Aboriginal rock paintings that show astronomical alignments

Stone Age Text Links Australia to Europe: Initial Evidence for Worldwide Travel by an Ancient Stone Age Civilization

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Dr. Derek Cunningham has recently introduced a new intriguing theory to archaeology that many geometric patterns seen worldwide are a form of ancient text, with the angular writing based on the astronomical values used by astronomers to measure time and predict eclipse events. In this theory it was noted that many geometrical patterns seen throughout the archaeological record align to angles matching the circa 1 degree sidereal motion of earth as it travels around the sun; the 5.1 degree angle of the moon’s orbital plane relative to Earth, the 18.6 year lunar cycle, and the 27.32 day sidereal month.

One of his early studies was the preliminary analysis of Saksaywaman Temple in Peru , where he argued that the polygonal walls of the temple align, and also the entire temple complex were designed to align to these key astronomical values. In this theory the angular offsets are argued to be either offsets angled to either above or below the horizontal or to the left and right of the vertical; with perhaps the direction of the offset marking a vowel sound and the angle the sound of the consonant. Thus it is quite possible that the walls could have created a basic but readable text.

The polygonal walls of Saksaywaman in Peru

The polygonal walls of Saksaywaman in Peru

Arrangement of stones in a wall at Saksaywaman. Astronomical values can be found in the form of an angular array, offset to either above or below the horizontal, or the right or left of the vertical.

Arrangement of stones in a wall at Saksaywaman. Astronomical values can be found in the form of an angular array, offset to either above or below the horizontal, or the right or left of the vertical. Photo credit: Derek Cunningham

In Derek’s most recent study of this proposed angular text, he has returned with what can only be said is a well thought out study that takes direct aim at the often used counter argument that the alignments are actually totally random.

In this new test, Derek reasoned that if all geometric patterns found worldwide are entirely random, then even if within the experiment deliberate bias is shown to align the geometric image so that one particular angle dominates - in other words to force an optimum angular alignment - then because in the counter argument all lines are entirely randomly distributed, then the secondary to quaternary values should also be entirely random. In other words, only the primary value optimised should be the same.

If, however, the various geometric patterns found worldwide are as Derek claimed an ancient form of text, then perhaps the exact same secondary, tertiary and quaternary angular values should be emphasised in the various ancient images. And that is exactly what he found.

Using the 5.1 degree angle representing the moon’s orbital plane relative to Earth as a key reference point for his study, a very careful study of Australian geometric images has revealed that the secondary to quaternary angles seen most in geometric artwork does repetitively and routinely aligned to the same secondary to quaternary angular values. For the preliminary study Australia was chosen because it has remained isolated for much of its history, and thus the observed result could not be argued to be caused by potential long distance trade routes.

Derek then chose to extend this study to look at to various geometric images found in Europe . This included a comparison with the Polygonal walls found at Delphi, and an interesting analysis of the extremely archaic and unusual fan motif found carved on a tibia bone of a straight-tusked elephant at Bilzingsleben in Germany. In each case the intent was to directly compare the European secondary to quaternary angular values with those seen in ancient Australian geometrics. 

Photograph showing part of the Polygonal Wall found under the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

Photograph showing part of the Polygonal Wall found under the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Image taken by Dr. Derek Cunningham.


Image of a 20,000-year-old Cylcon held in the collection of ancient writing of Martin Schøyen. Here a detailed analysis of the various lines present on the stone showed an identical angular distribution to the Polygonal Stone Wall found at Delphi  

After a careful study of the angular distribution produced by the various polygonal stones found at Delphi it was determined that the same angular preferences seen in Australia are indeed found in distant Europe. Specifically, it was found that European and Australian art both emphasised the 18.6 year lunar cycle and the 27.32 day sidereal month; and because identical primary to quaternary values were seen, the statistical analysis argues that the link between these images must date back at least 50,000 years ago. This suggests that an ancient Stone Age civilization was actively traveling the world, leaving behind postcards for us to find. 


I am particularly interested in learning more about human origins, previous societies, and mysterious places. No spam please. I will buy books from you when I have finished reading the ones I already have.

...and one other feature of the astronomical values.

The astronomical values also explain the location of the all the mystery sites found worldwide...both latitude and Longitude.

The astronomical values help create a world map, and the world map is encoded directly into the layout of the Great Pyramids….

As I said I have completed over 100 papers ….and to create a world map you obviously would need a text and you would also need knowledge of mathematics. The data shown here provides evidence for both.

This is not Atlantis…..this is the Stone Age civilisation that created Atlantis.

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked

I am elated to learn that you might have made some correlations in your Navigational projections and the Far North. Without giving away too much here, I would like to share that when looking at the expansion of Humans and early Sea Travel we tend to subconsciously use the Mercator Projection as a perspective of how difficult this feat might have been. Yet here is a very simple different perspective and view point that does indeed make the world a whole lot smaller and it could explain a whole lot of questions still unanswered.

To find that your Navigational Theory and figures may correlate with this differing Earth view perspective might just be a huge game changer. Using known Petroglyph and Geoglyph similarities as an example, I truly think we may all be overlooking a very simple and plausible explanation for a lot of "Mysteries" in Prehistoric Human Expansion. I absolutely think the Earth was Circumnavigated long before any of the "known examples". Get my "Drift" ?

I will get over to MS and drop you a line and presentation about this concept in the next couple days, Thank you...Your Hard Work, Knowledge and Objectiveness are greatly appreciated!

Yep please fell free to drop a line a Midnight Science….

Regarding the North Pole Moving in the proposed map of Earth? That does not happen in my theory.

In the proposed star map of earth theory…. it is not the actual physical North Pole shifitng, but that the Stone Age astronomers were  simply realigning the map of the stars so that they could best take the shape of the underlying continents.

It has to be remember this was a time when there were no libraries, so they needed a very simple idea that could be used by the astronomers to quickly and easily reconstruct a map of Earth. The star map so drawn then easily explains both the Mayan Reset and the layout of the Great Pyramids, as well as the location of numerous ancient geoglyph fields, as well as all the many archaic geoemetric drawings found worldwide…..

Here many anthroloologists have been puzzled by why abstract drawings are older than drawings of animals. The theory proposed here that they were creating a map of Earth would give the motivation for drawing these geoemetrics, and the locations of ancient sites then gives the possibility to structurally test the theory. 

Regarding the accurate plotting of stars further north than circa 60 degrees when time dependent distortions occur in Mercator maps  (I think that is what you are asking in the query about the 66th parallel? – correct me if I’m wrong) that problem was specifically addressed in my book, as well as the question which “North Pole” star would best be used for normalising the proposed Map….the North Pole star changes with time.

This complexity of replotting to Mercator is actually one of the key components in determining the approximate age of the proposed star map…..

So far in my plots of stars north of circa 60 degrees I have found, by normalising the data to the layout argued by the Great Pyramids, that the map does accurately locate both the geoglyphs in the Amazon, and also the Irkutsk Geoglyph field in Russia (the only geoglyph field that extends into the Arctic circle). The stars also map quite accurately the primary religious centres in the Himalayas, as well as those found in other regions of the world. ….Remember this map was used primarily as a navigational aid…..it was as I mentioned in my book only a mirror image of the heavens. It did not actually represent the heavens. It was the Greek Myths that mixed up the two.

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked

I caught that...so your words here are acknowledged. Your Concepts shared here at AO has sent me on an in depth search of Possibilities. I am just a Novice with no formal education but I come from a long lineage of Anthropology and Archaeology experience in my family so these things have become a great passion and hobby over the years as an Apprentice.

This being true, I have the luxury of not being influenced by "In the Box" formal Indoctrination designed only to educate one on how to scheme up Financial Grants. So with no drive for monetary gain, I am a Blank Slate when it comes to viewing Theories of possibility with no predetermined assumptions.

As I mentioned, your posts and comments here have sent me on a Journey of discovery. Even though I think it is possible that you may have found a couple coincidences in example, after digging around the last 4 Weeks I fully support and appreciate your Concepts and Theories of Prehistoric Seafaring and the possibility that the North Pole has moved based your Map theory and Ancient Alignments.

Your comment about the Picts fell into the exact research I have been working on the last 4 weeks and it compelled me to drop you a line with a question. Have you found time yet to apply your Map figures in comparison to north of the 66th Parallel? I have formulated a very possible and plausible Theory based on a fresh perspective and view point. May I contact you at MS and drop my "Out of the Mouth of Babes" Theory?


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