Deriv; Bust of Plato, map of Santorini, 1703, underwater ruin.

Atlantis: Examining the Legendary Tale of Plato

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Traveling Genetics

If so, can this very early knowledge of the American continent best explain how haplogroup X, a Middle Eastern gene, found itself in the region of the Great Lakes 10,000 years ago? If an advanced Mediterranean culture did not travel to North America via island hopping as Plato claimed, how else then can we justify that elevated concentrations of haplogroup X also ‘strangely’ exist in Scotland, Orkney Islands, Faroe Islands, and Iceland, essentially all the island stops on the way to North America from Europe. Finally, how do we otherwise explain that official mtDNA maps show that the highest concentration of haplogroup X away from the eastern Mediterranean exists on the east coast of North America, around the Great Lakes, and not in Alaska or alongside the west coast of the United States, where mainstream scientists maintain haplogroup X infiltrated the American continent. The fact that there is no conclusive scientific explanation to justify the lack of haplogroup X in the enormous void between Altai Republic in southern Russia and the greater region of the Great Lakes, unquestionably raises legitimate doubts on the Bering Strait hypothesis.

mtDNA Map: Spread of Haplogroup X

mtDNA Map: Spread of Haplogroup X (Courtesy author)

As for the Solutrean/Clovis theory (Europeans simply made it to America on a partial ice sheet via the Atlantic), how can the supporters of this hypothesis rationalize that out of a dozen distinct haplogroups in Europe at the time (H,V,J,HV,U,T,UK,X,W, and I), only haplogroup X conveniently made it to North America?

If we ignore Plato's claim that a particular race of prehistoric Mediterranean navigators (in a contained environment) crossed the Atlantic via island hopping 10,000 years ago, and simply assume that 10 millennia ago the path to North America was open from both directions (the north Atlantic as well as the Bering Strait), how do we explain that only a single European/Mediterranean gene managed the journey to the New World via the Atlantic, while on the opposite side, every one of the four Asian haplogroups (A,B,C and D) sequentially followed each other to America through the Bering Strait?

Finally, as for the general notion that Atlantis “was swallowed by the sea and vanished” this is simply another misconception.

"But at a later time there occurred portentous earth quakes and floods, and one grievous day and night .... And the island of Atlantis in like manner was swallowed up by the sea and vanished." - Plato

We must not ignore that in the same paragraph Plato points out that Atlantis' demise came after several “portentous earthquakes and floods.” The mention of earthquakes and floods in the plural not only confirms that the island’s destruction was gradual but this statement further corroborates that the periodic floods were most likely associated with the rise of the oceans as earlier indicated. Furthermore, the remark “one grievous day and night”, more of a stock phrase among Greeks, does not necessarily imply that the island was lost within 24 hours, but that the end event occurred at some unknown point in time.

Not speaking in literal terms but poetically, Plato said the island on that very day was “swallowed” (claimed) by the sea, and it “vanished.” In another paragraph though, he accurately describes the particular region and explains that once the flood cycle finally ended, the mountain tops of Atlantis remained above water and formed small islands (just as in the case of the modern Cyclades). Poetically once more, he compared these small islets to the “bones of the wasted body” of the "country" that once was there.

"The consequence is, that in comparison of what then was, there are remaining in small islets only the bones of the wasted body, as they may be called, all the richer and softer parts of the soil having fallen away, and the mere skeleton of the country being left." - Plato

Extracted from the book, "Uchronia? - Atlantis Revealed" by Christos A. Djonis. For more on Atlantis and other topics, look for the book on Amazon.

Featured image: Deriv; Bust of Plato (CC BY 2.5 ), Map of Santorini, 1703 ( Public Domain ), underwater ruins (Saramarielin/ CC BY 2.0 )

By Christos A. Djonis


during the time when the seas were low enough to expose the Bering Sea bridge, they would have also been low enough to expose much of the Mid Atlantic ridge and the islands in the Caribbean would have been much larger and more connected (Bimini Road). Aztec mythical homeland is Atzlan. not far from Atlantis if you drop the 'tis'.

How can it be that this article (and the comments) fail to mention the Antikythera mechanism?
There most definitely WAS a technologically advanced civilization somewhere around the Mediteranean Sea, deep in the BC centuries. Because we have a piece of machinery they made.

The only question is, where were they located?

The Antikythera Mechanism

Antikythera Mechanism - An Ancient Greek Computer? Part 1 Part 2

That were the Ertrusks. And the Antikytera or Better Ancitapatus was a device to estimate the levels of the tides around Greece! That should be about 11.000 years ago
Bonusje wrote on 17 March, 2016 - 02:08

Maby insula atlantis is Australia? ( Atlantis just was an early Japanese name for Australia アトランティス号 Atorantisu-gō – A Door to another Dimension)

This might be of interest > Weapons of Gladiators > Atlantis Memmilo

Listen carefully at what they say about the memmillo.

The Memillo a hybrid Humanoid which could breath underwater aswell as on land and lived in undersea cities at the Great Barrier reef at 2000 meter depth. Maby this is cause more cities were found at depths of multiple hundreds meters in Sea.

The last of these Atlanteans died 204 years ago and was murdered by an alien race that came from IO to Earth 254 years ago and hunted them for pleasure.

God wiped the alien race out and anihilated their underground cities of which huge traces are in Australia Somalia and midle south amerika. Two nuclear underground explosions in the Eyres region in Australia are mixed up with two huge asteroid impacts which were reported lately by geo survey. It is very likely the nuclear explosions in Australia also did set off the Tambora. The places in Somalia and mSA have same geo features. Might look for Lithium 6?

I am very sorry link above is broken I just found out just now .. this one works >


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