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One of the Andean gods at the Apukunaq Tianan sculpture park, featured on a publicity poster from the site.

Andean Gods Emerge From the Rock in Peru’s Mythological Sculpture Park!

A sculptor in Peru has assured the future for a range of ancient Andean gods, spirits and myths, by carving them into the face of a mountain just north of the famous ancient tourist city of Cusco...
Spiral staircase of underground crossing in tunnel at Fort Canning Park, Singapore Source: (martinhosmat083/ Adobe Stock)

Fort Canning Park, The Oasis of Singapore or Haunted Hill?

Singapore, the remarkable city-state in Asia, is regarded as one of the most dynamic societies on earth and offers a great many sites. Fort Canning Park is located on a small hill on the island. It...
An ancient carved stone face of a megalithic statue in the San Agustín Archaeological Park, Colombia.

Necropolis of Warriors and Gods: The Ancient Statues of San Agustín, Colombia

The world’s largest necropolis, filled with gods, mythical animals, and heroes, rests in the southwestern Andes of Colombia The largest collection of religious monuments and megalithic sculptures in...