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1,753 Roman denarii coins were found in total spread out over Mariusz Dyl’s farm near Lublin and they have been described as “the crown of Polish archaeology.”   Source: Stanisław Staszic / Muzeum Hrubieszow

The Massive Roman Denarii Hoard From the ‘Vandals’ Last Stand’

In 2020, Polish archaeologists uncovered a treasure trove of Roman denarii coins. They date from the first and the second century BC, and they probably belonged to a member of a Germanic people who...
Powerful Roman Emperor

The Five Good Emperors: Prosperity and Power Before the Final Fall

The Five Good Emperors is a term referring to a group of Roman emperors who reigned between the 1 st and 2 nd centuries AD. This period is often regarded to be the high point of the Roman Empire, as...