Ancient Siddhars

The Incredible Powers of the Ancient Siddhars

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Siddhars are a type of saint in India who are said to have had many powers and achieved a ‘god-like’ state through specific secret practices that were known only to them. These powers spanned from controlling time and space, to transforming the body, manipulating matter at the molecular level and achieving immortality.

The Siddhars were followers of the God Shiva and according to different texts there were 18 of them. Their teachings and findings were written in the form of poems in the Tamil language , a language spoken mainly by people in South India and parts of Sri Lanka. The poems were very difficult to interpret and were written in an encoded way so that only a few could understand them.

There is a debate as to who was the first Siddhar. Some legends talk about Sri Pathanjali , who was considered to be an incarnation of Adiseshan, the celestial five-headed snake associated with God Vishnu. But the prevailing tradition refers to Agasthya (or Agasthyar) as the first Siddhar, one of the seven sages (or Saptarshis) as mentioned in the Vedic texts, and he was the son of the god Brahma of the Hindu creation story. Agathiyar is considered to be the author of a lot of the first Siddhar literature and he was supposed to have lived in the 7 th century BC. About 96 books are attributed to him and that includes writings in alchemy, medicine and spirituality. Apart from the legends that exist, the beginnings of the Siddhars’ are lost in time.

The powers that the Siddhars possessed were separated in categories. The main category included 8 powers called ashta siddhis:

1. To become tiny as the atom within the atom (Anima)
2. To become big in unshakeable proportions (Mahima)
3. To become as light as vapour in levitation (Laghima)
4. To become as heavy as the mountain (Garima)
5. To enter into other bodies in transmigration (Prapti)
6. To be in all things, omni-pervasive (Prakamya))
7. To be lord of all creation in omnipotence (Isatvam)
8. To be everywhere in omnipresence (Vasitvam)
Thirumandiram 1780

But if this is not enough, there are ten secondary siddhis as described in Bhagavata Purana that include the following:

1. Being undisturbed by hunger, thirst, and other bodily appetites
2. Hearing things far away
3. Seeing things far away
4. Moving the body wherever thought goes (teleportation/astral projection)
5. Assuming any form desired
6. Entering the bodies of others
7. Dying when one desires
8. Witnessing and participating in the past times of the gods
9. Perfect accomplishment of one's determination
10. Orders or commands being unimpeded

Siddhar StatuesAmazing as they sound, these abilities could allegedly be achieved with the help of simple tools like controlling breath, concentrating the mind and raising the power of the ‘Kundalini’, which is related to the sexual energy.

Furthermore, the system of healing that the Siddhars possessed was allegedly given to them by the god Murugan , son of the Hindu god Shiva.

Another famous Siddhar was Tirumular, who was a Tamil mystic and writer of 6 th century AD and was also one of the 18 Siddhars according to the Tamil Siddha tradition. His main work is named “Tirumantiram”, a 3,000 verse text, which is the foundation of the Southern Shaiva Siddharta School of philosophy.

Another Siddhar, Bhogar (Bhoganathar), who lived between the 3 rd and 5 th century AD is said to have discovered the elixir of immortality – one his main works is the Pharmacognosy.

Palm Leaf ManuscriptsMany of the oldest Siddhar texts are palm leaf manuscripts and not all of them are translated in English. From generation to generation, copying from one text to another, many of the original texts have probably been altered and their meaning changed. Therefore what today we know as Siddhar texts may have nothing to do with the original texts, which may account for why the Tamil tradition does not accept the Siddha poems in its body of traditions.

Of course in the last few centuries, especially after the 15 th century, more and more “Siddhars” have appeared, composing poems, performing ‘acts’ to entertain people with interesting stories, acting as ‘Masters’ and gathering followers around them, all of which has nothing to do with the original tradition of the Siddhars. Unfortunately, the original Siddhar tradition today is ‘polluted’ by many interpretations, by modern Siddhars, and the imagination of people.  Some old Siddhar writings are preserved in Museums and private families in Tamil Nadhu.

Due to the closely-guarded nature of the Siddhar records, the original knowledge of this enigmatic group of saints has remained shrouded in secrecy. The question remains whether their powers were real and, if so, how they managed to attain them. Manipulating space, time and matter would require knowledge far beyond what we have today.


Anything go do with the unknown 9 ?

Fascinating, I have done some of my own personal research into the SIddhars and it can;t be denied that they were more connected with the universe than most, they hap powers or some kind, or more mental prowess, whatever they want to call it. There is so much more to this world, and the powers of the human mind.

love your work

Siddhars are still a mystery unknown to the modern world. They have to be studied. Will the Tamil people write more about them? Bring out the details of the manuscripts still untraced? If they are traced out great information for the modern living conitions also can be excavated. 

Firstly, it is advised by Sithars that people do not try to probe into their works, since certain beliefs, works and ideologies vary from person to person and it is best preserved and not discussed with all. What is good to mankind and to the common man is to be shared with others and then it is up to others to take it or not. These have been practised by Jeeva Samathi Sithars who have kept certain important beliefs and powers a secret and passed it on to only good noble men who practise it for the welfare of people/mankind and have not confided the same to those who try to make money/ who are commercial. Sithars have all along mixed with people and have tried to show the path / way to reach God. Firstly, we should try to understand the differences in Kadavul, Theivam, Bhagawan, Devars, Rishis, Munivars and Siddhars. I think understanding this will take a long time and practising what Rishis, Munivars and Sithars did will take years to understand/emulate for which god's blessings and purity of soul is a must. That is for now. Balance is next post.

I don't know if these are supposed to be objectively observable, but all of them would be instantly available subjectively to anyone who's conquered ego and broken free of the prison of self that separates us from our true nature as all things..

The description of the before mentioned powers really does give validity to the premise that the more of the "little man" you are willing to let go the better the camel can fit through the hole of a needle.

The description of the before mentioned powers really does give validity to the premise that the more of the "little man" you are willing to let go the better the camel can fit through the eye of a needle.

You can say that again!

I am from Chennnai, South India and my native language is Tamil.
I have a copy of one of the old books mentioned above -- Thirumandiram. I haven't read it yet completely, but I did read a few lines randomly and it wasn't very difficult to understand. In the olden days text were written and preserved on palm leaves and that is difficult to read (these well-preserved palm leaves still exist in many of our museums and with individual collectors). But there are people who can decipher these text from palm leaves.

Researching the ancient Naga people of That region.. please be in touch

Hi Dexternepo, 

I’m not sure if you are still active on this webpage, but I stumbled upon this article while doing some research and if you have the time I would love to ask you some questions. I eagerly await your reply so I can give you my contact information.

Friendly greetings,



I would like to borrow that book for sometime.
If your willing mail me.

I would like to borrow that book for sometime.
If your willing mail me.

hey, its amzing you have it but it is of no use until you get a perfect guru. im researching on this and i have contacted many people regarding this so im intersted pls mail me....

Dear Dexternepo
How are you
I am very much interested to meet you and want to read Thirumandiram
If you don't mind
Please share your email id and address.

Thanks and Regards
Ajah Gupta

Any more information is welcome

The powers of the siddha are with us all. It is all about the measure of our devotion and what we accept as truth. People lived longer in the past because no one told them they couldn't. Faith is the very core of Siddha. It's whenwe try to combine our faith with the justifying of the world and it's many misgivings. Consider Vivekananda. Is it really logical to think that becoming so filled with the divine would kill a person. NO! He decided that humans don't live very long and died.

My first language is tamil.If you want to learn about Tamil Siddhars. first understand their way of thinking , mostly they are against the temple worship, Sanskrit speaking priests,Hindu custom like sati,Religions,Caste System. Because they are directly affected by this kind of social systems.Some of them affected by unconquerable disease.
They like Leonardo da Vinci,Charles Darwin,Galileo...As per Charles Darwin evolutionary theory a species in this planet continuously try to survey or try to search a new path ,automatically the soul will get the next stage of Sense.
If you want learn their way , your life style also like them. Ready to sacrifice almost all. thank you give a opportunity to share about my ancestors.


who said siddhar are against idol workship,sanskirt speaking priests?. First try to understand siddhar names are all from sanskirt. If they against idol worship, then why should Pogar created Lord Muruga(Skanda) idol in Palani Temple.
Even siddhars who are worshpping Lord vishnu are also there. Agastya considered to siddhar also great rishi in Ramanyan and Mahabharatha. we come to understand that you are affected by dravidan so called failed doctrine. open your eyes and read books properly.

First use your name..... this is not my point guys.

don't confuse siddha tradition with vedic tradition . Siddha tradition originated in South India . Not untill first century AD sanskrit attained the written form ..before that Sanskrit was used only orally for chanting mantras . Even today the oldest written literature in India is a Tamil book called Tholkappiam ( a literary treatise for Tamil Grammar )

Almost all Siddha knowledge is confined to Tamil ..i wonder from where did you get this idea that all 18 Siddhar are sanskrit teachers ?

how many of those above 18 siddhar name rhymes in sanskrit ? ... the truth being only after the standardization of Indian literature began ,all the texts were written down in Sanskrit . the Name Agasthiar was called in sanskrit as Sage Agastiya e.t..c .

Any one who knows a bit about Siddha tradition will tell you the supreme god for them is Lord Murugan .. do you have any reference to Lord Murugan in Sanskrit ? ... i don't think so .

Thank you Veera for that clarification. The Vedas have nothing to do with the south, 100% accurate. This is the unfortunate mis-understanding in the West!!! South and North India are very unique in their practice and the boundary being the Ganges. My ancestry is from the North... goes further back from all my research when speaking of the Kambhoj people.... The Vedas, taken into a different light, had nothing to do with the worship of Hindu gods, rather the elements like other Indigenous tribes, such as N. America etc... Yes, historically, there is an overlap in those North... specifically Punjab (pre-Pakistan) but to claim it as Hindusim is entirely false.

Siddhaes are universal people beyond all religion, region language etc.It isunfair to claim ownership though incidentally the 18 siddhars were listed in Tamil nadu.They vould travetrse universes at will.Please concentrate on their message, the poossibilty they represent . I am saying yhis after reading Thirumandiram in the last 25 years almost daly. Thayumanavar

Dear Veera,

This shows your ignorance about vedas. Murugan is nothing but Skanda son of Lord Shiva. HImalayas is abode of Lord Shiva. Kasi is no one temple of Lord Shiva . Gangeyan is another name of Lord Muruga meaning born from Gangas. Skanda Gupta is one name of Gupta Emperor of Gupta dynasty.

Name unknown... mr. Permalink. Siddhars spoke ancient Tamil.pazhani Murugan temple is built in the name of lord Murugan. But how many people are aware pohar samathi is also there in the same temple premise.siddhars followed siddha heads, where lord Murugan was considered his head. So please do not manipulate the concept of siddha or siddhars. Please open your eyes wide to understand the ancient concepts.far far centuries later Nalanda university which is extinct now also spoke and wrote ancient Tamil.. nalanda meaning nazhum tha.. which translates give knowledgeable everyday. Search all your references.. Jesus Christ was one of the student out there to learn veda.mohenjadaro also has reference of ancient scripts of Tamil followed in and researchers and medical system responded the same.siddha is not failed doctrine. It is highly advanced science that had become almost extinct due to age.

Hi suri,
where did u get this story about siddhars,do u know Aryan invasion theory has been proved wrong,wake up sir.All those Siddhars r worshippers of Hindu Gods.Siddhars r people who have Realised the Self ( Brahman) thru Meditation.The main concept of Hinduism is to realise Self.Have u heard about Sathuragiri Hills or Chathuragiri otherwise known as ' SUNDARA MAHALINGAM ' . The name Sathuragiri came from Chathur (4) Veda (Vedas) Giri (Hill), where all the four Vedas met and formed the hill. Another meaning is that the whole mountain is in square (Chathuram) in shape so the name Chathuragiri. Sathuragiri is the Abode of God. It is otherwise also called as Mahalingam Hill. This is also called as "Siddargal boomi". 18 Siddhas lived here. Agastya Rishi itself was a Arya Muni well versed in Sanskrit.They all worshiped Hindu God Shiva .one more thing they were also my Ancestor.

I would like to know more information if anyone can help.

the 'idols' are symbolic of natural phenomena. as with all the religious books. there is no worship. one has to know the keys for the correct interpretation.the world of physics was known by the ancient ones.they had to use hidden tools but there are many books regarding this subject for the earnest seeker.

Hi, All

For your kind information.Who are not Indian , you should aware one important thing about india.
Mostly people searched only north India , Change you viewpoint like this more then 100 temples over 1000yrs ancient,some of them is over 2000 yrs old. Thanjavur temple which is in tamilnadu was build 1000yrs ago. World very ancient civilization hided by some people in southindia . They thought the won. But the truth is our ancestors like that need that one. They have the capacity to prove the truth, most of them supernatural humans or sithargal. Even Thanjavur temple architecture was Karuvoorar.
Always the owners never argue or fight with the fakes.

So don't believe corporate gurus,priests.The never show you the right path. Simply they need crowd and money ,religion power that's all.

If you understand or speak with sithargal, it's simple just follow the steps.
where you are, what are you doing ,which race you are,rich or poor that's not the issue here. You must follow the steps that's all.Are you ready.............

Before that You should read "George Uglow Pope" history, "kumarikandam " . I will come few days ...feed backs always welcome + or -.....

Hi I am from tamilnadu. I want to know about the history of our ancient tamilars ( sithars). Please tell me what I should do

Yeah right.

I have the feeling sometimes of moving in and out of my own state of mind and into this sense of something bigger and more powerful than anything I can understand. My body is almost resistant, but my Spirit wants to follow the feeling. I have not yet been able to leave the body fear and embrace the unknown I know is there.
I do not understand why so many are content with being embedded into a closed-boxed system that we are currently being fed. I know there is more, I feel it.
I would like to hear back from anyone who feels similar or has had similar experiences. I have also experimented using my third eye. I feel I viewed what appears or feels like energy signatures (the only way I can verbally express what i felt & saw) everywhere of every shape and colors and sizes and well it was a bit overwhelming and excitingly invigorating at the same time.
Cheers to all who know WE ARE MORE THAN WE THINK WE ARE.
We just need to love enough and our heart will access the higher dimensions using our Spirit.
I do not have all the answers, who does and nor do I wish to know everything. I just want to know how to love the universe so the universe will love me back.

மற்றும் தொடர்ப்பாடு எவன்கொல் பிறப்பறுக்கல்
உற்றார்க்கு உடம்பும் மிகை.

To those who sev'rance seek from being's varied strife,
Flesh is burthen sore; what then other bonds of life?.


What means the addition of other things those who are attempting to cut off (future) births, when even their body is too much (for them).

I know this may sound strange, but the explanation now needs an explanation, if it is not imposing on your good will and love. Thank you Suri

இருள்நீங்கி இன்பம் பயக்கும் மருள்நீங்கி
மாசறு காட்சி யவர்க்கு.Translation:

Darkness departs, and rapture springs to men who see,
The mystic vision pure, from all delusion free.


A clear, undimmed vision of things will deliver its possessors from the darkness of future births, and confer the felicity (of heaven).

Panthanjali was not a Siddha but a devout and possibly enlightened Yogi that was given the task by his Teacher/Guru to collate all the different paths "Panthanjali's Yoga Sutras" The Royal Path! Hari Om!!

Reminds me of the melchizadeks, and similar "people" from cultures all over the world. They are referencing things like Christ consciousness and similar ideas that are as old as time. Similar abilities are mentioned in the emerald tablets and are said to be available to all of us.

Anyone familiar with the mystery schools of ancient times or mysticism will know what the sidharras know

Yes siddhars are against idol worship and they themselves created idols but the purpose was different not the kind of airship what v do today! That don't c idols as god and worship it! The idols they made were out of navapashanum whose uses were many and not for worshipping! And its a rule for a siddhars not to bow except for lord Shiva and it's foolish to imagine them to bow to idols even if they bow it is out of respect to fellow siddhars and lord Shiva not for anything else!

thank you, DR

Same view, same thinking, we will meet as soon as possible, but where when i don't know...

I wish to learn more about of siddhars.

I wish to learn more about of siddhars.

Ok... I'm tired of the fact that the Vedas are being proclaimed by the fundamentalist Hindus (I say this with respect) as Hinduism... THEY ARE NOT... The Vedas came from NORTH of the Ganges before Hinduism ever emerged... Hinduism is from the SOUTH of the Ganges. The Vedas, if you actually read the scripture, did not worship MANY gods.... they worshipped the elements, much like the Indigenous of North America and other various parts of the world.

what is difference between bhogar , bhoganath and bhoganathar, bhoga , were those peoples ,ladies ,girls , boys , humans which are being killed and how many peoples . were not victim of bad brains and conspirances of degrations of humans like the story of vishvamitra tapasas , and lure and greedy of learing of siddies

The aspects of Shriddhars are not limited to Tamil people. Its only the fact that the record exits in Tamil language. There is this man Trailangaswami who used to reside in Benaras during the British Colonial rule and he could do miracles. he was born in Andhra was Telegu lived for 280 years. The Britishers tried to chain and keep him in prision and he was seen taking his morning walk along the Ganges. Though of course Benaras is linked with the deity Shiva again.

Folks, if you really connect to Sidhars you will be so humbled to accept its origin. Why are we so against Thamizh. Why are we so boasting about Thamizh? This language belongs to the whole world and beyond and if we are intelligent and spiritual we will simply embrace it enjoy the nectar meaning real nectar.

After coming to know more about Siddhars, I was very curious to meet an alive Siddhar in person in my life time and for the sake of this, I spent lot of time. One of my friend who knew my interest asked me to visit WWW.SIDDHAR.IN website to fulfill my desire. Through the above mentioned website, 100% beyond doubt I MET AN ALIVE ORIGINAL SIDDHAR. If you are also interested please visit the above website.


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