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Facial reconstruction of Vistegutten by forensic artist Oscar Nilsson. Source: Oscar Nilsson

Meet Vistegutten: AI Resurrects Face of Stone Age Teen Found in Norway

In 1907, the remains of a teenage boy who lived over 8,300 years ago were discovered in a Mesolithic cave located in Randaberg on the west coast of Norway. Dubbed as “one of the oldest skeletons ever...
Representation of a seer or prophetess.

The 17th Century Seer, Janet Douglas: Being A Gifted Child Isn’t Always A Good Thing

Janet Douglas was a 17th century Scottish teenager reputed to have a paranormal gift known as ‘Second Sight.’ She should not be confused was another well-known Janet Douglas, a Scottish noblewoman...
Warrior burial is found to be Scythian Amazon girl.   Source: Vladimir Semyonov, M.O. Mashezerskaya

Warrior Burial Is Scythian Amazon Girl No Older Than 13

By Anna Liesowska / The Siberian Times The 'stunning' discovery appears further confirmation of ancient Greek claims about female fighters known as Amazons among the Scythians of central Asia. In...