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Crocodile eyes. Source: Георгий Лыкин / Adobe Stock.

The Expression ‘To Shed Crocodile Tears’ Has Bizarre Medieval Origins

Today, when someone accuses another of shedding " crocodile tears ," they are suggesting that the person is displaying fake or insincere sorrow. But how did this phrase come into being? The answer...
The drum has been used since ancient times for rituals and communication. Source: zolotareva_elina / Adobe Stock.

Primeval Communication and the Beat of the Drum

Human beings need complex communication, no matter if it's through speech or music . The invention of drums has become an essential factor in all musical forms of artistic expression. It is through...
Eyebrows on fleek: Model of a modern human skull next to Kabwe 1.

Why Expressive Brows Might Have Mattered in Human Evolution

Highly mobile eyebrows that can be used to express a wide range of subtle emotions may have played a crucial role in human survival, new research from the University of York suggests. Like the...