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Greed and Decline: The Treasure of the Knights Templar and Their Downfall

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The ‘Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon,’ more commonly known as the Knights Templar, or the Templars, was one of the most renowned military orders during the Middle Ages. The source of their fame came not only from their prowess on the battlefield, but also from the wealth they amassed during the Crusades. These riches eventually led to their downfall, and became the so-called ‘Treasure of the Templars’ in the popular imagination. What exactly is the ’Treasure of the Templars’?

The Finances of the Templars

The Templars were not only great warriors, but formidable financiers as well. One of the two ranks of non-fighting men, for instance, was known as the farmers, who were responsible for the administration of the Order’s worldly possessions. The other rank was the chaplains, which tended to the spiritual needs of the Order.

As they had the official endorsement of the Church, the wealthy of Europe provided the Templars with a great amount of donations in the form of money, land, and fighting men. Additionally, they were exempted from all taxation, including the ecclesiastical tithes that were due to the clergy. Thus, the Templars became one of the most affluent institutions during the Middle Ages.

Members of the Knights Templar in discussion.

Members of the Knights Templar in discussion. ( Public Domain )

The Downfall of the Templars

It was during the early 14th century that the Knights Templar officially came to an end, with the execution of its last Grand Master, Jacques de Molay. The dissolution of the Order was related to its vast treasury.  

 Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar.

 Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar. ( Public Domain )

The man responsible for the downfall of the Templars was the king of France, Philip IV, called the Fair. The French king, it has been claimed, was heavily in debt to the Templars due to his war with the English, and was also eyeing the wealth of the Templars for himself.

In 1305, Pope Clement V sent letters to de Molay and the Grand Master of the Hospitallers, requesting them to come to France to discuss the possible merger of the two Orders. de Molay arrived in early 1307, though the meeting was delayed for some time.

Nevertheless, the Grand Master was able to discuss other matters with the Pope, one of which concerned some charges made a few years earlier by an ousted Templar, regarding impropriety in the Templars’ initiation ceremony. Some believe that the Pope was in collusion with the French king, though others claim that the Pope was a weak character who served as a pawn of Philip.

A royal enquiry was set up to look into the matter of the Templars, and Philip saw this as an opportunity to get rid of the Templars. On the 18th of March 1314, almost seven years after the Templars were first arrested throughout France, de Molay and three other top-ranking Templars were burned to death as heretics in Paris.

Execution of Templars in front of Philip the Fair. (Circa 1415-1420)

Execution of Templars in front of Philip the Fair. (Circa 1415-1420) ( Public Domain )

Philip freed himself from his monetary debts to the Templars, and seized their treasury as well. The king, however, would not enjoy his new-found wealth for long, as he died on the 29th of November 1314, less than a year after de Molay’s execution. Some believe that the Templars managed to hide some of their wealth from the French king. This became the foundation for the legend of the Templar’s treasure, and many have since speculated on the location of their richness.

Contents of the Templars’ Treasure

It has been claimed that the Templar’s treasure contained more than common material wealth. It is believed that the Templars had collected a number of sacred relics during their time in the Holy Land as well. For example, one of the charges levelled against the Templars was that they were idolaters, and worshipped the image of a ‘bearded man.’

An unpublished account of the initiation of a young Frenchman, Arnaut Sabbatier, into the Order, which was found by a historian doing research in the Vatican Secret Archives, has helped to shed light on this claim. It is reported that Sabbatier was “shown a long piece of linen on which was impressed the figure of a man and told to worship it, kissing the feet three times”. It has been suggested that this was one of the relics in the possession of the Templars, the Turin Shroud.


The mummified head of Jesus? I'm not even remotely religious and I find that fucked up.

If Jesus was supposed to bodily ascend into heaven, wouldn't the mummified head of Christ discredit the whole bible myth of Christ as son of god

They made this one,

It is said the Templar had the head of John the baptiste not jesus one.


The Templars effectively continued ancient traditions of a New World Order which were reborn again as the Masons who in turn founded America. The new novel -The Royal Secret - traces the origins of New World Orders from Moses to Mary Magdalene to the Tudors and the secret power groups who run the world today in their abuse of their heritage. See for information.

The Templars effectively continued ancient traditions of a New World Order which were reborn again as the Masons who in turn founded America. The new novel -The Royal Secret - traces the origins of New World Orders from Moses to Mary Magdalene to the Tudors and the secret power groups who run the world today in their abuse of their heritage. See for information.

An interesting comment, John. I will read your book. The man you speak of must be Sir Francis Bacon? I've researched the subjects you outline for many years and what seems to be sound evidence confirms that Lord Enki first conceived of the New World Order, as set out on the cuneiform Mesopotamian clay tablets. Groups serving him have advanced down the ages with his honourable purpose as their goal, but a mirror group came into existence at their outset, determined always to wrong-foot the good groups. They infiltrated and in some cases corrupted them. Their dark aim was to uphold the sinister power of the evil cabal that sits behind the scenes at the potent centre of global control. It is very ancient indeed and it is this dark cabal that holds sway today. However, the good groups are very much still in existence and are about to play a major trump card! This will be revealed in the coming weeks and months and will astonish everybody. It will succeed in throwing the dark cabal into utter confusion, and from then on the good groups will emerge once more to help humanity to claim its true status and heritage. Now this is a prophecy, so we will have to see if it holds water.

For an interesting look at the Templars' supposed 'guilts', I suggest folks look up the 'Chinon Parchment', which was found in 2001, among a group of papers called 'Processus Contra Templarios" ( The Trial of The Templars) , & were found to have been stuffed into other very old books, long ago, in the 'Vatican Secret Archives'. The original papers were published in 1308. The new publication in 2007, by the Vatican Secret Archives .The limited publication of 799 was made available- at exorbitant cost. The information is a complete & separate investigation by Pope Clement into the charges brought by Phillip-who indeed, did desire their wealth. The Pope's findings determined they were not guilty of heinous acts against the church & he found them not guilty. Phillip pressed forward regardless. The lot of the Templars who went to Paris were interred, & tortured for 7 years. Some, including De Molay, had their feet held to the fire until they burned off. ( the bones were mockingly returned to them in a bag). De Molay, chained to the post-the fire lit- declared the curse against both the King & the Pope, & both died in short order, whether form the curse or the poor sanitary/living conditions of the times. Phillip didn't get much of the wealth as the Templar's ships in the harbors 'mysteriously/ disappeared before he could act. He did get many lands & other resources however. The order went 'underground' as a matter of course. They went to many lands, Scotland among them & figured in the decisive Battle of Bannockburn, in support of the Scots, fighting the English machine. The Templars are credited with creating a banking system, whereby pilgrims to the Holy Lands could deposit their monies in their localized Templar banks & 'traveler's checks' could be written on their journeys. They did hold land, lots of it, as the support for their missions to protect, defend the Holy Lands, & feed their soldiers, required much money. You could call all of it 'liquid assets' that could be traded for other necessities. If one is inclined to study & see some light into the dark past, the last I looked, the translation of the Chinon Parchment itself could be found at; . i will warn anyone on one thing; the legalese languages used in court haven't changed much, no matter how 'advanced' we think the systems are today! When I read a portion of the Parchment, I couldn't tell how anyone would determine if anyone else was innocent-or guilty! Over time, much valuable knowledge has been lost, or misconstrued. ( Think about how far along all
mankind would be, today, if the library at Alexandria hadn't been burned!). I feel it is encumbent upon folks who desire the light of knowledge, to look (or dig!) for Truth. If Templar history is interesting to you, I invite you to dig! Thanks,Mike

I found the link and translation interesting Mike.

Mike thank you for that link

I’ve heard that some of the Templars escaped to Switzerland. The history I’ve read  said that in the early 1300’s the Swiss banded together to defend one of their passes, winning the battle with tactics previously unseen in the area. Everyone knows about the Swiss banking prowess. Is there a connection? Also, the Swiss flag is quite similar to the Templar cross, though the colors are reversed. Any thoughts?

The Swiss connection would be a new one for me, but it's possible since the Knights went wherever Phillip's men-weren't! Some to Germany, where that connection is well-documented, others to non-european places. The battle tactics sound very much like what happened at Bannockburn where the Scots had provided refuge & the Knights defended their hosts-to the chagrin of the presumptuous, & snob-english! The Swiss flag IS very similar! In fact, any ship bearing the 'Rose Croix' on its sails, was a Templar ship-incl Columbus'.( However, Switzerland was then & is now, predominatelt a Catholic canton; ( ie; the Vatican's Swiss Guard). ( 'How?' ) did he know to sail west ?! Maybe he wasn't looking so much for the 'Route to India' ( & a dry silk road ), as he was to find 'new' land, rich in spoils. ( Gold for Isabella & ferdinand's broke monarchy, & war debts!) He was a greedy sort & antagonistically snobishly religiously narrow-minded, himself. The world, in general tho', was overly class-conscious at the time, the average person would've been disinclined to advance their own thoughts 'beyond their stations in life'. The church's reasoning was that God Himself, after all, had placed the people in 'their appointed roles in life' ! No boot-strap programs back then! To be sure, I will ck this idea out, especially the banking aspects; it's a great one to venture forth upon--Thanks!

I have heard the "Templars escaped to and set up Switzerland" theory too. I believe there is a book (or books) about the theory. I guess that the idea is that there were only a few yodelling bumpkins in the Swiss Alps before the Knights Templar fled there. They arrived and set up a super democratic, banking-dependent, and above all independent nation.

I’ve heard that some of the Templars escaped to Switzerland. The history I’ve read  said that in the early 1300’s the Swiss banded together to defend one of their passes, winning the battle with tactics previously unseen in the area. Everyone knows about the Swiss banking prowess. Is there a connection? Also, the Swiss flag is quite similar to the Templar cross, though the colors are reversed. Any thoughts?


Just read the comments on the article “Mystery of the Knights Templars” and realized my comments are similar to several posts there. Sorry. Didn’t mean to plagiarize you

The Templars dispersed to Portugal where there great castle/cathedral at Tomar still stands in perfect order. They converted to Catholicism and became the powerful and secretive Opus Dei organistaion of today. Many Templars went to Germany and became the Teutonic Knights and then to Scotland . From there many went to Newfoundland in Canada via Greeland and Iceland where they became known as the Arcadians who from there went to French held Louisiana and are still today famous for their Creole cooking. The Swiss Flag is much the same as the Templar flag and it was there The Templars renewed their banking skills. Even the House of Rothschild has a red cross shield as its emblem and there is a strong Jewish connection in Templar beliefs and bloodlines. See The Royal Secret book to find out much more and how the Templars gave birth to America and its Masonic Founding Fathers whose occult Templar policies still rule US strategies today for NWO domination.

John, I'd guess you believe this kind of scrambled dis-information, but that's exactly the point of that terminology which has obscured the paradigms of Truth, thru the ages, of many honorable, or beneficial organizations, to the loss of the needy & disparate. The info you give here is so diverse & from so many sources, I cannot hope to dissuade your apparent belief, unless you open your mind & look closely at what you have given forth here. ( Too many sources & too many cross-truths).The Templars were an order established by the Pope of the Catholic church. They did not 'convert' from any other faith, nor did they establish the 'Opus Dei'; a bookish attempt at 'secretiveness' given to you by 'who?', or 'What?', 'Why?', to what end, you must ask yourself. When they dispersed, they went many places, Potrugal was not mentioned in any of my research, but there's no reason to suspect otherwise, 'connections' were just as important then, as now. Same with the other countries you've mentioned.The German contingent of Knights was in place approx. the same time frame as the Templars, in it is believed they were one & the same, as an order. The 'Acadians' ( not Arcadians) were an offshoot of various Protestant groups from France & exiled to Canada & later booted to Lousiana. For this, read 'Rebecca', a required read in High School. These events happened long after the Templar's tribulations. Many nation's flags use a cross form in their design. It is wishful thinking to assume they're all Templar, but does show that a Christian, or a church affiliation by their countrymen, to the world. The Templar cross is indicative of the 'Rose Cross' wich you will observe on the compass' faces & on old maps, & so on. They're also found on the Celtic crosses in Scot & Irish graves. On that subject, if you ck on medieval graves in those countries, once in awhile, a Knight's gravestone was portrayed as the Knight carved full figure & armor, holding a sword. The rumor was that knights were buried with their sword. The problem today, is that all the known ( & found) gravestones were moved from the original & often, remote sites. What is the 'Secret Book' to which you refer? If it isn't cataloged with the Library of Congress, where all of Freemasonry's Rituals have been since 1954, I'd suspect this too, is of farciacal origin. You may know, that the L. Of C's contents are available to the public, at large. While Masons had much to do with the various aspects of the founding of Our Nation, it is because of their attention to detail that the many architects of edifices ,ong standing & their beauty, that we can know, & appreciate them to day. The History Channel, while 'good' at what they present, are not altogether truth giving in it's entirety as they have a program to produce & a 'good story' usually rules what shows; that's business. I wish you well, I only would hope you drop the dirt & dig for the gems in Truths- God Speed!

You seem confused. There was no dishing of dirt in my response. Just facts. Just as you cannot remotely tell the story of the Templars in a few lines neither can I nor anyone else. What I have done in my book The Royal Secret is to trace the origins of their beliefs back to the original Masons who built the Pyramids right through from John the Baptist to Mary Magdalene to Shakespeare to the Masonic US Founding Fathers to current day.
That their various sections took different routes is unsurprising over a period of 4,000 years in which they were at times persecuted, but still today The Freemasons, especially those of the Scottish Rites, hold much sway over much of US politics. Re the Acadians they were known as such because it was fabled they took the Arc of the Covenant with them to Oak Island near Newfoundland where it is said to be buried under the sea. They have also been written of as Arcadians for that reason

Hello John, Sorry if the idea was I was inferring you were'dishing dirt'. I don't try to do that. You didn't mention that the Book of Secrets was a tome you had written, that I saw. I've read many with similar titles & have been disappointed in the typically wandering contents, some of which were displayed in your last dialogue. However, to be fair, I' like to read it, if it's available. If so, let me know how to procure it. The idea that Freemasons are imposed upon the politics of America, especially when they are in such disarray, is hard to fathom, when considering their proclivity to order. The disorder has been in place since Abe Lincoln's assasination & is of foreign influences, as was the demands by the same that the USA abandon the silver standard & join the internationalist ( globalist) gold standard. Anyways, Forward the info on how to obtain your book & I'll certainly review it. Thanks for the civilized discourse, by the way. It's refreshing as some who attempt to profer informational content actually seem more bent to spew forth nonsense or personal agenda. Thank you. Mike

Hello Mike, my book is actually called "The Royal Secret" published in July on Amazon as a paper back or can be downloaded as an ebook on Smashwords. I hope you enjoy (nearly 500 pages!) and would be happy to know your comments. Re Masonic influence in USA the large majority, if not quite all, the US presidents have been Freemasons. Clinton is quite probably a Freemason as he was a Rhodes scholar (much the same thing as it was Cecil Rhodes who wanted the UK and then the US together to rule the world with Bacon's ideal of a New World Order from his book The New Atlantis; the maxim for today's CIA and the US strategy of regime change worldwide and globalisation and one world government.

Thank you John, I will look for it as I just got an Amazon C-Card for Xmas- a good way to spend money! There've been 14 Presidents who've been Freemasons, beginning with George Washington, ( who also, as Past Master of the local Lodge, did the Cornerstone Dedication Ceremony for the Capitol Building & wore his apron of that degree. The last was Gerald Ford. I rem'ber that Clinton was a Rhodes scholar, but Freemasonry & the reputed goals of Cecil are far apart. When I first learned that Clinton was a Rhodes man, I was flabbergasted. To see how the people in Africa revered him for his compassion, is to know the man. He's buried on a top a cliff, ovelookinmg their village & surrounding lands. I haven't delved into the Rhodes angles, but many such 'societies' have all expressed or extolled similar dream worlds. Thanks again, Mike

Mike, if you do get The Royal Secret it has many talking points giving rise to new ways of looking at the Templar heritage going back many centuries with much the same ideals, The allegedly mythical King Arthur and his Camelot court in Glastonbury where Joseph of Arithimea once preached centuries before. Arthur was real and was a Pendragon, the forbears of the Tudors. Bacon, also a Tudor and Freemason as my book tells, continued the tradition of secular ideals open to all on which Washington and his colleagues founded America of a New World Order of free men. Rhodes's ideals were much the same but he saw England as the leader of the world and then a partnership between the UK and the US to govern the world peacefully. After WW2 the UK lost its power and the US took over the Pax Britannica as a Pax America. The Templars had similar ideals but then so did Hitler and Stalin so it is a question of degree as to how much coercion needs be used to achieve the ideal of peace under a one word government which is the dream of the New World Order adherents. In effect nothing changes.
Much the same ideals stem from the beginning of Homo Sapiens in Egypt down thru the Romans to today. This is the constant link I try to use as the theme for my book based around a link (Bacon) who both understood the spiritual past and foresaw the scientific future.

Wanted to thank you for sharing some of your work here with us and plan to get your book ASAP. I have been digging into this for quite awhile myself on this side of the pond and have a curious question if you could share it with us. Were you able to establish any solid connections between the Prieure de Sion, Merovingian dynasty and the House of David? Also have you been able to connect Anne Montechanin to the House of David? The not so talked about DuPont family and U.S. founder connection has fascinated me for years now and these particular connections have been elusive so far.

I am trying my best to open some eyes here in the States...

my book The Royal Secret is concerned throughout with the Merovingian bloodline from which the King Merovech and his son Clovis believed they were descended from Mary Magdalene. Under severe pressure from the Catholic Church the later Merovingians overtly changed their beliefs from those of the Jewish Christian creed of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and their bloodline. The Catholics very cleverly then invented the Carolingian bloodline who were Catholics to replace the Merovingians in history, even though many of the European royalty including the Bourbons believed they were Merovingian descendants but concealed it so not to offend the Catholic church.
Re the Prieure de Sion story I do not believe it other than a 20th Century concoction.
Since Jesus claimed descendency from the House of David then his offspring from his wife Mary Magdalene would have been those whom King Merovech believed his bloodline came from.
Mary fled to Egypt and then to the Langueguedoc in SW France where her teachings of free love were taken up by the Cathars whom the Catholics eventually and atrociously destroyed.
Mary herself being the great grandaugter of Queen Cleopatra.
In my novel the story is told of the enquiry of a modern day woman (Mrs G- a cryptologist) working as an assistant for a Jewish-American billionaire who dies mysteriously having made his fortune from biochemistry and is married to a French woman who claims her ancestry is Merovingian and so consequently are her children and grandchildren. The connection to the Duponts you can draw for yourself. As for Anne Montechanin she does not feature in my book, but II will investigate.
Although my book is written as a novel it is as near the truth historically as I have been able to find over several years of investigation and the help of other investigative works down the ages and now more recently with the help of others to continue the incredible story in a sequel.

Thank you for your time to reply and share John. The background and bloodline of Anne Montechanin (A Huguenot), Wife of Pierre Du Pont, and as you know a Mason of course, has been a road block for me in my research to date. Interesting that you made a connection in your book with a historical situation concerning the Du Ponts considering the world wide historical influence this particular Family has had!

If I contacted you through the Contact feature here at AO would you have time to share notes?

I do not want to give too much away about my book as I would prefer people read it first to understand my viewpoint but you can try me out on exchanging ideas on this whole extraordinary subject as there may very well be aspects on which I also can gain new knowledge.

I understand completely Sir, and thank you!. As soon as I get caught up debating with a “friend” about our founding fathers...after 17 years, THREE CHARTERS, the Declaration of Independence, The articles of Confederation, the U.S. Constitution, Hundreds of letters back and forth about HOW TO WORD THESE DOCUMENTS and at least a hundred personal meetings into HOW TO WORD THESE SENTENCES and PARAGRAPHS. He is touting Jack Rakove as an expert in how they were ignorant and lacking in comprehension of the english language and that they didn’t “Intend" to actually WORD them as they are WORDED. : )

So it might be tomorrow Sir. Again...I thank you and completely understand!

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