The Great Flood - Scientific Evidence

The Great Flood – Scientific evidence

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Numerous myths and legends from all over the world refer to a great flood. Some stories even refer to more than one flood afflicting humanity, but the common theme among virtually all of them is that ‘gods’ used them as a form of punishment for disobedience, immorality, greed, and other forms of human corruption.

Science, on the other hand, has been trying to rationalize these events, searching for verification of natural disasters that could have been interpreted as ‘acts of the gods’. The great flood is one of the topics under investigation.

At the moment, there are two predominant theories about the Biblical story of Noah's Ark and the great flood. The most popular one is the flooding of the Black Sea. This theory was initially proposed in 1990 by two Columbia University scientists, William Ryan and Walter Pitman. Archaeologists have found evidence of shipwrecks and ancient pottery, as well as the remains of people that died in a great flood in the Black Sea about 7,000 years ago. They estimate that more than 150,000 square kilometres of land was submerged under water at the time. This theory suggests that the flooding disaster may have later translated into the story of Noah and the great flood. Robert Ballard, an explorer and archaeologist who found the wrecked remains of the Titanic, strongly supports the Black Sea theory, and is trying to discover more proof to support it. 

The second theory, which was proposed by archaeologist  Bruce Masse  in 2004, is that a comet crashed to Earth about 5,000 years ago, creating huge tsunamis and weather changes that led to the flooding of many areas. His evidence is based on mythological accounts and ancient drawings, but there is no hard evidence to suppor this view.

According to The Bible, and specifically Genesis, the  Ark of Noah  finally came to reside on the mountains of  Ararat (close to Turkey). However, despite numerous attempts, no evidence has been found of its existence. 

What all these scientists do not take into account is the time frame the Bible places on the great flood, which is between the second and third millennium BC. The fact is that there is no scientific proof that a great flood occurred specifically in this time period, nor is their evidence to conclude that the flood theories referred to above are accurate. Yet it seems impossible to be a coincidence that so many myths and legends from different cultures around the world refer to the same event. So did an enormous flood really strike the Earth? If so, where and when did this flood occur, and how was humanity able to endure this cataclysm and begin anew? 

By April Holloway

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There is literally mountains of evidence that the mediterranean has emptied and refilled during and after every ice age, yet no one looks at the evidence. This is the underlying message in my book "Persis of Atlantis". The Black Sea refilling was a consequence of the Med refilling after every ice age.

As an oceanographer, I studied paelioceanography when at university. At the time I hadn't made the link, but with the concept that the flood described by numerous cultures, it could be several millennia prior to the period indicated.

There are two events which make me think could possibly be described.

The younger dryas was a millennia of ice age caused by global warming type climate change. It was our most recent ice age. It was only 10,000 years ago. The interesting aspect is that the trigger that stopped it was the release of a massive ice lake which covered the majority of North America. This volume of water pouring into the mud Atlantic would have seen tsunami and massive surge across the Atlantic, probably the medetaranuan and over the following decade, much rise in water level as ice melted.

The other is the mesinian salinity crisis. This may have been too long back, but at thus time, the med sea was a Salt lake due to the opening at the south of Spain being closed. Suddenly the opening was breached and the sea filled with water from the mid Atlantic rapidly.

Not sure if it has ever been postulated formally, but it's had me thinking over the past few years.

Many more than two explanations exist for the flood myth.  If you can get beyond the label “creationist” scientist, I suggest reading the works of Donald Patten, most available on line for free.  Patten writes science, but calls himself a creationist.  His books, however, have zero creationism in them, and all science.  They take works such as Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision and add scientific explanations of how things could have happened.  And unlike most books of this kind, Patten includes lots of diagrams and descriptions of how physical events in planetary orbits can actually happen.

This link will get the interested reader started.


Tom Carberry

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