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Christian Arthur Edgar  "Tim" O'Brien (9 January 1914 – 17 February 2001) read  Natural Sciences at Christ's College, Cambridge  and spent many years as an exploration geologist in Iran, in Canada, and in other parts of the world. In 1936 he was involved in the discovery of the  Tchoga Zambil Ziggurat in Southern Iran . In 1970 he retired as the head of the international oil operating companies in Iran, and was awarded a CBE in 1971 for his work.

He then devoted his retirement to researching the many enigmas of prehistory, surveying and discovering the  Integrated Astronomical Observatory Line A - Hatfield Forest to Wandlebury , near Cambridge, and the  Bodmin Moor Astronomical Complex in Cornwall  , England, both dated to c. 2,500 BC.

He established the overwhelming mathematical probability and proof that these structures were designed for complex observational astronomy and went on to discover from  Early Sumerian and other ancient texts , the origin of their builders, and the founders of agriculture and civilisation in the Near East c. 9,500 BC.

The Path of Light provides the remarkable supporting evidence from the  long lost recorded words of Jesus , rediscovered within the Egyptian Coptic records of the early Christian Church.

arbara Joy (28 August 1921 – 15 July 2017) played a full part in these researches. Christian (Tim) O’Brien openly declared that he could not have carried out his remarkable work without her full support. It was a second marriage for both of them, which brought much happiness. Barbara Joy had a special interest in the history of religion. and was a poet with several publications and awards to her credit. We have provided a link to her Chapter 10 in the Genius of the Few, titled Unity of Truth, which has been highly regarded by Golden Age project visitors and book buyers. Joy came from an industrious family and carried out important support roles during the second world war. She travelled widely living for some time in South Africa, and during her early times with Tim in hosting many events, which involved the diplomatic processes, necessary for them both in Iran, as senior representatives of BP, and representatives of the consortium of the International Oil Companies at the time of the Shah and Mohammad Mousadec, the Iranian political leader who nationalized the huge British oil holdings in Iran as premier in 1951–53, and almost succeeded in deposing the Shah. They both travelled the world widely from Alaska, the Canadian Rocky Mountains, America, the Azores, Libya and the Near East, and Tim was directly responsible for breakthroughs in the understanding of geology, and major oil discoveries. He followed this career on retirement in 1971, together with Joy, in applying his incredible skills to discovering and investigating the Hatfield Forest to Wandlebury Loxodrome and the Bodmin Moor Astronomical Complex, following their builders back to the restart of agriculture and civilization in the Levantine Corridor at the beginning of the Holocene around 9,500 BC. Sadly Joy died peacefully at home from a stroke on 15th July aged ninety five, still mentally alert and able to drive to do her shopping.


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