The Great Pyramid at Giza and Noah’s Ark:  Are we coming closer to an understanding of the Ancient Mind? Part II

The Great Pyramid at Giza and Noah’s Ark: Are we coming closer to an understanding of the Ancient Mind? Part II

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Let us then return to the Great Pyramid. Why was it built in the first place?

According to the ancient Egyptian sources the pyramids were built to reflect the primeval mound that had emerged from the expanse of waters. But then, what is the “primeval mound” and what were “the waters” that it emerged from and what was the reason for building such a monument in honor of this mound? To answer these questions is as easy as adding one plus one once you have accepted that the original rise of civilization and the erection of pyramids were indeed reflections of a shift in consciousness. The mound is simply the new global mind that was emerging from the Earth.

gure 1. Worldview maps showing the eight-partitioning of the global grid. (a) Mayan cosmogram from the Codex Madrid. In the center is the Tree of Life, the polar axis, which is surrounded by eight deities and various calendrical signs defining their spiritual qualities. (b) Aztec cosmogram from Codex Fejérváry-Mayer with a central deity in the north from which Trees of Life are projected in eight different directions.

Figure 1. Worldview maps showing the eight-partitioning of the global grid. (a) Mayan cosmogram from the Codex Madrid. In the center is the Tree of Life, the polar axis, which is surrounded by eight deities and various calendrical signs defining their spiritual qualities. (b) Aztec cosmogram from Codex Fejérváry-Mayer with a central deity in the north from which Trees of Life are projected in eight different directions. (Originals courtesy of

Looked upon from a satellite the Giza pyramid can for instance be seen to be eight-sided (or “eight-partitioned” to use the terminology and layout of the Mayan cosmograms, Fig 1). We also know that the pyramid is directed towards true north with an astonishing accuracy, deviating with only four minutes of the arc from this direction. This was the very direction that the Mayan inscription talks about as the direction of the Tree of Life and the origin of the eight-partitioning. In my book I also go into detail about how the geometry of this pyramid is connected to the global mind. It seems like the Great Pyramid was a representation of the new global mind described by the Maya but built in stone by the Egyptians.

The Giza-pyramids and Giza Necropolis, Egypt, seen from above.

The Giza-pyramids and Giza Necropolis, Egypt, seen from above.  (Public Domain )

This pyramid was built around 2600 BC, but according to many archeologists the Giza plateau began to be prepared for this already around 3200 BC and thus seems to have been a reflection of the downloading of a mind structured by straight lines. But what about the ancient Egyptian inscriptions that spoke of the pyramids as primeval mounds emerging from the expanse of waters? What kind of water were they talking about and how does it connect to the shift in consciousness?

To answer this we may first note that similarly to the eight Mayan and Aztec deities in Figure 1, the Old Kingdom of Egypt (especially in the city of Hermopolis) honored a set of eight gods referred to as the Ogdoad, which consisted of four male and female pairs: Nu and Naunet, Amun and Amaunet, Kuk and Kauket, Huh and Hauhet. These were associated with frogs and serpents, respectively and symbolized the chaos of the primordial waters and were most likely parallels to the pairs we saw in figure 1.

Detail, Relief in the temple of Hathor at Dendera showing the four couples of the Ogdoad of Hermopolis.

Detail, Relief in the temple of Hathor at Dendera showing the four couples of the Ogdoad of Hermopolis. (  CC BY 3.0  )

I will not go into too much depth about what “water” means here, but we may note that some ancient creation stories speak of water as the substrate of creation. Water usually means waves and may very well have symbolized the chaotic quantum field of waves that dominated the world until structure came into existence in the form of the grid of straight and perpendicular lines that was activated in 3115 BC. The primeval mound with its eight-partitioning then emerged from the floating state of consciousness that the world, and all its people, had been in before this point in time. Is it then so surprising that the Egyptians decided to build a large-scale pyramid to honor this structured new reality that indeed was what had created their civilization? The pyramids of Egypt, and the megaliths in other places of the world from the same time, are thus monuments in stone that were built to reflect the new global grid, which changed them forever.

The Flood Story as a Reflection of a Shift in Consciousness

However, the same dichotomy between water and rectilinear structure as in the Egyptian description of the pyramids also strongly rings a bell of Noah’s Ark and the Biblical Flood story. The literature about this Flood is immense and many different viewpoints about it have been expounded if nothing else because flood stories abound from cultures around the world.


This article does not consider the vedic scriptures, chinese traditions and the traditions of the rest of the regions of the world. so the conclusions of the article are incomplete.

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I would agree. This is an article and so it does not cover the extensive evidence for the Global Mind that is in my book.

Carl J Calleman


Reminds me of the shift of consciousness when most people accepted that the earth was apparently not the center of the universe and it was a round planet in a solar system.
Or later when modern age inventions and discoveries at the same time changed the world.
And again when the internet and cell phones became widely used tools.

People accept a new mindset and alter their lifestyle and can't imagine any longer how they lived and thought before.

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Yes, every new thing that emerges on our planet ultimately goes back to a shift in consciousness. The point that most people however are missing is that these shifts in consciousness go back to shifts in the creation waves that drive all aspects of evolution. In other words, these are not shifts in consciousness that the human beings are creating themselves. They are shifts in the creation waves that alter how the human mind works and then have consequences for the kind of civilizations human beings are creating.

Carl J Calleman

It was only in the western world controlled by the Catholic Church which believed the earth was flat, because the Church said so, and they'd send the Inquisition round to change your mind if you thought otherwise. Ancient Chinese mariners and Arabs guided by stars to cross the deserts knew the earth was round, because as they approached distant mountain ranges it was the peaks which first became visible, and as they approached the lower altitudes came into view. That can only happen on a sphere; if the world was flat the distant mountains would be seen small but whole and get bigger on approach.

ETA. The Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan who wanted to prove the world was round by sailing around it said in his diary, "I am a devout Christian but I care not what the Catholic Church says; I have seen the shadow of the earth upon the moon and I know the earth to be round." He knew that statement could upset the Inquisition but he was killed en route so his thoughts were able to be published.

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I do not see how these two comments relate to my article.


Carl J Calleman

There is a Sumerian tablet held by the British Museum in London, that tells of the Great Flood, and gives exact instructions on how to build an ark, round in structure and with exact dimensions. Apparently, it is a large coricale.

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If the ark there is poresented as round it would be in contrast to the well-known Sumerian Gilgamesh Epos, where the ark is cubic and based on straight lines. It was built in six levels with seven and nine compartments. Since seven and nine compartments are crucial for the mental evolution described by the Mayan Calendar this numbers also points to a shift in consciousness being the true vehicle for survival into the new Global Mind.

Carl J Calleman

Ramayana was set around 100,000 years BP. But because Western science muddied the picture, no one pointed to that date. There were people that lived during that time (some of my friends) are here now as the next change on Earth is taking place. So, at least we need to mention that. But to do that one has to bring in reincarnation that even Judaism accepts. Buddhism always accepted that. Thank you.

No mention of the Bosnian pyramid. They are now pointing to 12000 years old. The sphinx in the Giza Plateau exhibits undeniable evidence of water erosion. There hasn’t been water in the Giza Plateau for 12000 years.  The pyramids themselves exhibit salt water erosion. Personally I believe the pyramids are much older than we’re being led to believe. These monuments are remnants from a pre-deluvian civilization.

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I have visited the so-called Bosnian Pyramids but do not think there is sufficient evidence that they are man-made. Their age has variably been given as 34,000, 25,000 and 10,000 years old and I think we should postpone discussing them before the issue of their authenticity has been sorted out. I discuss the sphinx in my book and as you say it may be much older than the pyramids, which have been carbon-dated to about 5000 years old. It seems to me at least there is no reason to speculate about the age of the Giza pyramids, which by so many lines of evidence including 14-carbon dating by professional archeologists are estimated to have been built about 2600 BC.

Carl J Calleman

As always John your insights are refreshing, fascinating and move those of us with expectant, curious consciousness a bit closer to waking up which is what it's all about or at least it is in part. I have some questions perhaps you've pondered and already have some answers. Do these time waves reset the human beings living through them to zero point consciousness or is the act of seeking greater awareness about consciousness and achieving it at any level assist the individual as the time wave moves through us or are we doomed to forget and repeat it all again? There may be no way to answer such a question as fact but I thought you might have pondered it and may have insights as to how the time wave affects the people of the era, after all we on the cusp of a new time wave right now are we not? Our holographic mind/brain creates our reality which the time wave operates through and ultimately our world is an illusion of sorts, so perhaps it is the soul/spirit that the time waves programming is fed through? Perhaps our physical form is reflecting and/or projecting the time waves agenda through various forms much like Noah's Ark and the great flood being a kind of consciousness wipe and/or reset of the human/earth operating system? Kind of like we reset a computer by installing a new operating system thereby creating a new reality we can experience through our computer? So our reality,as you discovered the Mayan Calendar and other ancient history reveals is conducted through the invisible Quantum realms or spiritual realms which I believe are one and the same thing as the true source and it can be calculated, observed and perhaps even changed if we could grasp it all? I realize that's a much bigger discussion, but how does the time wave effect those who are grasping its existence, could the invisible Quantum/spiritual realms be aware of those waking up and alter the programming agenda for those people? Could this be a source of mysteries where people and civilizations seem to disappear during these time wave periods, like the Mayans? Am I off in my perceptions of the time waves purpose or effects in asking such questions?
I realize your books are a comprehensive, scientific basis about the topic, and I realize how huge a topic it is, but I'd love to know your insights about the practical effects of the waves on a human being living through it?I haven't read your second book yet but it's on my agenda to read very soon. I loved your first book as at that time I felt quite alone in my views and I felt I'd found a kindred spirit and I wasn't alone in the universe! I do not have my radio show any longer but I continue to follow your work and enjoy your articles immensely, keep up the great work!

Carl Johan Calleman's picture

Hello Janet,

Good to hear from you. I find your comments very interesting and feel that you should maybe develop them in an article yourself. 

Carl J Calleman

You did your best with the information you had, but that's really incomplete. Don't you know about the Bosnian pyramids, they are 35000 years old and also facing thru North. And not to forget all the cities that are at the bottom of the Indian ocean, build rectangular and they are consumed by the ocean at the end of the ice age 12000 years ago. So civilization that build like this are much older.

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I have visited the Bosnian pyramids, but as all mainstream arheologists and many alternative such as Robert Schoch and Graham Hancock I do not think that the evidence is there that they would be manmade. This should be the first thing to establish before you draw any concusion from it. The cities outside of Gujarat have by Indian archeologists been estimated to be about 5000 years old and part of the Indus Valley civilization. Yet, of course, it is almost impossible to date archeological remains under water and it can never be used as an argument in this kind of a context.


Carl J Calleman

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