Left: Father Crespi holding a metallic artifact that appears to contain a series of hieroglyphs.Right: Photographs of Crespi’s so-called ‘Metallic Library’. Credit: Ancient-Origins.net.

The Truth About Father Crespi and His Missing Artifacts Finally Revealed

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The story of Father Crespi is a mysterious and controversial account of a priest in Ecuador involving claims of unknown civilizations, strange golden artifacts, a subterranean cave system containing a metallic library, depictions of strange figures connecting America to Sumeria, symbols depicting an unknown language, evidence of extra-terrestrial contact, and a Vatican conspiracy involving thousands of missing artifacts. But how much of the story is true? Ancient Origins set out to find the answers and was given exclusive access by the Central Bank of Ecuador to the private artifact collection of Father Crespi, tucked away in hidden vaults and storerooms, including the controversial carved metal plates, which had not been seen or photographed for decades.  

Google the name ‘Father Crespi’ today and you will find dozens of websites telling the bizarre story of a humble priest and his connection with a mysterious collection of artifacts. Admittedly, Ancient Origins is included among those that have highlighted the strange story of Crespi and his missing artifacts. However, when myself and Dr Ioannis Syrigos of Ancient Origins moved to Cuenca, Ecuador, and were visited by researchers Hugh Newman, founder of Megalithomania.co.uk, and Jim Vieira, who has starred on several History Channel programs, there was an opportunity to explore the account in more depth and find out what is really behind the story of Father Crespi.  

From Left: Hugh Newman, Jim Vieira, and Dr Ioannis Syrigos at the Crespi Museum in the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana, Cuenca, Ecuador.

From Left: Hugh Newman, Jim Vieira, and Dr Ioannis Syrigos at the Crespi Museum in the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana, Cuenca, Ecuador.

The Man Behind the Mystery

Father Carlos Crespi Croci was a Salesian monk who was born in Italy in 1891.  He studied anthropology at the University of Milan before becoming a priest.  In 1923, he was assigned to the small Andean city of Cuenca in Ecuador to work among the indigenous people. It was here that he devoted 59 years of his life to charitable work until his death in 1982.

Father Crespi is known for his multitude of talents – he was an educator, anthropologist, botanist, artist, explorer, cinematographer, and musician – as well as his intense humanitarian efforts in Ecuador, in which he set up an orphanage and educational facilities, assisted the impoverished, gave food and money handouts, and cared deeply for the people. Walking around the city of Cuenca, it is clear that Crespi won the hearts of the people – today a statue of him helping a young child remains in the square in front of the church of Maria Auxiliadora, and local people old enough to have known him share stories about his intense charitable efforts. The City of Cuenca has been working with the Vatican for years to have Father Crespi recognized as a Saint.

Photograph of Father Crespi with some local children. Crespi Museum in the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana.

Photograph of Father Crespi with some local children. Crespi Museum in the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana. Credit: Ancient-Origins.net

However, it was not only the people of Cuenca that he helped. Father Crespi also had a deep personal interest in the numerous tribes of indigenous people throughout Ecuador and sought to learn about their culture and traditions, as well as to offer assistance wherever possible.  People speak of his dedication to a life of voluntary poverty, sometimes sleeping on the floors of small huts belonging to indigenous people, with only a single blanket.

The clip below was filmed by Father Crespi in 1927 and is the first film of Shuar community life and culture ever made.

The Crespi Collection

It was due to the dedication of Father Crespi to the people that they began to bring him artifacts as offers of thanks. These artifacts came from all corners of the country and beyond, and were representative of the works of almost all the indigenous cultures of Ecuador.  Other objects, including numerous metallic carved plates, were thought to be modern-day carvings or replicas of ancient artifacts, though Crespi always showed great gratitude no matter the value of the gift. Not wanting to shame impoverished families by giving them money handouts for nothing, Crespi began to pay some of the people for the objects they brought him. Philip Coppens explains:

“When poor people brought him these plates or other artifacts that the local people knew he collected, he made sure they were rewarded for their efforts. He knew several local families were poor but that pride prevented them from asking for money, unless it was as payment for something. And hence, more and more metal plates found their way to the priest. Some, Crespi was sure, were fakes – and they were often the crudest executed.” 

Over time, Father Crespi acquired more than 50,000 objects, many of which were kept in the courtyard of the church Maria Auxiliadora until the Vatican gave him permission to start a museum to house the collection.  Unfortunately, many of the artifacts were destroyed in a fire in 1962. After Father Crespi passed away, the remaining artifacts were removed and little trace of them remained. Various claims emerged as to what happened to the artifacts that survived the fire – some say they were stored in the cellar archive of Maria Auxiliadora, others say they were sold to private collectors, or that they were shipped off to the Vatican. For decades, there was little known or seen of Crespi’s precious artifacts.


When a government controls the "message" you only get to see what THEY want you to see. Its easy for them to discount the facts and craft a story that is more to their liking. Very suspicious that the Central Bank purchased this collection for the banks museum. . Not a national museum. Nice try at getting to the "golden plates," but you had to know you were being shown artifacts that don't add up and weren't really from his mysterious collection. The artifacts shown aren't even close to the metallic objects seen in his videos of the 70s. Shameful slant on a story. Keep digging and you'll find the real truth. If was truly a "man of god" HE wouldn't have made the claims up about finding the cave himself. Which is in the video!

It's a very old robbery ploy to switch the authentic antiquities with some cheap forgeries.

This way, when the theft is discovered, your mark thinks there was nothing worth stealing anyway.

This happens worldwide constantly and it works - it quickly dispels interest in the original. Billions of originals have vanished into private vaults this way. You want to leave a fake behind when you make it go poof so nobody thinks anything is amiss.

Quite right Jason.

“….. purchased by the Central Bank of Ecuador…..”  RED FLAG right there. Who OWNS the Guatemalan Central Bank? Cartainly a national museum should house such a collection. And one of the photos seems to show ‘rust’ on one of the plates, indicatinig that it is not old at all. Cartainly Fr. Crespi was a good man and housed many unusual items in his collection; items mainstream academia would prefer were not shown to the public. It would upset their linear advancement notion. Trace the ownership of the Central Bank and you’ll find a trail of money that leads to ‘western governments’, who actively supress ancient civilization discoveries.

The real plates are likely in the basement of the Smithsonian now along with the other 200 years worth of hidden heritage. Somebody doesn't want mankind knowing the truth about their own past. Feed'em another UFO story to scramble their brains, keep watching the stars.

Maybe the former astronaut " N Armstrong" who left Ecuador with a number of sealed boxes knows the truth or at least part of it. So, maybe the Smithsonan does not have them but others

Tsurugi's picture

Setting the problem of the missing Crespi Collection artifacts aside for a moment, I salute the Ancient Origins team for this excellent bit of real fieldwork into a mystery much touted but never pursued by modern "alternativists". Well done! Makes me proud to be a member here.

Now get out there and find those missing plates! XD

The collection of Padre Crespi is necessarily true given the objects he gathered and showed many times. I suspect the Vatican of stealing or orchestring the disappearance of most important parts. These objects pose fantastic questions about the existence of a mother civilization who would travel on all continents in the time of the Sumerians and the Inca ancestors .For an unknown reason a treasure was hidden in Peru in caves los Tayos. Need to save a heritage face a looming catastrophe? Wanted they to delegate to posterity archives of ancient civilizations? I do not think we will easily get an answer, academic guardians of official truth shall ensure hide secrets, and destroy or conceal anything that might question the official story. Congratulations to the Ancient Origins team for this development on the subject.
Sory for my bad english.

The cave complex of Los Tayos is in Ecuador, NOT Perú.

Great work April!

I remember reading a resent article on this subject, maybe here or at Mysterious Universe, that stated when Däniken was pressed about this story he admitted that he had not actually visited the cave or seen the metal books. He simply "embellished" the stories he was told. It was more a fictional account as opposed to fact.

Däniken is simply a con man who was out to sell books.

Tsurugi's picture


Däniken most definitely said he had not been in the cave nor seen the metal books. Mainly because, as he made clear in Chariots, the location of the entrance to the metal library was unknown. Those who did know where it was, kept it secret. There was never any doubt of this in the book. Nor was it unclear that he was relating a legend.

In other words, anyone reading his book would completely understand that the metal library was an unconfirmed legend, and that Däniken was not claiming to have seen or entered it.

But the way you relate your information--that Däniken was "pressed" about the story, or that he "admitted" he hadn't entered the cave--very much sounds like you are attempting to portray Däniken as having been caught in a lie; as though he had claimed to have been in the caves, and to have seen the metal books. Which, as I said, he hadn't.

Nice use of the false premise fallacy tho.

It was not "more of a fictional account than fact", it was anecdotal accounts, and Däniken relayed them as such.

Your final statement, that Däniken was a con man out to sell books, is rather ridiculous. There are a lot of much easier ways to fleece people; ways that have a much higher rate of success and returns. Especially at the time Däniken wrote his book, before the popularization of AAT, in a time when the ostracization of anyone or anything to do with ETs or UFOs was at an all-time high.
Even today, when these subjects are orders of magnitude less taboo than they were when Chariots was published, it is not a big moneymaking proposition. If you want to get rich, do not write a book about UFOs.

But you might want to apply for some jobs writing propaganda. Your ability to pretzel words is positively Machiavellian.

P.S. I borrowed your umlaut to use for Däniken's name. Thanks.

Snap! And now you have shown me that I must watch my vulnerability to propaganda. Perhaps it is subtle jealousy of and a sense of competition around the subject that creates that atmosphere to being receptive to propaganda... Thank you for setting the record straight and stepping up to Daniken's defense. It was a watershed moment for me in the '60's (or was it '70's?) when I saw, "Chariots of the Gods."

I don't know how old you are but you are quite wrong about UFOs and hoaxters&huxters.

V.D. has sold over 65 million books-
most of those in times past.

The UFO phenomenon has had cults and obsessed fans from the beginning.

At the time that book was written,
anyone wanting to write sensationalistic material
and fleece the UFO crowds not only had lots of easy pickings-
they had lots of competition.

In the 60's and 70's ANYTHING was possible-
part of society mocked,
part of society was fascinated....
and very gullible and vulnerable.

They still are.

The questions and issues he examines are genuine but his integrity and methods are far from spotless.

He HAS embellished and distorted his findings and misadventures many times and has plagiarized other people's work numerous times.

I have been studying these subjects for some
50 years now-
it is just as dangerous to be blindly for
people and their points
as it is to be blindly against them.

Anyone who reads his work needs to not be naive and should read it with more
than a grain of salt.

He is just like the producer of ancient aliens-

George was quite tame on his last show-
it failed.

he went all-out hollywood with orange skin and crazy hair.

He has been QUITE successful this time.

It is the same with Crespi-
was he fallible?


Look at his work overall,
regardless of his affiliations.

He worked hard for others while pursuing his passions-
was he really just a scam artist working for the evil empire?

You decide-
but don't jump to conclusions on account of
blind prejudices,for OR against,

Tsurugi's picture

I don't know how old you are either. What does that have to do with anything??

The number of people who have managed to support themselves solely using the topic of UFOs is so vanishingly small compared to the number who have tried that it is akin to winning a lottery. Most people who have tried ended up losing money....again, very much like a lottery.

Granted, VD is one of the successful ones....but he wasn't when he was writing Chariots of the Gods. To claim he did that solely for money is silly. He could have just bought a lottery ticket and had the same chance of winning, with way less work.

I am fine with people disagreeing with Von Daniken, or Sitchin (or whomever). If you want to say they were totally wrong about everything they wrote, that's fine with me.
But accusing them of being hoaxers is not saying they were wrong in what they wrote; it's saying they knowingly spread false information. It's accusing them of being liars. I am not ok with that, and call it out any time I see it. You want to say they were wrong? Great, lets debate it. You want to call them liars, take it to court.

I've been reading Jaques Vallee's Messengers of Deception again recently, which is focused precisely on the time period you speak of. Vallee's impression was that the UFO evangelists doing all the writing and cult-starting were in fact true believers in their messages. Not a bunch of hoaxers. This is what worried him so much about the entire phenomenon, and led him to write the book, which basically says the source of the deception is the phenomenon itself. This has been my interpretation as well, at least of the modern UFO flaps. Paleocontact is another subject entirely.

P.S. I'm seven.

CIA operative, admitted it himself. False front for the opposition.

a evil man a dickens evil steph father a jesuit World scavenger

Tsurugi's picture


yes..the evil is in the face. No Good fella there. But there is enough data about the pure evil vatican/jesuit order and their true goals against Mankind to Confirm that.

Tsurugi's picture

That's all very interesting, and I tend to agree that Jesuits often have a sinister aspect to them. (I also have been disturbed at how they seem to appear in the most unlikely places...like helping to collect the bones of Eve, or in charge of digging out the Hypogeum)

But dude. Crespi was a Salesian monk. Not a Jesuit.

First read the given data about jesuits how they infiltrate ALL sectors of Societies and religions and drag everywhere the power and values away from the Poor People who sadly enough are cheated into helping them..exact like this crespi story...exact like our political system and politicians.

Same change you have a jesuit is your banker politican doctor scientist schooldirector even woman or husband etc. This is not about normal people but usualy raised and programmed criminals and terrorists rolling out a program a commandment.

The addition of the jesuit data gives the crespi story a more true value about how good he not was but missionaris always were used to infiltrate and spy out Civilisations...trojans.

Secret_Instructions_of_the_Jesuits.pdf http://pdf.amazingdiscoveries.org/eBooks/Secret_Instructions_of_the_Jesu...

History_of_the_Jesuits Their Origin, Progress, Doctrines, and Design by G. B. Nicolini.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/1gg6xl7dtbb2vpa/History_of_the_Jesuits...

The Pope, chief of white slavers, high priest of intrigue by Jeremiah J. Crowley (1913).pdf


The Engineer Corps of Hell http://www.reformation.org/secret.html

Tsurugi's picture


Have you read a book called Gods of Eden? If not, you should; it details much of what you're talking about here.

However, the author makes it clear that these long-standing institutions within which such conspiracies as those you speak of are hatched, are comprised mostly of people who have no idea that such a shadowy cabal uses their orders as fronts for their schemes. Most of them are just people, neither saints nor devils, who have joined these organizations for good reasons, and are not trying to manipulate mankind through the ages.

I think Crespi is probably one such as that. I see no evidence he was an evil or nefarious man, and I don't agree that the mere fact of his being a member of a Catholic monastery is enough to condemn him as such.

The inane prejudices of many readers are blatant and irrelevant. There's no conspiracy to hide the truth here, and what on Earth does the story have to do with Jews? The gold was stolen by rotten rich local thieves and the theft was covered up by the government, who took kickbacks. A great pity, as there seems no way to tell if any of the plates were ever genuine; some of the missing pieces appear to display far better workmanship than anything left lying around there today.

New Illuminati? Do you mean "Astera Wita"?. Or another group. Just not sure. Elaborate please.

Carol Ann1's picture

Thank you SO much for all of your blood, sweat and tears involved in this complicated investigation...to update us on this incredible story!  Although the most important artifacts, including the tablets with scripts...some of which appeared to be a daughter system of Phoenician...are now MIA, there are still clear photos of them from when Father Crespi was alive.  I would very much like to see ‘experts’ tackle them to determine their origin and possible dates.  I have personally spent many sleepless nights working on a couple of them and have recently submitted them to universities for assistance, including the Oriental Institute, Yale University and Mount Holyoke College.  Unfortunately I have been unable to locate anyone with both the background and time necessary to tackle this intriguing mystery.    Sadly I suspect that ‘New Illuminati’ may be right, and that the best artifacts originating from the Mediterranean region are now in the hands of rich ‘private’ collectors and this is being ‘covered up’.  I applaud your efforts and your well written articles on both Father Crespi and the Tayos Cave explorations! Bravo!!!

Carol Ann1

Däniken took the 'mysterious' and 'aliens' route in everything. He also greatly embellished his 'theories'; some so much so they do not resemble, not even close, any know facts or discoveries. Much fanciful fiction to buttress the 'aliens' 'did it' or 'left it here' tales. He made giant leaps of imagination (that he stated as fact) so huge that Saturn could fly through those holes. Jumping from one fictional postulation to another emphasizing the 'mysterious'. A few good questions challenging those beliefs and that castle would crumble. Much of what Däniken peddled has already been proven fraud and debunked. Yeah, he sold a lot of fiction to many people. Including the Father Crespi tale.

Tsurugi's picture

Have you actually read his books? They are full of questions, not answers, which makes the accusation of "fraud" a bit strange.

Me: "Is it possible that extraterrestrials made contact with our ancient ancestors...?"

You: "FRAUD!!"

....it doesn't really work. A better response would just be to say "No."

Well, you can' blame this one on the Jews.

Carol Ann1's picture

Hi April and John...I’m still working to see if we can get assistance with the origin and translation of some of the tablets.  I just posted a sample on Ancient Scripts FaceBook page along with a link back to this article for it’s background.  I’m just going to keep ‘shopping’ them around and sharing your story when and where I think there might be a ‘chance’ of the right person taking a serious interest :-)  I hope you are having success with your ongoing investigation of this extremely intriguing ‘history mystery’! I’ll be sure to let you know if I can learn anything further from my efforts….

Carol Ann1

Carol Ann1's picture

Hi Warren, if you will view the link I provided to J. Golden Barton’s presentation to the Mormon group, he discusses an artifact from Crespi’s original collection with Egyptian hieroglyphics which they had translated and dated to 148 bc by Harvard faculty in the early 90’s.  I don’t have the image of it in my files but it’s available from different sites online, if you think your connection has an interest in tackling it.  If someone had a connection with the Mormons they may have the original translation in their archives still. I tried to join their group to see if I could find out, but since I am not on their rolls never heard back from them.

I have also been working on a couple of others which I have downloaded copies of from the ‘original collection’ prior to Crespi’s death..  One appears to be a Phoenician ‘daughter’ script, but with elements matching Etruscan and Paleo-Hispanic mixed in. The others (gold grid tablets) have me baffled at the moment.  But I was able to match around 15 of the symbols on one I’ve been studying to the Qeiyafa Ostracon... that still leaves a lot ‘unidentified’.  But some of the symbols are still being used today in modern Tifinagh.  I’m leaning toward a Carthage connection, but a lot more work is needed….it would be great if you could help :-)

Carol Ann1

I'm on it, but would be good if you could also email me.



Carol Ann1's picture

I use AO Members Chat feature for private conversations and for security.  I am recently widowed and reluctant to give out my personal email address.  The Members Only chat feature allows me to get to know members a bit better first, without conversations being ‘public’.  I check in each day there at 12:00 pm Central Standard Time for the USA :-)  I am excited to hear your news!

Carol Ann1

I understand Carol Ann; let me get back to you via the AO chat after we get through Easter. In the meantime, you can begin checking my bona fides at www.academia.edu.

Have a great Easter!
Warren Aston

Carol Ann1's picture

Here is a link to a presentation on the Father Crespi Collection by J. Golden Barton.  He went with the Mormons to meet with Father Crespi to see if the gold tablets could be related to their Mormon bible, and there are some interesting ‘clues’ in his presentation :-)   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N44e6FjN5gs


Carol Ann1

Tsurugi's picture

@Carol Ann:

That's very interesting. I have often wondered if the legendary "metal library" of South America, the Crespi artifacts, and the "metal books" supposed to be the origin of the books of Nephi in the Mormon Bible, were connected.

In the various collected ancient texts which speak of Solomon, there is an interesting account that tells of a time when his reign as King was coming to an end and he was overseeing the dispersment of his vast wealth and innumerable possessions, one of which was an immense library. The books in the library were reported to have had metal pages held together by several rings or loops along one side(I think this means similar to a three ring binder).
When divvying up his library, it was said Solomon gave a large portion of it to his son(who was soon to be king), took certain select texts for himself, and gave a sizeable amount to several Angels/Messengers/Watchers who transported the texts to a distant land and hid them there for safekeeping.

I wonder.....

Tsurugi - can you clarify where accounts of Solomon having records on metal plates are found?


Hello – can you give me a reference on what happened to the artifacts given away to the Angels/Messengers for hiding  etc...I would love to chase that up..thanks –  this stuff keeps me occupied fro hours !!!


Now that I have viewed the litle film showing the actual collection of plates before everything was rescued' by the museum people, I have no doubt that anything of real value would have been carefully removed 'for safe keeping!' and probably those are sitting in some rich person's bank vault, and will appear eventually when their descendants want to sell them ! Western museums will buy anything valuable and probably don't ask questions if so. The other stuff is interesting but not particularly valuable. Why anything 'Sumerian' would be in Ecuador is beyond me unless they are genuinely very old.

In autumn 1992 I visited Cuenca in Ecuador and was shown small parts of Father Crespi's collection, which were in a very poor state. Metalplates, for example, were used to repair stairs or walls. I did get the chance to take fotos of some of those relics.

Carol Ann1's picture

Hi Walter...what motivated you to visit and view Father Crespi’s collection?  Do any of your photographs contain artifacts which had inscriptions or ancient writing on them?  I would be very interested in those.  Also, did you happen to see an artifact of Egyptian origin with hieroglyphics?  The link I gave above to the Mormon’s presentation stated that they had a man from Harvard University get it translated and it was dated to 148 bc.  I would have an interest in reading the complete translation and validating this :-)


Carol Ann1

I would be very interested in seeing your fotos. Is it possible that you could write an article for AO to show them

These golden artefacts as shown in the video, do exist. The establishment cannot handle anything outside of mainstream BS archaeology. I have done extensive reading and digging for information over the past two decades and I know for a fact that Atlantis did once exist. These artefacts are somehow linked to Atlantis or Atlantis times, or soon after Atlantis was destroyed. Read Graham Hancock’s latest book: “Magicians of the Gods”. It’s the sequel to “Fingerprints of the Gods”. The bigger picture is slowly coming together. Those artefacts do exist, and were either hidden by the authorities, or were taken/stolen by private collectors who probably know a lot more than mainstream archaeology. Some of the metals might be related to the manufacturing process for Oricalcum.

Modern man is very different from humans in the past. One author noted that moderns, while drawing on substantial educational improvements in certain areas, have lost awareness of a huge aspect of the human mind 'as a servant'; what happens when through constant practice of meditation (Buddhist, Hindu-Yogic) the mind is harnessed and under firm control. The quieting aspects allows access to other innate human abilities, what might be described under the category of "Heightened Intuition". Without understanding this basic entry level requirement, how can you impose modern man's pre-conceived certainty that the original and valuable gold artifacts (worth far more than Father Crespi remunerated the givers for) were merely decoration for Temple walls? In India today Tantric Yogis still produce Gold, Silver, and Copper Instruments (Yantras) for many purposes. Gold Yantras may be found in the foundations of temples, on altars, and in homes and businesses depending on their purpose. The iconography includes images, diagrams, Sanskrit letters, and - numbers. Unknown artifacts may be revealed through Professor Pavlita's work in Prague which were formed on the basis of his study of Ancient Occult Art manuscripts in the Prague Library. So let us put aside our modern preconceptions and have another look at Wingate's and Von Daniken's photos, which are all we have left of these items - the originals were grabbed by Intelligence Agencies (like Tesla's work) following Father Crespi's passing. The literature on this subject in India has been carefully preserved and is quite extensive, available today to all who wish to study it.

Did you got a chance to take a sample of the Alloy or aluminium plates for analysis ?

Im rather baffled whit those Alloy or aluminuim plates we see on the photos.

There was plenty of those tin plates in 1920 available in this remote region of the world ?
Enougth plates available for poor poeple to grab some for free and carve stuff on them ?

Kind of suspicious to me.

Hugh Newman's picture

The Quest for Father Crespi's Lost Treasure in Ecuador - NEW DOCUMENTARY with the team from Ancient Origins -https://youtu.be/TWQOLomhwiY 

HUGH NEWMAN - www.megalithomania.co.uk


I was very disappointed about this documentary that intends to show us the truth, but only shows us LIES and manipulates falsehoods.
First, let's be logical; The priest Crespi was not one simple religious man, but a ravenous and opportunist Anthropologist behind the robe of a priest. He "exploited ignorance and innocence" in order to get archaeological treasures, where Indians cannot assess the real value of historical artifacts and the wealth, when its are sale for rich collectors.

The priest not only got 5 archaeological pieces, but more than 5000 artifacts !!! Including gold, silver and rare artifacts around the world!!!!
We know that these pieces were exposed in museums. Who knows, how many other pieces he could get and sold of these treasures.
After all, how did he get all that? Where comes from?

By DONATIONS ??? The real donation we give for poor people, and we don't RECEIVE NOTHING in exchange, right? And never in the form of PAYMENTS. This is a moral distortion and greedy.
What the priest did, was an exploration of innocents for unique and personal benefit; perhaps with divine help of Vatican and Christian benediction. Similarly like the Vatican have full and rich relics and treasures of all world. Some stole, others required as payment to save our soul. The exploration was so big then father Crespi becomes SAINT!!! to be because millionaire !!!

When priest Crespi was alive, 4 or 5 previous videos showing very well the amount of gold, silver, and rare archaeological parts, exotic cultural artifacts, but not only Inca or South- American, also unknown writings, etc. Where were gone this artefacts ??
Regarding your investigation on videos that drive us one scam. It proves that we can record my toilette pot and say: There is the palace pool. Video is a virtual and not a real support for the true.

About the Cueva de los Tayos, it was explored by many archaeologists, foreign, by own government, also by an American astronaut, after having gone on moon that probably he tried to found out aliens artifacts in it.

Finally, do you believe really in this story ??

Decent story and video reportage but seems to have failed to answer a number of pertinent questions especially in light of the far more informative speech by Barton that was posted by Carol Anne here in these comments. For starters (and Barton offered a partial answer) if the Bank was the buyer, who or did it buy from? If Crespi was locked out of the negociations, who or what organization was authorized to replace him at the table? Bankers are after all sticklers for details like signatures on pieces of paper, no? Who signed off on the stuff? Was an inventory list made? Did anyone ‘knowable’ on the seller side witness/supervise the move? Found it hard to believe you people were the first people to have visited the collection in three decades. I mean this globally recognized controversy just doesn’t go to sleep for thirty years. Did you ask if anyone else had tried? Had it been off limits while they ‘sorted’ things out…to prospective buyers ? Such as the treatment Barton and Co. received. Speaking of which, Barton unloaded a little beauty in that speech to his fellow Mormons, when he related that the Ecuadorian government had intercepted a shipment of artifacts bound for Rome?!? A journalist’s gold mine if there ever was one. Were any of the numerous questions this raises ever pursued? On a secondary note, if Father Crespi was so destitute he’d regularly sleep on dirt floors where did he get the funds to ‘tip’ the 70,000 delivery boys he’d dealt with over the years? And a final query: how do you all jive Crespi’s angelic reputation at home in Cuenca with the more devilish view on the part of the Pastaza river tribal people who according to your recent Cueva de los Tayos report believed the Padre blatantly commissioned authorities to ferry back goods from the caves. Another story that imho left us wanting for a bit more on the plate.

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View from the Castle Gate (Burgtor). (Public Domain)
Door surrounded by roots of Tetrameles nudiflora in the Khmer temple of Ta Phrom, Angkor temple complex, located today in Cambodia. (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Cable car in the Xihai (West Sea) Grand Canyon (CC BY-SA 4.0)
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