One God Versus Many

One God Versus Many - The Plurality is in the Pronoun (Part 1)

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The Account of Creation in the Bible is extended and brought to life in Sumerian cuneiform records translated by Zechariah Sitchin. It's echoed in the Urantia Book, the Oahspe, the Gospels of Barnabas, of the Holy Twelve, the Essene Gospels of Peace and the Book of Enoch.

NOBODY gets educated, nor can one resolve any discrepancies in the text by only reading one book. The Name of the Sovereign Creator God, YHVH, is articulated or implied in ALL these Books. His Story is the Story they tell. So read them all, and maybe you'll know something.

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Interesting article. For another take on the apparent plurality see: Scroll down to page 17 to see a continuous paraphrased English version without the Hebrew.

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Is there a possibility that we have only one creator but there are multiple gods?  I ask this because I keep mentally coming back to the phrases that describe God.  He is the light and the creator of life.  He also abolishes darkness as well as created the world and heavens.  I immediately think of one particular object that has done this locally, our Sun.  Our planet and heavens is the solar system, the light and life are obvious as we have come to understand that the sun touching the chemicals made life spark to...Life.  Is this the possible reality of a being made of pure energy, possesing a conciousness and an ability control everything in it’s solar mantle?  Then there is actually many Gods in existance, like the nucleus of thousands of solar systems.  Some of these solar systems have dual or even triple gods.  The loss of immortality is the hardest concept for most to swallow.  But I wonder if there is ever a concrete truth that a GOD must be immortal.


One point to bear in mind is that the Jewish 'Bible' was only written in its present form after The Return from Babylon in the the 5th century BC. It had several scribes/editors and numerous, (mainly oral) sources, including material from the Babylonian archives. Until exiled to Babylon the Jews, (although nominally monotheists), were mostly polytheists. (The Prophets were always ranting against this tendency). It should not be surprising, therefore, that polytheistic ideas occasionally appear in their Bible.

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