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HS2 excavation of Coleshill Manor and the excavated medieval gatehouse in Warwickshire. Source: HS2

Medieval Gatehouse Likely Witnessed First Action of English Civil War

Pock-marked with bullets that likely came from the muskets of Parliamentarian troops bound for the very first battle of the English Civil War , the remains of a medieval gatehouse have been uncovered...
Deriv; Werewolf costume and natural landscape

Werewolf Hunting #101 – In Search of Legends, and Busting Folklore Myths

Imagine you have been invited to meet in an abandoned cemetery to go on a werewolf hunt on the night of the next full Moon but you don’t know what to pack? It may sound like something out of a cheesy...
A roman lead sling bullet with a relief of what appears to be an insect or spider

Messages on missiles: Here is a Sugar Plum for You!

Writing messages on bullets and missiles goes back at least to Biblical times and continues to modern times among Israelis, Jordanians, Americans and others. The practice became industrial to ancient...