They’re Alive! Megalithic Sites Are More than Just Stone

They’re Alive! Megalithic Sites Are More than Just Stone

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It doesn't take much to stimulate the human body's electro-magnetic circuitry, in fact a small change in the local environment is enough to create a change in awareness.

People who visit ancient temples and megalithic sites often describe such a sensation. The standard explanation is that such feelings are nothing more than a 'wow' factor: the result of visual stimuli from the overwhelming impression generated by megalithic constructions such as stone circles, ancient temples and pyramids.

But the cumulative evidence proves otherwise: that megaliths and other ancient sacred places are actually attracting, storing, even generating their own energy field, creating the kind of environment where one can enter an altered state of consciousness.

Generating Energy Fields

In 1983 a comprehensive study was undertaken by engineer Charles Brooker to locate magnetism in sacred sites. The test subject was the Rollright stone circle in England. A magnetometer survey of the site revealed how a band of magnetic force is attracted into the stone circle through a narrow gap of stones that act as the entrance. The band then spirals towards the center of the circle as though descending down a rabbit hole.

Two of the circle’s western stones were also found to pulsate with concentric rings of alternating current, resembling ripples in a pond.

Magnetomer survey image of the Rollright Stones. Adapted from Charles Brooker. Magnetism and Standing Stones, New Scientist, January 13, 1983

[Magnetomer survey image of the Rollright Stones. Adapted from Charles Brooker. Magnetism and Standing Stones, New Scientist, January 13, 1983]

The analysis led Brooker to state how, “the average intensity of the [geomagnetic] field within the circle was significantly lower than that measured outside, as if the stones acted as a shield.”

Such discoveries help us decipher what the ancients were up to when they built megalithic structures. At the Temple of Edfu in Egypt there is a wall featuring what amounts to a recipe for establishing a space that differs energetically from its surrounding landscape — a temple. The instructions describe how certain creator gods first established a mound and 'pierced a snake' to the spot, whereupon a special force of nature impregnated the mound, which led to the construction of the physical temple.

The symbol of the serpent has always been a culturally shared metaphor of the earth's meandering lines of force, what scientists refer to as telluric currents.

Egyptian goddess harnessing the serpent energy.

[Egyptian goddess harnessing the serpent energy.]

Controlling the Laws of Nature

It seems ancient architects had a fine degree of control of the laws of nature, because a recent study of energy fields in and around Avebury, the world's largest stone circle, shows how its megaliths are designed to attract a ground current into the site.

Electrodes planted at Avebury reveal how its circular ditch breaks the transmission of telluric ground current and conducts electricity into the ditch, in effect concentrating energy and releasing it at the entrance to the site, sometimes at double the rate of the surrounding land.

Magnetic readings at Avebury die away at night to a far greater level than can be accounted for under natural circumstances. They charge back at sunrise, with the ground telluric current from the surrounding land attracted to the henge just as magnetic fluctuations of the site reach their maximum.

Studies conducted by the late physicist John Burke also discovered how the stones of Avebury are deliberately placed and aligned so as to focus electro-magnetic currents to flow in a premeditated direction using an identical principle to modern atomic particle colliders, in which airborne ions are steered in one direction.

Avebury stone circle. Image by Freddy Silva

[Avebury stone circle. Image by Freddy Silva]

The effect of sacred sites behaving like concentrators of electromagnetic energy is enhanced by the choice of stone. Often moved across enormous distance, the stone used in megalithic sites contains substantial amounts of magnetite. The combination makes temples behave like weak, albeit huge, magnets.

Spiritual Technology

This has a profound influence on the human body, particularly the dissolved iron that flows in blood vessels, not to mention the millions of particles of magnetite floating inside the skull, and the pineal gland, which itself is highly sensitive to geomagnetic fields, and whose stimulation begins the production of chemicals such as pinolene and seratonin, which in turn leads to the creation of the hallucinogen DMT. In an environment where geomagnetic field intensity is decreased, people are known to experience psychic and shamanic states.

An exhaustive investigation into the Carnac region of France, where some 80,000 megaliths are concentrated, reveals a similar spiritual technology at work. At first the leading researcher, electrical engineer Pierre Mereux, was skeptical that megalithic sites possessed any special powers.


This is exactly the kind of specific and scientific information this subject has been crying out for - Great Stuff!
Two questions: when will the book, The Divine Blueprint: Temples, power places, and the global plan to shape the human soul, be available from Amazon uk in hard copy?
How can you get hold of a suitable magnetometer or other suitable instrument to carry out my own investigations?

Indeed, the stones were used to store energy from the dancing and ceremonies that happened within the Circle over a very long period of time. In that sense they are now still a direct and ongoing bridge between us today and the those ancestors who came before.

I talk about this more in Aontacht, the global magazine of the Druidic the From the Desk section of the issue on Ritual and the Magic Circle Check it out:

Freddy Silva's picture

At the moment I am working to get prnyed copies into the UK with distribution, the irony being I am British, just living in the States. This may yet take some time, but you can get The Divine Blueprint as an eBook.

This company supply flux gate magnetometers which a very sensitive. I used two to built a a gradiometer witch works okay. Wire these in to a meter and it will and data logger and this will allow you to measure the magnetism of the site.

Love archeology and ancient history

I definatly look foreward to visiting one or more of these sites. Could this also be connected to the baghdad battery?

Troy Mobley

i don't have much to add just yet, but your comment is one of the best i have read in a long time, thanks for the point of view very interesting.

The kundalini snake energy, the conscience life force attached to the base of the spine can be lifted to reach cosmic consciousness. Moses in Egypt raised the snake on his staff. The staff or danda, being a metaphor for the spine. The Egyptians realizing this to be the source of his power to create miracles and manipulate the material world. Others at the time known as wizards or viziers had similar but less spectacular powers. The pyramids were build at a time of descending consciousness to enhance what they had left before mankind fell into dim material consciousness and became deranged. The entire civilization worked together to build them because the understood the order and structure of their civilization depended on it. You can detect the eras of higher and lower consciousness by what was built. Cities were deserted when consciousness fell and order could not be maintained. We reached the darkest most material times at about 600 AD. We have been in ascendancy since them, moving into the age of energy around 1700.

Hi, according to the first settler to live on great mercury island in new zealand , a stone circle with higher door way stones was still standing when they arrived on the island ( about 1857) the stones had inscriptions on them, and are believed to now form part of the first wool shed built on the island

Freddy Silva's picture

That is fascinating. I’ll have to look into that, since there is virtually no mention of megaliths in New Zealand, which has always puzzled me.

All these stones, rocks, megaliths contain a very high percentage of quarts crystal, and we all know the value of quarts crystal.It would be nice to have a geologist on this page commenting on the properties of stones, everyone should be a rock hound because "practically all rocks have special properties about them"

I don't have proof, but I think a picture is beginning to form of an ancient global power grid involving megalithic structures such as these.
There are a large number of stone circles in S.Africa that exhibit very powerful electromagnetic phenomenon. Michael Tellinger describes it very well in this video:
Just be sure to tune out when he starts talking about running for president of SA. The discussion becomes tedious and veers away from the topic at that point.
Also, there has been some good information come out that posits the idea that Gobleki Tepe is a serious of telluric power generators.Additionally, there is evidence that the system of ley lines is a global phenomenon as well. It could all be part of the same system.

I'm sure I remember a tv programme (BBC?) about 40 years ago where electrical currents were being measured at Stonehenge. My recollection is hazy, but I do remember clearly that the circuit was a spiral moving up +/or down the stone. Again hazily, I'm pretty sure they linked this to ley lines & the same type of measurements were made on stones around the country, again on ley lines.

That's the memory over - now for the speculation. I'm far from being a expert in the field, but I wonder if there is a connection between the article above and the speculation / research into 'vibrations', 'stargates, 'parallel universes', 'time travel' 'ETs' et al. A stab in the dark, perhaps, and possibly a laughable suggestion to those more well read than myself, but put it down to intuition or instinct - I just sense a connection I cannot begin to articulate. I believe the key word is 'vibrations'.


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I was at both places in August of 2015 I definetly felt the energy and my camera died replaced batteries still dead. I believe there is so much energy and that some people are more sensitive than others. Also Stonehenge had a profound affect on me I came home from that trip feeling different. 

You were fortunate and had the ability to tap into “The Great Mystery”, “The Great Spirit”, “The Ether” that Native American and other Cultures have felt and understood for thousands of years. Most Native Americans tapped into this through Natural Stone Megalith locations and had no need to build them artificially.

Yep… it is real. :)

Thank you for a very informative article based in fact. While I was aware of such truths, I am glad to see some real validation studies performed. I am a person sensitive to electromagnetism and always want to learn more about its effects on humans both biologically and spiritually. And agree the Ancients were much more knowledgeable than the "powers to be" would have us believe. The more data/evidence shared, the better for more to awaken.

riparianfrstlvr's picture

i guy up at our property said that stones have energy, he didn't elaborate, maybe this is what he was talking about. everything that has any mass has gravity. the earth has it's own electromagnetics that i don't even understand, so why not something that makes up the earth. i must not be very sensitive to this field, but i have done my fair share of landscaping. concrete block, railroad ties and timbers, and natural stone. i prefer natural stone don't know why just do, besides the fact that it looks better than the other stuff i used.


There is a LOT yet to be discovered in the areas of energy, megalithic structures and life. Cf, for starters, the researches of i.e. Samir Omanagich in regard to a Bosnian pyramid system near Visoko which is tens of thousands of years old whose two largest pyramids (Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon) are MUCH larger then the Great Pyramid of Egypt, the recently discovered 22,000 year old pyramid in Indonesia, and discoveries of Dr. Michael Tellinger in South Africa ...


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