Nostradamus and the Medici

Nostradamus and Chinese Prophets Had Startlingly Similar Predictions

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By Tracy Xu

The prophecies Nostradamus made in the 16th century have drawn much attention and interest in the Western world. Many in the West may be unfamiliar, however, with the famed Chinese book of prophecy, “Tui Bei Tu”.

Some of the predictions in “Tui Bei Tu” match almost perfectly with those of Nostradamus, particularly one that specifies the year 1999.

We’ll start with brief descriptions of “Tui Bei Tu” and the prophecies of Nostradamus, then we’ll look at the passage in each that refers to 1999 and what it might mean. 

‘Tui Bei Tu’: Drawings and Poems of Prophecy through Many Dynasties

“Tui Bei Tu” was written by Li Chunfeng and Yuan Tiangang and has been widely spread in Chinese society since the Tang Dynasty (627–649 A.D.).

The atheist, materialist communist regime in China has banned Tui Bei Tu, outlawing the book as “superstition.” But it is well known in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan today.

With a series of 60 surreal drawings, the book is said to contain clues to China’s and the world’s history and future. Each drawing is accompanied by an equally obscure poem describing an event in history. All are arranged in chronological order.

The first 40 drawings depict historical changes through various dynasties. Drawings No. 2 to 9 show major historical events in the Tang Dynasty. Drawings 10 to 14 are predictions concerning the Five Dynasties, a period of about 50 years between the Tang Dynasty and the Song Dynasty during which five would-be successors each took control briefly. Drawings 15 to 20 relate to the Northern Song Dynasty, while 21 to 24 relate to the Southern Song Dynasty. Only two drawings relate to the Yuan Dynasty (No. 25 and 26). The 27th drawing kicks off the Ming Dynasty, and No. 32 wraps it up. No. 33 to 37 are for the Qing Dynasty.

In the last 20 poems, the interval between the events depicted becomes increasingly shorter. Sometimes several poems depict the same events from different angles. It’s like a marathon runner who speeds up as he approaches the final stretch.

Some have said that as many as 55 of the 60 prophecies have been fulfilled. As with Nostradamus’s work, the interpretations of “Tui Bei Tu” are largely dependent on individual perspectives. Some scholars have compared different versions of “Tui Bei Tu” and found the book has been rewritten many times with some variations. 

Prophecies of Nostradamus: From the Death of a 16th Century King to the Atomic Bomb

Michel de Nostredame, or Nostradamus, was a French apothecary who lived from 1503 to 1566. He won fame in southern France for fighting outbreaks of the plague, though he was better known as an astrologer and prophet. Between the years of 1555 and 1558, he published a total of almost 1,000 prophetic quatrains.

He divided his quatrains into groups of 100, with each group comprising a chapter called a “century.” Century VII is the exception; it has 42 quatrains instead of 100. The quatrains are written in an obscure style, in ancient French, Latin, and Greek.

Quatrain 35 in Century I seemingly came true on June 28, 1559. The quatrains predicted that a young lion would kill an older lion on the battlefield. This is said to allude to the death of King Henry II of France in a jousting tournament. Nostradamus wrote: “The young lion will overcome the older one, on the field of combat in a single battle; He will pierce his eyes through a golden cage, two wounds made one, then he dies a cruel death.”

A nobleman six years younger than King Henry splintered his lance into two pieces upon hitting the king. One part pierced the king’s eye through his visor and the other drove into his temple. The king suffered for more than a week before dying. Some have said the king and nobleman both had lions on their shields, though that point is uncertain.

Nostradamus’s other predictions have been similarly said to come true in major 20th century events, including the rise of Adolf Hitler, the founding of the United States and its eagle symbol, Napoleon’s impact on history, the French and Russian revolutions, the world wars, and the creation of the atomic bomb. 

Where Nostradamus and ‘Tui Bei Tu’ Meet Despite Vast Distances in Geography and Time

Nostradamus and the authors of “Tui Bei Tu,” living 1,000 years apart and in vastly different geographical regions and cultural backgrounds, managed to come up with some startling matches in predictions.


Personally I found Nostradamus vague and misty and very difficult to apply to current events.
The books written about the predictions are messy and difficult to follow, chronologically.

Even the most ardent will eventually give up in attempting to make valued meaning.

I feel that he has done Astrology an injustice.

Then read the books by Dolores Cannon. Conversations with Nostradamus I, II and III.

Thanks for sharing!!

The Medici's made a point of collecting many Chinese manuscripts - many of which influenced da Vinci's thoughts and 'inventions.' I wonder if Nostradamus eventually had access to these Chinese predictions and based his own upon them?

I'm not quite yet sure we can foresee the future. For example, let's take a look at the first world war. Technology had improved the arms, but people were giving an old fashioned ''marching'' war. The outcome was millions of casualties but nil territorial advance. Nothing but tears.
I believe that history is written by minor details and coincidence. It was easier for Napoleon to catch a fever and die while a child, than become who we know and form the history that still affects us. In his place would be somebody else, who would drive history in a totally different course. As for me, what I now am, is because of what happened to me in the past. If I studied in a different town, I would meet a different woman and had different children.
After the above, I believe that the best we can do, is foresee the pattern/concept/footprint of the future, but not events themselves. If we are well aware of the past and human behaviour, and take into account today's tendencies; we'll be able to picture the background of the tomorrow world. Not those starring in it. Unless of course, God doesn't throw the dice, but marked the path for each and everyone of us.

It is true we have free will, that I think was the 7th card added so that people have a choice.

At the same time there is reincarnation and soul groups, who work together across many lifetimes and sort of gravitate towards each other. Not because there is no free will, and OK there is this pull, but they are still given the choice.

Its more of an attraction as opposed to "having to do it". Of course the future is not predetermined in this respect.

Since we can look at past lives, because we dont live in the past but the past lives in us kind of thing....we can also look at the future.

Imagine that you are sitting in a tower and can see the cars coming and going so you can see a crash is about to happen. Not because they dont have a free will, they do or did at some point, but because 1. the future is a mix of decisions. (both parties decided to exercise their free will to speed, for example) and 2. you are in a position to see that before it happens. (in the tower)

From an astrological/theological point of view the future is like the past, because time is not linear although that is how we experience it in 3D.

This means the future can be viewed. Whether a certain book can describe it in a satisfactory way is another matter. Also whether the human mind has the emotional stamina to know what ones future is, I dont think so.

Technically we can know it though.

Hi Lemonfarm,

Could you please explain what you mean by the "7th card", and how it is related to free will? Which other cards are there? I tried searching google and came up with nothing. Thank you! I appreciate it!

"Heaven and earth enter into darkness"
"The yin and yang run the opposite course; sun and Earth are upside down"
"When will the game of manipulating the universe stop?"
"Before and after Mars reigns in the name of bringing people happiness."
Could these predictions extend to what might be happening in our unseen universe? The "gods" have been manipulating us for millennia...just another perspective...

1999?!? So the Chinese were following the Gregorian Calendar?

In terms of historic figures, many of them were the same soul reincarnated, and many are in the same soul group. So imagine the current royal family for example which is related by blood. It is similar in soul groups, the reincarnate with one another like a family. Additionally to this the soul lineages and blood are connected.

Since their current life they are living is a continuity of their past lives and they are often on the same mission they were and also on the same mission within the same soul group, working together, for say, justice, or the truth to come out.

These people are often not prepared to disclose who they are, although Akashic records can of course be accessed by most anyone, still it is the souls that have to work together so its difficult to collect information about someone who has not consented to it.

It is also often that what we call history is not actually the truth so many people including historic figures are not/did not stand for what we think they did.

So for the future to unfold the truth also has to unfold and come out.

Lemon farm; your insight matches mine with such simple familiarity.

There are at least a couple of different versions of the Tuibeitu. The one you are using in this article is probably a false one, used in times of war. In 1930's Japan ocupied Manchuria, and from poem 41 onwards the 'predictions' are about getting them out... In the original Chinese languages there is no mention about a '99-year... It says 'Jiushujiu Niancheng' witch means '99 years of harvest' It is not about a certain year, but about a period... But then again,,, That's how books on Nostradamus also have been written in numbers... As people start to read what is says before copying others... I do like predictions, but I also like a good translation...

2 is considered bad luck in fung shui so this guy having a name like 2 x 2 (Tui Bei Tu) is great for predicting disasters :)

Nostradamus in his codes predicts 92 Years of peace between the Second World War and the third world war. Hence we arrive at the Year 2037 which ushers in catastrophic changes. The killer comet ( Jan 2037) and killer asteroid ( June 2040) according to the Book of Revelations would destroy one third of the land and one third of the sea respectively submerging countries like Britain, South Africa, Singapore, parts of USA ( San Francisco) and ancient civilizations. After the 3 1/2 Years of peace war will breakout in 2041. India will be occupied by China. China and Russia will annex and occupy USA and Europe will be devastated by the Islamic invaders by the Mahdi of Greater Arabia who sports a blue turban would see 200 million soldiers kill 3 billion people. Read for Hindu prophecies which mentions Kalki (Sree Veerabhoga Vasantharaya born in 1965-66 ) will restore law and order and usher in 1000 Years of peace from 2064 onwards.

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