Nephilim - Giants - Sons of God And Daughters Of Man

Are The Nephilim Really The Offspring Of Sons of God And The Daughters Of Man?

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Who were the nephilim?  The word nephilim appears twice in the Old Testament of the Bible.  They are first mentioned in chapter 6 of the book of Genesis and then again in Number 13:33.  But their brief mention in the Bible has led to an ongoing debate as to who or what the nephilim were.  Much of this debate stems from the passage in the Bible that states:

When people began to multiply on the face of the ground, and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that they were fair; and they took wives for themselves of all that they chose.
The Nephilim were on the earth in those days - and also afterward - when the sons of God went in to the daughters of man, who bore children to them. These were the heroes that were of old, warriors of renown
.  Genisis 6: 1-4

The traditional definition of Nephilim is giant.  Some dictionaries describe the nephilim as being giants who also possess super human strength.  The Greek Septuagint, an ancient translation of the Hebrew Bible, refers to them as gigantes, which actually means "earth -born", a concept we will be coming back to as we continue.  It is believed that the word Nephilim comes from the root word "Naphal" which means to fall.  In biblical circles this definition has quickly put the Nephilim into the role of the children of the fallen angels.  The word Naphal, however, is never directly associated with the concept of fallen angels.  Its meaning in context is more closely associated with the idea of lying prostrate or of prostrating oneself.  There are also ties in this word to the concept of failure, falling short or being cast down.  

Over the years a mythos has developed around the concept of the nephilim.  It alleges that these giants were the offspring of the "Sons of God" and the "Daughters of Man".  Are the nephilim the children of the untoward relationship?

The connection between the biblical text and this claim, although commonly pointed to as the basis of this belief, is unfounded.  The document in which we find statements that support this claim actually comes from the apocryphal Book of Jubiliees. 

And it came to pass when the children of men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them, that the angels of God saw them on a certain year of this jubilee, that they were beautiful to look upon; and they took themselves wives of all whom they chose, and they bare unto them sons and they were giants.  The Book of Jubilees - Chapter V: 1

Is the claim that the nephilim were the offspring of the sons of god and the daughters of men supported by sources outside the Judeo-Christian tradition?  In other words, does mythology worldwide support this belief?

The notion of giants roaming the earth can be found in cultures worldwide.  Greek mythology tells us that the Titan Cronos castrated his father Uranus in order to gain control of the Greek pantheon.   It is from the blood of the castrated Uranus that fell upon the earth that the giants, the "earth-born", were created.  The Earth-born were, when compared to us, were giants.  The giants, under the rule of Cronos lived during the golden age, in a time that was free from sorrow or care and everyone lived happy and joyous lives. 

It was only after Cronos' son Zeus fought for control of both the heavens and the earth that everything changed.  Zeus in his new role, according to Greek myth, put the giants to work.  It was just a matter of time before the giants starting ignoring the god's mandates.  They were no longer prostrating themselves to the will of the gods.  Their lack of complete servitude and their failure to comply with the gods demands incited the "children of god" into a full blown rebellion against the heavenly gods.  Heavy losses were taken on both sides, but their revolution was finally suppressed by the gods.  A truce was declared.  As part of their reparations to the giants it was decided to create a new race to handle the burdens that were cast upon the giants - man. 

Padraic Column in his book entitled Orpheus, Myths of the World , relates this tale about the creation of man.  Aztec legend recounts how the Earth-mother, Citlalicue, gave birth to a flint knife.  When the knife was flung down onto the Earth, it was transformed into sixteen hundred "earth-gods".  (Is there connection between the flint knife, flung down by Citlalicue, and the sickle used by Cronus to castrate his father?)  These newly formed earth-gods lived as men and women and labored in search of food.  After some time, the Earth-gods began to think that this work was below their station.  They were, after all, the children of the Sky-father and Earth-mother.  They asked their mother Citlalicue to make race who would serve them and bear the burdens they faced.  With the help of Citlalicue, mankind was created. 


How come we have never found any skeletons from these so called giants ?? We have found dinosaur skeletons but never any nephilim ( giant) skeletons.

If you do even a google search on the subject your question should be answered.
There are many skeletons and much affirmative proof that has been discovered throughout the earth -
There are those who don't want the truth to be known - but the truth will be and is known regardless -
"Seek and keep on seeking and you will find..."
as the old saying goes -

I just googled "leprechauns" and got 791,000 hits. Thus, leprechauns are real.

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I was about to do the same with "trolls" when I saw your comment and realized there was no need.

Indeed, Assleeper has no idea what they're talking about. Giant skeletons have been found and are being suppressed for whatever reasons. 

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My last name is Bandalos by the way

not Banalos


We shouldn't be surprised at the cover up of the truth - to admit to the veracity of the Hebrew Scriptures on this point (the overwhelming physical/archaeological evidence proves beyond doubt the existence of giants in the past) would not only overturn the proverbial apple cart of the evolution lie, but also bring the question to the forefront as to the veracity of the rest of the many other "difficult to believe" things covered in the text - if this is true does that mean that the rest of it is true as well - ?

Obviously some of us are aware of the answer to the question -

Obviously there are those who are not -

Ahhh the days in which we live -


"Look at their heads buried deep in the sand

Hiding from evil made by theri own hand

The prophets have spoken the words of ill fate

The fool and the wise man both burn at the stake"

as the old Kansas song goes...


Love, Life, Light and Blessings to all 


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Hi Sharon, actually they have but the findings are quickly swept under the carpet. See here for more info:

These skeletons have been found in many different places look them up .

There is a fund raising going on for the sequensing with next generation sequenser by Dr Melba Ketchum. The DNA have allready been succesfully prepared from sculls of the so called giant redheads. So if people would support this effort, we would soon know who they were. The fundraising can be found through her public fb page.

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Thanks for this! I certainly support such an effort.

What do you suppose such testing might reveal? Any ideas?

This is utter blasphemous crap! How on earth could you even begin to make the proclamation that Zeus or any Greek deities even existed. Zeus is a fallen angel along with other dumb myths of Greek and Roman culture. The Nephilim are clearly and most certainly the offspring of the Fallen Angels and Daughters of Men. They are the absolute reason why the flood happened. It had nothing to do with wickedness, were it so, we'd be flooded all day every day. How can you even claim to be a conducted any kind of good research? I feel sorry for the dummy that comes here and takes any of this non sense to heart. Why don't you try and identify the 300million gods of Hindu while you're at it? You must be a Satanist is my only conclusion, the only God that has any considerable proof of existing and having any authority is the God of the bible, and His Son Yahshua. Perfect knowledge, perfect love, every demon that saw Him recognized Him as the Son of the Most-High. The disembodied spirits of these Nephilim, otherwise know. As demons Knew that Christ was King. You are clearly trying to decieve by giving a fool like Zeus any crediblity. Where does any redemption lie in Zeuz, or even Islam, can my good works may me God? If so, how come many of us have not become God? It is the first lie ever told, continually perpetuated. As Allah himself says he is the greeatest deceiver. Use your brain next time before you give a pagan god any legitimacy.

While it is obvious that everyone is influenced by their beliefs, it is fascinating to see the degree to which that influence is taken by some people.

You mean those Pagan gods that were worshipped and written about thousands of years before the bible? Who's stories were edited and rewritten to suit the bible, a book written hundreds of years AFTER the supposed events? The Deities Who's holidays and celebrations were stolen by Christianity?

This article is saying that even modern religious myths (Christianity) shares its roots with ancient mythology. The story of Jesus is the story of Horus the Egyptian Sun God. Your willingness to refer to the bible and to Allah show that you are using 2 contradictory myth stories to make the point that only one myth story is true. Illogical at best! Let me use the bible to show you are wrong... Exodus 12-12 “On that same night I will pass through Egypt and strike down every firstborn of both people and animals, and I will bring judgment on all the gods of Egypt. I am the Lord." Revelation 6-8 "I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him."As you can see the God of The Bible acknowledges that there are indeed other Gods. The Egyptian Gods are mentioned therefore any Jew or Christian must believe in what is written in the scriptures. Hades is also mentioned. He is the Greek God of the underworld and brother to Zeus. This directly answers your question 'How on earth could you even begin to make the proclamation that Zeus or any Greek deities even existed.' I suggest you actually read The Bible which seems to be your preferred weapon of choice, before that weapon explodes in your face...ooops, too late. 

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I suspect you are well aware of the context in those scriptures.

The scriptures you used to make a false conclusion, are all referring to false "gods” the Egyptians were breaking the commandment “no other god’s before me” to paraphrase.

If you’re not purposely ignoreing the true context, then perhaps you shouldn't come to conclusions like that.


Also, this whole thing about the Holy Bible being plagerized from Egyptian mythology is another false "fact” I know for a fact that you haven’t bothered to research the legitimacy of these claims, because had you have done that, you wouldn't be supporting an obvious fraudulent accusation.

You’ve done what many others do, you do not believe in God, and so you mock the Bible, with lies, or with an inability to understand the concept of context.

Either way, you're building up these typical strawmen, so you can burn them down, and 'ptove" the Bible is a load.

I would ask you to post any specific examples, or withdraw the post and admit you are wrong.

I actually took the time and did the research and not to boost my beliefs, but rather becasue I am only interested in truth.

If I found information, legitimate information from reliable sources, that prove God is not real, I would quit worshipping Him right away, because I do not want to worship a false God.


Now, evolutionists/atheists very often mock the Bible and God, because they hate them both.

A typical post would be "you stupid people believe there’s an invivible man up in the sky who created everything" and then you take to laughing out loud.

Some are so excited, they actually laugh out loud, fall of their chair, roll around on the floor, and actually laugh so hard their asses fall off! That has gotta hurt!


But the ironic thing is the same people don't bother thinking about what you believe –

long ago, and far away kids, there was nothing! Then, “nothing” exploded, and became everything...true story kids...there's eye witnesses.

Also children, once again, long ago and far away, life popped itself into existance, from wet rocks!...true story kids.

So we believe in a creator for creation - you believe in a magic explosion, with no magician?

Far more rediculous than a creator no?


Tell me, how did this first so called "simple" single cell create itself, from wet rocks without DNA?

How did DNA arrive without a cell?

The classic chicken and egg conundrum.

Just like stars.

According to NASA there are 100 billion galaxies
200 billion stars per galaxy
and there are various ages for the universe, so I'll go 20 billion.
So 100 B X 200 B divided by 20 B = 1 trillion stars every day for 20 billion years!
2.7 billion stars each day!
and 31,700 stars per second!
So how many stars have you seen form?
What about spiral galaxies?
How can they still be spinning with huge elongated arms if the universe is 15 to 20 billions years old?
Also, where did the heavy elements come from?

The evolution guessers say the first two elements that created themselves were helium and hydrogen, so where do heavy elements come from?

The answer will be stars...but stars ned heavy elements to form.

Another in a very, very long line of chicken and egg problems.


So really, before you start mocking creation, you really should at least pretend to understand your own religion first.


Wow. Crackpot alert.

I have never read such an arrogant comment like yours! How dare you to call others dumb if you are the one with a narrow mind! These people you call dumb are people who think for themselves instead of believing those who claim to speak for your so called God! If you educated yourself more you would see that older cultures had more than one God and even the Bible sugests more than one God. When God wanted to create mankind he said: Let US create man in OUR image! Who do you think he is refering to? And don't come with the BS story the holy ghost, and the son!

Women from Michigan have unusually strong genetics. They might be these giants.

We find new dinosaur species fossils all the time. Did those dinosaur species not exist until we found their fossilized bones? What I'm saying is just because we haven't found them doesn't mean the didn't exist. Now if you believe a common lizard once was 40-60 long, or a dragon fly grew to have a 3 foot wing span or a rat grew to be the size of a car, or plants growing to the size of sky scrapers (all fossil records from the dinosaur era) then is it really hard to believe that humans were once giant size? Just pointing out life seemed to have gone from gigantic size millions of years ago to our much smaller current size today and that is across the board for all creatures. Birds, reptiles, mammals, plants, fish, ect were all of gigantic size a few million years ago, so the notion that there were giants in our past is not that hard to believe.

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i believe they have been found, but they aren't openly displayed.

love, light and blessings


Your conclusion concerning Biblical Scripture is deeply flawed and missing information. First consider that the first 2 versus of Genesis 6... one sentence and not 2 separate thoughts... discussing 3 groups 1. Sons of God 2. mankind 3. Nephilim. Then when asking ourselves who are the Sons of God here, we turn to the original manuscript to see that it is a word that is only used when referring to a DIRECT creation of God. The word is Bene HaElohim. For example, Adam was a direct creation of God, in the natural you and I are not...we are daughters and sons of Adam. In the old testament (Job 1:6, 2:1, 38:7) this term is used to refer to angels. In the new testament (Luke 20:36) this term is also used to refer to angels because they are a direct creation of God (also note the same use of the word in the book of Enoch, while not considered inspired canon, it is still a good source in considering grammar of the time). Additionally, the Septuagint (giving us the valuable benefit of the precision of Greek) makes it clear that we are dealing with angels, as we think of them.

The actual term used for daughters of men is benoth Adam and means daughters of Adam (not a direct creation of God).

Since scripture indicates that angels are not directed to reproduce (completely different than not equipped), then we see angels, God's direct creation in direct rebellion to Him and His directive which does not describe the behavior of a messenger of God at all but exactly describes the behavior of angels who are in rebellion to God and His directives (the fallen angels).

While there is so much more support for this theory in scripture (I could go on all day about the "giants" punishment in that their spirits were earth born and on the earth their spirits remain without a body or any peace when they die and how this aligns with demonic entities even today), it is just silly to think in the very next verse, a continuation of the thought of fallen angels "taking" themselves wives of human women and reprodusing, that nephilim (giants) are mentioned quite randomly and with no apparent baring on the thought concerning the offspring of the rebellious angels and daughters of Adam.

You are the kind of person to stick close to. Your knowledge abounds. Quite impressive.

Even after studying hard for years, a person comes along and hits me between the eyes.

Good job!


You wrote: "I could go on all day about the "giants" punishment in that their spirits were earth born and on the earth their spirits remain without a body or any peace when they die and how this aligns with demonic entities even today". My husband and I were just discussing this very thing last week, and I would be very interested, if you would care to “go on”.

If you have time, I would also like to ask your thoughts on reconciling the apparent survival of a race of "giants" after the Genesis Flood with the "eight in the ark" scenario. Gen. 6:4 says, “The Nephilim[e] were on the earth both in those days and afterward”. Since that chapter is referring to the Flood, I have always thought “afterward” referred to a time after the Flood, with the race of “giants” mentioned later in Scripture being their descendants. I can’t seem to wrap my mind around it. Any help would be appreciated.

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I'd guess the Bene Ha Elohim were a lot harder to kill than mere humans. Presumably, some--or even all--survived the deluge.

What didn't survive was most of their offspring. It seemed to me that the "corruption of man" that God wanted to wipe from the face of the earth was actually the hybrid Nephilim. This seems to be made clear in the description of Noah(which is also given as an explanation for why he was chosen to survive), he is said to be "a righteous man, pure in all his generations."

Incidentally, I disagree that the Bene Ha Elohim must necessarily be disembodied spirits....but that's a discussion for another day...

And the only way to prove any of that is with the Bible which you cannot prove the Bible with itself.

Tsurugi's picture

Absolutely correct, sir.

But as none of this is exactly "proven" in any case...who's complaining? :D

You got a point there.

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I totally agree with you. The sons of God are always referred to angels.

Also, there is no scripture that excludes angels from intercourse.

I believe this is corroborated in Genesis 3:15 5 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

It’s a “seed” war. I believe satan attempted to corrupt the Holy lineage of Christ so that Christ could not be born to a hybred blood line.

Now, think about these “alien/demon” abductions. They extract eggs from women, and sperm from men. They are focused on cattle, and cattle and human hemogloban is compatible.

I believe they are attempting to recreate their offspring, the nephilim, in order to destroy the world and hurt God before He send satan to his eternal BBQ party.


Now, I also believe the time when Adam & Eve were tossaed out of the garden, they lost their eteranl bodies, and from that time down through the years the human genetics have been degrading. That explains why we are becoming more and more susceptable to these new diseases.

There is a curious scripture in Daniel 2:43

And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

They will attempt to mix angel and human again, but in my opinion, our DNA is so far degraded that the two “seed” types cannot match and produce offspring any longer.

And so in their desperation they are attempting to use animal and human genetics combined in an attempt to “create” a new race of Nephilim.


So, put it all together – the scriptures tell us satan would mix seeds with the daughters of man.

That happened and is described in Genesis 6

The hybrid offspring were huge, and evil.

God wiped out the entire planet because the evil bloodline was taking over.

Another very revealing scripture is this one –

Genesis 6:9

 These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.

Noah was a just man – Plain enough.

And perfect in his generations! Wow! This is telling us Noah's family bloodline was “perfect” not contaminated by Nephilim blood.

What happened to these rebellious fallen angelic beings who created this abomination?

Read an often overlooked book – Jude –

2 Pet. 2:4,

And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.
giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.
Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.
wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.

The angels who produced the nephilim were in deep trouble.

2Peter corroborates this fact, and gives more details as to where the black prison is.

"Certainly if God did not hold back from punishing the angels that sinned, but, by throwing them into Tar´ta·rus, delivered them to pits of dense darkness to be reserved for judgment;"


“The Pit” is a secton of Hell, where these rebellious angels are in “everlasting chains”

God di not imprison satan and most of the two thirds of rebellious angels who foolishly, unbelieveably followed him. But God did send these angels there because of the seriousness of what they did. God had to wipe out the entire world because of these rebellious angels.

So now, add the fact that real giant skeletons have been found all over the world, including America! The huge elongated skulls are being found all over the wolrd!

There is genetic testing being carrioud out on these skulls and the preliminary results are incredible! This is by far, the greatest discovery of mankind to date!

These bones corroborate one of the most incredible accounts from the Holy Bible and proves we can trust the book – it is God's book, when incredible corroboration like this comes out, it would take a strong, purposeful efforet to continue to deny it.


Yes, I can go on and on about corroborating evidence for these Biblical giants.

Do not allow the atheists, evolutionites tell you it's all bull. They cannot stand God, they hate His word because they love their sins.

Keep your faith in Almighty God and pray these hate filled mockers are saved before it’s too late for them.

Visit my web site for more incredible Bible facts


First off, kudos for mentioning The Book of Enoch. I can't believe that a story about Biblical giants does not reference this in any way.
I would, however, caution against eliminating anything not "canon." The Book of Enoch is nearly as old as the OT and, in fact, much older than the NT. It verifies much of what is written in the "accepted" Bible.
For that matter, The Catholic Bible contains books eliminated by the Protestants as not canon, and indeed; according to the church of Ethiopia, the Book of Enoch IS canonical. All of which begs the question, "who decides what is canonical and what is not?" If we conclude that God decides this, then obviously only one church is preaching the Word of God and all others, are in fact, false. So the next question must be "Which church is teaching the true Word of God?"

You ask a very valid question, Gary. I agree that Enoch is canonical

When the church realized the true nature of Enochs work, they gave him the boot. Enochs testement clearly tells the truth about many issues, including the true nature of spirituality, reincarnation, and hell.

The Book of Enoch, basically and foremost is a apocraphyl foretelling of the true location of the battle of the Armageddon, he explains who is behind the malevolence, in veiled terms, but very clearly if you look closely, he tells us that Armageddon is fomented by the "accursed of the accursed for ever, that sleep in the dust" and they are in the "accursed valley between the lofty trees". He explains that as long as they stay in their valley, everything will remain peaceful.

The "accused valley between the lofty trees". The "lofty trees" are the Sierras and the Rockies. That makes the "accursed valley" the great basin.

Enoch even makes reference to the "saints" and makes a rhetorical joke at one point, in an "ohoh, somebodies gonna be in trouble" way, for the malevolence they create.

Another thing Enoch relates, and the true reason the church gave him the boot, is he tells us about reincarnation and spirituality. Hell also relates the true nature of "hell".

Understanding the churches intention of inserting themselves between God and the masses, to make themselves the middleman of spirituality, for the low low price of 10% of everything you own, we can get you to heaven in one trip through the game of life.

Just come on into the crazy popes and ask about our "salvation and forgiveness" package. You can forget about "suffering" and all those rebirths that our competition gives away. Here at crazy popes church we have what you need, come on in today.

The truth is, the only spiritual dogma the Old Man endorses is Advaita Vedanta, which is the divine seed that every religion on earth can trace its roots back to.

Advaita Vedanta is the spiritual dogma which was brought here by the annunaki, and gifted to the Sumerians.

Before the council of Nicea in AD328, spirituality was very much of an individualized deal, between you and God. There were no churches. There were temples, but those were for the priests, not congregations.

The church gave us religion, but not spirituality. They created a collective guilt trip, replete with a big collection plate that every body else saw who dropped what into it. The created competition among the people and profited nicely by it.

In its purest form, Advaita Vedanta, required no church. Like i said, very individualized. The only "religion" that is requisite, is simply an acknowledgement that the Creator exists. Other than that, you were/are free to make your own "religion" out of it.

As for the church, they have been on the old mans"shit list" for a long time. You cannot go around spreading malevolence, like the crusades, and then point the finger of blame at the Old Man and say "God told me to" and not expect to to be on his christmas card list.

That, and the fact that of all the billions and billions of dollars the church has taken in, not one shekel has ever found its way to the Old Mans coin purse. Not one!

I hope that ive answered your question.

Isn't it rather convenient that you quoted several mythologies that have no link to one another and drew up a conclusion on a biblical verse? You come across as one who was ready to dismiss the scripture before even starting.

Secret: The best (human) way to interpret the scriptures is by using the scriptures. I put human in parenthesis because you can ask the Holy spirit to help you, but since that is whole different subject on its own, you will do well if you just read other scriptural references. You can use a mythology to interpret a holy scripture.

Read the whole texts (whole chapters or story lines, as may apply) you were referring to, no need to give you more work. May Jesus bless your soul.

As a study of comparative mythology a la Joseph Campbell, this article rates about one or two stars out of five. However, it appears under category Human Origins rather than Myths, and the publication date is not April 1, so I don't know what to make of it. A zero out of five stars?

I don't know if there is any connection between Nefilim and albanian laguage,but if we see albanian language we will find something interwsting:
Ne fillim, in albaninan languag means -at the begining.This corresponds with the nefilim story.

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God granted me a vision of giants dominating the Earth and Lucifers plot to magically change all their bones to look like Dinosaurs.

Moonsong's picture

I dont think the term ‘giants’ was meant physically, I think they meant it metaphorically, that is, that these were giants/titans amongst men. Heroes and great men.

- Moonsong
A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world ~ Oscar Wilde

why is the Nephilim in the photo bigger than the angel.

Some people (Steve Quayle is one) use the existence of very tall human beings who were seven and eight feet tall as proof of the existence of giants who were very much taller. This is dishonest. Very tall people do not prove there were once giants of twenty or thirty or fifty feet tall.

There are historians who suggest the myth of giants arose from the construction of large monuments like Stonehenge, and from very large rocks weighing many tons which were transported many miles by glaciers, then being deposited great distances from their source when the glaciers melted.

This article and many of the people who commented are referencing fossilized evidence of true giants. Some of the fossilized skulls alone are nearly 6 feet high. These are not 7 or 8 foot humans but giants that could easily reach 30 feet. Yes I do agree that the article was poorly researched and has a number of holes and other issues but at the core it does attempt to deal with a legitimate mystery.

Just for clarification; Stonehenge was not created by glaciers and the 'normal' humans of the time could not have lifted the massive blocks that are on the TOP of the pillars without significant help.

Apparently the average Jew was about 61" tall. Neanderthals average was about 66" tall. While we do not know the average height of Denisovans it is possible that wandering groups may have been substantially taller than the locals. They would have seemed like foreign born giants who would have the physical ability to mate with the local females and produce a child that was different in appearance than the local culture.

Interested to be part

Yeah! I have heard of them. They said that’s why God distroyed sodom and gormora. It was an abomination because they had mixed race-daughters of man and sons of God- and God only wanted people who were human to survive. Lot was purly human. 

--Still learning--

Yes there were giants offspring of Fallen Angels. And they are with us today. They are called the Illuminati who are behind the New World Order and New Age Religion led by the Pope of Rome. For proof read my books The Mysteries of History Revealed Part 1 & Part 2.

The reason why the Nephilim were thought to be the children of angels and mortal women is not the book of Jubilees. The term "Sons of God" (Hebrew Bene-Elohim) or "Son of God" during O.T. times was the same as the Pagan "Sons of the gods" or "Son of the gods". This was a phrase used in the ancient world to designate a supernatural being, something that was created and not born. The name takes on a different meaning during N.T. times (Jesus being the "Son of God" has a far different meaning, yet still denotes the supernatural) but not any place in the O.T> will you find any mere mortal labeled as "Bene Elohim" (Children of God, yes, not Sons of God). The supernatural beings in view as the "Sons of God" refers in Biblical literature as "Angel".

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View from the Castle Gate (Burgtor). (Public Domain)
Door surrounded by roots of Tetrameles nudiflora in the Khmer temple of Ta Phrom, Angkor temple complex, located today in Cambodia. (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Cable car in the Xihai (West Sea) Grand Canyon (CC BY-SA 4.0)
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