago, two young men stumbled across a human skull in the Columbian River at Kennewick, Washington. The discovery ended up being one of the biggest archaeological finds of a...