Adventist Adventurer Claimed to Have Found Ark of the Covenant Beneath Crucifixion Site

Adventist Adventurer Claimed to Have Found Ark of the Covenant Beneath Crucifixion Site

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One of the greatest mysteries for believers of the Judeo-Christian religions is the present location of the Ark of the Covenant, a chest that is said to contain the two stone tablets of the original Ten Commandments. There are many theories as to its whereabouts but nobody can know for certain because legend says a mere human cannot look on such a holy artifact without suffering tremendous consequences (though perhaps not so severe as those portrayed in Raiders of the Lost Ark ). However, one man claims to have not only found the Ark of the Covenant but to have seen it with his own eyes. Ron Wyatt says he found the Ten Commandments on January 6, 1982, an event he believes was foretold by prophecy.

‘The Ark Passes Over the Jordan’

‘The Ark Passes Over the Jordan’ ( public domain )

Possible Locations of the Ark

The Bible says that the Commandments were preserved by the Israelites in a wooden chest covered with gold, the Ark of the Covenant. The chest may also contain the rod of Aaron (which famously turned into a snake before the Pharaoh’s eyes) and a pot of manna (believed to be food provided by heaven for the Israelites to survive on while wandering around in the desert).

One of the strongest claims to possessing the Ark is made by the Ethiopian Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion, which maintains that the Ark was carried to Axum by the son of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon for protection. Many other churches put forward claims as well. Possible locations of the Ark include Jordan, Egypt, Israel, South Africa, France, Italy, Ireland, and the United States.

Ron Wyatt, an amateur researcher, adventurer, and Seventh Day Adventist, believes he found the Ark buried under the remains of the old city of Jerusalem. Indeed, his version says that the Ark of the Covenant was situated exactly beneath the spot where Jesus of Nazareth was crucified.

‘The transfer of the ark by the singing and dancing King David.’

‘The transfer of the ark by the singing and dancing King David.’ ( public domain )

Hidden in an Underground Chamber

Since escaping Egypt and settling in the promised land, the Ark was kept in the Holy Temple, also known as Solomon’s Temple. 600 years before Jesus’ death, the Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar invaded and destroyed much of Jerusalem, including the Temple. It is at this moment in time that the Ark becomes lost to history. When the Babylonians began their attack, they built a huge Siege Wall around the city so that nobody could get in or out. In response, the Israelites built many tunnels so that they could move about the city without causing alarm. Many of these tunnels still exist today and ancient artifacts have been found in some before. Wyatt argues that the Ark of the Covenant, the most sacred Jewish artifact, was hidden in an underground chamber, which was then sealed and forgotten.

An illustration of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.

An illustration of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. ( CC by SA 4.0 )

Prophecy – Commandments to be Revealed

In 1901, a woman by the name of Ellen G. White made the following prophecy:

“And He [Christ] gave unto Moses, when He had made an end of communing with him upon Mount Sinai, two tables of testimony, tables of stone, written with the finger of God. Nothing written on those tables could be blotted out. The precious record of the law was placed in the ark of the testament and is still there, safely hidden from the human family. But in God’s appointed time He will bring forth these tables of† stone to be a testimony to all the world against the disregard of His commandments and against the idolatrous worship of a counterfeit Sabbath.”  (White quoted in Covenant Keepers, 2016).

Students of the Bible, such as Mr. Wyatt, believe that “the Lord God does nothing, without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7). Ms. White’s prophecy, made 81 years before Wyatt’s discovery in 1982, was thus believed by Wyatt to be the foretelling of the miraculous unearthing of the Ark.

Moses holding the tablets of the law (1659) by Rembrandt.

Moses holding the tablets of the law (1659) by Rembrandt. ( public domain )

Wyatt’s Excavations


Ron Wyatt claimed he found Noah's ark below Ararat.T his has been identified as a rock formation by me and geologist John Morris.

As for the Ark of the Covenant, it was removed by God from the temple in Jerusalem when Jesus was crucified and the veil was torn in two revealing the Holy of Holies. It is now in heaven with Jesus. This ark represents Jesus.

The Jews created a fake ark to replace the missing one, representing the Antichrist. This fake ark was hidden by the Knights Templars with the Grail Treasures to be used to fool people into believing the Antichrist is a descendant and reincarnation of Jesus. It will confirm that Jesus and Antichrist have AB Negative blood type from the French royal Merovingian lineage of the Illuminati. The blood on the Shroud of Turin is AB Negative, and it is the blood of the founder of the Knights Templars Jaques de Molay.

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Certainly not true!


Mishkan 1.2m below Heel Stone
@ Stonehenge, United Kingdom

The Ark of the Covenant disappeared during the 2-year Babylonian siege of Jerusalem in 532 BC. Nobody and NO THING got in or out of the city. Everyone was starved to the point where some at their own babies. There was no way that the Ark ever got out of the city, so it had to have been hidden there to prevent Nebuchadnezzar from obtaining it. If he had it would have been paraded around and made a great deal over. Jeremiah lists all that was taken to the "isles" and the Ark was not among those things. Record would have stated if it had been. The Ark was NEVER seen after. The comment that it was taken by God at Jesus crucifixion is PROOF of the ignorance and malfeasance of this lying SPEW. Do not believe a SINGLE WORD that they say. They are an absolute LIAR. One that needs to be busted in the face for their ignorance and misrepresentation.

The site of the crucifixion is apocryphal. reality.

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Absolutely True!


Mishkan 1.2m below Heel Stone
@ Stonehenge, United Kingdom

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It most Certainly is!


Mishkan 1.2m below Heel Stone
@ Stonehenge, United Kingdom

And I found jeezis - he was hiding behind the draperies in the parlor.

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I most Certainly was!


Mishkan 1.2m below Heel Stone
@ Stonehenge, United Kingdom

I think its important to stick to the facts, and Ron Wyatt offers none.


Like the mythical Biblical Jesus as The Greatest Story Ever Sold, this is another great story that offers no proof of its so called truth.

-." Becausw satan is such a liar and thief and a murderous fiend ,he makes a mockery of Christs Majesty and Holiness !!! Therefore , as a deceptive measure aginst the tide of absolute Truth and to inhibit the human race to believe a Lie, satan being The Father of Lies and as scripture details ..- an the devil that Decived them was cast into the eternal fire !!! Calling Christ a fable is not a choice humans can make by themselves !! You Who are led astray by satans deception and are caught by his lie,can only continue in darkness !! All men ( human race) will stand before Yashua God -Jehovah for Judgement !!! This is certain and cannot be avoided !!! Remember - "Man has no excuse not to believe in God ,because man see's All The Handiwork of His Creation!!!

Revelation 11:19 states that the ark of the covenant is in the temple in heaven, which may imply that the ark has been taken from the earth in some way. Visions, although primarily symbolic, can have literal components. Perhaps the ark was transferred to a heavenly realm. If so, an angel, a messenger of God, would have transferred taken it, just as an angel may do with any sacred artifact.

A striking example is that of the angel Moroni relative to his stewardship of the original record of the Book of Mormon:

Couldn't agree more. Glad to see that at least one person on here has some sense.

I would debate that the "Ark of His TESTAMENT" is more than likely not the same thing as the Ark of the COVENANT. You assume much, without any way to confirm. Do you really think God is so simple? He is much more complex than our simple minds can fathom. I do not agree that it is the SAME Ark. Different name and designation.

Any thing is possible.The Ark of the testament could be the SAME,and it could have been taken to heaven. God has the power to do whatever He wants, at any time. I feel they are two different Arks.

The Lord Thy God ,does have an Holy Ark in Heaven ,For Attonment and for Himself !!! The Actual Physical Ark is in a grotto Cave under Golgotha resting to be used as a Witness to All men when the Mark of the Beast program is in full swing and mankind must see the Ark for Faith, repentance and justification of the True Nature and Holy sovereignty !!!

I agree that the Ark of the Covenant is in the Grotto under Golgotha, as Wyatt said. I believe the Lord allowed him to find and see it, as he did many things including Noa'hs Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, Sainai, etc.. The Ark in Heaven is not the same. It is called the Ark of the TESTAMENT. The Word being the testament, having to do with Jesus Himself, being the WORD itself. Just because something is called an "ark", limited people assume that it is all the same thing. The Ark of Noah contained Noah, his family and the animals. The Ark of the Covenant contained the Covenant between God and His people, which Covenant He broke, therefore the Ark is not present with them today. His People are now those who love Jesus, the NEW Covenant. All who hate and despise Jesus will be annihilated, even JUDEA which is falsely calling itself Israel. Ah, but Jesus Himself calls it JUDEA at the arrival of the man of sin, the Abomination which maketh Desolate. ONLY 144,000 will stand before God's throne, being in any manner ever called "Israel", in the Book of Revelation, the FINAL WORD. The 2nd group taken during the 6th Seal, 3-1/2 years earlier, are called from ALL NATIONS. So there will be a whole bunch of Jews destroyed in JUDEA who hate and reject Jesus ("His blood be upon us and our children"), according to Revelation and what it shows abut "Israel" ever consisting of only 144,000. A great deception is under way. A great slaughter will commence at the arrival of the 1st beast/7th king in 2017, around the winter solstice. The rebirth of Osiris will commence at the vatican, not a false Pharisaic temple. JESUS IS the temple of the earth. No other will ever be called holy or God's temple that actually truly IS that, being a rejection of Jesus. Therefore the holy place and temple of God can be ANY sanctuary he is worshiped. The Vatican has "daily sacrifice". They exalt Osiris. The Baldaccino IS the Shrine of Osiris, with the dragon and his angels atop the SERPENTine pillars. The 4 angels standing at the 4 corners of the earth ARE the dragon and his angels, 4 of the 7 satans. Zech. 11:17 will commence when the 1st beast/man of sin arrives. War in heaven began over the temple mount in the 1st hour of the 1st month on the 28th day of 2011. check out the ENCODING of the numbers with Rev 6-7 and Rev 12:7-12 (the SAME events) and the death of Osiris, connecting 17. 1 of teh 7 and 1 plus the 7 of Rev 17. 2017 will be the 3rd and 4th horse arrival. The pale "green" horse, HORUS. king of death, king of the underworld, AZAZEL.

This should help you to realize where we really stand. Michael is the rider of the white horse. The dragon is the rider of the red horse. War in heaven began. Compare Rev 12:7-12 with this and you will discern that Michael IS the rider of the white horse. It has been hidden/sealed. COMPARE and confirm
The tetrahedron formation PROVES who the red stars are, being the dragon and his angels. 4 corners in 3 dimensions, "the 4 angels standing at the 4 corners of the earth". COMPARE REV 6-7 with Rev 12:7-12. COMPARE and you will confirm. The 7th king is coming in 2017. 1 of the 7. Zecheriah 11;17 is a direct ebuke against the symbols of Horus" power. This will confirm also that he is the rider of the 4th horse. Osiris is green. very simple when you put it all together. COMPARE and confirm. Horus is a composite. The 7 kings are possessed by Osiris/Azazel/Apollyon, beginning with Nimrod. he Pope will probably be the 7th manifestation of Horus/Apollyon. God Bless. too many "17"s to not follow suit with the encoding of 1-28-2011 with the 7 Seals.
Temple Mount videos 1-28-2011:
Closeup (BenGurion High School kids)
UFO Politics deep analysis
Winged Discs and red stars
Jamie Maussan Investigates
Original 4th video
Frame by frame
Last Video

these numbers are also directly connected to Osiris death. Look it up. He was killed on the 17th day of the 3rd month. If you think the years have been misaligned you may want to remember God's power. It was also called the 77th day. Egypt had 30 day months. The 77th day of 2017 is March 18. 3 x 6 = 18 666. I hope that he does not come yet. I hope we have untilthe winter solstice when the ritual of Osiris was done, where the Pharaoh becomes god/possessed. Right eye the sun is the eye over the pyramid. Where is his body? still in the sarcophagus in the underworld/bottomless pit. One in the same, the angel of the bottomless pit and the beast that rises and Azazel (of Enoch 1), 1 of the 7 satans. You see the 4 main ones in tetrahedron formation (4 corners in 3 dimensions) over the temple mount. Also the 4 called the 4 sons of Horus, always present with Osiris. look how they connect from 3 to 1 with the lotus. SAME as over the temple mount. SAME characters as over the Baldacchino pillars. Check out "REBIS" images and you will figure some of it out. Osiris is exalted at the Vatican. He will manifest there, "where he ought not" , not in a 3rd rebuilt temple in Jerusalem that is FALSE, and a rejection of Jesus..

The mystery of the eye over the pyramid is that the pyramid is a vortex, a portal. It culminates with the eye coming forth and manifesting. The eye represents the SOUL. the soul of Osiris. Right eye the sun. His body is "bound hand and foot in darkness, his face covered that he should see no light". Osiris is Azazel. "He spake as a dragon", "he had power to give life unto the image of the beast" (2nd beast/false prophet/angel of the bottomless pit). Osiris IS 1 of the 7 satans. It began encoded in 2011. It will remain encoded in 2017. One of the seven will come forth. Then the eight, which is OF the 7 (possessed them), which is the beast/angel that rises up out of the bottomless pit/underworld. Catching on yet? You can figure it out now...God Bless.

Compare the 7 Vatican Baldacchino demon-masks and the "8th" more defined, with the "7 crowns of Osiris" and the "8th" which he actually wears. Then compare these to Revelation 17, and the 7 kings, and the "8th" which is the beast that rises up out of the bottomless pit/perdition, and OF the 7. "Son" of Perdition represents the 7 kings, as they lived and were possessed by Osiris/the beast of the bottomless pit. "Man of sin" alludes to Azazel who IS Osiris. ALL SIN was ascribed unto Azazel. The demon-masks represent that Osiris wears the kings as a mask. As the 8th crown he wears. The 8th more defined demon mask represents when he rises and is in his OWN SKIN, not needing to possess anyone. It is why HE (2nd beast/false prophet) performs all miracles after he rises, in sight of the "image" of the 1st beast. He resurrects the 1st beast that Jesus kills at His coming during the 6th Seal (who he possessed) to continue the FRAUD that he is god, to destroy those who worship him, out of hatred for mankind. The woman in travail that gives birth to the demon, is the church. The Great Whore Babylon. A very GREAT evil deception.

Do not be confused by the last comment concerning, "as the 8th crown he wears". It is in the wrong place. The 8th crown represents when he is freed from the bottomless pit during the 5th trumpet, and in his OWN SKIN again. Same as the 8th demon mask more defined. It is still a mask because the 2nd beast is pretending to be something he is not, even though he is in his own skin. ...God bless.

" I have searched for years to identify the 12th imam. I finally identified a man,a Syrian ambassador in the middle east who Would have been the king of syria,gut assad was chosen instead . This man has a name and a face. Its hajij hussien halil ambassador for the arab caliphate . Go research and find this man he was born in 1950 ,he is 67 years of age."

I tend to see the 12th Imam as the false prophet, which I have found to be this 2nd beast of Rev 13, the "8th" OF the 7 kings, of Rev 17. They are the same entity, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, also called the false prophet. The reason I would not think it to be a man that has been around, is that he probably will not waste much time carrying out his agenda of destruction (he is the destroyer) once he is here. The greatest destruction appears to be the destruction of "souls", by deceiving them into worshiping the 1st beast/man of sin, who will be presented as God, thereby destroying them. Not that he will not lay waste to as much "physical" as possible. The "well" (portal to the underworld in my thought) the Mahdi (12th Imam) rises up out of is kindred to the bottomless pit. Another interesting point is how the pilgrims "Circle the square" at the Kabaa. I feel this is an allusion to a likely "portal" or "star-gate" operation, after having witnessed the red stars in tetrahedron formation, in the multiple videos of the temple Mount event of 1-28-2011. Tetrahedron is 4 corners in 3 dimensions, proving these were the "4 angels standing at the 4 corners of the earth", of Rev 7, which are the dragon and his angels. The great RED dragon. (4 of the 7 satans). The angel of the bottomless pit is 1 of the 7 satans, who's SOUL is brought forth by the dragon's power to posses the 7th king/1st beast prior to Jesus arrival and killing him, sending the SOUL back to Perdition to rise soon after at the 5th trumpet in his own skin, as the 2nd beast/ false prophet, which then does all the miracles (since he no longer posseses the 1st beast/son of Perdition) after resurrecting the dead "god" that Jesus kills at His coming. The angel of the bottomless pit is Azazel, of the 1st Book of Enoch. Osiris, Abaddon, Apollyon. He is the Sun God, who's eye is over the pyramid. Where is his body? Bound in the underworld until the 5th trumpet.His SOUL escapes, represented by the eye, having possessed 6 kings through time, since the flood, beginning with Nimrod, where all apostasy began. ALL SIN was ascribed unto Azazel. He goeth into PERDITION. "Man of sin" and "son of Perdition" all allude to Azazel. HE is the angel of the bottomless pit. The 8th mask more defined on the Vatican Baldacchino/Shrine of Osiris pillars, with the other 7. The "8th" crown that Osiris wears,and the other 7 that are below his bier. The 7 kings of Rev 17, and the "8th". OF the 7 because he possessed them. The "8th" represents when he rises finally in his OWN SKIN again, since before the flood when God bound him in darkness in the pit.

YHWH Allah's picture

Azazel, Marvel Comics

Mishkan 1.2m below Heel Stone
@ Stonehenge, United Kingdom

The word covenant is synonymous with testament, being translations of Strong's G1242. Similarly, the terms "Old Testament" and "New Testament" could be translated as "Old Covenant" and "New Covenant," and arguably more plainly as such, that is, for us moderns.

In a temple context, there is precedent for only one ark: the ark of the covenant, which was created for use in the tabernacle, a portable temple, and its successor temples beginning with Solomon's temple.

It would, therefore, stand to reason that the ark in Revelation 11:19, which is shown in the temple in heaven, is either literally or symbolically the ark of covenant.

But whether or not the ark of the covenant remains on earth as an artifact whose location is indefinitely protected or is yet to be rediscovered is still conjecture.

Covenant and Testament are two completely different words with different definitions, regardless what the Jesuit satanist inspired and promoted "Strongs" may want to subvert our thoughts to comprehend. A Covenant is and AGREEMENT. A Testament is a PROCLAMATION of the WORD of God. Do not try to blurr reality into what you may want the rest of us to think, or what some satanically inspired proponents agenda is. The Bible is quite clear about the Covenant and a Testimony. Shove your Strongs satanist script back where it came from.

YHWH Allah's picture

You rang? Too funny!

Mishkan 1.2m below Heel Stone
@ Stonehenge, United Kingdom

Stating that the Bible is clear is subjective. Understanding the original language can be problematic enough, and every translation has weaknesses.

While Strong’s has issues, can be misused, and could be replaced with superior tools, such is beside the point.

Most English translations render the word as covenant, the second most frequent being testament, and then others, such as agreement and promise. To me as well as to others far more learned, covenant conveys in this case the most accurate understanding of the original Greek.

I can agree on one point that Covenant and Testament are similar. The common connection being "Jesus" being the WORD itself made flesh. Jesus is that testament and He is the NEW Covenant, in that regard. It is clear that the Old Covenant was made Null and Void, with Jesus becoming the New Covenant. HE is the testament and Covenant all in one. Covenant means agreement, and Testament means words put forth, in my mind. The Ark of the Covenant held the Testament of God's law. I suppose it was called Ark of the Covenant because it also held the "Contract", or "covenant" between God and His People, which they subsequently broke and lost. Now ALL must come to God by ONLY one way, through the New Covenant, Jesus Christ, His risen Son. I apologize to you for any terse statement I have made. I am working on that. Still very weak. God forgive us all for our brutishness.

I can't understand the confusion about the location of the Ark of the Covenant. It clearly says in Revelation that the Ark is in

YHWH Allah's picture

The first Name of Stonehenge was "heaven".
My mishkan is 1.2m (4ft) below Heel Stone.

Mishkan 1.2m below Heel Stone
@ Stonehenge, United Kingdom

The book of Revelation clearly says the Ark of the Covenant is in heaven.

Wyatt told the truth. Research it thoroughly and you will come to the same conclusion. The greatest discovery in the last 2 000 years has been covered up by the Zionists because it showed that Jesus is the messiah. The blood of Christ on the mercy seat also fulfilled Gods' covenant to save a remnant of the human race. Investigate this discovery as if your eternal life depended on it.

YHWH Allah's picture

Haha. Thanks for the laughs.
Mishkan's under Heel Stone.

Mishkan 1.2m below Heel Stone
@ Stonehenge, United Kingdom

"The Ark is secured in a grotto cave, candeloprea,shewbread table , ark with ten commandment 's and guarded by angels until the time the anti.Christ program is in full swing and man needs to Repent of sin and find forgiveness and salvation and comfort from the spiritual revelation of mans true condition !!! This day of ressurection comes!! Dont miss the train !! As soon as man stops worshipping astoreth and satanic vulgar,to which there is no end, Jehovah has made all the sacrifice by giving his son as the only way to eternal glory!!!

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