A Paracas elongated skull and an artist’s impression based on a digital reconstruction.

New DNA Testing on 2,000-Year-Old Elongated Paracas Skulls Changes Known History

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The elongated skulls of Paracas in Peru caused a stir in 2014 when a geneticist that carried out preliminary DNA testing reported that they have mitochondrial DNA “with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far”. Now a second round of DNA testing has been completed and the results are just as controversial – the skulls tested, which date back as far as 2,000 years, were shown to have European and Middle Eastern Origin. These surprising results change the known history about how the Americas were populated.

Paracas is a desert peninsula located within Pisco Province on the south coast of Peru.  It is here where Peruvian archaeologist, Julio Tello, made an amazing discovery in 1928 – a massive and elaborate graveyard containing tombs filled with the remains of individuals with the largest elongated skulls found anywhere in the world. These have come to be known as the ‘ Paracas skulls ’. In total, Tello found more than 300 of these elongated skulls, some of which date back around 3,000 years.

Elongated skulls on display at Museo Regional de Ica in the city of Ica in Peru

Elongated skulls on display at Museo Regional de Ica in the city of Ica in Peru ( public domain )

Strange Features of the Paracas Skulls

It is well-known that most cases of skull elongation are the result of cranial deformation, head flattening, or head binding, in which the skull is intentionally deformed by applying force over a long period of time. It is usually achieved by binding the head between two pieces of wood, or binding in cloth. However, while cranial deformation changes the shape of the skull, it does not alter other features that are characteristic of a regular human skull.

In a recent interview with Ancient Origins, author and researcher LA Marzulli describes how some of the Paracas skulls are different to ordinary human skulls:

“There is a possibility that it might have been cradle headboarded, but the reason why I don’t think so is because the position of the foramen magnum is back towards the rear of the skull. A normal foramen magnum would be closer to the jaw line…”

LA Marzulli points to the position of the foramen magnum in a Paracas skull which is also the point at which they drilled in order to extract bone powder for DNA testing.

LA Marzulli points to the position of the foramen magnum in a Paracas skull which is also the point at which they drilled in order to extract bone powder for DNA testing.

Marzulli explained that an archaeologist has written a paper about his study of the position of the foramen magnum in over 1000 skulls. “He states that the Paracas skulls, the position of the foramen magnum is completely different than a normal human being, it is also smaller, which lends itself to our theory that this is not cradle headboarding, this is genetic.”

In addition, Marzulli described how some of the Paracas skulls have a very pronounced zygomatic arch (cheek bone), different eye sockets and no sagittal suture, which is a connective tissue joint between the two parietal bones of the skull.

The pronounced cheek bones can be seen in artist Marcia Moore’s interpretation of how the Paracas people looked based on a digital reconstruction from the skulls.

The pronounced cheek bones can be seen in artist Marcia Moore’s interpretation of how the Paracas people looked based on a digital reconstruction from the skulls. Marcia Moore  / Ciamar Studio

In a normal human skull, there should be a suture which goes from the frontal plate … clear over the dome of the skull separating the parietal plates - the two separate plates – and connecting with the occipital plate in the rear,” said Marzulli. “We see many skulls in Paracas that are completely devoid of a sagittal suture.

There is a disease known as craniosynostosis, which results in the fusing together of the two parietal plates, however, Marzulli said there is no evidence of this disease in the Paracas skulls.

The sagittal suture, highlighted in red, separates the two parietal plates

The sagittal suture, highlighted in red, separates the two parietal plates ( public domain )

LA Marzulli shows the top of one of the Paracas skulls, which has no sagittal suture.

LA Marzulli shows the top of one of the Paracas skulls, which has no sagittal suture.

DNA Testing

The late Sr. Juan Navarro, owner and director of the Museo Arqueologico Paracas, which houses a collection of 35 of the Paracas skulls, allowed the taking of samples from three of the elongated skulls for DNA testing, including one infant. Another sample was obtained from a Peruvian skull that had been in the US for 75 years. One of the skulls was dated to around 2,000 years old, while another was 800 years old.

The samples consisted of hair and bone powder, which was extracted by drilling deeply into the foramen magnum. This process, Marzulli explained, is to reduce the risk of contamination. In addition, full protective clothing was worn.

The samples were then sent to three separate labs for testing – one in Canada, and two in the United States. The geneticists were only told that the samples came from an ancient mummy, so as not to create any preconceived ideas.  


Blue eyed and blonde, to the ancient Peruvians their European visitors might as well have been alien. Why not include these other worldly Europeans in their tradition of inter breeding and head boarding?

what makes you think they were europeans, just because of blue eyes. how you know they were blue eyed , in the first place?

Carol Ann1's picture

While I am not a believer in alien hybrids and would not buy any books about ‘nephilims’, it would not surprise me to learn that the ancestors of some South American people originated from Europe/Middle East….I have long been a fan of Thor Heyerdahl and his experiments and have never believed that the Siberian land bridge was the only way humans could have migrated here before Christopher Columbus.  There were master boat builders/sailors thousands of years before in Europe/Mediterranean region.  Awhile back I was looking at the Paracas people’s textile work, which was very skilled, and came across an interesting symbol of a two headed bird, which I had seen before from other cultures which had borrowed it over time.  Turns out its origin was from the Hittites, who were also reported to have red hair and extremely elongated skulls from some of the oldest descriptions I’ve read about them.  So a Mesopotamian/Syrian origin found in DNA tests of the Paracas skulls would be very interesting to me...if valid.  Hopefully others will take up the challenge and do further testing to see if these results can be verified :-)  Here is a link to the two headed bird symbol used by Paracas shamans, for anyone who might be interested:  http://ololopress.com/amm/sky1.htm

Carol Ann1

you don't need to buy any books to learn about nephilims.
all relevant books by Sitchin are free online.

I read one of Mr. Sitchin's books. It was so full of scientific errors that I wrote him off completely as an authority on anything.

You don't believe in aliens? Is it impossible for other life forms to originate from other worlds in this universe that holds so many stars.

She did not say that "aliens" don't exist; she said she wasn't a believer in alien hybrids ...

I agree entirely with your comments. Although LM's research links the Nephilim to aliens, that is not necessarily the case.

Andrew Collins, amongst others, has amassed a mass of information to show that the Nephilim, Annunaki and other groups identified as 'fallen angels' came from exactly the same region as the do the haplogroups discovered in these DNA tests. Moreover, he argues that these people were long-headed, feather-clad shamans, who may have been Cro-Magnon/Neanderthal hybrids.

My own research into Andean mythography and certain anomalous artefacts has come to exactly the same conclusion, but by an entirely different route. (Details to be revealed in my forthcoming book). We live in exciting times! Thanks for the link - which I shall study with great interest.

Carol, muchas gracias, thank for sharing your insight on this. I am from (and now in) Bolivia. My mother´s last name, Uria, although Basque, is a biblical name that appears several times in the Old testament and the Torah. One of those Uriahs was the Hittite Heroe of King David that the latter sent to the fiercest battle so that he dies to take his wife Bathsheba (the mother of King Solomon). Uriah in Hurrian Ariya means "ruler" (according to p.1107of the Harpers´Bible Dictionary (1985)). And this is so interesting to me because please note that (according to Robert Antonio, from the World History Center), in the cuneiform Hittite texts, hurlili or language of the Hurrians is used, hence it is highly probable that Uriah from the Hurrians meant the same as for the Hittites: ruler. In the interesting information that you shared about the origin of that double headed bird symbol (found in Paracas, that thanks to the efforts like that of our colleague Brien Foerster, were people with European and Middle Eastern origin), it seems that it was the symbol of the ruler -Uriah-. And more support for this finding of the DNA test2, is the fact that the "Fuente Magna" (the stone bowl found in the shores of Lake Titicaca in the Bolivian side and that is housed in the "Museo del Oro" in my native city of La Paz), has all these symbols that were interpreted using proto-Sumerian language. And it really amazes me the information that you shared because in my main collage (that has been compared to the Guernica of Picasso), "Homage to the Universe" the main symbol is the bird wings I used, to represent freedom; of course it came from my artistic imagination. And still, it could be that it also came from my morphogenetic field (yes, here I am using the work of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake): the bird symbol perhaps came from the two headed bird of the ruler, the Uriah. Or perhaps also from what for Sumerians meant Marduk/Nibiru. And the latter takes me to the original purpose of the DNA test2, and here Leonardo d Vinci gabe me the clue. He used to write backwards in his personal notes. So he wrote the name Urijah backwards and gives us "hajiru" but if you check this carefully it will give us, "nibiru" that if pronounced with English phonetics (this I noted in a work I wrote in 1999, in reference to the late Zechariah Sitchin´s work), will give us, "naybayru" that sounds so much like "aymaru" or aymara the oldest language certainly in the Blivian Andes; and much more, if also with English phonjetics you pronounce the Sumerian "Enki" (who was according to Sumerian myth the one that made the first Adam (using a homos erectus from Earth, yet putting his genes and intelligence but not his longevity); well, Enki, pronounced that way, wil give us, "Inkay", and in the Andean mythology, the Incas came from the Aymaras, the Incas being the rulers or in Hurrian Ariya (and hence very likely in Hittite language too), the rulers, whose symbol thanks to you now I do know that was the two headed bird. And from these my curiosity of the relationship of the "Ur-ias" (the citizens) from Sumer (as Uriah Chalida was the capital of the Mesopotamian Sumer) and the "Urus" of Bolivia and Peru (so subjugated by the Aymaras and Incas and who to keep their freedom would weave their floating islands,and who did not consider themselves humans, but "water folks"): is fueled again! Thanks again y muchos.saludos.

Nice to réad wise comments. I hope other DNA analyses will be done on other inca mummies in the future. And other mummies in the world as in easter island. We need facts.

The contributor of this article admits that they are not scientists, and that their theory is bogus and meant to brainwash the most unintelligent of people who reads this fiction about blond/red haired pale Europeans being the elongated skull people of Paracas, Peru….First there was the “Alien Theory” even though no one has ever seen an Alien other than in “Starwars” movies, then there are the theories about red/blond haired Europeans who basically had very little if any civilized communities which dates back further than 3000 years, which is more like the actual date of those elongated Peruvian skulls.  The African cranial art of “LIPOMBO” has been practiced for thousands of years among African Royal leaders, and can be observed in ancient royal tombs and pyramidal reliefs of such notables as King Tut, Nefertiti, Akhenaten etc, all which dates back more than 3000 years ago.  Even today, the Mangbetu Tribe of the Congo continues to practce this ancient skull deformation which is known as “Lipombo” among its tribal leaders, as to distinguish them from the common people..  As far as the so call “Middle Eastern” element is concerned, the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia referred to themselves as “SAGIGGA” which meant black/bald headed people, and they called their territory “Kengi” which meant CIVILIZED PEOPLE since the people who resided on both sides of the Caucasus mountains were called “Schythian’s” (Paleo/Slavic) people who were considered uncivilized and nomadic, without any permanent or sedentary communities dating  back to 3500 BCE..  The :Levant, which was a territory stretching northward of the ancient Egyptian border, such as Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon where the people were called Canaanites (Phoenicians) was colonized by the Black Egyptian pharaoh Thutmosis III in 1457 BCE.  The “Levant” remained an Egyptian “VASSAL” from the time of colonization until the last of the remaining Canaanite (Phoenician) was destroyed in what is today, Lebanon….Many Black Egyptian 100% Black race pharoahs had this red hair coloring, as well as today there are still Black Africans who use this same ancient compound which turns hair red, which is a proven fact.  Given the fact that ancient Meso-American Olmec’s who were definitely 100% Black people, and some even carved with “AFRO HAIR” such as the “El Negro” Olmec statue which is on display at the national museum in Tuxteco, Mexico, the “Moon and Sun” pyramids that were built by African architectural and engineering builders, it isno doubt that all of this debate about “Elongated Skulls” in Paracas that supposedly date back to as late as 800 A.D. had its original start in ancient Africa, and not in Europe, Asia or the Galaxy with Aliens who had little green antennaes...

Charles Bowles

It is a good idea to differentiate between the skulls that were obviously extended deliberately – which have all the normal fissures, and those which are obviously NOT those of a normal human – ie have NO central fissure – there are some shown on most of the articles on this subject. SO – unless they are fake, ie deliberately constructed, or all had the known disease that can cause this condition, these are skulls from an UNKNOWN type of human – make sure we note which ones are looked at – only those with the missing fissure should be investigated & discussed to keep things understandable. There is one of those skulls’ pictures that looks as tho the image is ‘doctored’ – ie it appears to have a blurry mark around the top of the skull as tho someone created the picture or the skull. So we need to make sure there is not just a big ‘story’ being concocted to keep us amused.  Please do not make things up, there are quite enough myseteries without fake nonsense intruding into the picture !!! 


The phenomenon of elongated heads existed throughout the ancient world. It is also substantiated by painting and statues. Physical anomalies with many show that they lacked the same cranium structure as humans. Their existence is a historical fact. What they are is to be determined. Why did some societies elongate normal heads? Some have suggested that people attempted to produce elongated heads because there was a social benefit associated with it. It seems that people with elongated heads enjoyed a higher status and social privilege. That is why others wanted long heads. The hypothesis about alien hybrid or nephilim cannot be demonstrated and should not be rejected. Certainly, many ancients myths support the notions that demigods existed on the earth.

Actually, age erases the sagital suture on almost everyone. most people over 50 have skulls that lack this landmark of the skull. The skulls in question are simply the skulls of old people.

No way to KNOW these are skulls of old people. These skulls look like ancient Egyptians. Could Kukulkan/ Viracocha been Egyptians? Are these large headed people a hidden branch of humanity? If they are only between 800- 2000 years old, where are they now? Where did they go?

Charles Bowles -

You should not just dismiss the ‘alien theories’ out of hand – there are too many things going unanswered that we actually read about these days. You cannot dismiss the very real experience of a whole class of schoolchildren in Africa (Angola I believe) who saw a craft land near their school and saw a group of alien beings standing there watching them for a long time, and can still tell the story VERY convincingly to this day – they also said the ‘beings’ seemed to be ‘talking’ to them & telling them they needed to care for the world ! . They were intelligent kids, some white, some black obviously from middle-class families and there is basically no answer to their experience. Also – there are now several astronauts who believe in UFO’s and extra-terestrial beings, who also are intelligent people with reputations to guard. Plus the numerous pilots who have seen UFO’s with their own eyes – many of them. SOMETHING is going on without normal human answers, and to just pooh-pooh their stories is beyond civil. You need to keep an open mind, be aware that you really know very little of what is ‘out there’ & the paranormal of course, and be ready to learn or stay blind to the wonders of our universe – your choice !!!!! 


"...even though no one has ever seen an Alien other than in “Starwars” movies"

Not true. Many people from all over the world have seen them for millennia and have been documented in a variety of ways, however, most people nowadays simply dismiss this as mythology, etc. Many, many alien craft have been filmed and even documented for quite some time now but skeptics offer ridiculous alternative explanations.

"...even though no one has ever seen an Alien other than in “Starwars” movies"

Not true. Many people from all over the world have seen them for millennia and have been documented in a variety of ways, however, most people nowadays simply dismiss this as mythology, etc. Many, many alien craft have been filmed and even documented for quite some time now but skeptics offer ridiculous alternative explanations.

upon viewing the two headed bird symbol pictured which seems completely symmetric .creating this image on a folded piece of cloth or paper drawing half then opening the paper as a method to create this image immediately comes to mind ..I've seen similar images in Hindu mythology called Gandaberunda or Berunda ...Source; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gandaberunda

very interesting

Great catch Carol Ann1! Nice now if someone would do some cross checking with known Hittite or Scythian remains. The Scythians are also well known to have traveled vastly and deeply into eastern Asia. They could well have reached North America. They too were known for their red hair.

Scythians who were also known as “Paleo/Slavic” people who lived on both sides of the Caucasus mountains, were indeed “UNCIVILIZED” nomadic blond hair, blue eyed people.   They had no permanent communities, nor the cognitive abilities to provide for their primary needs.  In other words they were raiders of the civilized communities where security was scarce.  These uncivilized pale white skin, blue eyed blond haired people would rob civilized communities of livestock, jewelry, handicrafts such as leather saddles, because they did not have the cognitive skills to produce such necessary items, including growing their own agriculture according to historical documents.   These uncivilized Scythian “Paleo/Slavics” probably could not find themselves too far away from mountain caves, less only make a journey to the Americas he he he….According to Persian history, during the time of King Darius approximately 500 BCE the uncivilized white blue eyed savages had raided “CIVILIZED COMMUNITIES” so much until King Darius himself chased these vermits from the Caucasus area to about 600 – 1000 miles away into Eastern Europe (sort of like chasing away present day burglars to secure your own property.   It was documented that there was never a battle due to the fact that the Scythians kept running further away as Darius continued his chase.  After the chase, it was recorded that King Darius returned back to Persia, and the white blue eyed Scythian uncivilized former “Caucasus Mountain Dwellers” never returned, so the chasing plan worked out well….Further historical documents indicate that these uncivilized slow learning Scythians finally began to settle down, practice the agricultural, livestock, and handicraft skills of the civilized communities which they had learned so much from, because of their earlier contacts…….There is no documented history of uncivilized Scythians ever practicing the African cranial art of “Lipombo” which had been practiced on African leaders for millenniums among Black Egyptians, and is still practiced today by the Mengbetu tribe of the Congo...

Charles Bowles

I have been following your agenda here and it has become obvious that it is based on extreme racial hatred. Your efforts here point to the premise that the Black Race should be recognized not as equal, but as intellectually superior over the White Race and the White Race doesn't deserve to exist. Two wrongs will never make a right.

“uncivilized white blue eyed savages” – ah let me guess - you do NOT have white skin & blue eyes – thought so – funny how that works !  Your reverse Germanic prejudice is hilarious to read ! Good grief what is your problem – you read all history with this view in mind to prove Hitler wrong ???  Poor person – that kind of deep loathing must make you very, very insecure. Well at least it makes a change from the opposite view of pushing the blonde, blue-eyed ‘thingy’  that so many Europeans seem unable to put down ! We humans are a motly crew of all colors & eye-colors, mainly we ALL understand what we really admire in humanity & it has nothing to do with the color of your hair or eyes  – it is called CHARACTER - of which there are samples in every peoples on this planet – and I seriously suspect you are lacking a little in that streak of human ‘intelligence’ !!!!


The Parthians and Sythians were nomadic peoples from the central Asian horse culture. They devised magnificent gold jewelry, found as artifacts in archaeological sites. The horses were obtained by the Arabs, and offspring of the Arab horses were later taken to England where they became the basis of the Thoroughbred breed. Babur from the Ferghana region of Central Asia relocated to Afghanistan and later went on to India, where he established the Mughal Dynasty. The Ferghana Valley is still the heart of the horse culture, represented by the horse breed, known at present as the Akhal-Teke breed. I am at loss as to why Westerners consider horse/nomadic cultures to be primitive and uncivilized. This misconception lead to devastating attacks against the Native American tribes of North America. It has tainted modern-day dealings with the Middle Eastern tribes, with many destructive outcomes. But actually this tribal existence now fits the new environmentally-friendly lifestyle to a tee, while the "advanced" urban cultures have become the villains. It is time to re-examine the old biases and readjust the misperceptions.

What are the names of the labs that did the testing ? Location is given but no the names of the firms.

ancient-origins's picture

Two of the labs wish to remain anonymous. The third lab is the Canadian one in Thunder Bay. 

You say "Two of the labs wish to remain anonymous". Really!?! First time I ever heard of a radiocarbon dating lab rejecting ANY free publicity

Labs don't need publicity, its not like we can drive business to them. But if the results are contrary to the accepted paradigm then it becomes negative publicity which no one needs. An example of this is when a lab was given samples and not told what the samples are. When the date came back millions of years off then the lab was embarrassed and refused to date more samples from that submitter.
You can google lab refuses to date samples.

Sandra Bowdler, I agree with you 100%, in that i never heard od a radiocarbon dating lab not wanting free publicity….It smell like a “fish” somewhere.  This whole article is so unscientific and ridiculous.  This article is only devoted to claiming that red/blond hair, blue eyed people were the first american’s, and built highly technological ships to travel the world.  The article also refers to the Sumerians, Phoenicians, (Canaanites) as being blond hair, blue eyed Caucasians ha ha ha….Even though documented history tells us that the Sumerians referred to themselves as “SAGIGGA” which meant “black/bald headed people” and not white bald headed people.  History also tells us that the Levant was simply an ancient Egyptian colony, and later a “Vassal”, which territory stretched from Egypts present day border of Israel, to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.  Also, elongated heads is an old African cranial art called “LIPOMBO” which has been used for more than 3000 years and practiced on the heads of king Tut, Nefertiti, King Akhenaten, Ptolemy VI etc, and can be observed in their many tomb and pyramidal reliefs. Also, the present day Mangbetu Tribe of the Congo still practices this cranial art to distinguish their tribal leaders from the common people.  If these people are not trying to call Black innovative societies “white”, they are trying to connect it with an unknown Galaxy of Aliens which they have absolutely no knowledge..

Charles Bowles

Red or blond headed Euro/Asiatic people could not have made the trip to the Americas thousands of years ago, due to their lack of cognitive skills and ability.   It is a fact that the African cranial practice of “LIPOMBO” (elongation of skulls into a cone shape) has been practiced for more than 3000 years among various African Royals as to distinguish themselves from common people.  Even today, Black African tribe people called “Mangbetu” still practice this ancient art of intentional cranial deformity as a means of distinguishing leaders from common members within their society.   Also, Egyptian tomb and pyramidal reliefs dating back 3,000+ years show that “LIPOMBO” was practiced on King Tut, Akhenaten, Nefertiti etc, to distinguish Black Egyptian Royalty from the common member in society.   As far as red hair on mummy’s are concerned, that same method is still used by modern day Black Africans who are still walking around with jet black skin and a funny looking reddish hair.  It is quite obvious that the cranial art of “Lipombo” (elongated skulls into cone shapes) was introduced into Peru at a later date by Black Africans.   There were many other Black Africans who traveled to the Americas thousands of years ago such as the 100% Black Olmec’s, and there are numerous artifacts and gigantic deity statues which proves that fact, including the ancient Olmec statue  which the Mexican scientists refer to as “EL NEGRO”, which is on display in the national museum in Tuxteco, Mexico.  Then, of course there are those innovative African pyramids which stands about a 45 minute ride outside of Mexico City, called the “Sun and Moon” which I actually attempted to climb but was afraid of the height…..It is true that many of these so call DNA lab company’s are not reliable for credible information……   So no, the elongated skull Paracas people of Peru were not white blue eyed “Scythian” paleo/slavic blond/red headed people, and they were not Aliens from Mars…...

Charles Bowles

Charles, you really need to look up the meaning of the words COGNITIVE and ABILITY.

only one short mention of the drawings or their artist. and nothing as to how the makeup paint was concieved.... probably should have them left out of this article ...or maybe included them in alien spacecraft or something similar, or what...

Nice to see still more evidence of the truth of the Bible, though it's not necessary. The Bible stands on its own for men to believe or not. Some men glance through it and declare it to be full of error.
Then again, some men find light in its words and that light changes their lives.

I'm glad that knowing the true God is predicated on simple, humble faith. To me, that's more evidence of truth. If man invented salvation, it would be full of rules and qualifications to become saved. But God fulfilled every requirement himself so that "whosoever will may come." Perfect!

Go to Google images and search "chariot wheels in Red Sea". More fascinating evidence of the Bible's veracity.

I don't really see the controversy. We already knew the ancient Phonecian fishing ships knew of the Americas. LoL, eons before Columbus too. It therefore isn't too hard to speculate a boat full or three landed here and stayed. Truth is I am much more intrigued by the lack of a sagital suture than I am in reaffirming that sailors from an area along the Silk Road trade routes may have had blonde or red hair or be of an Asian blood line.

I wonder why more people don't connect the elongated skulls of Paracas Peru, Egyptian Pharaohs, and elsewhere to Neanderthal. Other common traits larger eye orbits, red hair, less molar teeth, stockier build wider chest shorter limbs, etc. ... They've always been here before humans and are here to stay. Created humans as slaves, wrote the bible. Hidden rulers of the planet.

Amazing article. The DNA results, showing European and Middle Eastern origins were very interesting. I would have thought that the skulls would have dated earlier than 2000 years.

Robb, actually, there are elongated heads that date much ealier than the Paracas skulls which this fictious article claim to be 2000….It is a fact that King Tut, Nefertiti, King Akhenaten, Ptolemy VI etc all had elongated skulls dating back more than 3000+ years ago.  Also there are known 100% Black Pharaohs of Egypt whose mummy’s have reddish/blond hair due to a chemical that ancient egyptians used.  That present day compound is still being used on present day dark skin Black African who continues walking around with funny looking red/blond colored hair, and its  not new.  Also, the African art of “Lipombo” elongation of skulls into a cone shape is still used today among the Mangbetu Tribe of the Congo as a way of distinguishing their tribal leaders from the commoners.  I noticed that the writer of this article admits that he is not a scientist and that his dogmatic views has been rejected by the scientific community, but he thinks that they are the dumb ones, and not him?   The name of the DNA and radiocarbon dating labs whom this guy mentions are not published, so I wonder is it because they know that they ae full of “hogwash” and don’t want their company names published”   Is it that they don’t believe in their own testing procedures?

Charles Bowles

Why would ancient Egyptian royalty desire to mimic the natural blond and red hair of naked European savages? Those blond blue-eyed barbarians who - it cannot be emphasized too often or too strongly - lack any cognitive abilities whatsoever (and that to this very day, as is evident in all quarters of life). It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

there are so few different species which can interbreed, but they cant reproduce between them furthermore. That is in species which belong to the same zoological family, and genre. How could interbreed between so unrelated and genetically different - as human and aliens, be possible?

I'm not a believer in any alien theories, but I wouldn't just dismiss it either. I have a little hypothesis of my own, I have no evidence to back it up other than my own self-knowledge into my own mind.

Think of this. WHY would people start elongating their skulls? I mean, what would be the motivation for that? It's hard to imagine just stumbling upon this, it has to be done in infancy, to be blunt, only a very select few cultures around the world engaged in the practice.

What if, and this is a pretty big "what if," that I only ask to entertain not be taken as any type of assertion... what if these cultures had some contact with humanoid alien life with elongated skulls. What if they were viewed as powerful and wise, superior, and the cultures were looking for ways to emulate or be like them.

Imagine seeing another "human" like that flying around in a saucer or some space-ship, with advanced technology perhaps a very impressive physical frame, or not, either way also possessing deep wisdom, insights, interpersonal skills, cognitive ability and powers of observation well beyond their own culture or any culture today.

I could imagine that if we had contact with such a peoples, that we would perhaps consider modifying the brain cavity of our infants thinking that a larger brain cavity would result in a larger brain, a super-intelligent child, of our own culture and of our own tribal group that could use his gifts to bless us with similar wisdom, raise our civilization to their level of technology, give us insights only they could see but that we would assume they are keeping to themselves, seeing us as outsiders.

Again it's kind of a wild hypothesis but if you look at indigenous peoples we've come into contact with, they display similar behavior, using our air-plains as inspirations for religious symbols, forming the basis of a new religion and so on.

I don't believe it (about the origin in the middle east) because they have different bones on sculls!!! Somebody is not telling the truth! Somebody is lying.

First you say the sun is yellow and than that it's orange ...stupid will believe that the sun is orange.... despite you already said that it's yellow.

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This passage may read like a passage from the Old Testament of the Bible; but, this is a quote from the Hymn of Aten, a work by Pharaoh Amenhotep IV better known as Akhenaton. This so-called heretic king was the only known Pharaoh in Egyptian history who believed in a monotheistic doctrine when most of the ancient world adhered to polytheism.

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Was the Heretic Pharaoh Akhenaton in Fact the Father of Modern Monotheism?
This passage may read like a passage from the Old Testament of the Bible; but, this is a quote from the Hymn of Aten, a work by Pharaoh Amenhotep IV better known as Akhenaton. This so-called heretic king was the only known Pharaoh in Egyptian history who believed in a monotheistic doctrine when most of the ancient world adhered to polytheism.

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New Revelations When 3,000-Year-Old Prosthetic Toe is Examined with Cutting Edge Technology
Egyptologists from the University of Basel have discovered details of production techniques and usage of one of the oldest prosthetic devices in history after re-examining it with the help of other experts. The find is nearly 3,000 years old and was discovered in a female burial from the necropolis of Sheikh ´Abd el-Qurna close to Luxor, Egypt.

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