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Unidentified Flying Objects – the reality, the cover-up and the truth

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Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFOs as they are commonly known, have been witnessed by millions of people all over the world and have been recorded in history books, myths, legends and traditions for thousands of years. However, many accounts that are recorded in ancient texts are dismissed as mere myths and legends, while UFO sightings that have taken place in the last few centuries have been classified as misinterpretations of natural phenomena, illusions, or conspiracy theories.

History has shown us time and again that a plethora of so-called ‘myths’ have their basis in reality. It is possible, and indeed likely, that stories and legends were a way for people to explain real—and perhaps perplexing—events using the knowledge and beliefs of their time. In support of this theory, a number of events described in mythology, which were once considered mere fairy tales, have now been proven through archaeology to have existed. A famous example is the city Troy, which is central to Homer’s ‘The Iliad’. Long considered to be a city of myth, Heinrich Schliemann’s discovery of the actual site in 1868 elevated it to a place in history. Nevertheless, the remainder of The Iliad is still viewed as a myth and fantasy without any serious attempts being made to investigate whether or not there may be more truth behind the tale.  The same goes for many accounts of ‘flying machines’, which we find reference to in countless mythologies from numerous different cultures around the world.

Many cultures contain pictorial and written records of ‘flying machines’, yet these are usually dismissed as myth and legend

Many cultures contain pictorial and written records of ‘flying machines’, yet these are usually dismissed as myth and legend. ( Wikimedia Commons )

It is common to see people selectively decide what is real and what is not and all of this on the unsubstantiated assumption that ancient people were primitive and had little to no knowledge compared to us today. On the contrary, many ancient civilizations, like the Sumerians, Indus Valley, and Egyptians existed with complex social structures, legal systems, art, astronomy, mathematics, and technology, some of which is still not fully understood today. The Antikythera Mechanism, for example, is a 2,200-year-old mechanical device that is still not completely understood despite decades of research by top scientists around the world.

Ancient Astronaut Theory

The topic of flying objects and supernatural beings from out of our world is one in which we find multiple references in mythologies.  All of these myths and legends, along with archaeological evidence such as rock art depictions, have created a wave of theories that gave birth to the ‘Ancient Astronaut’ perspective, which links all of these ancient references and depictions to UFOs, and posits that extra-terrestrials visited Earth and made contact with humans in antiquity and prehistory, influencing the development of human cultures, technologies, and religions.

Unfortunately, there are numerous charlatans who have tried to ‘cash in’ on this movement for profit or publicity, or who have diminished it with caricatures of little green men, resulting in the ancient astronaut perspective being widely criticized and attacked for its lack of credibility. Consequently, what is in fact a plausible and possible explanation for what we see in ancient art and texts, is now rarely examined by scholars, who fear being ridiculed or having their professional career seriously undermined.

UFOs in art: Battesimo di Cristo, 1710; Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

UFOs in art: Battesimo di Cristo" 1710; Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge ( Wikimedia Commons )

UFO sightings in recent history

But let’s leave the ancient past for a while and examine just the last 80 years of human history. Millions of people all over the globe have witnessed unidentified flying objects. Many have been recorded in detailed reports witnessed by police, pilots, astronauts, government officials, pilots, military personnel and, of course, ordinary citizens. Some of the more well-known cases were witnessed by thousands of people at one time. Historical records make it evident that UFO appearances magnified during and after World War II, including the example of the famous ‘ Foo Fighters’ .

While most sightings can be explained either by celestial phenomena, airplanes, planets, weather phenomena, military exercises, or in some cases drug use or mental instability, there still exists a small percentage that cannot be accounted for by any of these explanations. This is what makes the phenomena important and not to be ignored, particularly considering that sightings are frequently reported around military bases and airfields and are therefore, at the very least, a matter of both national security and air safety.

It is an undeniable fact that there are cases of unidentified objects in our skies. It has been acknowledged by the major governments from all over the world simply through the very fact that official research has been conducted on the matter in the US, UK, Russia, Europe, China, South America, and many others. All of this research, in every single case, concluded that there is a percentage of phenomena that cannot be explained.



There are so many documented UFO observations. Like here in the declassified audio recording (including transcript) from the Edwards Air Force Base incident in 1965. Where things are said out in the open. http://sanjindumisic.com/ufo-over-edwards-air-force-base-audio-recording...

Also what's interesting are the observations before the airplane-age. Like in the autobiography of this monk who describes the "wisdom lights" in the sky on a mountain. http://sanjindumisic.com/wisdom-lamps-ufo-1884/

I think that any UFO evidence to have credit is for it to have some documenter reference points. There's been not much new in the field recently and because of that too many spiritual UFO encounters, that are a subjective experience. But that's an individual experience but for the benefit in the public arena - there has to be some well documented evidence. So I hope the shift in ufology goes back into the stuff that you hang hold up and point to for everyone to see.

I have never discovered a giant skeleton, an out of place artifact or seen a Bigfoot.However, I did have  an experience that disleveled my sense of reality to such a degree as to open my mind up to such posibilities.

    I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area, near the town of Pinole and during the month of September of 2006 my wife, teenage son and myself were in our backyard. It was a warm, pleasant afternoon with a clear, cloudless sky. My wife had glanced causualy through the grove of eucalyptus behind our property line and saw an object in the horizon just above the treeline, coming our way. She spoke up, saying "what is that?" We all looked up and saw what appeared to be a somewhat rectangular object making its way towards us, no faster than a small private airplane and also at an altitude common for such craft. The craft was completely silent. It could not have been much bigger than a 40 foot container. As it got closer to us we all comfirmed that it was without wings and could not detect any means of propulsion. My wife ran into the house and brought out a small pair of binoculars and after looking at the object herself handed them to me. The object was close enough to see quite a bit of detail and its relatively slow speed made it easy to follow with the binoculars. I remember seeing a shape close to an elongated diamond, however with the fore and aft tips bobbed so as to make it a six-sided object.,almost like looking at the underside of a rubber raft. I was able to see its surface which appeared to have a dark grey, matte, metalic skin, made of sections with visible rivets not unlike conventional aircraft construction. Even at its closest, it was silent, no propeller, no jet intake or exhaust and no condensation trail. There were no numbers or markings anywhere to be seen. I have a working knowledge of physics and have a broad range of understanding of what is technically possible and that fusilage did not have a shape capable of creating lift. It was too fast and silent to be a lighter than air craft. It traveled directly over us and disappeared in a north/ north east direction. Since then I have made a point of looking at UFO reports whenever they come up and to this day have not heard of one described like this one. My wife and son have seen other objects before and after, but this was my one and only so far. I sometimes wonder if some-one forgot to turn on the cloaking device  and we got a glimse of it.



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No matter how big a skeptic a person may be, when they have an experience that involves UFOs, Ghosts or other “unusual” phenomena theirs world view changes. I saw a distant UFO in 1966 when I was 13 and looking at the planets with some friends. We saw a point source light moving across the sky from west to east. We decided it must be the recently launched Echo satellite reflecting the sunlight . (The sun had just recently set.) We kept an eye on it and just after it passed the zenith a strange thing happened. It made a 90 degree turn to the north. After about 6 seconds it made a 90 degree turn to the east, the sped up and was gone in a few seconds.

As I said earlier, this was very distant and only seen as a point source of light. But, it was now obvious that it was not the Echo satellite and I don’t know of any planes that can turn or accelerate like that. So.. It was a UFO and I am assuming not man made. The acceptance of this as a possibility has certainly changed my world view.

I do have another story about a fellow I worked with who had immigrated from Iran at the time of the revolution. At lunch the topic of UFOs came up. He revealed that he had been a pilot in the Iranian AF and was one of those sent to interecept a UFO near Tehran. (There have been several TV shows that covered this since then.) Too long a story to really get into, but in his telling of the story it noticeably affected him emotionally. I believe he had an experience that changed his life too.


We never know what we don't know until eventually we do.
You know what I mean?

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This is a pretty awesome article. People need to take into consideration that our physical selfs are probably percieveing some of these UFOs differently from what the really are.

Peace and Love,


When my aughter was 12, she was member of a junior aircraft club. She loved airplanes, wanted to be a pilot, so she never missed once. She could identity airplanes and tell you exactly everything about it. I never understood the fun of it, but what the heck., she was happy.  

Once a year they went camping and every night three teens had to stand watch outside under the supervision of one of the leaders. In the morning the had to tell about the planes they saw in the night. Of course they could not tell what kind of planes just from seeing them, but based on what they knew about the routes the planes took, they could say enough about the planes. What fun.

One night they all saw a ufo hoveriing not that far away. It looke like a giant pencil stub. For a long while it hung there without moving.  My daughter later said that she felt like anyone in the stub could see them clearly, something she didn't like at all.

After a while the ufo shot straight up and disappeard in a very short time. 

The leaer of the group told them not ever to talk about what they had seen. He said: "Before you know what happens, they will lock us all up, never to be seen again". So they didn't.

She told me about it but I also kept my mouth shut for many years.

Years later I saw a drawing of the pencil stub.  In the article  it was mentioned s a type that was not seen so much.


Sunny Young


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