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A team of treasure hunters in the United States claims the FBI illegally seized Civil War gold which they had discovered at Dent’s Run. Source: peshkov / Adobe Stock

Treasure Hunters Accuse FBI of Secretly Seizing Lost Civil War Gold

The FBI is a threat-focused, intelligence-driven national security organization that is generally involved in preventing and investigating acts of domestic and international terrorism involving...
The Historic Tale of a Huge Crystal Ball and a Qing Dynasty Empress

The Historic Tale of a Huge Crystal Ball and a Qing Dynasty Empress

The Dowager Empress Chinese crystal ball (or crystal sphere) is an unusual and valuable artifact believed to have belonged to Empress Dowager Cixi, the de facto ruler of China in the last decades of...
The Roman Theatre, Amman, Jordan

Amman, One of the Finest Roman Theatres in the World

The Kingdom of Jordan has many historical sites. Many different civilizations have flourished in the area since ancient times. One of the most important and largest heritage sites is the Roman...
The new Mexico and Central America Gallery at Penn Museum.         Source: Eric Sucar/ University of Pennsylvania

Global Guides Animate the Past in Penn Museum’s New Galleries

The new Penn Museum will include six new 'Global Guides’ from Africa , Mexico , and Central America . Our technology driven world allows us instant access to documentaries, blogs, and Twitter feeds...