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3rd Year Anniversary - Unravelling Ancient Mysteries FREE Ebook

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To mark the occasion of our third year anniversary, as we do every year, we are releasing a  Free Ebook  for all our readers titled ‘Unravelling Ancient Mysteries’. This ebook is a compilation of exclusive articles written for Ancient Origins by authors, researchers, and experts from a variety of different fields.

The book explores the most enduring mysteries from our ancient past, and presents new theories to unravel the truth behind some of the most perplexing artifacts, places, and figures from the ancient world. Contributors include guest authors: Charles Christian, Ken Jeremiah, Dr Rita Louise, Brien Foerster, Ahmed Osman, Armando Mei, Hugh Newman, Walter Cruttenden, Leonide Martin, Petros Koutoupis, Maria Wheatley and Cam Rea.

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2nd Year Anniversary Ebook

To mark the occasion of our Two Year Anniversary, we released a Free Ebook titled ‘Unravelling the Mysteries of Ancient Artifacts’. This ebook is a compilation of exclusive articles written for Ancient Origins by authors, researchers, and experts from a variety of different fields. The book explores the most enigmatic and fascinating relics uncovered from our ancient past, and presents new theories to explain the mysteries surrounding some of the world’s more unique and unusual artifacts.

Special thanks go to: Ralph Ellis, Rand & Rose Flem-Ath, Tashi Alexander Javed, Petros Koutoupis, Dr Rita Louise, Ahmed Osman, Brien Foerster, Gary A. David, Leonide Martin, Maria Wheatley, Scott Onstott, Gary Evans, Hugh Newman, and Paul Burley. The Ebook would not have been possible without their valued contributions.


1st Year Anniversary Ebook

To mark the occasion of our one year anniversary, Ancient Origins released this ebook titled “Unravelling the Mysteries of Ancient Places”. The ebook is a compilation of exclusive articles written for Ancient Origins which explore the most enigmatic and fascinating sites on the planet. Contributors include guest authors Brien Foerster, Maria Wheatley, Steve and Evan Strong, Stephen Mehler, Dr Rita Louise, Gregory Sams, Hugh Newman and Lucy Wyatt; two writers: Margaret Moose and Dr Derek Cunningham; and one of Ancient Origins' own writers: April Holloway. Thanks to one of our readers, Marcio Godinho, who voluntarily gave his time and effort to make this book available to a wider audience, the ebook is also available for download in Portuguese.



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mikeham50's picture

If I click on the Kindle link for this book, it brings up a page of garbage.

ancient-origins's picture

Try to ‘right click’ and then ‘save as’. Probably your browser is trying to show the file on the page!

mikeham50's picture

This gives the option to save as a .azw3 file but don’t know what to do with it.

ancient-origins's picture

This azw3 file can be opened by a new Kindle device. If you have an old one, you need a mobi file which is in this link: http://www.ancient-origins.net/media/19106


Thanks for that. I have an early Kindle Fire HD. At least now I have it in my Kindle for pc library.

DADALUS4's picture

It happened to me too … mine was to my Kindle on Amazon and it wouldn’t take it … if you are going to download to an actual hand held Kindle and get the same problem … contact their tech. support …. otherwise I took the PDF version, which works well…. Good Luck!


Love these

the computer I'm using is new...is that why?

ancient-origins's picture

Hi John. What exactly is the problem?


Hi, Thanks for your submission. I am interested in ancient history, please write to me about the history of Iran, especially in the North East. And how to detect it and how burial treasures, signs and symptoms associated with treasure.

great! thank you:-)

I want to get the books

I want to get the books

Thank you for these free e-books.

When I click on Kindle it comes up gobbledygook! I am on a tablet and cannot "right click!!" Please advise??

ancient-origins's picture

On your tablet try to click and hold for options to save to come up.

Thank you for your generous gifts.

i was lucky to download the 3rd year anniversary e-book but can not find the way to download the previous two books...can you help me please?

Becoming open to old information in the Age of Enlightenment is an oxymoron, but truthfully a gift to those who have eyes, ears, and a heart for the love, light and creative genius of our one infinite creator.. Thank you for choice.

Jamuland Wambua's picture

Thanks for the Info and books, just one request for a forest of kings the untold story of the ancient maya I really wish to read it, thanks. 

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