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Discovery of 9,000-Year-Old Female Hunter in Peru Is Rewriting History

Discovery of 9,000-Year-Old Female Hunter in Peru Is Rewriting History

A grave in Peru has been shown to contain the world’s oldest female hunter. This news is potentially explosive. It may change our understanding of gender relations in the ancient Americas and even...
Is sexism exhibited in Bronze Age horse selection?     Source: ginettigino / Adobe Stock

Bronze Age Sexism In Horses May or May Not Extend to Human Society!

A team of French researchers studying horse DNA dated to between 40,000 BC and 700 AD claim that when horses were first domesticated there was no sex preference but by 1,900 BC stallions outnumbered...
Traditional Chinese style sculpture depicting a mother and baby. New research on baby teeth suggests gender inequality was present from infancy. Source: junrong /Adobe Stock

Do Ancient Baby Teeth Really Prove Sexism In Ancient China?

Scientists analyzing 2500-year-old baby teeth have revealed evidence of gender inequality during Bronze Age China. Feminism encompasses ideologies to achieve the social, political, and economic...
Jean Baptiste Marc Bourgery and Nicholas Henri Jacob, ‘Iconografia d'anatomia chirurgica e di medicina operatoria,’ Florence, 1841.

The Ugly History of Cosmetic Surgery

Reality television shows based on surgical transformations, such as The Swan and Extreme Makeover , were not the first public spectacles to offer women the ability to compete for the chance to be...
Reconstructed face of the Lady of Cao, a Pre-Hispanic Peruvian female ruler.

Women Ruled the Ancient Peruvian World, New Research Shows

A historian has come forward with the assertion that sexism has tainted popular understanding of the lives of pre-Hispanic Peruvian women. Specifically, she has documented how high-ranking women have...
Pandora, lifting the lid of the ‘pithos’. By Nicolas Régnier

Pandora: The Tale of a Good Girl Gone Bad?

When Pandora opened her box, as the Ancient Greek myth goes, all manner of evil was released into the world - ending the Golden Age of man and forsaking them to a life of death and rebirth. Being the...