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Roman Sword discovered off Oak Island radically suggests Ancient Mariners visited New World 1,000 years before Columbus

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Researchers investigating the mysterious Oak Island, located on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, have made a startling announcement regarding the discovery of a Roman ceremonial sword and what is believed to be a Roman shipwreck, radically suggesting that ancient mariners visited North America more than a thousand years before Columbus.

Evidence of the finding, which was exclusively revealed to Johnston Press and published in The Boston Standard , was uncovered by researchers involved in The History Channel’s series Curse of Oak Island , which details the efforts of two brothers from Michigan as they attempt to solve the mystery of the Oak Island treasure and discover historical artifacts believed to be concealed on the island.

J. Hutton Pulitzer, lead researcher and historic investigator, along with academics from the Ancient Artifact Preservation Society, have compiled a paper on the finding, which is scheduled to be published in full in early 2016.

The Mystery of Oak Island

Oak island is home to one of the biggest treasure hunts in history , which began in in 1795, when 18-year old Daniel McGinnis saw lights coming from the island. Out of curiosity, he went searching for the lights and discovered a clearing on the southeastern end of the island. Within the clearing was a circular depression, and nearby a tackle block hung from a tree. McGinnis and several friends returned to the area and began excavating the depression. A few feet beneath the surface, they discovered a layer of flagstone, and the pit walls had markings from a pick. Approximately every ten feet (3 m) they dug, they found a layer of logs. After excavating to thirty feet beneath the surface, McGinnis and his friends abandoned the excavation without ever finding anything of significance.

Digs and Buildings, Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, August 1931.

Digs and Buildings, Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, August 1931. ( Wikimedia Commons )

Reports of the boys’ efforts were published in several printed works. Eight years later, the Onslow Company sailed to the area to try to recover the supposed treasure, that was assumed to lie hidden at the base of the pit. Based on the written accounts of the boys, the Onslow Company attempted an excavation of what was now referred to as the “Money Pit.”  However, they were eventually forced to abandon their efforts due to flooding.

Numerous searches of the pit continued over the next two centuries, but they have been continually plagued with difficulties including collapses and flooding within the pit. The entire island has been searched for treasure, and is continued today by Marty and Rick Lagina, as chronicled on Curse of Oak Island .

Startling Discovery – A Roman Sword

While most treasure hunters have ended up empty handed, a recent revelation points to an incredible, and possibly history-changing, finding.  A shipwreck, believed to be Roman, was found off Oak Island, and within the wreck a well-preserved Roman ceremonial sword was retrieved. 

The Roman sword found just off Oak Island.

The Roman sword found just off Oak Island. Photo courtesy of and National Treasure Society

Pulitzer told the Boston Standard that the sword was hauled onto a fishing boat decades ago, but was kept secret because the finder and his son feared they would be punished due to strict laws in Nova Scotia regarding retrieving treasures from shipwrecks. 

However, relatives of the finder, who is now deceased, recently came forward to reveal the precious sword to researchers. 

Pulitzer carried out tests on the sword, using an XRF analyser, which revealed that the sword contained the same metallic properties, with traces of arsenic and lead, that match other Roman artifacts.

“The shipwreck is still there and has not been worked,” said Pulitzer [via The Boston Standard]. “We have scanned it, we know exactly where it lays, but it will be a touchy thing for the Nova Scotia government to allow an archaeological team to survey it. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is Roman.”

A close-up of the sword found off Oak Island.

A close-up of the sword found off Oak Island. Photo courtesy of and National Treasure Society

Evidence to Support Roman Presence

In an attempt to dismiss skeptics, who may suggest the artifact had simply fallen off the side of a boat in more recent times, Pultizer and his team have dug up numerous other pieces of evidence to support the theory that the Romans made it to the New World more than 1,000 years before Christopher Columbus. These include:

  • Petroglyphs carved on cave walls and boulders in Nova Scotia by the indigenous Mi’kmaq people, which depict what Pulitzer’s team believe to be Roman soldiers marching with their swords, and Roman ships.
  • The Mi’kmaq people carry a rare DNA marker, which can be traced to the eastern Mediterranean region. 
  • Fifty words in the Mi’kmaq language that are nautical terms used by mariners from Roman times.
  • An invasive species of plant (Berberis Vulgaris) growing on Oak Island and in Halifax, which was once used by Romans to season their food and prevent scurvy on their voyages.
  • A Roman legionnaire’s whistle found on Oak Island in 1901
  • A metal ‘boss’ from the center of a Roman shield found in Nova Scotia in the mid-1800s
  • Gold Roman Carthage coins found on the mainland near Oak Island
  • Two carved stones on Oak Island that Pulitzer says displays a language from the ancient Levant.


I'm watching the show, it's great. The Brothers Lagina are awesome. However, this "Pulizter" guy was formerly known as Jeffry Jovan Philyaw .. Is a huckster looking to make a buck. I wish the gentlemen well in their Quest for the "Holy Grail?" but what they'll find isn't what they wish it is! I doubt seriously the "Holy Grail" existed at all. The stories of "Jesus" are fabricated to sell an ideal to a herd of people. Unfortunately it caught on and has infiltrated the world to its own demise. Religion is the root of all that ills this planet. The show from 12-15-15 was some dude talking about Montezuma and the Aztec-Mayan treasure. The theories never cease to amaze me. The guy said the "treasure" lay undisturbed since 1540+. It's all a pipe dream, about 8 foot wide and 181 feet deep!

Did you see the episode where Pulitzer brought his "cousin" and his own divers to the island? I thought Marty Lagina was going to soil himself when Pulitzer started yanking on the air hose when one of the divers got hung up in the debris. Good thing Lagina called off the dive. I called out Pulitzer on one of his claims and quoted his own statement back to him. He threatened to sue me for libel.Even sent me a cut and paste definition of the word. Ohhhh I was just quakin' in my Birkenstocks!

Mr. Llewellyn, that Jesus existed is historical fact. You said He was "fabricated to sell an ideal"? There are secular writings, such as those of the Jewish historian Josephus, that mention Jesus, with enough descriptive information to both identify who is being discussed and support His existence. The "ills" of the world are mostly created by people, not religion. Religion is used as a scapegoat because of some awful abuses of religion in the past by certain religious organizations who were not following the teachings of Jesus and his apostles, but following a self-serving agenda to line their own pockets. Today, there is a certain religion that is doing it's best to take over the world, by both overt and covert means, and it's brutality can only be described as pure evil. Christianity does not teach that believers should convert others by the sword, and never did. The truth was distorted and twisted to fit an agenda. This other religion's version of their "bible", does teach and demand conversion or death to we "infidels". Jesus is still alive and sitting at God's right hand, and He will return, probably quite soon, based on all the signs occurring in the world. If you want to "prove" Jesus did not exist, first read "Evidence That Demands a Verdict", by Josh McDowell. He tried the same thing and became a believer. Many other intelligent, well educated persons have attempted the same thing, only to become believers. I hope you will do this and learn the truth. John 14:6.

"Today, there is a certain religion that is doing it's best to take over the world, by both overt and covert means, and it's brutality can only be described as pure evil"

If that "religion" goes by the name of CIA then I'm with you on that.

I stans killed heretics who refused tof recant. That'said not different from conversion by the sword in radical Islamic terrorism today, or crusading Knights killing Jews & the Islamic
inhabitants of Jerusalem after its surrender to Richard the Lion hearted. The Jesus who reigns above said that His kingdom is not of this world.

Bravo. You successfully wrote an entire reply using nothing but invented trash by well known charlatans. You see, we already know that the reference to 'Christ' by Josephus is a forgery. It's been know for CENTURIES. Your ignorance of this forgery is not an excuse. It is a forgery and EVERYONE who has ever actually researched this topic knows it. You didn't research it. You read about the Josephus forgery and decided for yourself that it was good enough for you. Fail.

Next, you state, quite to my amusement, the following: '...awful abuses of religion in the past'. How funny is that? The past? Are you dead? Do you not follow current events? Who is the man who just murdered people at a Planned Parenthood office? Was he a 'secularist'? NO. He is a Christian. He's just one example. The list of current Christian abuses is nearly endless. Kim Davis and her pretend love of marriage. Governor Abbott's rejection of the Christmas display in Austin this very minute - and his egregious use of his personal religion to pretend that the Founders don't even exist. Please, Mr. Butler. Pay attention.

And this. Oh, this. I was so amused by this that I nearly spit my adult beverage onto the screen as I read it. You stated: 'Christianity does not teach that believers should convert others by the sword, and never did.' Really? REALLY? It's quite clear that you not only don't know history, you don't even know Jesus's very own words. Here. Here's the first time you've ever seen them in print because I know you've never opened a Bible. Jesus HIMSELF stated this, which was used as the foundation of how Christianity was spread across Europe: Matthew 10:34: "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword."

I'm not going to even go on. You see, your post was so filled with complete disinformation that I'm absolutely surprised you know how to use a computer.

You sir, are entirely correct in saying that Jesus was a real person yet you are so unfathomably wrong in saying stories about him were not fabricated to indoctrinate people.

"Christianity does not teach that believers should covert others by the sword, and never did."
Clearly you know nothing of the history of your own religion. This statement is the epitome of the chosen ignorance religious people subject themselves to.
Religion is poison and religious people are brainwashed. We live on a rock flying through the universe and you people are still fighting over whose fairytales are the coolest.
By the way, the religion that is trying to take over the world is not so different from the spread of Christianity. The world would be better off without any of it.
Please Google "The Holy Quran Experiment" Enlighten yourself. Free yourself from the poison in your mind.

Joseph - Jesus certainly DID exist - but Jesus 'rising from the dead' is a total myth. Jesus was crucified along with many other unfortunate souls. Jesus had nails driven through his hands and feet and Jesus was stabbed with a sword, but all these injuries were survivable. Jesus was unconscious from blood loss when he was taken down from the cross, but Jesus was NOT dead. Jesus later regained consciousness - and this fact has led to over 2,000 years of this 'rising from the dead' myth. Jesus DIDN'T rise from the dead because he never was dead until many years later. ALL religions are laced with these kinds of incorrect myths.

It seems to me that Christianity has been destroyed by roman catholic apostolic church when roman senate decided to invent a new religion - making a collage of the beliefs all over the known world - to overcome and rule the movement of the christ worshippers - that was not pleasant to the roman lifestyle - putting the senate itself on the top of this new church and giving to it the same kind of government of the filthiest side of the dieing Roman Empire

FYI, The Holy Grail does not exist now and never has. The legend originated from a fictitious story and stories created in the Middle Ages. That was the same time they started crafting and embellishing the 'fair maidens', 'gallant knights', King Arthur themes and Templar's romanticism. Research it for yourself!!! ! Research everything and question everything you have heard, been told/taught or think about historical events and artifacts. There is no Holy Grail. It was all made up and people are chasing after a non existent item without even understanding that it's just bunk.

years ago had "near" death experience(was declared dead 47 minutes)--as I wandered "heaven" god was hanging out which looked like a bar--drinking a beer--there were pics of naked people on the walls--there was zero judgement there--Jesus told me he died for every persons salvation--everyone-it is uncondtional-but he said everybody would see it the way they needed to based on there own experience-one of the coolest things is now I can heal anything--even death--I am now like a dog,horse or any animal whisperer--maybe they should make a movie,ha!--but there are some animals or people who "short circuit"..guessing they have permanent connections to the dark side---go ahead and believe what you want--don't is all cool..don't know when,or how, but do know something very bad is going to happen to this planet--with in 5 years but only guessing..peace

Another armchair archaeologist with more opinions than understanding.

Agree completely. I hate religion. But let's remember that Jesus came so that we can have a relationship, not a religion. Reconciliation with God. It was meant to be of course.... but who exactly demanded that Jesus be killed? The romans? The people? Nope, the religious leaders. Why? He turned religion on its head and at the same time fulfilled God's law for you and me. There is no holy grail, although I am sure he drank from a cup like anyone else. There is no sacred object that Jesus touched that might give a few people power or peace. What is special is that he died that we might live. And he chose us which makes us special.... he didn't choose us because we are so.

Jeffry Jovan Philyaw is indeed a huckster, just trying to cash in on the Laginas' notoriety on the island. The sword was dated, and is a reproduction. Why? Bronze content is higher in quality than what the Roman artisans could provide. The sword replica was not found on the island, and this in my mind indicates the "salting" of the find if indeed it was a find.


im doubting this. probably something to keep that tv show going another season. are most likely correct. I'm of the opinion if any "treasure" actually existed on Oak Island, it was long ago recovered.

Prof. Barry Fell, among others, documented finds on Deer Island which suggested an ancient trade route between Europe and N. America. Numerous artifacts have been found over the last three centuries indicating extensive trade and exploration by both european and asian visitors. This is hardly news. The caveat, of course, is the steadfast refusal of traditionalists of history and archaeology to accept pre-Columbian, or diffusionist evidence.

I just want to know how Hutton Pulitzers name keeps being brought up concerning Oak Island ?? He is not the Lead or has any say so whatsoever. Hes not even allowed back on the island. Please help me to digest, what "what paper" essay he is going to provide, when he hasn't even seen the sword himself? This whole story is a big joke...

Gina; Here's more about the sword you might find interesting. They're available on Italian Ebay for 75 Euros. I posted the ad on the Oak Island Facebook page.

angieblackmon's picture

This is so exciting! I love this show!

love, light and blessings


After searching the internet for only 10 minutes I've come up many convincing arguments against this theory. Most importantly - "What happens to metal in salt water?"

Bingo! Hahaha....well done!

this isn't in salt water this is freshwater !

What happens to metal in salt water? It all depends on the metal. Bronze (which the sword is obviously made of) is highly resistant to salt water corrosion:

"Bronze was especially suitable for use in boat and ship fittings prior to the wide employment of stainless steel owing to its combination of toughness and resistance to salt water corrosion" ( ).

I dove for 5 months on a 1601 Spanish shipwreck. We recovered lots of bronze artifacts that were in great shape for being on the bottom of the ocean for 400 years. Smaller iron pieces were completely corroded away. Gold was unblemished.

Although I'm convinced this is a hoax, I do have to say that bronze lasts in salt water quite a long time. Bronze is a very corrosion resistant material, as it accumulates a microscopically thin layer of oxidation and eventually copper carbonate which protects the rest of the metal, unlike iron or steel which must me oiled to prevent rust.

That being said, bronze was replaced by iron 1000 years before the supposed age of this "site", and Romans used steel swords and iron for most other things - bronze was not a military material for the Romans. Additionally, this bronze "sword" is too short for a gladius or a typical bronze leaf-blade but 10-20 cm, so it's more of a dagger. A crappy dagger that's not even sharp. I suspect it's even tip-cast not hilt cast because it has such a fancy hilt (which would have to have been carved into stone in that shape first). Tip-cast swords are weaker and it's an early bronze age technique (3000 years ago!!!) - it allowed for fancy handles (not THAT fancy, though, as it still had to be functional when you swung it at someone's head or the likes) which were then covered in wood.

It's entirely flat, not even sharp (bronze can actually hold a decent edge if unused for hundreds of years - but this one wasn't even sharpened to begin with), and poorly made on the blade. For "ceremonial" it's pretty poor quality.

Also, bronze does hold up pretty well, but rarely *that* well. Most bronze blades are found in fragments.

So, to sum it all up, this makes no sense. Why would Romans come all this way? Why would they send legionnaires (without shields if you believe the dubious pictograph) all the way across prior to any good established contact, conquer nothing, and leave a sword as old to them as they are to us? They simply wouldn't.

Did you not read the article? Shields have been found on the island and region. Also, its stated this is believed to be a a CEREMONIAL sword and not ones used for combat. you went on such a long winded explanation about why this is not sufficient for combat and its stated in the article is was not used for that purpose. It was also tested for verification which it passed. People will call anything a hoax when it threatens their world views.

To be fair it is a bronze sword, which is why it is green, the copper oxidizes and turns green. I still don't believe the tall tale though.

Did someone carry out unlicensed XRF inspection or did someone perform the work for you?
What was the rest of the metallic composition?

If the wreck exists and is excavated then perhaps the traditional Columbus history will finally be augmented with new facts and discoveries. Certainly anyone who wanted to know has known for many years that others came before, long before Columbus who never set foot in North America anyway. Great show guys and gals keep it coming!!

Dude, for real, the Vikings got here centuries before Columbus. How do you not know that?

Please ad me to your mailing list.

ancient-origins's picture

Hi William. You need to register on your own. Please follow the link on the top menu.


In this particular case, you can by any number of that particular sword on eBay for 75 euros.

Yeah, this is a fraud. As much as it would be fun to fall for this nonsense, the presence of a known flim flam man in the proceedings is all you need to discount the "findings." For a few hundred bucks, you can buy these things in Europe and then pretend to find them in North America.

The sword is highly likely to be a fake.

It seems to me that the shipwreck would be the real key to confirming ancient visits to the New World. The sword could have been dropped in the water 50 years ago from a collector but a shipwreck would be a genuine find especially if it could be identified as an ancient vessel. Let's hope someone can take a look at the shipwreck they say they have identified and can shed some more light on this item. If it is a Roman or ancient European shipwreck then it will be one of the biggest finds in North American history--like the Viking settlement at L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland.

This sword is a fake. I saw where an expert in Roman Archaeology looked at the video and said it was a reproduction. The History Channel is best known for MAKING UP their own history. I am disappointed with their Curse of Oak Island. It appears more and more like a show faked! Every episode has a new THEORY, but little answers to prove fact. The whole notion has as many holes and it has "tunnels" under the island.

This sword is a fake. I saw where an expert in Roman Archaeology looked at the video and said it was a reproduction. The History Channel is best known for MAKING UP their own history. I am disappointed with their Curse of Oak Island. It appears more and more like a show faked! Every episode has a new THEORY, but little answers to prove fact. The whole notion has as many holes and it has "tunnels" under the island.

This sword is a fake. I saw where an expert in Roman Archaeology looked at the video and said it was a reproduction. The History Channel is best known for MAKING UP their own history. I am disappointed with their Curse of Oak Island. It appears more and more like a show faked! Every episode has a new THEORY, but little answers to prove fact. The whole notion has as many holes and it has "tunnels" under the island.

You say "While it has long been suggested that other ancient civilizations reached the New World before Columbus, including the Vikings.......". No suggestion, the vikings were in North America and the proof of course in their extensive camps or settlements.

There are other locations and places with finds and artifacts beside this one. There is a site on the web located at this address, just copy and paste, remove the space before and after the period:
ancientamericancontacts.blogspot . com/

Um...we KNOW North America was not "discovered" in 1492. And it's not "suggested" that Vikings made it here before Columbus. It's been proven. L'anse aux meadows in Newfoundland is a confirmed viking settlement dating to 1000 A.D. It was discovered in 1960 and is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. DOI!!

To be blunt, if historical fact was never mixed with historical fiction then to pursue the former without the latter no facts would ever be scientifically proven. Let's all be honest, theoretically proven digs with all the archeological evidence in the world have been proven otherwise and so is the nature of evidencuary compilation. Will there ever be a definitave explanation for the first exploration of North America? Speculation abounds for one reason, we are a society of FIRSTS, first to buy silk, first to mint monetary coinage, first to build an atomic bomb, first to use it, first to go to the moon and so on....When the journey exceeds the excitement of the destination we are all entertained momentarily until the next 'best thing' comes along...we are all to blame for things like the History channel tries to provide...if you get your historical data from a tv show then I've some swampland in Florida for you!!!...if nothing else there is some entertainment for the more historical intelligent community as long as we all agree its like watching The Rock and Hulk Hogan attempt to beguile of us our plight hurtling through space if for only a moment.

Regardless of the potential authenticity of the sword, the fact that it was removed from the site with no archaeologicial surveying or documentation has already tainted any information it could have contained. It's now out of context.

In the article it states that the sword came from an ancient shipwreck found off of Oak Island. It's been said there are many more relics laying in this site. So if the sword was taking, there is still allegedly much more to be found and understood.

Regardless of the potential authenticity of the sword, the fact that it was removed from the site with no archaeologicial surveying or documentation has already tainted any information it could have contained. It's now out of context.

so much for authenticity....this thing was designed with zero understanding of what a roman sword actually looks like....or that they were made of IRON|! lol


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