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The Truth Behind the Christ Myth: Ancient Origins of the Often Used Legend – Part I

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What is the origin of the legend of the Christed Son who was born of a virgin on December 25th? I am sure you are familiar with his legend which states that he was born in a manger surrounded by shepherds and then grew up to be One with his Father in Heaven.  And most certainly you recall the sequence of events when this Christed Son gathered together his important disciples before enduring his death by torture and his subsequent resurrection. And, finally, there is the scene at the end of his time on Earth when he prophesied his return and then ascended into Heaven.

Now for my question to you: Who amongst you is now mumbling under his or her breath “This can only be the legend of the Christians’ Jesus Christ”?  Well…to the rest of you, I would like to inform you that many years before the birth of Jesus a legend identical to his was the accepted life story of the Persian Son of God, Mithras. And before Mithras, a very similar legend was ascribed to various other Sons of God worldwide, including the Greek Dionysus, the Egyptian Osiris, the Sumerian Dammuzi, and the Hindu Murugan. In fact, if we keep going back in time many thousands of years earlier we will discover that this universal legend actually began with the Green Man, the Son of a virgin Goddess who was born, died, and finally resurrected each and every year.     

So how did this oft-used legend eventually become chosen to be the legend of Jesus? Let us begin when it was the life story of the ancient Green Man and work forward to the time of the Christian Son of God. 

The Ancient Green Man

During the Neolithic Age, which was the era when, as some say, “God was a Woman,” the Goddess and Her Son, the Green Man, were venerated by people worldwide for annually bringing forth the Earth’s material abundance. A universal legend about them arose that began with the annual impregnation of the “virgin” Earth Goddess by the Sun, the “Father in Heaven,” and the subsequent birth of Her Son, the Green Man. This important event occurred annually at the time of the Winter Solstice, when the spirit of the Green Man that had been slumbering underground in the underworld was shaken back to life. But although his dormant spirit had been stirred, it was not yet fully awake. This did not occur until a few days later, on December 25th, when the Sun or Solar Spirit completely reversed its downward path and took measurable steps along a northerly route.

This was an important “As Above, So Below” event. It was believed the renewed and revitalized Solar Spirit above in the Heavens had re-awakened and revitalized the spirit of his Son below and inside the Earth.  And now the future Green Man could begin his annual gestation period with the womb of his mother, the virginal Earth, in anticipation of receiving a new, resurrected body in the spring. 

Sculpture of Green Man at festival.

Sculpture of Green Man at festival. ( CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 )

The legend of the Goddess and Green Man then skips to the Vernal Equinox, when the Green Man is ready to finally emerge from the womb of his mother. This is the time when the “male” light equals the “female” darkness, and their male-female polarity fully unites to produce a fresh infusion of life force to cover and fertilize the land. The fetal body of the Green Man is now ready to push out of the womb of his mother Earth in the form of the new tender sprouts of spring. Soon, his annual resurrection will be complete. This will occur on or around the same day as our Easter, a modern holiday associated with the much more recent resurrection of another Son of a virgin. 

The legend of the Green Man then covers the hot summer months, when the Son rapidly matures as the rapidly maturing vegetative growth of nature. He matures so fast, in fact, that the Green Man not only becomes One with his Father in Heaven, but he even mates with and inseminates his own mother. Their co-habitation produces a second infusion of the fructifying life force on Earth and manifests as a second proliferation of vegetation and accompanying harvest. Ultimately, this event would serve to hasten the Green Man’s demise, and soon he would die again with the decaying vegetation and the falling of leaves of autumn. The cause of his death? The sacerdotal interpreters of his legend would later assert that it occurred because of the sins of humanity. It was believed through original sin humanity had given up not only its own right, but the right of all life on Earth, to achieve eternal life.    


I feel like a jerk saying this, but after doing research into the said things mentioned in your article I couldn't find them..The closest parallel I found was that Mithra (The one that wasn't the Greco-Roman mystery religion) was born of a stone, murdered a bull, and ate dinner with the divine.. As for the green man the only evidence that seems to be found is the use of him in architectural elements which quite a few believe to have been a real man that inspired the usage as such and just got engrained in people's minds, which then switched to animal heads around the 5th century AD.. I always look at evidence and try not to believe or refute it just at face value, but investigate further...This really isn't the "Mythos" of Jesus.

The key to understand Christ is the your name original: Emannuel, means "God in Us".

Keeps Truth away.

My contribution coming up. The Bible and the Greek and Roman and Egyptian myths, everybodys in fact wherever you are, are NOT myths.
They are parables that record in well-disguised forms bro, the creation of Gods, Avatars (the top no 1 variety) Boddhisattvas and saints, through initiation, and subsequent reincarnation etc. The Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Tibetan book of the dead are scriptural guides to these processes. The best book on the subject was in french "La Divinisation de L'Homme, publishe pre-internet in France.

God Himself is ALWAYS incarnate in a human body on Earth ("Behold I am with you ALL DAYS unto the consummation of all things"), so just maybe our interests lie in His direction, though of course, you'll need to quit everything you now are for a few years and live a myth of your own to get to the Man.

This is pagan thought practised by Druids in Britain. They didn't write anything down!
However, their practices do oddly seem to have parallels with other cultures around the med. This makes a little more sense in this context. They had Apollo (the spear of light at summer solstice), I guess this is your green man. They also had a mother goddess (winter solstice). A fertility goddess (Aphrodite - birth of the day, east - spring equinox of equal day and night) and a goddess of the underworld/night (Artemis-mistress of animals - virgin, Athene type - representing night and autumn equinox - equal day and night).
It's a clever unified system as you can use these to represent cardinal direction, Seasons, day and night and length of the same, all together. Apollo south, mid-day (brightest light) and zenith at summer solstice. Mother goddess North, winter equinox shortest day. BTW this is also the main axis, the serpents refer to the Star constellations of Draco used to find the pole star and the serpent on the equator plane. Collectively, it all made sense.

As mentioned before, the links are tenuous. There is independent evidence in non-Christian writings to a lot of the Christian story. At worst, this can also be a case of History repeating itself. Maybe virgin birth isn't that rare, but probably fairly important. There was a prophecy a few hundred years earlier, and while the creators of the Torah threw out a lot of stuff, they kept this.. Jesus should have been called Emmanuel, as far as I can recall.

I studied Mesopotamian myth at university and while I do remember Dumuzi going to Hell for being unfaithful to Inanna, I don't remember any suggestion that he was her son. She was a nasty piece of work, but this just wasn't part of the story.


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