The Bimini road and Atlantis

Does Bimini Road Lead to The Lost Civilization of Atlantis?

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Were the stones carefully and purposefully placed by an advanced civilization which was plunged into obscurity by cataclysm, or did the rocks erode into perfect shapes through the actions of time and the sea? Like the Bimini Road, the mystery endures.

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By Liz Leafloor    


I have seen the site in person [in 1989] and agree with those who claim it to be artificial even if all or most the stone was originally beach rock. l think it was moved to fit into the currently seen closely resembles Mediterranean jetties from the lron and possibly Bronze ages.There are a few places with more than one layer of stones and the claim that some was removed in the 1920's. The latter question aside most of the Medterranean examples also used beach rock in construction.But the bedrock of the seafloor was dated to roughly 15,000 bp so the road wall must be younger than that. One problem however is that it is implied that the bedrock is a marine limestone formed under water but 15,000 years ago local sealevels were several hundred feet lower than today.[300-425 feet approximately.The road/wall is only about 19 feet down.]
The c14 dates for the blocks themselves vary quite a bit and do not all correspond to when the local sea level would place them in the intertidal zone [6-7 feet depth] where beachrock forms.On the other hand if it was a jetty the sealevel aught to have been high enough that ships would not scrape the bottom.Most ancient ships had a rather shallow draft but that still requires a few feet.So, sealevels aught to have been maybe 9-12 feet below those of today.Based upon other parts of the world that suggests the last 5000 years roughly and most probably one of the colder phazes of the Bronze or iron ages when sealevels were between about 9-18 feet lower.All this is far later than Plato's literal dates for the demise of Atlantis as well as Edgar Caycees. lt doesn't entirely rule out theories that Atlantis existed during the Bronze age ca. 3200-1200 could fit historical Greeks, Egyptians, Minoans or Phoenicians as well.Any Atlantean remains at the literal dates aught to be far deeper.Were the road/wall really that old it would have nothing to do with harbor works as it appears to.

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Thanks for the great comment, Kenneth. That's interesting about the dates and times of sea levels and where the wall should be if it was man-made versus naturally formed.

I would love to visit there myself one day, as well!

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Have they found anything other than the blocks? Like any sort of artifacts or anything like that?

Peace and Love,


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Various dives have found what were reportedly small supports beneath the stones described as 'wedge stones' or 'prop stones', but they were not verified through official investigations. The SciFi Channel dive said they located another layer of cut stones beneath the visible top layer, but the reports never went futher than the documentary. Beyond that,  there's been no artifacts such as pottery or other evidence of use by previous civilizations that I've heard of.

that something was going on down below what today is the ocean level. Off the coast of Cuba they've located some pretty amazing structures.
youtube: Could This Be Atlantis? Pyramids Found in Waters Off Cuba

If you want to keep any new archaeological discovery as a "mystery" and no as science, your arguments and conclusions will always be obscure and never enlightened.

The affirmation that: “Consensus among conventional geologists who drilled core samples of the Bimini rocks is that it's a natural phenomenon.”

Sorry, that is an absurd conclusion. A professional geologist NEVER will drill a core sample to determinate an entire structure as architecture. The rock is natural phenomenon, the build is not. The sample is only necessary do know the composition of rock, never the structure, mounted and organized thousands of rocks. Nature never make straight angles or mounting in planned ways.

Think a minute about: Who is this “geologists” who say stupid stuff ? Or they are journalist to do disinformation the public ?

I have spent hundreds of days on Bimini and made dozens of dives on the road.
Cousteau cored the formation in the 60's and found nothing to indicate a manufactured construct.

If you explore the shoreline opposite the road (near the old Rockwell Estate), you will find the exact same formations developing at the water's edge, You can even find erosion fissures that form the right angles and "T" patterns that seem so mysterious and man made in the road. Those rocks were formed in situ at a surf line. I have read many versions of the time lines of sea level some of which are presented to rule out this possibility but the facts are there for anyone to verify.

If you haven't been there and explored the island, you have no business making claims regarding something about which you have no knowledge. Firsthand observation trumps mythology and conjecture every time.

It is a natural formation.

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