Tunnels to the Sun: Exploring the Mysterious Ravne Tunnels in Bosnia

Tunnels to the Sun: Exploring the Mysterious Ravne Tunnels in Bosnia

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In 2005, Dr. Semir Osmanagich discovered the Bosnian pyramids in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in a small town called Visoko. He found five pyramids which he called the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, Moon, Dragon, Love, and the Temple of Mother Earth.

In addition, he found a tunnel, called Ravne, which is 2.5 kilometers (1.55 miles) from the Bosnian Sun pyramid. When the Ravne tunnel network was first discovered, people called it a cave as it looked like a hole in a hill. However, this would later become one of the most mysterious tunnels in the world.

The entrance to the Ravne tunnels in 2006.

The entrance to the Ravne tunnels in 2006. Credit: Amer Smailbegovic.

Materials in the Ravne Tunnels

When the Ravne tunnels were first discovered, one could only enter for some meters. The tunnel was filled with a loose material which had a brownish color and was very soft. This is called the “filling material.” The walls of the tunnels were made of conglomerate and it seemed like someone dug through this conglomerate many years ago. The conglomerate has a different color and texture than the filling material.

Many that are against the Bosnian pyramid project claim that the foundation Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, is making these tunnels themselves. However, this is not true, as one can clearly see by studying the different materials. If the foundation was digging the tunnels, then only one material would be found - and that material would be the conglomerate. However, the foundation is following the filling material and excavating it. There are two different materials in the Ravne tunnels.

Two of the main tunnels. The filling material is in the middle, while the walls, which are the conglomerate, are on the sides.

Two of the main tunnels. The filling material is in the middle, while the walls, which are the conglomerate, are on the sides. Picture taken in 2011. Author provided.

Not only that, but there are also dry walls in the tunnels which block the different side tunnels halfway. Almost every place that there is dry wall there is also a side tunnel with filling material which only leaves some centimeters of empty space at the top. There are several side tunnels with different dry walls that are found in the underground site. In summary, there is evidence that some cultures or civilizations were involved in the creation of the Ravne tunnels - they are not naturally made.

A typical side tunnel in Ravne. In front you have the dry wall. Behind there is the filling material and on the sides are the walls, which are the conglomerate. Author provided.

A typical side tunnel in Ravne. In front you have the dry wall. Behind there is the filling material and on the sides are the walls, which are the conglomerate. Author provided.

A Gold Mine of the Middle Ages?

There are many hypotheses regarding the Ravne tunnels and its purpose. Several people argue that the tunnels were mines and probably from the Middle Ages. The most common hypothesis is that these were gold mines.

This hypothesis can be easily proven wrong; one just has to study the different materials discovered in the tunnels. To this day, no gold, silver, glass etc. have been found in Ravne. In fact, the Ravne tunnels have almost no materials that were important in the Middle Ages.

Some people also state that these were more modern mines. However, in more recent times, people were mining for coal, and again, there is no coal to be found in Ravne. The materials that are found in Ravne are often conglomerate, sandstone, clay, quartz crystal etc.

People in the Middle Ages did not use their time and efforts to mine for these materials. Furthermore, if this was a gold mine from the Middle Ages, there would have been some historical records about it, but none have been found. Plus, gold would probably have been found in Ravne at some point during excavations, but to this day no gold has been located in the tunnels.

A Mysterious Oil Lamp

In 2012, volunteers made a discovery in one of the tunnel sections in Ravne. It appeared to be an oil lamp from the 17th century. The oil lamp was on top of the filling material and on one side of the tunnel.

This shows that someone entered the Ravne tunnels not so long ago. In my opinion, those who entered the tunnels did not enter from the entrance that was discovered by Dr. Osmanagich in 2006 because that entrance had some halfway closed tunnels. One may say than that the Ravne tunnels have multiple entrances which are connected to each other. One of these tunnels, which could be a new entrance, is the Ravne 2 tunnel, which was discovered in 2015.


People making all these vild assumptions but refuse to take one thing into account or several things.1 This area of Europe is know and called The Old Europe.Bosnia is home to many ancient cultures that are mind-blowing when you take into account the artifacts they left behind.VINCA culture for example that starches from Bosnia to Serbia created some of the most beautiful stone carvings and figures from a ll kinds of material but the crazy part is how they look.Just google Vinca and it will be the first pic that comes up will leave u amazed because if any artifacts on the planet look like aliens its these.Same with Butmir culture.To US Bosnians all these are part of our ancient heritage that has been under attack for centuries now.You see we Bosnians see our history different then any other peoples on the Balkans.The Serbs,Croats,Slovens,and other slavic people have their own stories of moving here in the last 6th century from different parts of europe but not us.Our ancestors have always said and even till this day its tough we are the only native inhabitants of the balkans.Our ancestors were Illyrians.Today Europe is for some reason unknown to us pushing this agenda how Bosnians are slavs and how Albanians are Illyrians when in fact this is all lies.During the Austro Hungarian Empire under the order from the Vatican over 250,000 stecci (ancient megalithic blocks with writings,carvings,pictures,symbols) were systematic destroyed and taken apart and taken out of Bosnia.Some were kept intact.But there are so many of them even today there are currently over 80,000 registered just in Bosnia with thousands more in neighbor nations.There are maybe 10 times that number in Bosnia that haven't been documented yet.Obelisks with pyramids on them and stone spheres on top of the pyramid there are hundreds of them.There are massive megalithic blocks like in Lebanon that science refuse to even look at.There are carvings and symbols under then rivers on the river bed.There are 1000s of stone spheres.There are megalithic cities like that in Daorson.You can tell all the nations around us use the byzantian double headed eagle as their nation symbol and we don't.Our national symbol is the Golden Lily it even caries our name Lilium Bosniacum.The oldest one found is over 3000 years.Our culture is different from every town you go to and village to the next its different the one after that is different there are 1000's of different customs and traditions unheard of in most of Europe.Our people live in all these nations since the history of those countries have been written in all.The Europeans are pushing this agenda of albanians being Illyrians and that Illyrian means free people and no one wants to hear what we have to say.Illyrian means the snake people not free people.Its Snakes and Dragons or in other words Serpant people thats what Illyrian means.On the obelisks in Bosnia clearly shows Snakes and Dragons.Our mythology is full of them.Also our ancient flag of Bosnae is identical to the Illyrian flag the craecent moon and star this symbol is an old religion called Tor its the bull god.My ancestors believed that during the solar eclipse a black dragon comes and starts eating the sun then the god Tor comes and with his horns defeats the dragon.Creasent moon (horns) star(Sun) symbol for life and death.Even today under the cover of NATO and UNPROFOR they go around Bosnia taking artifacts saying they are preserving them but everyone knows they taking them for good.There are caves with ancient writings and depictions just like in France maybe even older that today its fobiden for Bosnian people to go and see nor even our own archeologists have been denied access.There are ancient writings in Perucica which is the oldest Rainforest and the only or one of the 2 remaining primeval rainforests on the entire continent.Ancient ruins,megalithic sites that are complete forbidden to enter and its guarded by the army and nato..For some reason Europe has been helping everyone to destroy us.Over 11 Genocides have happened just in modern history.We were forced out of our native lands like Danube from Dalmatia,From Histra or now Istra,from Kosovo,from Albania,From montenegro,from slovenia,and so on.Our people have so many similarities to Sumerian,Egyptian,and other ancient cultures.Sumerians and Egyptians carved figures of man or women bodies with bird heads and we have over 5,000 of them in just one small area.Symbols found in Ancient Sumer are found in Bosnia too.Even the names of ancient gods and goddesses are either same or sound same.We even today have ancient cults like the snake cult,dragon cult,great mother cult or diana,Salina cult,Bindu cult,and so on.Even the name Bosnia is ancient from Illyrian Bassania meaning land of water.There are so many ancient sites and ancient cultures in Bosnia that the world has never even heard of.Cultures that predate anything on European continent.Even our history even today when you talk to any Bosnian and as how old Bosnia is they will say it goes back thousands of years.Our tradition teaches us that we our one of the oldest peoples of Europe.That we are one of the original inhabitants of Europe like the Basques.Im sorry for my English but I'm trying because its important not only for us to preserve our history but this history doesnt only belong to us Bosnians but to you to.This is your history too,Its all of ours and we have always said this.If anything just google Stecci and look at the weathering on it and tell me if its built in the 17th century like Europe is claiming never mind the local population that is telling them its not from that time but from ancient times.That after thousands of years people put marks on them like today people do graffiti but the stone it self and the original symbols and pictures are from long time ago.Just go do some research for your self and you will see they are lying about everything

Thank you for giving us a Bosnian viewpoint on this article. So many times cultures want to be the first or the best or... and will destroy other cultural naratives in order to make them feel superior. Such is the case with the rich, unique and neglected history of your homeland. It is fascinating and will hopefully see the light of day as time allows. Your english is good by the way and you should write an article on your ancient culture for this website. We need to know more.

ILLYRIANKING, thanks for the great comment, it was very interesting and educational. I have recently been to Bosnia and fell in love with it! I was thinking why there was a huge agenda to destroy the Bosnian cultural heritage, now it seems clearer. The Bosnian Pyramids are changing the ancient human history and I think we are almost ready to hear it now. It will shock many people but there are enough enlightend people now to help the others when the truth is out.

certainly history is very important for any authentic nation to consolidate its identity, and the strict observance of evidences is always the key for real emancipation, and there are undoubtedly confusions in regard to the particularity of the ancient vestiges of the region. the question is, is there any attempt to obliterate some of its characteristic; the response is most possibly yes, but not as just a enmity, all the question is based on the westernization of Troy and its assimilation to the Hellenic civilization, this because troy was a hittite kingdom of a culture similar to the ancient east, so the region of Bosnia that has a relative cultural remnants was as it appear an extension of that civilization to the west notably after the end of the Hettite empire, and there is also the Etruscan culture in the southwest and which cause similar conservatism.

That mountain is not showing as a built pyramid, and we know pyramids are founded on flat surfaces which is not the case here. this story is likely inaccurate.


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