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Dr Peter J Shield

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Dr Peter J Shield

Dr. Peter J. Shield is a retired archaeologist. He has spent over 50 years writing, producing and hosting his “ World of Unexplained Mysteries ” Radio and Television series. He has during that time lived and worked in 25 countries around the world. In the 50’s he joined Cambridge Universities archaeological team on the excavation of St. Agathaand St. Paul’s catacombs on the remote island of Malta where this newest book is set.

In 1987, he became involved with the research team investigating the Shroud of Turin and was intrigued with the search for the truth as to the authenticity of this most sacred object said to be the burial cloth of Christ. Over 29 mysterious deaths have been associated with this most Holy relic!

His latest book “ The Maltese Shroud ” is available on Amazon. All references to the Shroud, The Knights and the investigative study of the sacred cloth are factual including the reported deaths of over 29 of those associated with the Shroud during its recorded history. The source of the image however has yet to be discovered. In “The Maltese Shroud” Dr. Shield proposes an incredible scenario involving The Knights Templar, Leonardo Da Vinci, Pope John Paul II and a plot by the infamous Illuminati to bring about the downfall of the Catholic Church! His book is available at

Peter is available by arrangement for Media interviews either in person or by telephone. A complimentary CD of Peter’s historic edited interviews with members of the STURP team is available on request and may be broadcast provided a credit to the new book and these historic recordings is mentioned each time a track is played.

The Maltese Shroud ” - From the pen of Dr. Peter J. Shield PhD.


Peter’s “World of Unexplained Mysteries” Radio segments have been heard across Australia and in Europe & Asia for over 30years. You can join Peter via streaming video on from around the world!

Peter’s media credits include:

Peter's Books ;"The Maltese Shroud" - Historic Fiction; "Seniors Guide to the Dating Game" - Guide; "Timeshare..You bought What" – the definitive guide to everything about timeshare! “I picked an Orchid in Belize”

Feature Writer - Owners Perspective Magazine (UK)

Television shows including "Vegas Mysteries" and "My Special Guest"

Radio KLAV1230am Las Vegas USA

Macquire Radio network Australia (47 stations)

Radio 2UE Sydney

Radio 2WS Sydney

Radio 4BH Brisbane

OnDa Cero Radio - BBC (Spain)

Channel 9 T.V. Sydney

Channel 10 T.V. Perth


Channel 8 Bundergburg Qld.

Peter is an award winning accredited Photojournalist. As Associated Press representative, Peter’s pictures of unrest in the middle east graced the pages of every national newspaper and magazine IN THE WORLD! Peter is a recognized authority in the field of International Resort and Timeshare Development. He has completed 4 world tours and has lectured and appeared in over 15 countries including Australia, Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Central America, Belize, Malta, Cyprus, Spain and Gibraltar, before moving to Las Vegas in 1992. He continues to travel the world from his home in Pahrump Nevada, and writes for a worldwide audience of over one million readers on the web. His websites include:;;; -;


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