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The Celtic Ogham: An Ancient Tree Alphabet that May Disappear Before Showing its Roots

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The Ogham alphabet.

The Ogham alphabet. ( Anárion/CC BY 1.0 )

Unfortunately, by the time they reached the plain of Shinar, the cursed people had all dispersed. King Fenius thus sent his scholars out to the far edges of the known world in order to learn the multitude of languages. The search lasted for ten years and Fenius remained near the ruins of the Tower the whole time, waiting for his loyal servants to return with their findings. Once the search was complete, the King created a special language known as Bérla tóbaide . It was made up of the best elements of each of the confused languages. He also devised the Beithe-luis-nuin, a perfect writing system to accompany the new language. This script was commonly referred to as the Ogham.

‘The Tower of Babel’ (1594) by Lucas van Valckenborch.

‘The Tower of Babel ’ (1594) by Lucas van Valckenborch. ( Public Domain )

This fantastic tale is not the only legend that exists to explain Ogham. Modern researchers also have a plethora of beliefs to explain the language’s purpose, and while they are not as extraordinary as the Legend of Fenuis Farsa, they are equally disputed.

Some scholars argue that Ogham was created so that the Irish could communicate without the British knowing what was being said (the Brits were the Celts’ enemy, even in the first centuries AD). Another hypothesis argues that the alphabet was composed by early Christian missionaries in Ireland because they found it difficult to capture the sounds of Gaelic with the Latin alphabet. Still another posits that Ogham was originally a secret hand signal language of the ancient Druids that ultimately made its way into permanence by being carved into stones. This idea rests on the similarity between the groupings of one to five twigs for a sound and the five fingers of the person passing on messages in a secret sign language. However, few academics believe this last hypothesis to be credible.

Ogham alphabet, Plumbridge.

Ogham alphabet, Plumbridge. ( Kenneth Allen/CC BY SA 2.0 )

Archeologists continue working to find as many Ogham stones as possible and to create digital copies of them. Once the preservation of Ogham is secured, the business of comparing the messages with other ancient texts and symbols will begin in earnest in order to unveil the secrets behind the mysterious Irish tree language.

Ogham stone in the ground of Ratass Church in Tralee, Co. Kerry. ( Jaqian/CC BY SA 3.0 )

Top Image: Ogham sticks ( A Walk Around Britain / Flickr )

By Kerry Sullivan


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It all is directly related to the perspective I shared my friend. Even the Migratory patterns of the Species predating any of our Imaginations...

This Map is where the World Started many times back and forth over many millennia just like the migration of those species.... Man did the same...


Still on my way to Midnight Science my Friend. Had to go get my DNA sampled first... I am a Quarter NA and wanted to see if I have the MA-1 genome haplotype X .

We need to ditch the Mercator Projection ASAP in this debate of Human Origins...

My Lineage is from Scotland...Clan Craig. They settled in Texas so the Sir thing is a Southern habit of respect Derek. I have to run and take care of some business but will try to get back to explore this some more today. To clarify...I should have titled the last reply as "Pre-Ogham" then?

What I am finding is a connection in Symbolism around that Latitude and really believe the original source to be Scandinavia. One could literally jump on a chunk of Ice, naturally drift Easterly, and easily connect with the shores of every continent but Australia and return to where you started without it melting even in the Summer. I think the Polar Cap was the center of the known world and expansion...Some possibly very very ancient... all spread South from there. "The Ones that were here before".

Travelling round the northern latitudes does make for a much shorter trip…..and it makes sense because most of the early trips would have been coastal until they had worked out the general shape of Earth.

The thing I notcied about current theory, which argues every single time we see a common link anywhere in the world, is archaeologists have only one tool in their bag. They always argue that it must be just a coincience. How do you work with a theory like that?

….also no need for the sir stuff. I’m from Scotland and where I live we’re down to earth.


Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked

Thank you Sir. While you were on that I was trying to track down any other recently suspected sites for possible "Celtic" Symbolism. It is funny how all the indigenous have stories about those that were here before them. I highly suspect Circumpolar Winds and Currents as the possible origin of all those that came before on every Continent.

OK For the Horse Creek Petroglyph, I have looked at lines that are reasonably long and also limited the study to those lines largely in line wth the camera…

In total I looked at 98 lines

The 5.1 degree alignment dominates with 22 lines aligning to this value – this is similar to that seen in Australia and European geometric artwork

The next most common is the 9.3 degree alignment with 12 lines aligning to this value

Then the next most common line is a 1 degree alignment at 11 times.

The 9.3/18.6 lunar cycle is represented 18 times

The 13.66/27.32 sidereal month pair appears 10 times

The pattern matches perfectly the statistics seen in Australian geometrics with over 70% of the lines aligning to the standard series….


Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked


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