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Seven Accused African Witches Burned to Death



Seven people in the East African country of Tanzania were killed earlier this week following accusations of witchcraft.

According to a report in the “Mail and Guardian:”

“‘They were attacked and burnt to death by a mob of villagers who accused them of engaging in witchcraft,’ the police chief for the western Kigoma region, which borders Burundi, Jafari Mohamed, told Agence France-Presse… Among those arrested on suspicion of carrying out the killings was the local traditional healer, or witchdoctor.”

The victims, most of whom were elderly, were burned alive and in some cases hacked to death with machetes. Nearly two dozen people were arrested, and the fact that a witch doctor was among them is not unusual.



this is both horrible and

this is both horrible and horrific! knowing that witches were burned hundreds of years ago makes me sad enough, but knowing this is still going on....in 2014....makes me lose a little faith in humanity. while i'm not a fan of the use of black magic, i'm not opposed to people who use it....i feel like it's their business. wow, i mean i'm completely stunned and saddened by this. :(

love, light and blessings


I know hard to believe we are

I know hard to believe we are living in the 21st Century but in some of the more isolated areas being in the 21st Century don't mean much. When I was going to college I did an essay on the Salem WitchTrials and every time I see some thing like this it brings that essay to mind.


This is actually disturbing.. There's nothing you can do to prove you're not a witch.

How could you hack an elderly woman to death while she's burning?, not much better than being a witch..

Astounding!  We as a species

Astounding!  We as a species still have a long, long way to go.

Seven Accused African Witches Burned to Death

This just shows me why inteligent biengs from other universes avoid our paranoid planet.

As a race,we are still primitive...


Just another human


It’s really not that

It’s really not that surprising. African culture and myths are very violent in nature. Their mythologies encompass a wide range of darker stories (Tokoloshe, Watamaraka, Burramatarra etc) and as such they are prone to superstitions. By telling them ‘You can’t kill people who are witches’ you are telling them, ‘You can’t practice your beliefs, you can’t acknowledge your gods and demons as part of your life’. If we start telling them ‘no’ for that, where do we draw the line?

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