Caïn by Henri Vidal, 1896.

How to Save Ancient Origins from Becoming History! Facebook is Filtering Your Newsfeed

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Never mind using genetic engineering to bring back the Wooly Mammoths or Sabre-Tooth Tigers from extinction – keep them on ice! Right now, we need your help in stopping Ancient Origins from becoming literal history!

Facebook is changing its algorithms. Change is often good, but these new alterations to how the news feed works means that if you get your news via Facebook, the social media giant might be preventing you from seeing Ancient Origins content!

This isn’t great for you, and it’s not great for us; and it’s not great for history and archaeology fields in general. If you take action, we can save what history has to offer.

How Do I Stop Facebook from Burying AO History News?

Here’s how you can prevent the new algorithms from obscuring your daily Ancient Origins news and updates.

‘Like’ and ‘Prioritize’ Ancient Origins on Facebook. This may give the message that you want AO news in your feed, even if Facebook algorithms have other plans.

Like Ancient Origins on Facebook and Prioritize News in Preferences.

Like Ancient Origins on Facebook and Prioritize News in Preferences.

Don’t Be Stopped - Go Around! Install the App

Even better, you can download the Ancient Origins mobile app. This is the most reliable and direct way to get any content from the websites you love. The app delivers news and updates and is not blocked or throttled.

Get it here for iOS, and Android.

Use the app to keep updated and see the content YOU want.

Use the app to keep updated and see the content YOU want.

Get Notified

If you allow browser notifications from Ancient Origins, this means you can be altered directly on your computer when breaking news, new articles, or announcements go out. Don’t miss a beat!

Speaking of notifications, make sure you’ve got them turned on for whatever social media you like to use. This will let you know when we reveal something about history’s when, where, who, and how (perhaps not why, though. The ancient world still holds many mysteries!)

See the action on YouTube: Turn on notifications (ring the ‘bell’ icon).

Turn on Twitter and toggle mobile notifications.

Go to Google+ and get notified.

If you’re not getting Ancient Origins on other social media platforms, you might be missing out on amazing news, photos, videos, and discoveries.

We’re on: Pinterest, Tumblr, Flipboard, Minds, and Instagram.

Go Straight to the Source

Don’t forget, you can always go the common-sense route and visit the website!

Going straight to the source means no social media filtering, and you can select the stuff YOU want to see, directly.

Subscribe – it’s easy and free - to the RSS AO feed .  

Ancient Origins, like all alternative media, is battling to exist in a larger mainstream media world. If we don’t do this now, and if we allow algorithms to dictate how we receive our knowledge, Ancient Origins becomes history, and the larger companies will become your sole source of news. Even if you enjoy and depend upon the content of major news media, it’s best to get as MANY different sources as you can so you get alternative viewpoints and information that might be too ‘different’, ‘unpackaged’, or ‘real’ to be presented on the nightly TV news.

Got Your Own Solution?

Let us know! We want to hear from you – we know you’ve got great ideas and opinions, as you send us feedback every day. It’s great. Connect with us on our social media, or email us at [email protected]

Now we return you to your regular Ancient Origins broadcasting schedule. Time to defrost that Sabre-Tooth Tiger!

Perhaps some things should remain historical. Model of Saber-Tooth Tiger.

Perhaps some things should remain historical. Model of Saber-Tooth Tiger. ( Public Domain )

Top Image: Caïn by Henri Vidal, 1896. (Alex E. Proimos/ CC BY 2.0 ), and (Public Domain);Deriv.



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