Elongated Skull in Paracas

Initial DNA analysis of Paracas elongated skull released – with incredible results

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Paracas is a desert peninsula located within the Pisco Province in the Inca Region, on the south coast of Peru.  It is here were Peruvian archaeologist, Julio Tello, made an amazing discovery in 1928 – a massive and elaborate graveyard containing tombs filled with the remains of individuals with the largest elongated skulls found anywhere in the world. These have come to be known as the ‘ Paracas skulls ’. In total, Tello found more than 300 of these elongated skulls, which are believed to date back around 3,000 years. A DNA analysis has now been conducted on one of the skulls and expert Brien Foerster has released preliminary information regarding these enigmatic skulls.

It is well-known that most cases of skull elongation are the result of cranial deformation, head flattening, or head binding, in which the skull is intentionally deformed by applying force over a long period of time. It is usually achieved by binding the head between two pieces of wood, or binding in cloth. However, while cranial deformation changes the shape of the skull, it does not alter its volume, weight, or other features that are characteristic of a regular human skull.

The Paracas skulls, however, are different.  The cranial volume is up to 25 percent larger and 60 percent heavier than conventional human skulls, meaning they could not have been intentionally deformed through head binding/flattening. They also contain only one parietal plate, rather than two. The fact that the skulls’ features are not the result of cranial deformation means that the cause of the elongation is a mystery, and has been for decades. 

Artistic - Elongated Skull

An artist’s impression based on a Paracas skull. Photo credit: Marcia Moore / Ciamar Studio

Mr. Juan Navarro, owner and director of the local museum, called the Paracas History Museum, which houses a collection of 35 of the Paracas skulls, allowed the taking of samples from 5 of the skulls. The samples consisted of hair, including roots, a tooth, skull bone and skin, and this process was carefully documented via photos and video. Samples from three skulls were sent to the geneticist, although the geneticist was not given any information about what they came from until after the genetic testing, so as not to create any preconceived ideas.  

The results of a DNA analysis of one of the skulls are now back, and Brien Foerster, author of more than ten books and an authority on the ancient elongated headed people of South America, has just revealed the preliminary results of the analysis. He reports on the geneticist's findings:

It had mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far. But a few fragments I was able to sequence from this sample indicate that if these mutations will hold we are dealing with a new human-like creature, very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans.

The implications are of course huge. “I am not sure it will even fit into the known evolutionary tree,” the geneticist wrote. He added that if the Paracas individuals were so biologically different, they would not have been able to interbreed with humans.

The result of this analysis is only phase one of many phases of analysis due to take place.  The next tests will involve having the initial test replicated, and conducted on other skulls, so that the results can be compared to see if there are any specific Paracas characteristics. We will update when more details emerge.

Watch the video interview with Brien Foerster revealing new details about the genetic analysis.

Featured Image: An elongated skull found in Paracas

By April Holloway


The lack of markers indicates this species either died out and left no offspring or is of extraterrestrial origin. However, I do like your thinking, as the "massive radiation bombardment" may have been the result of "comet/asteroid collision or a prehistory nuclear war, as described in ancient Indian texts. There is compelling evidence of both, as presented in "The Mysterious Origins of Man," a NBC documentary hosted by Charlton Heston and available on YouTube.

Kwgrid's picture

I find it intriguing that these skulls do not indicate a split brain or deformity and they were found in Peru (and so many!), yet Egyptian pharoahs had the elongated skulls but they 'appear' to have been artificially created.  How did they know of such a thing?  Why would they revere it if it wasn't associated with a greater mind?  We are certainly not the last word in knowledge and more becomes known every day.  I have no difficulty accepting the idea of extra-terrestrials.  There are far too many pointers to indicate it.   Love this stuff! :)  

You should really check out the "Moon With a View" series by Richard Hoagland. I don't know if Iapetus (a moon of Saturn) was the inspiration for the "Death Star" or a happy coincidence. However, Hoagland makes a very interesting argument that Iapetus is artificial. What is even more astonishing is, about fourteen minutes, thirty seconds into the Heston documentary I mentioned, are pictures of what appear to be machined spheres found in South African bedrock that had not previous been disturbed for 2.4 BILLION years. These spheres are EXACT replicas of Iapetus as it appears today.

Tsurugi's picture

I think you're talking about the infamous "Klerksdorp Spheres". They are certainly fascinating and strange, but I don't think they are models of Iapetus. For one thing, the spheres are not all the same.

I believe there is one particular sphere that has equatorial rings and a distinct circular depression, that one could be said to resemble Iapetus perhaps.

There are many questions and few answers where these objects are concerned....conventional thinking is that they are some kind of concretion, but there isn't much to support that idea, or any other idea for that matter. All we really know is the spheres are a real phenomenon, and they're weird.


I was just pondering and thought about the extra brain of this race/species, and maybe they are revered as with the extra brain functions, they may have truly had amazing powers. I mean this from both angles, maybe just as extra brain intellect allowing them to build huge stone monuments, astral calenders, languages etc etc, or did some of them also have super amazing powers as well....lol. Hope so as that is so fitting with all the legends, myths, stories (& factual texts of the ancients).

Klaus Dorna in his talk on YouTube is amazing, he shows the work of these ancients was global, possibly have been these people who taught us writing, maths etc. The Atlantean' who were travelling off continent when their homeland was devastated/sunk beneath the waves due to tectonic plate activity, may have been the lucky ones who had to then mingle with homo sapiens and not able to breed as the DNA suggests, how awful to know you and your people will die. Could be why so many cultures did anything required to make their children look (almost) like the magical/intelligent ones to try and make them come back. No facts to my story, but it sounds nice and makes nearly as much sense as anyone elses versions ;-)

Where does this article state that these skulls (plural) indicate that the brain was not split? The word "brain" doesn't appear in the article.

@skepticalgnostic. I believe they are referring to the statement that there was only one parietal bone. Of course that has nothing to do with whether the brain was split or not, but, hey, it's fun to believe in aliens and flying saucers and dragons and stuff--so there you go.

I find it interesting that dinosaurs, we have found, were covered with feathers rather than skin. And survived by becoming smaller. Some say Birds are all that is left of "dinosaurs". When we speak of dragons, we always talk of their stash. or treasure. I have noticed some birds, to this day still have a stash of treasures that they store in their nest. At one time they may have lived among us, only larger, as they "evolved" into smaller "birds". That could be where the myth of dragons came from. Just a thought. A footnote about me, I do not buy into the Darwin stuff. I also think the world is very old, and that modern man Just popped on the planet 6 thousand years ago.

Tsurugi's picture

The idea that these people didn't have a split brain has nothing to do with aliens and flying saucers and dragons and stuff, but hey, it's fun to belittle people, and beat up strawmen--so there you go.

Hi Mate,

I think they mean that the skull is not split where homo sapiens have a brain with the "soft spot" fontanelle that in later life becomes solid (ossified). It is able to be seen even in adults as a seam where sections meet, in these skulls of which there are hundreds, they did not have a fontanelle, so aren't a BIT like a human skull, but the DNA is also backing up that they ARE different. Whatever they are, pre-humans, better humans or off planet crash victims, settlers they were cool. All our ancients loved them, so I do too....lol.

aprilholloway's picture

Actually whether there is one or two parietal plates is not related to the splitting of the brain into two hemispheres. See here for an explanation on the parietal bone of the skull: http://www.innerbody.com/image_skel01/skel41_new_skull.html 

Hi. Very interesting. When the article mentions "not split" writer was talking about the skull bone being of one piece. No mention was made of the internal grey matter which would have long turn to dust I believe. Thanks for your analysis. Let's keep an eye on further updates.

This aint evidence until there is peer review. Keep in mind this is a publication that has published hoaxes and falsehoods before. I'm not knocking the publication's intention, but this is not evidence. This is just one man's word, whose intentions we cant presume to know.

Do you realize how many times evidence has gone into "peer review" and disappeared. The Smithsonian has collected any number of giant skeletons over the last two centuries, only to have them never appear again. Likewise, the "Sealand skull" ("Grey Alien") has been declared a "hoax" without a single forensic examination. I know from personal experience what happens when evidence which contradicts the "official story" is turned over for "peer review". When the space shuttle Columbia exploded, the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE reported on the front page that a local astronomer had photographs of an orange-purple beam hitting the wing-root of the Columbia just before it exploded. The astronomer conceded that the "orange-purple" pixels could be "artifacts" created by his Nikon digital camera. No photographs were provided the CHRONICLE, as the astronomer had immediately turned them over to NASA. Six months later, I contacted the writer of the original article, who was clearly uncomfortable with my questions. He recycled the original explanation, then said he had "lost" the name of the astronomer. A FRONT PAGE STORY, and the writer "loses" the name of his source? Come on... I suggest you web search images of "The Battle of Los Angeles 1942" and look at the images of the only known picture to have survived, on the front page of the LOS ANGELES TIMES. The US Army pumped thousands of rounds of anti-aircraft fire into the saucer-shaped object before it "drifted out to sea." The official government explanation? A WEATHER BALLOON! The television program "Fact or Fake" disproved that explanation in less than ten seconds.

Love this comment. Read a book about Lewis & Clarke tha5t also said about discoveries of giants buried in north america and how the Smithsonian was actively burying the findings.

Read anthropology books prior to 1880 to read about giants. Smithsonian underwent a change of operation around then and giants evaporated.

My dear sir, you are spot on. A lot of facts are buried and destroyed! We need a new system that is outside of normal peer review so these evil illuminati types can't stop the true facts from getting out!

Peer-review does not require giving up original evidence. Samples are sufficient and an explanation of the methodology used in the analysis.

ancient-origins's picture

Totally agree with you, we need to wait for the evidence to be officially released.

Yes the non believers are hanging on with their toenails. It is all coming out friends! Embrace our beautiful planet's history. Why r people so threatened by this?

Kwgrid's picture

It's a crack in their neat little box.  It's much easier if they would just allow the possibility....fewer anxiety attacks and uclers that way.

How much evidence do they need? They denied other planets of other solar systems until 'Kepler space telescope' looked at them. Sometimes the obvious is fought against even harder.

adamcolon's picture

This is a pretty extraordinary claim.

Obviously, this needs independent verification and publication to have any validity.

Let's see some evidence.

The offspring of ALL children, both male and female, carry their MOTHER'S mtDNA. A "mutant species" would have left "footprints" in any descendents. Even extinct species virtually always have evolved descendents.

Zuell's picture

This is just more evidence of ET contact during ancient times


angieblackmon's picture

amazing! just awesome, fantastic and i wanna know more!!!! i'm especially interested in the part where they can't mate with humans!

love, light and blessings


Aren't there varous examples of Pharao's with long sculls? Achnaton, Toet-anch-Amon, Nefertete?

and you will see for yourself.

Aren't there vairous examples of Pharao's with long sculls? Achnaton, Toet-anch-Amon, Nefertete?

ancient-origins's picture

Yes there are. Plenty :-)

angieblackmon's picture

maybe these are the originals that others mimicked?

love, light and blessings



Before the great cataclysm (the first about - 52,000 years and the second about - 12,000 years, the earth was a different gravity and more energy in the athmosphere ... That's why the head was extended naturally. ..

Light On Humanity and knowledge

Not buying it. I think this is completely jumping the gun. Ridiculous. Take a breath and calm down.

malisa wright

aprilholloway's picture

Hi Malisa, there is nothing to 'buy' at this stage - they are only preliminary results. The good news is that there are up to 300 of these skulls, which means multiple samples can be tested, and repeated analyses can be undertaken.  The exciting aspect of all this is that through DNA testing, the mystery of the Paracas people can be unravelled once and for all - whatever their history may be.

The silence from the powers be is deafening! This will be completely ignored by them . Evolution has had and made to fit the theory. This may completely demolish the evolution theory.
There are fakes out there. Historians, archeologists, scientists who have made things fit into theories tha t are now the facts.....

johnblack's picture

Yes it is Dr Bhogal. People have always had the tendency to make things fit into their ideas and ignore anything new. It has always been that only a few brave ones will walk a path that most are afraid to do so.


These elongated skulls are not an exception but an entire population so it is quite envisaged that the planet was inhabited throughout the global by an ancient civilization. Survivors respected nature, which is why there are only very few traces of their civilization ...

Light on culture...

to explore the Egypt connection to the elongated skulls and the forebears, read Initiation by Elisabeth Haich...

I'm am of the opinion that their heads where full of snakes. Snakes are long, and therefore need a long house. These long skulls would have been perfect for long snakes to live in. These may or may not have been ordinary snakes, or maybe they weren't even snakes at all.

Could you please list your sources of information for this article?

aprilholloway's picture

The source is directly from Brien Foerster, who is coordinating the entire project. He has written a more detailed account here: http://www.ancient-origins.net/ancient-places-americas-opinion-guest-aut...



For those of you who insist on clinging to E.T. (in spite of the Van Allen Belts ?) I will concede that they are the offspring/minions of "The Prince of the power of the air" For those who seek the truth it is a "no brainer" that the evidence of the Nephilim (contemporary E.T.'s after death) is irrefutable and spans the entire history of life on Earth. This is without using "any" Religious documents to prop up authentic discoveries.P.S radiological dating is a faulty man made measuring technique designed to fit the "story" and fool the masses.Do your own research,diligently and honestly !

Tsurugi's picture

The Van Allen belts are....belts. We live on a sphere.

If my meaning isn't immediately clear, a few minutes with a soccer ball and a couple of clothing belts should illustrate it nicely.

It would sound more believable if the spelling and grammar were correct. Someone needs to edit.

aprilholloway's picture

Hello Bec, what spelling errors are you referring to?

Missing 'n' in Inca in the first line or two,,, and a few others like that.

The mDNA report needs to be provided. This guy is not a geneticist or forensic pathologist. He's a hippie canoe builder. I'm all for investigating, but facts are facts. Not the word of some tour guide. Forensic/DNA labs provide reports. Scan it. Post it. Done.

First of all, those photos look computer generated.  

I am glad the DNA testing was done.  Follow through with it and report the results.  How many chromosomes were there?  Is there an X, Y component to it.  Of the nearly 300 found were any infants?  In what positon they.  Were the bungled up or laid out ritually?  Any injuries that might indicate a cause of death?  These are just a few questions that I have and I'm sure others have many more.  If any of this is on the site, please provide links to it.  




Tsurugi's picture

Which "photos" are you talking about? The one at the top of the article is, afaik, of a real Paracas elongated skull, complete with hair remnants, on display in the museum.

The second image is not a photo at all but an artist's impression, which is clearly stated in the caption. So yeah, it's computer generated.

I don't see any source work. I need citations, and I need to see a link to documentation. This is a poor article without them and cannot hold water. I have searched as much as I could through journals for something along these lines and suspect that this is a gross misinterpretation of data, if it stands at all. If anyone can link to the data please do. Do not HTML tag as it goes against the rules of the forum, but provide a clue to the location of the link.


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